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  1. Tyler C

    Tyler C18 hours ago

    What a sweet surprise to wake up to. So much of my inspiration comes from Max. Thank you.

  2. bhanu bansal

    bhanu bansal18 hours ago

    Omg!! Loved it 😍, Her attitude and voice is so pure 🥺🥺❤

  3. Dave A

    Dave A18 hours ago

    I'm digging this music, Brian Blade is awesome of course and I"m digging the old school rubber strap holding the rig down.

  4. Dragon

    Dragon18 hours ago

    method man present in many hiphop historical moments, too bad he's not here

  5. Taylor Christina

    Taylor Christina18 hours ago

    absolutely love the vibe and thoses voices it beatiful ladies

  6. Joshua Perez

    Joshua Perez18 hours ago

    Oh my god ❤️

  7. Michael

    Michael18 hours ago

    Too good live. He should be so popular and a bigger or more appreciated artist. Keep it up Bas !

  8. orange moon glows

    orange moon glows18 hours ago

    it's a no for me.

  9. Julian Summerhayes

    Julian Summerhayes18 hours ago

    I so love this . It's the best thing I've seen in a long while

  10. Jonca da Nova

    Jonca da Nova18 hours ago

    as they say i'm trying to understand this wonderful song

  11. Troy Kelly

    Troy Kelly18 hours ago


  12. Cris E

    Cris E18 hours ago


  13. Ella A

    Ella A18 hours ago

    his belt is so healthy and so good

  14. M

    M18 hours ago

    I was lucky enough to see this band at one of their last shows last year in Denver. They smashed, and Screaming Females killed it too.

  15. Marie Massiot

    Marie Massiot18 hours ago

    I’m lost for words.......😱💜 too much talent in one room!!!!

  16. Gálicz Dávid

    Gálicz Dávid18 hours ago


  17. Beta Bandits

    Beta Bandits18 hours ago

    Seriously one of my favorite groups. Should I ever find myself in Ukraine, I would want nothing else but to listen to them play.

  18. Jonathan Justo

    Jonathan Justo18 hours ago

    If she wouldve done forever dont last i wouldve cried so much more

  19. Daniel Connaghan

    Daniel Connaghan18 hours ago

    The emotional honesty of roscoe holcomb, and there isn't a higher compliment than that.

  20. Pizza Wank

    Pizza Wank18 hours ago

    Happy birthday Daniel Johnston, Rest in Peace

  21. Babsicorn

    Babsicorn18 hours ago

    I think I've just fallen in love with her

  22. okokcool

    okokcool18 hours ago

    I love her

  23. leslie simamora

    leslie simamora18 hours ago


  24. hospital rec. patient 001

    hospital rec. patient 00118 hours ago

    who's all seen the movie surfs up? the girl has the voice of the girl penguin, BAS is big Z, and the guitar player is the chicken. don't tell me im the only one seeing this

  25. C Venter

    C Venter18 hours ago

    Love the denim and rustic colours. Nice performance.

  26. Bartira Andrade

    Bartira Andrade18 hours ago

    She's the greatest <3 what a lovely concert.

  27. Jenn Mendez

    Jenn Mendez18 hours ago

    anyone still watching in 2021? this will carry me through the year

  28. Leonardo Vinci

    Leonardo Vinci18 hours ago


  29. lizzyp

    lizzyp18 hours ago

    I don't know why I am just now discovering this. So good!! Thanks guys!

  30. Matt Carter Talks

    Matt Carter Talks18 hours ago

    Doesn't matter if you believe in God or not. There is no denying that her voice comes straight from the source. I said what I said.

  31. MarianaRJ

    MarianaRJ18 hours ago

    Simplemente, hermoso!

  32. Natalie Nguyen

    Natalie Nguyen18 hours ago

    The shot of the pup relaxing in the foreground and Richter playing piano would be the perfect loop for a lofi classical radio - beats to relax/study to stream 😊.

  33. Sean Bogle

    Sean Bogle18 hours ago

    1,000 people disliked this, huh? A reminder of why the Capitol insurrection occurred...

  34. Davin Spenz

    Davin Spenz18 hours ago

    One of the best tiny desk concerts I’ve ever witnessed.

  35. Gordon Anderson

    Gordon Anderson18 hours ago

    She looks very resolute at that desk {get it?} - yet will this help improve international relations? Not with Japan it wont, but keep trying.

  36. Rupambika Das

    Rupambika Das19 hours ago

    these boys are love :)

  37. Antonio Hayes

    Antonio Hayes19 hours ago


  38. João Philipe Silva

    João Philipe Silva19 hours ago


  39. brad rosenberg

    brad rosenberg19 hours ago

    here I am once again

  40. Whyokay

    Whyokay19 hours ago

    Podría escuchar esto siempre

  41. Sergio Romero Miraval

    Sergio Romero Miraval19 hours ago

    Definitely, Jorja's performance is in my Top 5 Tiny Desk Concert's performances. PD: the drummer at 5:13... that vibe bro <3 uwu

  42. Tendinha Roadtrippers

    Tendinha Roadtrippers19 hours ago

    8:25 "we are not the jonas brothers!" :)

  43. Adam Duvick

    Adam Duvick19 hours ago

    That guitarist looks like Matt Berninger...

  44. jessica kilpatrick

    jessica kilpatrick19 hours ago

    Man!!!! I love this dude!!! You betta sang!!!

  45. Valerie Richardson

    Valerie Richardson19 hours ago

    I've always cried hearing Temple, but this version had me weeping. I do radio at a community station, and I've read the chorus lyrics before playing the song on the air because they go so quickly in the rock version. It is an amazing story of an entire life told in one chorus.

  46. James Bellefleur

    James Bellefleur19 hours ago

    Great set, great band, just great content all around

  47. José Chorão

    José Chorão19 hours ago

    Great. Keep safe!

  48. Lizzzie

    Lizzzie19 hours ago

    was thinking about writing this comment for a few minutes and just couldn't find the right words.. can't put it into words how much this girl impresses me.. it's a feeling - here's how it feels like -> arghkjfdbgkjfcfldfgsagfgkfaaaaaaaah ..... every...single...time...

  49. Julianne Weinman

    Julianne Weinman19 hours ago

    I come back to this so many times and my absolute favorite part is "Joshua Johnson, Joshua Johnson on them drums.."

  50. Massa Filmes

    Massa Filmes19 hours ago


  51. Tetiana Rohocha

    Tetiana Rohocha19 hours ago


  52. Dino Goldie

    Dino Goldie19 hours ago

    Is "A magnificent day for an exorcism" available on CD? From where is it available in the UK? Do Th1rt3n have a bandcamp?

  53. Eddie O connor

    Eddie O connor19 hours ago

    He’s so dreamy

  54. Mikerphone

    Mikerphone19 hours ago

    Opens with the only song of his that I've learned to play. Sad Vlad indeed.

  55. Bryan Wren

    Bryan Wren19 hours ago

    she killed this live.

  56. James Walton

    James Walton19 hours ago

    This concert never gets old. I've watched it a dozen times this year. Thank you. Beautiful.

  57. Mike Milett

    Mike Milett19 hours ago

    Friggin ripd it buds

  58. Samuel Stephens

    Samuel Stephens19 hours ago

    This version of ‘What’s the use?’ is wonderful.

  59. Roman K

    Roman K19 hours ago

    Thank you! Kyiv, please...

  60. luvdavey

    luvdavey19 hours ago

    i miss you mac

  61. 빅원피싱클럽™

    빅원피싱클럽™19 hours ago

    싸이하고 콜라보 공연 뉴욕으로 갑니다. 실시! .

  62. ticofaces

    ticofaces19 hours ago

    My fav composer since Leftovers

  63. dar abreu de la rosa

    dar abreu de la rosa19 hours ago

    The way Jazmine sang Lost One. I cannot get over it. I am obsessed. Her vocals are impecable.

  64. Norm Meunier

    Norm Meunier19 hours ago

    I swear all this sax will be the downfall of these kids and humanity. Think of the children!

  65. Navita Warung

    Navita Warung19 hours ago

    Mantabb suara serak2 sexy lembut

  66. Amanda

    Amanda19 hours ago

    hope hes having a good day right now :)

  67. Amanda

    Amanda19 hours ago

    i love him

  68. ally morgan

    ally morgan19 hours ago

    they’re so talented!!

  69. Helen N

    Helen N19 hours ago

    This woman is vile

  70. Dembe Mema

    Dembe Mema19 hours ago

    Nice one

  71. Malaka mp

    Malaka mp19 hours ago


  72. izooks

    izooks19 hours ago

    This Tiny Desk/GlobalFest Concert was uplifting - especially to know that you all are safe and warm. Ha ha, it brings back memories of your concert in Petaluma, California, where Nina took a moment within a song to stick her tongue out at me - ah sweet love! Thank you all. I enjoy your music.

  73. Bing Pitty

    Bing Pitty19 hours ago

    Oh my!!! Absolutely on fire!!

  74. Maggie Chang

    Maggie Chang19 hours ago

    the piano intro of on+off reminds me of her song satellite! so beautiful.

  75. Matthew Davidson

    Matthew Davidson19 hours ago

    USlikes: watch again? Me: yeah you know me too well

  76. Kate S.

    Kate S.19 hours ago

    The 🐕

  77. Dembe Mema

    Dembe Mema20 hours ago

    She's the best, I love koffee

  78. Wes B

    Wes B20 hours ago

    I know this guy. His music is always playing in the waiting room of the place my therapy sessions happen.

  79. SunshineAV

    SunshineAV20 hours ago

    Those glasses are the bomb! have loved Jimmy Cliff for decades, and his voice sounds better than ever in this tiny desk concert.

  80. Dolla Rhyme

    Dolla Rhyme20 hours ago

    legend...the "best artist in his genre" for any genre of all time that does or ever will exist.