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Episode 157 - Engaged!
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Tour Update

4 months ago

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10 months ago

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  1. Valerie Lewis

    Valerie Lewis21 minute ago

    they're so funny man i'm so glad they're famous

  2. Faith Goldie

    Faith Goldie27 minutes ago

    watching this drunk is a trip and a half

  3. Alena

    Alena43 minutes ago

    Noel has the prettiest eyes

  4. OGREFail

    OGREFailHour ago

    I like how this is still a million times better than all mainstream rap

  5. Emily An

    Emily AnHour ago

    That was brilliant.. thank you!!!?

  6. reid mcdonald

    reid mcdonaldHour ago

    1:31 why does he look like he is holding his fart in lol jkjk love you guys 💛

  7. Naomi Sprague

    Naomi SpragueHour ago

    an eighth for twenty bucks ???? shi i'll take that deal

  8. Guy Collishaw

    Guy CollishawHour ago

    "They're both equally not that good" is the best way I've heard anything described, ever hahaha.

  9. John Rodrigues

    John Rodrigues2 hours ago

    Forgot the hyphen you sons of bitches

  10. END TIMES PraiseJesus

    END TIMES PraiseJesus2 hours ago

    two old dudes talking about some other old dudes! how exciting!

  11. CharlieBassMan

    CharlieBassMan2 hours ago

    35:00 hmmm kinda like codys tv show??

  12. justine

    justine2 hours ago

    i love cruisin through the world

  13. Bichen Up Ur -

    Bichen Up Ur -2 hours ago

    You know they're still the best duo despite the 30 year age gap

  14. Nikita Taylor

    Nikita Taylor3 hours ago

    we got to get matty smokes on the podcast

  15. angel n

    angel n3 hours ago

    Cody and Noel Do: me

  16. 1XC

    1XC4 hours ago

    Sometimes they start talking on specific topics and don't account for the audience

  17. C M

    C M4 hours ago


  18. Lydia Zermuehlen

    Lydia Zermuehlen4 hours ago

    don't think they even realized it, but like every artist they mentioned that got snubbed wasn't white........academy bein racist af

  19. Paige Benfer

    Paige Benfer4 hours ago

    cody i could read your tarot so much better than this bring me in

  20. Eduardo Estrada

    Eduardo Estrada4 hours ago

    Wait, so Shia got his whole chest tattooed for a shitty movie?

  21. RickyGoreMusic

    RickyGoreMusic5 hours ago

    7:07 the United States government when a middle eastern country exists

  22. N3TBUG

    N3TBUG5 hours ago

    Spicy challenge ain't it

  23. The Admiraal

    The Admiraal5 hours ago

    Cody needs to stop using his second monitor and focus on the convo

  24. marina landau

    marina landau5 hours ago

    just saying, you guys make ads worth watching lol

  25. Luke Besheer

    Luke Besheer6 hours ago

    I’m confused who is this guy and was he one of the characters on too hot to handle the video game

  26. Chelsey Bernardelli

    Chelsey Bernardelli6 hours ago


  27. anushka yadava

    anushka yadava6 hours ago

    did noel just say he can't fuck with almond milk?

  28. Heidi Ferguson

    Heidi Ferguson6 hours ago

    Y’all 100% finally ate those wings 🔥 can’t wait

  29. Lana Heartfield

    Lana Heartfield6 hours ago

    wow this vid was amazing to watch

  30. Squarehead Baggins

    Squarehead Baggins6 hours ago

    I was feeling a little stressed, but this video made me laugh so much that all went away. thank you! :))

  31. Daniel Z-V

    Daniel Z-V7 hours ago

    Now, I usually am not the kind to condone these unbiblical acts of “shipping”. But goddamn, when they came back from the “break”, all heavy breathing and being like “ you good? Are you okay”, and laughing it off... it did make it sound something kinda of sugargay happened during that pause...

  32. SOL F

    SOL F7 hours ago

    Not a fan of this Russ guy but that "Haters gonna hate and Ainters gonna aint" is a reference from The Interview with Seth Rogan and James Franco who go to interview Randall Park as Kim Jong Un 😂 It stems from the phrase "They hate us cause they aint us" Noel wasnt far off from saying it was a bunch of stoners sitting around coming up with it lmaooo

  33. diego, #1 johnny mathis fan

    diego, #1 johnny mathis fan8 hours ago

    the end of this episode be like "The Big Short 2: TikTok Houses"

  34. Nicole Bennett

    Nicole Bennett8 hours ago

    lyrics: Bad bitch got feelings, she don't catch none (she don't catch none) Red pill, blue pill, you don't take one (ah, ah) And I like the way she work, she won't fake none (she won't fake none) Talk to her like, boot up first, move that skirt Throw chips at her and she make that neck work, like, ah She gon' say what she want, she gon' back it up No bad blood, but she bad enough And she could do it all night, she got stamina She gimme good brain, she doin' algebra And why you actin' ice cold, thought you knew me? I'm right here but you lookin' right through me She got me thinkin' there's a spark Then she pull the plug, lights out, she go dark (ah) Lil' mama cool, calm, she don't say much Only hit the plug for a re-up (ah) Always got my attention, Mira Baby clear-headed like Frieza (ah, woo-woo) Lil' board in the box, the bitch Candy Land Baby missin' all of the nerves, I call her Ativan Gonna leave you on read just like The Anchorman Doin' lines with zeros, Lindsay Lohan Bad bitch got feelings, she don't catch none (she don't catch none) Red pill, blue pill, you don't take one (ah, ah) And I like the way she work, she won't fake none (she won't fake none) Talk to her like, boot up first, move that skirt Throw chips at her and she make that neck work, like, ah She a California girl, she my Westworld She makin' moves like a chess board She top me off like a fresh pour Then she ice me, "Like, what we gotta text for?" She got me in my head like a whippet She wanna go again right away, we just finished We been up three days, goin' crazy, no sleep It's like you don't even miss it Make me come back like FILA She got fire neck, she tequila Throwin' that shit back, huh, Maria, Maria Slide to her harder than a Visa Doin' more bars than Genius The voice in my head like Joaquin Phoenix Grabbin' on my (shh) Come home, pop out, already top out Hit her with the glove and I make that bitch knock out Bad bitch got feelings, she don't catch none (she don't catch none) Red pill, blue pill, you don't take one (ah, ah) And I like the way she work, she won't fake none (she won't fake none) Talk to her like, boot up first, move that skirt Throw chips at her and she make that neck work, like, ah

  35. Fjank

    Fjank9 hours ago

    Lol cant take then seriously with those glasses

  36. Cass Chris

    Cass Chris9 hours ago

    Noel: taking off his glasses and stares at Cody Cody: were u checking me out?? Noel: nO

  37. Con

    Con9 hours ago

    Noel needs to turn down his mic or some shit because damn you can really hear every gross ass noise

  38. onigiruu :3

    onigiruu :39 hours ago

    im tired just looking at carringtons eyebrows whats with the gymnastics lmfao

  39. Max Larsson

    Max Larsson9 hours ago


  40. Shrey Tripathi

    Shrey Tripathi9 hours ago

    Patition to bring that's cring back

  41. Esmeralda Ramirez

    Esmeralda Ramirez9 hours ago

    no fucking wonder this duo is amazing, one is a leo & the other is sag!!! sun signs!! im also a sag too Cody :)) & my bsf a leo too ! we connect so well together

  42. maddy johnson

    maddy johnson9 hours ago

    If they did hot ones..... I’ve been waiting for this day

  43. maddy johnson

    maddy johnson9 hours ago

    Omfg did they film hot ones

  44. gracelynn 1124

    gracelynn 112410 hours ago

    why is noel so god damn FINE

  45. Sarah Giroux

    Sarah Giroux10 hours ago

    yo i started laughing within the first minute :')))

  46. x o

    x o10 hours ago

    who would’ve thought the people that made “super xan” would’ve made this

  47. yoloswag

    yoloswag12 hours ago

    jus the lil matrix reference in there😜 red pill blue pill xoxoxo

  48. Harley

    Harley13 hours ago


  49. عز يّز

    عز يّز14 hours ago

    what's the meaning behind all of them being robots/cyborgs?

  50. Patrick Draper

    Patrick Draper14 hours ago

    Y'all are savage as fuck. Not even shouting my man out in the description 😂

  51. Emma Victoria

    Emma Victoria14 hours ago

    “Half a teaspoon of vanilla... alright, Cody spit in this” 😭 LMFAO

  52. Emma Victoria

    Emma Victoria14 hours ago

    “needs half a teaspoon of vanilla... okay, cody spit in this” LMFAO😭😭

  53. Sachi Wachi

    Sachi Wachi14 hours ago


  54. Darly n

    Darly n16 hours ago

    cody you're so cool haha

  55. Suranjana Chatterjee

    Suranjana Chatterjee16 hours ago

    Cody and Noel, looking at their phones with those glasses on, remind me of my grandparents with cell phones

  56. Alexia King

    Alexia King16 hours ago

    You guys gotta have her on an episode in person when all this is over!! You guys have such good chemistry and she is so fucking cool lol

  57. Riley Thacker

    Riley Thacker17 hours ago

    Hey guys! I feel like I should address my last video because a lot of you guys are concerned, which I do appreciate! I want to reassure y’all that we weren’t breaking any guidelines. Our close friends and family went to Cheekwood back in October (all of my videos are delayed) at that time we were allowed to gather in groups more than 10. Cheekwood checked our temperatures as we went in and we were all spread out among the campus far away from other people in the park. If we were close we did wear our mask, but I didn’t film that part because it would’ve been boring to watch. The only time we got together was for a quick photo. None of us had signs of Covid after and some of us even got tested and the results were negative. I appreciate y’all looking out for us!

  58. T Eduardo

    T Eduardo17 hours ago

    When is Dr Dre Drexler going to hop on the beat

  59. Jrenee

    Jrenee17 hours ago

    Drop the pod cast do this every week

  60. chrizellio

    chrizellio18 hours ago

    cook drunk pls

  61. Kira Barrios

    Kira Barrios18 hours ago

    you guys should react to the show attaway general

  62. kokochan

    kokochan18 hours ago

    whose kitchen is this?

  63. kokochan

    kokochan18 hours ago

    omg the quality and color correction of this video is giving me eyeporn

  64. Kayla Little

    Kayla Little18 hours ago

    is anyone shocked that cody actually said his last name finally

  65. Jjunieholic

    Jjunieholic19 hours ago

    I swear, Cody and Noel are like the younger, slightly more competent versions of the Game Grumps XD

  66. Sadra Fakhraei

    Sadra Fakhraei19 hours ago

    3Words, Wide Ass Pupils

  67. Eren Mortel

    Eren Mortel19 hours ago

    1:09:50 - From Hasanabi's twitch chat: add a "." after the ".com" to access a paywalled article

  68. younghex

    younghex20 hours ago

    Hot ones! Noel and cody gonna be on hot ones!

  69. Nathan Powers

    Nathan Powers20 hours ago

    Not a diss, this video is so much more funny if you watch it drunk

  70. Emily

    Emily20 hours ago

    Bachelor doesn't have any money involved. Probably a show like paradise hotel or something..

  71. Thelandbear

    Thelandbear20 hours ago

    Cody doesn't look like he burns

  72. Lauren Long

    Lauren Long20 hours ago

    He just found out about reddit.......

  73. Crab ken

    Crab ken21 hour ago

    Can someone tell me what shoes Cody’s wearing?

  74. medistar

    medistar21 hour ago


  75. Yolanda Guevara

    Yolanda Guevara21 hour ago

    Funny af

  76. TabortoothTiger

    TabortoothTiger21 hour ago

    Totally agree with Noel. I don't like any type of politician from any party. They're all greedy and wack. No matter what side they're from, all they want is money and power. They aren't gonna fix shit for YOU, but they're gonna do what's good for THEM, and they're gonna make sure they ALWAYS get something out of it. "Politicians. Gross." -Random person on the internet.

  77. Alexis Ramos

    Alexis Ramos21 hour ago

    He's from SLC? Hey me too!

  78. lacari0

    lacari021 hour ago