Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate

Hey, y'all! We are a husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee traveling to 100 countries by 2020. It all started with an idea to take 1 year off before our lives got to serious, and we thought daily vlogs would be a fun way to document it. We left home with 2 carry-on bags on January 10, 2016, and halfway through we KNEW we didn't want to stop traveling the world anytime soon! Thank you for following our journey! \n\nPlease subscribe to our channel :)\n\ne-mail: [email protected]\nInstagram: @karaandnate instagram.com/karaandnate/\nTwitter: @karaandnate twitter.com/karaandnate\nFacebook: facebook.com/karaandnate/



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Happy Valentine’s Day!
BLOOPS from 100 countries!
we messed up.

we messed up.

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  1. John Morris

    John Morris4 hours ago

    This is what happens when you own and operating a business. If I own and operate a business I have to pay wages, taxes, get permits (depending on what type of business), pay rent or mortgage, insurance (work comp, liability, health etc etc etc) and many other expenses that are not listed. There are more expenses when owing a business than most people realize. Nobody ever said it is easy owning a business. If it was everyone would own one. Most people think that when you own a business all the money goes right in your pocket. Unfortunately, it just does not work that way. Just buy the permits and act like a professional business and not someone that complains about what it takes own and operate a business. Feel fortunate that you have a business that makes you a good living. If you can't do that, then maybe you need to look at working for somebody else.

  2. Autumn Sperry

    Autumn Sperry5 hours ago

    I think what makes me so upset by this video is that at least their previous ignorant/dense decisions only effected them, but the decision they made in this video goes beyond just them now.

  3. Tanya Whitaker

    Tanya Whitaker5 hours ago

    Well done guys xx

  4. Curvy Tales

    Curvy Tales5 hours ago

    The video made me so happy 😍😍

  5. Rider Jewel

    Rider Jewel5 hours ago

    @Kara & Nate, your vlog covered only the down part of the city rather than exploring the beautiful places and life. You may have done that strategically to get more views. Indeed, you have represented the country to world very pathetically. People will never know the actual advancement and beautiful resources and place the country has.

  6. Tatum Shane

    Tatum Shane5 hours ago

    You guys are who have inspired me to travel! All of the countries on my list are countries I’ve seen you travel to, I have a 100 countries list that I hope to ensue after college 😊

  7. MaKenna Allison

    MaKenna Allison5 hours ago

    Repent, believe on the names of God and Jesus, confess your sins to Jesus, and you can be saved from sin. Surrender to God and Jesus, give your all to God and Jesus, submit yourself to God and Jesus, talk to Jesus, listen to God and Jesus, read God’s word, spread God’s word, pray to God and Jesus, everyday multiple times a day, live for God, glorify God everyday, and you can inherit the kingdom of God.

  8. Tatum Shane

    Tatum Shane5 hours ago

    I have added this country to my bucket list because it looks so beautiful!

  9. Emily Tait

    Emily Tait5 hours ago

    Where are the place's you went ?

  10. Erick Schalo

    Erick Schalo5 hours ago

    All these people complaining better have stopped supporting college and professional sports.

  11. mofo68

    mofo685 hours ago


  12. Kerry Toby

    Kerry Toby5 hours ago

    This video really was great. Remembered to like and subscribe. Will catch up on some of the older videos.

  13. FOREX SNIPER 2020

    FOREX SNIPER 20205 hours ago

    read a book, lair

  14. FOREX SNIPER 2020

    FOREX SNIPER 20205 hours ago

    LOL what you guys do if stayed there more than one day, I have few ideas, XXX MORE XXX lol

  15. FOREX SNIPER 2020

    FOREX SNIPER 20205 hours ago

    More from the drone footage would be an excellent, Great cows. Love that. Do a video on Sri Lanka, specially of JAFFNA.

  16. Stephanie Pelletier

    Stephanie Pelletier5 hours ago

    Aw man. I didn't realize how much I missed that "pulling the suitcase off the baggage claim" shot and noise until I just saw it again 😂 classic Kara and Nate ASMR. Glad you guys had a good trip!

  17. Anne_rys_Targaryen

    Anne_rys_Targaryen5 hours ago

    I would like part of my ashes to be thrown at the Yellowstone supervolcano area and another part on the water of Miami beach since I've lived part of my life on this beach too.

  18. Ashley Lalaloves

    Ashley Lalaloves6 hours ago

    How do you have money to do this!??

  19. FOREX SNIPER 2020

    FOREX SNIPER 20206 hours ago

    enjoyed snow fight, 3rd wife? lol

  20. Sam Morgan

    Sam Morgan6 hours ago

    Oh my god! They flew! The horror! Some of you commenters need to mind your own damn business. They clearly explained why they needed to fly and wore their masks. Like tens of millions of Americans and ppl around the world have done over the past year. Shit I flew in June, August, September, December. Because I needed to for work. Just like Kara and Nate. The entitlement of some ppl to think you get to be upset over how other people are living their lives is stunning. Guarantee nearly everyone upset about their decision to fly has bended or broken covid guidelines to suit their own needs sometime in the past year. Grow up. Bunch of tattletale babies.

  21. FOREX SNIPER 2020

    FOREX SNIPER 20206 hours ago

    Love your videos...

  22. FOREX SNIPER 2020

    FOREX SNIPER 20206 hours ago

    enjoyed the flight clip in this video, could been bit longer of it

  23. FOREX SNIPER 2020

    FOREX SNIPER 20206 hours ago

    Wearing mask in 2016, you guys seen Covid19 coming in advance, lol

  24. Jillian Wallace

    Jillian Wallace6 hours ago

    I’m saying it...Rick is a BABE! 😍

  25. Linda Cassell

    Linda Cassell6 hours ago

    You said the coffee press was not for you, but he always makes you coffee... hmmmmm

  26. Naman kumar

    Naman kumar6 hours ago

    Congratulations 🎉🎉🎊🎉🎉🎊👏🎊🎊👏👏🎉🎉🎉👏🎊🎉👏🎉👏👏 👏 Soon 2 million only 1 number to go and then 2 million celebrations love from india ❤️😊🙏

  27. B Farmer

    B Farmer6 hours ago

    What a shame that some jealous person chose to cause you grief. I enjoy your videos and will keep following your channel :)

  28. Joan Highlights

    Joan Highlights6 hours ago

    Next up, Kara and Nate go to the US Capitol in Washington, DC and detail how the rioting affected them. Kara cries and Nate makes her coffee.

  29. Sarah S

    Sarah S6 hours ago

    I have followed you guys since 30K subscribers. I loved that you guys are fun, positive, and most importantly, SMART travelers that made content on USlikes, which I feel like we don't see often enough on this oversaturated platform. It was very clear that you guys do your research and have a good head on your shoulders which was always inspiring. I NEVER took issue with some of the other "controversial" things that happened on your channel re: paying for your 100 country documentary (I was one of those who paid to watch it), those hikes in Switzerland, etc. but this is absolutely disappointing and ignorant, a huge slap in the face for healthcare workers like me, and a terrible example set for those that watch you.

  30. Ellen Hawkins

    Ellen Hawkins7 hours ago

    It looks like it’s time to pivot. Maybe get in the van and go to places where you can volunteer or give us short documentaries on people/groups/organizations that are helping others to make it through this difficult time. Take your platform and use it to highlight others. I love your travel content, but now just isn’t the time. Best wishes to you both!

  31. Mark Newman

    Mark Newman7 hours ago

    This was a terrible choice. Shame on you! You have influence over people and didn't need to take this risk to yourself and others. I have followed you for years. You bought the Van to avoid this danger. :(

  32. Vicki Manning

    Vicki Manning7 hours ago

    This is their business, literally!!! There is some kind of generated virus to decrease the population and ring in Control! I have plenty of friends traveling, their free choice. Better let America stay free, people. I have been very sick with this man made deal, so don’t come at me. I had not been anywhere. Choose to live free while one can! I am from now on. Kara and Nate are working.

  33. Todd Fisher

    Todd Fisher7 hours ago

    Hey you guys! Keep it up! Nate, you and Kara are wearing waffle hoodies (Kara a purple, Nate a green) with a drawstring around the collar....brand? Affiliate link to buy?

  34. heather hudlow

    heather hudlow7 hours ago

    Glad you guys are getting to do what you want with your life

  35. GGritsun

    GGritsun7 hours ago

    Oh boo hoo!! You broke the law.....deal with it

  36. Jillian Wallace

    Jillian Wallace7 hours ago

    Kara you are such an empath 💜 and such a beautiful soul! 😌

  37. Eci Majic

    Eci Majic7 hours ago

    I live an hour from Seattle and I think I take it for granted. I want to go up there and act like a tourist

  38. cats and crows

    cats and crows7 hours ago

    Oh dear, that was salmon made for bread topping....

  39. merle geurts

    merle geurts7 hours ago

    I who recognized the place they are

  40. XP_Studios

    XP_Studios7 hours ago

    Cyrillic isn't that hard to learn, if you know the Russian word for the foods like you did it could be useful

  41. joseph couston

    joseph couston7 hours ago

    It is actually the pig tail

  42. Divine Diva

    Divine Diva8 hours ago

    beautiful Baku! Love from the Philippines

  43. mr sneaky2010

    mr sneaky20108 hours ago

    I couldn't bring myself to take pictures when I went there either. It's a colossal experience in so many ways. I wanted to be solemn during my time in there. You can just feel the sadness of the place. I'm glad I went there though, I think everyone should go there and just try and take in the enormity of what went on there...

  44. GamersLife

    GamersLife8 hours ago

    normal language:normal Israel language:autism?

  45. GamersLife

    GamersLife8 hours ago


  46. GamersLife

    GamersLife8 hours ago

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  47. GamersLife

    GamersLife8 hours ago

    I want go to israel For putting Some TNT IN YOUR COUNTRIES

  48. GamersLife

    GamersLife8 hours ago

    Who agree: Indonesian vs israel Like if you agree Im supporting indonesian

  49. GamersLife

    GamersLife8 hours ago


  50. holly meerkat

    holly meerkat8 hours ago

    Everyone clearly haven't watched the whole video they just judged of a thumbnail and a caption. They were flying anyway and they decided to film the experience!

  51. Sahar Najm

    Sahar Najm8 hours ago

    I loved your videos before but as other commenters expressed, that is disappointing. I'm sorry but I'm unsubscribing.

  52. GamersLife

    GamersLife8 hours ago


  53. GamersLife

    GamersLife8 hours ago


  54. MR. ZODIAC

    MR. ZODIAC8 hours ago

    Yoo nate bhutan people is loved to eat spicy food their national food also very spicy food

  55. hhowlerin

    hhowlerin8 hours ago

    As much as I'd love to see things go back to a normal before plandimic. Its not reality. I truly believe your van series is more fitting for where we are heading. So sorry this is the new reality but you both rock when getting through struggles and real emotions and dealing with the glass half full

  56. Jazmine Gilbert

    Jazmine Gilbert8 hours ago

    Do you not have a oven or freezer ?

  57. Sara Azzazy

    Sara Azzazy8 hours ago

    im from Egypt and im glad u could enjoy it !!

  58. Hannah C.

    Hannah C.8 hours ago

    I just subscribed and I have no regrets 😍 this is an amazing channel! I love the content!

  59. heather hudlow

    heather hudlow8 hours ago

    Hopefully you can start traveling again love your videos

  60. XP_Studios

    XP_Studios8 hours ago

    From what I can tell first class isn't that expensive. Its supposedly starts at $100 for Moscow to Kazan, which admittedly is "only" a 13 hour trip. 2nd class isn't bad either, and 3rd is downright cheap.

  61. heather hudlow

    heather hudlow9 hours ago

    Wow some people are just hateful I'm so sorry someone decided to be like that

  62. Bo Park

    Bo Park9 hours ago

    Yall were so broke lol. Traveling all the way to Asia and not going to the top of that observation tower because it would've cost yall $20 lmao. Now yall are buying vans and staying in luxurious suites in Vegas. We love to see this progress!! Keep it up!!

  63. Rojin Baker

    Rojin Baker9 hours ago

    If you go even more up in sweden *norrland* then it never gets dark during sammers. It can be 1 am and its still light out!

  64. Den & Phim

    Den & Phim9 hours ago

    New here..love you guys already.

  65. Emma Rose Woodrum

    Emma Rose Woodrum9 hours ago

    Please make more vids

  66. Tanishq Chopra

    Tanishq Chopra9 hours ago

    Eagerly waiting for next vlog ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. heather hudlow

    heather hudlow9 hours ago

    So confused right now!!

  68. remy

    remy9 hours ago

    You should have eating broodje Filet Americain, that's the best raw beef sandwich

  69. Cotswold Adventures

    Cotswold Adventures9 hours ago

    You guys have lost a lot off respect with your audience so maybe be a idea not to carry on with your non essential travel vlogs for a while, but hey lets keep pushing for the 2 million subs ☹

  70. caroline stutz

    caroline stutz9 hours ago

    nate: the hot water heater and ... the video: this video is sponsored by target

  71. Anthony Nicoara

    Anthony Nicoara9 hours ago

    I've been flying for all of 2020

  72. Hanz Hanz

    Hanz Hanz10 hours ago

    Have you both take vaksin?

  73. s o n g s songs

    s o n g s songs10 hours ago

    i am from bangladesh

  74. Hilary Moloney

    Hilary Moloney10 hours ago

    What if Kara and Nate were to pull their channel due to all the vitriol. How many of you would miss them then and regret this witch hunt? Look at all the positives they've done. Leave them alone and don't watch their videos in Vegas if you don't want to and it offends your sensibilities so much should they decide to upload them after this. If they do and you go on hounding them them I swear I'll throw something.

  75. Gabrielle Anna

    Gabrielle Anna10 hours ago

    What happens when you need to wash the clothes and dry them ?

  76. Wayne Keylock

    Wayne Keylock10 hours ago

    You guys must be pretty flush and be able to sit back without to much worry about cash flow and you still feel the need to fly to Vegas and reveal another video to monetise and top up the funds !!! Take a break guys we will still be here.

  77. Mahika Pramodh

    Mahika Pramodh10 hours ago

    how do you manage to visit such places!!

  78. Aroldo Rodriguez

    Aroldo Rodriguez10 hours ago

    oh for goodness sake.......so much hate on these comments ........ cancel culture will kill us all

  79. Catherine Huff

    Catherine Huff10 hours ago

    This just encourages other people to travel. It is disappointing. Covid is real and some people think it’s just not going to happen to them or the blissfully leave out of their conscience how they might not be adding to the problem.

  80. Erik Dank

    Erik Dank10 hours ago

    Thank you for supporting the hospitality industry responsibly. Keep smiling guys! Looking forward to the Vegas video!