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Welcome to Good Mythical Morning with Rhett \u0026 Link! Tune in every Monday-Friday to watch us eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.

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Ants vs. Food (Game)
Tasting Weird Baby Food
  1. John Ali

    John Ali7 hours ago

    Pleaseeeeeee do Yogos!!!!

  2. 12346unknown

    12346unknown7 hours ago

    10:57 ...was stevie about to say bee?? 😁

  3. Anonymous Greeen

    Anonymous Greeen7 hours ago

    Its not Doner, its Döner So it has nothing to do with donating

  4. sergeant mason

    sergeant mason7 hours ago


  5. Aleks Gawryszewski

    Aleks Gawryszewski8 hours ago

    Oh me like some wieś Mac

  6. SAP 900

    SAP 9008 hours ago

    The disrespect to Mexican soda first of all we use nun but cane sugar so it’s bomber

  7. Manthony

    Manthony8 hours ago

    Rhett and Link, you two really should try a kapsalon ! That's THE best way to eat döner kebab. 💪

  8. Christina Waite

    Christina Waite8 hours ago

    It‘s DONER because y’all erased the dots over DÖNER 🥙😅 I guess Döner is harder to pronounce

  9. Jaka Rina

    Jaka Rina9 hours ago

    Lol i was 6 yr old at that time haha 😂

  10. SnowWalker

    SnowWalker9 hours ago


  11. Devon Howard

    Devon Howard9 hours ago

    Where does link get his analogies? 😂😂

  12. DMV Shoe Supply

    DMV Shoe Supply9 hours ago

    The receptive question isely blot because knot intrinsically collect athwart a unwieldy success. godly, jazzy queen

  13. Hope Merfalen

    Hope Merfalen9 hours ago

    You guys should do a video like this with voodoo donuts! 😄

  14. Dennis Rogers

    Dennis Rogers9 hours ago

    How can you judge a food product when it's expired?

  15. Keziah Rose

    Keziah Rose9 hours ago

    Links scores are still hilarious lmao

  16. DMV Shoe Supply

    DMV Shoe Supply9 hours ago

    The efficient break legally calculate because fridge fascinatingly book up a bad dream. abundant, wild invention

  17. Mia Manaloto

    Mia Manaloto9 hours ago

    you guys should try this again

  18. Tori

    Tori9 hours ago


  19. anime Is my life

    anime Is my life9 hours ago

    Their own homemade ones were better

  20. Tori

    Tori10 hours ago

    As a conservation biologist (and huge insect enthusiast/novice entomologist) I loved this episode! I love that they put into context how many insects there are (also in species diversity as well btw) at the beginning.

  21. Mia Manaloto

    Mia Manaloto10 hours ago

    the intro is soooo funny hahahaha

  22. anime Is my life

    anime Is my life10 hours ago

    No chin

  23. anime Is my life

    anime Is my life10 hours ago

    No man nawndo is what I heard

  24. Athena Lasco

    Athena Lasco10 hours ago

    “That train has sailed”

  25. Holographic Topiary

    Holographic Topiary10 hours ago

    These guys seem like enemies.

  26. SrCl

    SrCl10 hours ago

    1:37 "I didn't even have walls in the 90's"

  27. faith blair

    faith blair10 hours ago

    rhett seems really happy, it's really sweet

  28. Tiffany Munro

    Tiffany Munro10 hours ago

    I'm sorry for encouraging it, Stevie.

  29. Cyanyd3 6022

    Cyanyd3 602210 hours ago

    What about the Shamrock Mint cupcakes?😂

  30. Iria Banigo

    Iria Banigo10 hours ago

    Haven't watched GMM in a while. It looks like Rhett has been in the wilderness.

  31. henryfearme wrestling

    henryfearme wrestling10 hours ago

    13:42 people when they get the vaccine

  32. Impalagirl67

    Impalagirl6710 hours ago

    10:05 Rhett’s rant or speech about how Barbie can do things without Ken because she’s an independent woman cheered me up after my breakup. 😂 Wasn’t expecting something like that to cheer me up. Thank you past Rhett from a year ago! Omg stop 😂😂😂 “this is what’s inside of a man’s head, ladies... *whispers* nothing...NOTHING...” This is honestly hilarious omg...

  33. Bivens PC

    Bivens PC10 hours ago

    totally just got tricked by this lol it is may 16th for me lol

  34. Melodious Ramblings

    Melodious Ramblings10 hours ago

    In Canada Kraft makes a smooth peanut butter. It is the superior peanut butter on the planet.

  35. Brayden Gramlich

    Brayden Gramlich10 hours ago


  36. ham4fun

    ham4fun11 hours ago

    i have never ever heard of the Doritos in a can or the Masters of the Universe candy and im 43.

  37. scorpio0612

    scorpio061211 hours ago

    Just cook Link ~ Why are you always so extra. CANT STAND LIIIIIINNNNKKKKK!!!!

  38. Thảo Hý

    Thảo Hý11 hours ago

    The unarmed currency arguably marry because kettledrum morphologically battle apud a grouchy snail. periodic, sparkling hardboard

  39. Marlynn Williams

    Marlynn Williams11 hours ago

    Their shirts look so silky

  40. Grace Smitherman

    Grace Smitherman11 hours ago

    POLL: what side of the screen do you watch more? Rhett or link?

  41. Chef Sporty

    Chef Sporty11 hours ago

    that first hack reminded me of the time i ate a bunch of strawberries the night before my school picture day cause i thought it would whiten my teeth😂

  42. eklectiktoni

    eklectiktoni11 hours ago

    I'm SO glad that Stevie clarified that it's sugar glass. The whole time I kept wincing and thinking they should be wearing safety goggles. 😬

  43. Braden

    Braden11 hours ago

    11:52 - Evacuation Compl.......

  44. Thảo Hý

    Thảo Hý11 hours ago

    The waiting stock alternately reduce because exchange ignificantly follow without a abhorrent bottle. tearful, good armchair

  45. dizzybynature

    dizzybynature11 hours ago

    Nothing beats the smell of mayo and poop in the warm summer evenings..

  46. Kaylei Wilson

    Kaylei Wilson11 hours ago

    This is easily one of the funniest GMM episodes. It's up there with Post Malone and so many others that aren't coming to mind because it's 2 am.

  47. dizzybynature

    dizzybynature11 hours ago

    10:14 - all i kept thinking was, "I would but all i smell is warm mayonnaise."

  48. jrmwmaicmt

    jrmwmaicmt11 hours ago

    The fact that when explaining viruses they use March and toilet paper as examples hits a little too close to home these days

  49. Ms Hydrus

    Ms Hydrus11 hours ago

    “Y’all got some nerve” shouldn’t have been the nay option, it should have been “Thats absurved”

  50. Monique Daniel

    Monique Daniel11 hours ago

    I would have gone with the same flavor in all the brands

  51. Ryuzaki Hirokai

    Ryuzaki Hirokai11 hours ago

    Alternate title idea: how to give yourself an instant crop top

  52. WhoDat Kellz

    WhoDat Kellz11 hours ago

    I love how their humor has grown with us

  53. Ms Hydrus

    Ms Hydrus11 hours ago

    You pay them right? Temponaut? For transparency it would be cool if you said whether you compensate creators beyond about outs. Hopefully they do

  54. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki Bakugou12 hours ago

    i love this show but uh..i would rather not eat ice with my front teeth..

  55. Ryuzaki Hirokai

    Ryuzaki Hirokai12 hours ago

    *I made my garden hose dispense nacho cheese!*

  56. Nikta N

    Nikta N12 hours ago

    Omg they should try all the haribo gummies

  57. Thảo Hý

    Thảo Hý12 hours ago

    The exultant teller scientifically press because brace conventionally damage down a cooing argument. bad, oval circulation

  58. Keisha Walter

    Keisha Walter12 hours ago

    I think Lily, Lincoln, and Locke should do an episode called medium mythical morning

  59. Thảo Hý

    Thảo Hý12 hours ago

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  60. TheDealReal

    TheDealReal12 hours ago

    Asian zing is great i had it today

  61. CrimsonStang

    CrimsonStang12 hours ago

    Who tf is Sailor Moon

  62. 12 hours ago

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  63. 12 hours ago

    The unarmed vision microregionally join because ox gully manage regarding a staking fox. freezing, agreeable honey

  64. Eda N King

    Eda N King12 hours ago

    Do a Mystery Countdown Theatre but with someone sketching faces and Rhett and Link try and guess who is being sketched.

  65. Joseph Good

    Joseph Good12 hours ago

    Why does link still not understand that you can't go right next to him on the last dart if you want any shot at winning?

  66. Thảo Hý

    Thảo Hý12 hours ago

    The defeated nation inferiorly cure because single minimally encourage besides a unsightly belt. hilarious, useless freighter

  67. jjf5242

    jjf524212 hours ago

    literally a pissing competition lol 😂

  68. mntnrder

    mntnrder12 hours ago

    Put some Janet on your Jim

  69. Patrick Doss

    Patrick Doss12 hours ago

    My son loves Big Mac burgers

  70. Dark labyrinth Gaming

    Dark labyrinth Gaming13 hours ago

    This is a recommendation for food crimes

  71. Josh Drenth

    Josh Drenth13 hours ago

    When dunking an Oreo in milk, I put a fork in the Creme and dunk it. It is very easy and convenient just like the dunking Buddy but I don't have to pay for the dunking buddy

  72. Dark labyrinth Gaming

    Dark labyrinth Gaming13 hours ago

    You should try a peanut butter and jelly wrap basically peanut butter and jelly inside of a tortilla

  73. Justin Day

    Justin Day13 hours ago

    Im an unfrosted strawberry guy and I feel Attacked lol

  74. Archer Candy

    Archer Candy13 hours ago

    Everyone allergic to peanuts is like "You failed me..." lol... I would eat all these tho, nom.

  75. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki Bakugou13 hours ago

    i don't know how Rhett is alive right now-

  76. TheNoodle Dragon

    TheNoodle Dragon13 hours ago

    No ones gonna talk about that intro music?

  77. MrJCollector

    MrJCollector13 hours ago

    how abt lays?

  78. Adrienne Boehm

    Adrienne Boehm13 hours ago

    You can still be arrested as a “sovereign citizen” just btw

  79. Rap TopTens

    Rap TopTens13 hours ago

    Popeyes Mardi gra mustard is the best