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  1. deathwished13

    deathwished132 hours ago

    Tyson and Kraft two brands I avoid like the plague.

  2. Jay-B

    Jay-B2 hours ago

    “What do I do now? Touch her with both knees?” 😂😂

  3. Kennedy Roe

    Kennedy Roe2 hours ago

    Man I wish theyd tried those ones you can get at Sams Club and Aldi that taste like Chick Fil As nuggets.

  4. Erroll Leggo

    Erroll Leggo2 hours ago

    Mcdonalds > all frozen nuggets.

  5. MeanMrMustard 82

    MeanMrMustard 822 hours ago

    I feel like the alternate universe Dr Pepper should have been Sir Salt

  6. this is deafening

    this is deafening2 hours ago

    Never ever ever ever ever ever never ever ever trust a guy with a man bun

  7. Banana Corner

    Banana Corner2 hours ago

    As someone who pulls constant all nighters, this is very important info

  8. Anssi Vartiainen

    Anssi Vartiainen2 hours ago

    Gotta admit, it's a tad tough to watch this after having seen the latest Last Week Tonight episode...

  9. Riley Kuhn

    Riley Kuhn2 hours ago

    Didn’t y’all do this already or nah? Seems like I’ve seen this before

  10. Julian Martinez

    Julian Martinez2 hours ago

    in 0:17 rett looks disaponted

  11. Lysergimine

    Lysergimine2 hours ago

    Surprised they didn’t try Gorilla Glue 😂

  12. gator fan

    gator fan2 hours ago

    3:47 Chase as the Mythical logo on his belt buckle.

  13. Will Stiehl

    Will Stiehl2 hours ago

    Omg they released the book on my birthday!!!

  14. Carter Brubaker

    Carter Brubaker2 hours ago

    The best is the Rice Crispies with Dannon coffee yogurt.



    Me sitting over here eating my dino nuggets

  16. Chloe Hodnett

    Chloe Hodnett2 hours ago

    u should do best meatless nuggets

  17. Blake Jones

    Blake Jones2 hours ago

    There needs to just be a mythical restaurant so we can all try the stuff thought up on here

  18. Elayne Warthen

    Elayne Warthen2 hours ago

    We have the Dino Tyson nuggets in the freezer. Guess what we had for lunch 😅

  19. SmellTheL

    SmellTheL2 hours ago


  20. Joseph Tetreault

    Joseph Tetreault2 hours ago

    I’m a huge believer in Aldi brand being the best nuggets.

  21. RyderJay 07

    RyderJay 072 hours ago

    British people Birds eye all the way Like if you agree

  22. fry xavi

    fry xavi2 hours ago

    We are now a food channel, were have we gone

  23. fry xavi

    fry xavi2 hours ago

    We are now a food channel, were have we gone

  24. Tatum Hall

    Tatum Hall2 hours ago

    rhett and link have a heart attack

  25. Tyler Winningham

    Tyler Winningham2 hours ago

    Anyone else think they were eating still frozen chicken nuggets?

  26. AndyBaker

    AndyBaker2 hours ago

    Ty for mentioning Robert Baker, he was my uncle and did some amazing things!

  27. Dawson Lafrance

    Dawson Lafrance2 hours ago

    what we all been waiting for

  28. Dynasty Nakatani

    Dynasty Nakatani2 hours ago

    3:40 But you think they're close...con-tendies? ;D get it? okay. I'll leave.

  29. I G

    I G2 hours ago

    But I love Mountain Dew :( lol

  30. audiotinker

    audiotinker2 hours ago

    Pitch idea: Which Coast Reigns Supreme? Burger (pizza, tacos, etc.) edition. It would be a great series and very controversial, but what’s life without a little controversy?

  31. Strongarm328

    Strongarm3282 hours ago

    just so u know chili is not a soup

  32. lisa simpson

    lisa simpson2 hours ago

    my brother LOVES those dinosaur nuggets he’s been eating them for years (even though he’s only 8 lol) and my cousins like them too they’re pretty popular!

  33. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson2 hours ago

    That dude at the end was insanely nerdy

  34. Renee Seal

    Renee Seal2 hours ago

    Tyson has a vertical monopoly over chicken if possible never eat their brand

  35. Michael Grubb

    Michael Grubb2 hours ago


  36. Anny Lynn

    Anny Lynn2 hours ago

    This was timed well with John Oliver’s Meatpacking episode

  37. lisa simpson

    lisa simpson2 hours ago

    did anyone else used to love Denny’s chicken strips and then they changed the recipe recently (like within the last two years i think) did that happen to anyone else’s Denny’s or is it just the ones in my area

  38. xoxshawnaxox92

    xoxshawnaxox922 hours ago

    I don't like olives either.

  39. Deric Hensel

    Deric Hensel2 hours ago

    drinking vinegar is absolutely not safe, just sayin

  40. Rainboba

    Rainboba2 hours ago


  41. A B

    A B3 hours ago

    Y’all should do a frozen chicken tenders one now. The mythical world needs to know!

  42. mlyniecm

    mlyniecm3 hours ago

    They need to redesign the beer bong

  43. Samuel Jurgensen

    Samuel Jurgensen3 hours ago

    Way to go LINK!

  44. Sarah Loachamin

    Sarah Loachamin3 hours ago

    my friend heard road

  45. Yaboi RyZe

    Yaboi RyZe3 hours ago

    Papa John's is the best

  46. lisa simpson

    lisa simpson3 hours ago

    i wish they still did the blindfold and guess where it is with the chart at the bottom of their guesses! I just watched them on the watcher channel and they talked about how they ranked pizzas! miss those videos!

  47. Lilly Parson Gaming

    Lilly Parson Gaming3 hours ago

    I cannot believe you guys believe chicken came from dinosaurs. Roflmao NO bird came from dinosaurs do some research. not just believe what idiots "scientist" say.

  48. Rachel Riley

    Rachel Riley3 hours ago

    Tyson dinosaur chicken nuggets are superior to all

  49. Matthew McCauley

    Matthew McCauley3 hours ago

    *I'm eating Tyson Nuggys right now.* 🌚🌚

  50. SockWearsHoodies

    SockWearsHoodies3 hours ago

    It's been 7 years? Damn I'm old-

  51. Valerie Cuevas

    Valerie Cuevas3 hours ago

    We eat Oncor chicken nuggets!

  52. Brittany North

    Brittany North3 hours ago

    That brain ramen in the fake heads is just a monstrosity

  53. Shydigga Music

    Shydigga Music3 hours ago

    You goooootta do the castco green bag ones

  54. OBH 1990

    OBH 19903 hours ago

    Chicken nuggets are undefeated

  55. Wavy kinetic

    Wavy kinetic3 hours ago

    Is it just me or do the tyson nuggets look like mcdonald's

  56. Ryan Kennedy

    Ryan Kennedy3 hours ago

    How you gonna do stefani like that?

  57. Lorna Gomez Ponce

    Lorna Gomez Ponce3 hours ago

    Does anyone have any idea on how does that damn to it works? It got me frustrated in all the ways possible

  58. LittleRedHaired Girl

    LittleRedHaired Girl3 hours ago

    There's a throwback to the bubble wrap scarf in the Mythical Society bobble heads packaging. 😂

  59. JustinJargon

    JustinJargon3 hours ago

    Are man-buns still in? Hmmm....

  60. SYkokeeLAR

    SYkokeeLAR3 hours ago

    Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets gotta be the best just for the nostalgia factor. They bring back good old childhood memories.

  61. Penguin BTW

    Penguin BTW3 hours ago

    “They taste to much like chicken for me” link😂😂

  62. Katie

    Katie3 hours ago

    I’ve literally only eaten chicken nuggets from the huge Costco bag

  63. Sam K

    Sam K3 hours ago

    You all really slept on Aldi

  64. Jaime Frick

    Jaime Frick3 hours ago

    Dino nuggets are the best even tho I’m 27 lol

  65. Luke Melcher

    Luke Melcher3 hours ago

    Today is my Birthday! Thanks for always making such great content!

  66. Des L

    Des L3 hours ago

    You guys should do a vegetarian foods taste test. Morningstar nuggies are so good. 🤤

  67. Ugnė Gasaitytė

    Ugnė Gasaitytė3 hours ago


  68. Jose Camacho

    Jose Camacho3 hours ago

    no classico?

  69. Erin Dwight

    Erin Dwight3 hours ago

    I can't put my trust on Link's Palette. Sorry fellas.

  70. Seth Howell

    Seth Howell3 hours ago

    sometimes i cant believe these guys have engineering degrees, but then i look at the rigor of testing they put chicken nuggets through and realize that yea...only engineers are this methodical about ridiculous things

  71. Jon R

    Jon R3 hours ago

    We gotta get rhett and link on the funhaus google trends show. Jon smith hosting of course

  72. Casper Robert

    Casper Robert3 hours ago

    Tyson is cruel to their animals

  73. *Wendy*

    *Wendy*3 hours ago

    Haha! I live in Pittsburgh! Go Steelers! Go Pens! Ehhhh Pirates!

  74. Not Wednesday

    Not Wednesday3 hours ago

    I didn't even get to have dino nugget as a kid but I really want them to be the best.... Because dinosaurs.

  75. Cosmos *Blake*

    Cosmos *Blake*3 hours ago

    Rhett: "I don't know I think they're close conTENDERS" hehe see what I did there

  76. Jordan Anderson

    Jordan Anderson3 hours ago

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for keeping the faulty toilet robot bit in. That was beautiful.

  77. Solo Wolf Gaming

    Solo Wolf Gaming3 hours ago

    Andrew looks like a bald pale Ryan Reynolds with a nice beard

  78. Sanbo’s *Realm*

    Sanbo’s *Realm*3 hours ago


  79. No life_bryan

    No life_bryan3 hours ago

    Frozen chicken nugget oven or air fried taste test

  80. The life of Hannah Fiore

    The life of Hannah Fiore3 hours ago

    I drink Mountain Dew like every day