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  1. DaveDott

    DaveDott10 hours ago

    Bet Biden pardons her and gives her some crazy job in DC

  2. Lliam Jurdom

    Lliam Jurdom10 hours ago

    I had one of these phones ... it was good !!!!

  3. a51mj12

    a51mj1210 hours ago

    Are you laughing at the millionaires, good, cause that's the only thing you can. You do your laughs alone in front of your pc (that you have cause of intel) and they'll do theirs not alone and everywhere but in front of one of their many pc's. And ill laugh at you. You remind me of the gypsies from the bad parts of the city, complaining at the prices of the public transport they use everyday and depend off, yet they continue to use it, even gratis.

  4. Jamie Lipper

    Jamie Lipper10 hours ago

    My phone costed me, like, $150. I got it around a year and a half ago and it's perfectly good for watching youtube, taking pictures, and browsing the internet. You don't need to take an 8K image of your food

  5. Jasper Jones

    Jasper Jones10 hours ago

    I have just liked AMD for years, you know, the little guy. I never knew Intel was run by crooks. Code designed to produce fake benchmark results?? Wow. Great video.

  6. Frederick Castillo

    Frederick Castillo10 hours ago

    One of the best tech documentary I've ever watched!!!!!

  7. Einsi Bongo

    Einsi Bongo10 hours ago

    Will they be the next IBM... Depending on the timeline, that has a different meaning.

  8. Roni Hakanen

    Roni Hakanen10 hours ago

    Okay... but what the F is wrong with her hair? Like she didn't shower at all or have a comb? :D

  9. Jon Nupe

    Jon Nupe10 hours ago

    Commenting for USlikes algorithm


    THE16THPHANTOM10 hours ago

    this nano meter decreasing thing, is that how they improve performance while still running at the 3-4 giga hertz sealing we have hit? or is the benefit just being able to add more cores on a single cpu?

  11. Ranom Acc

    Ranom Acc10 hours ago

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  12. Jay Tsun

    Jay Tsun11 hours ago

    Part 2 soon

  13. Ranom Acc

    Ranom Acc11 hours ago

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    Ranom Acc11 hours ago

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  15. JimA Anders

    JimA Anders11 hours ago

    At 7:52 you showed a picture of Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments with the very first integrated circuit. He is credited with inventing the IC and he always gave credit to Robert Noyce of Fairchild for important contributions to making the IC practical.

  16. Ranom Acc

    Ranom Acc11 hours ago

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  17. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus11 hours ago

    Apple's back to RISC, thankfully:-)

  18. Lliam Jurdom

    Lliam Jurdom11 hours ago

    Yeah thats one version of it ... but who knows ... Glass could have been a real bane to the project going forward ... these things happen but never necessarily in the order they are arranged when passing on a story of what happened ...

  19. Anne Campbell

    Anne Campbell11 hours ago

    Stronger than humans. Sounds very dangerous to me. Rethink it’s purpose.

  20. Cenno Franjo

    Cenno Franjo11 hours ago

    I was today years old when I leaned AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices.

  21. Ben Keysor

    Ben Keysor11 hours ago

    No mention of MyYearbook? How Rude.. lol I was on there between MySpace and Facebook as were many of my friends but we all eventually ended up on Facebook & I've had my account there since 2008. The crazy thing is FB is having all the same problems now and many more that MySpace was starting to have simply because they can't control spam and fake accounts plus you have the problem of people sending photos to women of things they don't want to see. Then you also have the worst problem with ads now which are extremely annoying.

  22. Gerard Ligonde

    Gerard Ligonde11 hours ago

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  23. VR creations

    VR creations11 hours ago

    Spoiler:- elon Musk is going to be Richest man in the world

  24. Joey

    Joey11 hours ago

    Google is the systemd of tech companies

  25. Hanif Halimi

    Hanif Halimi11 hours ago

    damnnn! intel is dirty and disgusting!

  26. Beaglefreilauf Kalkar

    Beaglefreilauf Kalkar11 hours ago

    Intel has been slagging for over 10 years, that is not news, let’s see how (if) they are able to turn around. For the moment they are good at announcing new things and sneering at Apple’s M1 That is not how you turn around a company

  27. NIKE

    NIKE11 hours ago

    You should make a video about how big is Japan 👍

  28. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe11 hours ago

    The Commodore Amiga showed that when bean counters take over, they kill the Golden Goose. Lest we forget.

  29. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe11 hours ago

    My whole new build is AMD based. An AMD Ryzen 5 3600X sits in its ASrock A520M M/B, the 4GB graphics card uses the Radeon RX570 chipset & runs 3 screens. Basically, I'm in the group that will never buy Intel. Even my 2 trusty 5yo laptops are maxed out AMD A6-6310s with 16GB & they run a 'work' screen & a 'USlikes/TV' screen just fine.

  30. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus11 hours ago

    Shockley is a name in the Jetsons:-) It must be related.

  31. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus11 hours ago

    Intel like Atari must rise and be great again. Make Intel Great Again.

  32. John Matthias

    John Matthias12 hours ago

    It seems like every growing corporation gets taken over by lawyers and accountants representing share holders. They are extremely risk averse, and only interested share pricing, so the company brass stops looking beyond the next quarter. If it fails to meet expectations, they replace the CEO with an ethically challenged psychopath happy to do whatever it takes to keep them happy.

  33. Ivaylo Lazarov

    Ivaylo Lazarov12 hours ago

    "Боже,колко мъка има по тоя свят,Боже!"

  34. Theodore Olson

    Theodore Olson12 hours ago

    I'll probably get hammered for saying this, but I'm not sure Glassdoor postings are an accurate measure of how a nice or poor a company is to work for. Kind of like Amazon ratings.

  35. Ranjit Sarkar

    Ranjit Sarkar12 hours ago

    I am gonna die for sure

  36. Samy Salman

    Samy Salman12 hours ago

    is like a cult to brain wash some ignorant people

  37. Graeme Eddington

    Graeme Eddington12 hours ago

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  38. Robbie Stainton

    Robbie Stainton12 hours ago

    Without ever even mentioning it directly, this is a 30 minute commercial for Bitcoin. It doesn't matter how good the intentions are of those in control of our monetary supply, the rules of the game say they can't lose. Cryptocurrency is rewriting those rules.

  39. Manish arora

    Manish arora12 hours ago

    This was an eye opener. I always wondered why Intel still sticks with 14 nm and almost all websites claim that they are equally good and sometimes better compared to AMD 7nm architecture.

  40. UNSF

    UNSF12 hours ago

    Being a MBA graduate myself 8 years ago, one of the key quotes I took away from my Accounting prof was that "MBAs WILL kill a company if they weren't put in check by executives who are passionate about the purpose of the company." This was the reason why I moved from specializing in Accounting & Finance to the far less tangible Innovation Management.

  41. Dan Sholtin

    Dan Sholtin12 hours ago

    The bug three made sure he wasn’t gonna make it

  42. dosmastrify

    dosmastrify12 hours ago

    The next ibm? Ibm is still an innovative company

  43. Phil Yuup

    Phil Yuup13 hours ago

    Class action lawsuit was filed against Quantumscape. Seems like they lied about the success of their solid state battery.

  44. DaveDott

    DaveDott13 hours ago

    It's interesting that Enron went down but hardly any other companies doing similar things why's that?

  45. Paul N

    Paul N13 hours ago

    It would have been nice if you actually explained more technical details of scam, instead of generalizing everything. Didn’t learn much and have mostly questions still about one coin.

  46. Ron Sonntag

    Ron Sonntag13 hours ago

    Great review - much I was not aware of. Key takeaway: If and only if Intel's new leadership is truthful and adheres to rock solid integrity and fact-based standards, Intel can turn around. If not, and they continue with their bean-counter policies of obscuration, cheating, bribing the marketplace, they are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!

  47. Derek OG

    Derek OG13 hours ago

    It’s fucking spiking straight up again I have a couple otm calls

  48. caribbeanchild

    caribbeanchild13 hours ago

    Intel is corrupt! What's new? Par for the course. Go USA Go!

  49. George H

    George H13 hours ago

    This probably would not have changed things, but people who bought the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 could not upgrade to Windows Phone 8. MS changed the OS too much that it would no longer run on the first Windows Phone handsets. This was a thumb in the eye of early adopters. Also, MS had introduced Universal Windows Platform apps, which would supposedly run on a variety of platforms including PCs and smartphones. But developers, notably game developers, did not like the restrictions MS put on UWP apps, so they continued developing traditional Windows on PC apps, leaving the Windows Phone without many apps. Stephen Elop should be known as the killer of Nokia.

  50. Ian's sad horrible excuse of a channel

    Ian's sad horrible excuse of a channel13 hours ago

    She stole work and made up entire parts of her personality-just like Edison and Jobs.

  51. Thariq Musheriparambil

    Thariq Musheriparambil13 hours ago

    Watching this video on my HTC 10 , quad hd display high res audio.

  52. Nnamdi Adom

    Nnamdi Adom13 hours ago

    As a microprocessor fanatic and deep learning engineer, microprocessor innovation, in general, is dying. I love your channel but the problem is not Intel, the problem is that cooling power dissipated from fast microprocessors is expensive and difficult. Moore's law can't be achieved because there is not a solution to cooling power generated from 4+ GHz chips. For example, laptop manufactures would not add 50% more weight to its computer to cool a chip that generates 4+ GHz speeds. Rather, they will use SSD to achieve fast speed at a lighter weight. For an average consumer, 3GHz is insanely fast, especially with efficiently written code! Intel is experiencing an over innovation problem, they have created marvelous transistors such that the cost of developing newer ones out weights its benefits, however, for Intel to remain relevant in the future, they have to design Artificial Intelligence semiconductors that leverage deep learning research. NVIDIA has taken the lead in GPUs, Intel should design its chips to accelerate deep learning models, which will help them stay relevant for the next decade. I understand a lot of the computer fanatics can see through Intel's BS but you guys have to understand that an end consumer doesn't care about spec, they just want a laptop that runs relatively fast at a low cost, and Intel 3GHz is really good at that, however, for Intel to stay relevant in the future they have to start designing chips that accelerate AI software in PCs, smart devices like nonself/self-driving cars, smart cameras, drones, and even cell phones. Microprocessors designed to leverage AI research is the future! Thank you for your time, I love your channel

  53. Enceos

    Enceos13 hours ago

    Why all Elon Musk's companies do so well? Because he actually knows how everything works and participates in the engineering process.

  54. Kim Atong

    Kim Atong13 hours ago

    So Intel is run by criminals. That is why their product is very expensive because they used the sales money to falsely market their product and bribe other companies to support Intel. We should not support this kind of company.

  55. raghav vijay

    raghav vijay14 hours ago

    his voice just make his content more intresting

  56. Anthony Daly

    Anthony Daly14 hours ago

    My favourite tracks are, She shines, Angel, Movement and I found U :p All Great tracks. well done man ;)

  57. Singer's Sargent

    Singer's Sargent14 hours ago

    I make 4.8 million a day

  58. Yu TTB

    Yu TTB14 hours ago

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  59. Dan D

    Dan D14 hours ago

    Need to be honest, Apple left Intel because of quality and bug ridden garbage...

  60. Yeetles Law

    Yeetles Law14 hours ago

    I won't hold intel stock right now.

  61. Pablo South

    Pablo South14 hours ago

    2nd round baby, let's go GME, AMC, Blackberry, Nokia, dogecoin... 🚀🚀

  62. cryohellinc

    cryohellinc14 hours ago

    Great episode - thank you so much for your effort.

  63. Yury Zhuravlev

    Yury Zhuravlev14 hours ago

    You should talk also about RISC-V

  64. Jestami

    Jestami14 hours ago

    yo wtf. justice for noah.

  65. mindofmarisa

    mindofmarisa14 hours ago

    Instead of pulling execs from sales/marketing they need to pull more from R&D (the people who actually make and know the product). Monumental mistakes can be avoided if the people running the company actually know the ins and outs of their products.

  66. ahkee369

    ahkee36914 hours ago

    Taiwan could be US’s unofficial 51st State & unsinkable aircraft carrier safeguarding US interests in Asia Pacific. So, Americans can still feel Great using TSMC made M1, A13, AMD, Nvidia & Qualcomm chips. 😉🇺🇸🤝🇹🇼

  67. Ratul Saha

    Ratul Saha14 hours ago

    Imagine having to break laws with money to stop your competitors instead of using that money on better R&D. 😂

  68. Varad B

    Varad B14 hours ago

    Please make video on rise a d fall of IBM

  69. The Father

    The Father15 hours ago

    It's more like 8 million degenerates vs wallstreets. Love them tho

  70. Khoa Tran

    Khoa Tran15 hours ago

    Evil evil company. I avoid Intel now like the plague.

  71. Kartikay Rana

    Kartikay Rana15 hours ago

    tsmc is at 5nm , the apple a14 and m1 have 5nm

  72. D Faulk

    D Faulk15 hours ago

    I liked the story, but not the click-baiting of the title.

  73. Anthony Daly

    Anthony Daly15 hours ago

    21:44 what is that track?

  74. Ken Berger

    Ken Berger15 hours ago

    This misses the point of why Intel was the leader for so long and why it isn't any longer. It is all about volumes, the x86 architecture was never about being the best, rather it was intel fab's that were way ahead of the industry and that was based almost exclusively on the fact that they produced so much more volume of chips they were the only company that could afford the "best" and latest fabs. Missing the iPhone for higher profits religated Intel to producing an ever decreasing market share of PCs while AIM won out producing many more CPUs. Now, Intel can not keep up with the fabs paid for by the larger volumes of AIM customers. Also now that Apple is such a large part of the AIM based CPU base and with its superior design capabilities resulting in much higher profits than any other AIM vendor/customer they are pushing out the others (including all stand-alone GPU and CPU customers) from the current latest fabs. This is what is causing the shortage of GPUs and poor performance of the other AIM-based CPUs.

  75. SWS

    SWS15 hours ago


  76. PewPewYaDead

    PewPewYaDead15 hours ago

    Apes Together STRONK

  77. General Obi Wan Kenobi

    General Obi Wan Kenobi15 hours ago

    You want to stay on top of the pile? Stop trying dirty, underhanded and ethically questionable tactics and take back your rightful spot on top by... I dunno.... IMPROVE YOUR CPUs! This is the bullshit that happens when you have MONEY people in charge of your TECHNOLOGY company! It has happened time and time and time again in virtually EVERY industry. A company is doing well, so well they could afford to hire people who know MONEY and know little to jack shit about what companies produce. All these jack-offs see are places they can "streamline" and cut things left and right while not understanding what it is they are actually doing! When it comes to engineering/technology, YOU NEED ENGINEERS TO LEAD DIVISIONS AND ENTIRE COMNPANIES IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. You put, as Ray Martin down below in the comments, "bean counters" at the top, your company ends up being fucked. And these accountants playing CEO don't understand why they are losing even more money when they had been making huge profits just the year before and things began to slump soon after these bean counters were put in charge and began making decisions that seem to be almost calculated to cause a multi billion dollar company to eventually end up in bankruptcy and assets liquidated and bought up by said now defunct company's competitor. When such things happen, you have to wonder if it was a brilliantly evil, but unethical operation to get their own people to lead their rivals and bring them down. It honestly seems as though it would make more sense that these bean counting fuckwits had been moles. Intel better get its shit together and put more engineers in the top positions as they actually know what the fuck they are producing, how to do it and would know that using third party manufacturers for the actual chip production would be the best move to make. It would keep the company from dumping BILLIONS into trying to figure out how to actually get past the massive road-block that is the 10nm architecture. The reason they haven't been able to do it is because resources are allocated to many different areas, where a large reputable third party company could achieve it because they can put all their resources into developing the processes because that is all they do, so because they specialize, their manufacturing is streamlined and can accomplish far more for a lot less money spent. It's similar to the problems the McLaren F1 team suffer from. When McLaren put little to no focus and resources into their supercar division, they have a lot more money and engineering talent to bring into their F1 team. It has been shown to be the case over and over again. They dominate when they don't focus on their supercars. It is the same with Intel it seems.

  78. Luciano Marucco

    Luciano Marucco15 hours ago

    Great work Dagogo. Been following the journey for years now and your work is always some of my favourites to watch and learn. Congrats on such a passion you have

  79. Jeffery Sterner

    Jeffery Sterner15 hours ago

    8+ years on, still waiting for mainstream everyday AR while VR games have everyone's attention.

  80. Stephen Wilson

    Stephen Wilson15 hours ago

    For a career CEO to publicly admit that intels down fall is his fault, that's ownership. He could've blamed 1000 different people but he ate that. Might not be the best fit for an engineering company, but that's a leader.