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  1. Max Leff

    Max LeffHour ago

    So good not to see annoying Michigan fans commenting go blue

  2. Hurrty

    HurrtyHour ago

    Just me or do NCAA 157s get smaller and smaller every year? 🧐


    OHIO ST. 8 NATTY CHIPS4 hours ago

    What a HUMILIATING beatdown!!

  4. Rio_ S550

    Rio_ S5505 hours ago


  5. Gopher Fan

    Gopher Fan5 hours ago

    Love seeing Bucky lose! Good job Purdue!

  6. Chris McClendon

    Chris McClendon6 hours ago

    WAY TOO MANY ads. More in the 1st half than the amount of commercials in the actual broadcast!

  7. Terry Strickland

    Terry Strickland6 hours ago

    Michigan played a bad game plain and happens. Credit Illinois however I do not see the same result if these teams meet again.


    THE WISE FOOL6 hours ago

    Indiana got beat up the whole game... KNO FOUL CALLS)... Im very tired of watching what has been obvious referee favoritism on this little run they've had.

  9. Nick LeGrande

    Nick LeGrande6 hours ago

    Michigan wasn't going to hear anything about Illini losing without Ayo.. but you better believe they are going to hear about losing to Illini without Ayo 😂😂🤡🤡

  10. ILLINOIS - 76-53 - BEATDOWN

    ILLINOIS - 76-53 - BEATDOWN7 hours ago

    Epic beatdown!!!

  11. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones7 hours ago

    This dude needs to pay aka royalties.

  12. A Clown with a Shotgun

    A Clown with a Shotgun7 hours ago

    Go Blue still gonna make a deep run in the NCAA tournament

  13. Sai Namuduri

    Sai Namuduri7 hours ago

    Seeing Franz now absolutely KILLING it three years later makes me tear up.

  14. biloman07

    biloman078 hours ago

    Lol this obibrick kid is hella mad😭😭

  15. J Indy1844

    J Indy18448 hours ago

    Huge team win! Hopefully they play like this in BIG and NCAA Tourney

  16. Jessie Jones

    Jessie Jones8 hours ago

    Neither of these teams should be in the top 25 ACC owned purdue and yet they are ranked over Clemson, Louisville, GT all of which are far better.such an overrated conference

  17. M B

    M B8 hours ago

    shameful from wisco

  18. Xavier Burgos

    Xavier Burgos8 hours ago

    Who else knows curbelo by the Sierra canyon doc

  19. relix7373

    relix73738 hours ago

    Such a hype win. They'll still lose the Conference title because the B10 only ever wants a team named Michgan or OSU to win, but hey, it'll be tough for Michigan to ever live this one down.

  20. Thomas Cheatham

    Thomas Cheatham8 hours ago

    So happy for my boy 💯 IK big cuz looking over you 😇

  21. {feitan}

    {feitan}8 hours ago

    Let’s dance

  22. iAint afraid Noghost

    iAint afraid Noghost8 hours ago

    "I'm a power bottom would love to feel his pressure"

  23. blkdank1

    blkdank18 hours ago

    If Curbelo keeps his turnovers down he will be the best point guard in the nation next season. He controls games.

  24. Nicholas Villani

    Nicholas Villani8 hours ago

    Boiler tf up cuz we coming for the big ten title

  25. Josh Clark

    Josh Clark9 hours ago

    Michigan 🤣🤣

  26. Jacob Zindel

    Jacob Zindel9 hours ago

    I was doubtful the Illini were going to be able to get a W tonight, but this... very pleased with the team effort and astounding result!

  27. NotEminemsBurnerAccount

    NotEminemsBurnerAccount9 hours ago

    We just need to win 1 against Michigan and we should get in

  28. Sherwin Razmy

    Sherwin Razmy9 hours ago

    Good start we are almost in it, a split vs Michigan and we are in.

  29. free mind

    free mind9 hours ago

    Ive been critical but im silent go ORANGE &BLUE

  30. Jessie Jones

    Jessie Jones9 hours ago

    Big 10 is such an overrated conference.

  31. GrubWarp

    GrubWarp9 hours ago

    i'm a Dayton/Ohio State fan but I love watching Illinois this year

  32. Zach Cain

    Zach Cain9 hours ago

    BABY BOILERS 2.0 !!! PURDUE is gonna be so good years to come

  33. Aayush Saxena

    Aayush Saxena9 hours ago

    Everyone misses cash

  34. shaggydoo25

    shaggydoo259 hours ago


  35. Norvell Kinchen III

    Norvell Kinchen III9 hours ago

    Cockerel just gotta clean up his technique then he’ll be a problem.

  36. None Of your Business

    None Of your Business9 hours ago

    Michigan was never in this one. We looked totally discombobulated out there. Hope we can shake it off and play good basketball again 😑

  37. Derrikas Salters

    Derrikas Salters10 hours ago


  38. Sydney Smith

    Sydney Smith10 hours ago

    Guirantes is my choice for B1G Player of the Year. Love Clark and Hillmon but she’s doing it all for a team playing the best basketball they have played in a long long time. Averaging 20+ points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks. Hillmon is a walking double double but she doesn’t fill up a stat sheet in any other category outside of points and rebounds. Clark is a stellar freshman but her numbers aren’t as game changing for her team. They are in the middle of the standings. Rutgers is playing phenomenal and they have a top 5 draft pick to thank for that. She is great offensively but definitely is showing up defensively. Not sure who else in the league is averaging better numbers across the board? She should be the player of the year! No debate.

  39. Rise Aspect

    Rise Aspect10 hours ago

    Hmm I see a March madness coming GO GREEN!

  40. John Gucci Ball

    John Gucci Ball10 hours ago

    The B1G is way more open than ppl think, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio St have good chances at winning

  41. Zachary Fair

    Zachary Fair10 hours ago

    Amazing with that defense

  42. Adam Armstrong

    Adam Armstrong10 hours ago

    Gonzaga still undefeated

  43. Mike Richardson

    Mike Richardson10 hours ago

    Kudos to Brad Underwood and his assistants for a great defensive game plan. Took the inside game away from Michigan and kept the Wolverines from good looks. On to OSU !!!!

  44. Terry Lopez

    Terry Lopez10 hours ago

    And all the Michigan fans thought their team was better than the Zag's... Hahaha! 😂

  45. Upbeat Productions

    Upbeat Productions10 hours ago

    Michigan State is coming off of a win, while Michigan is coming off of a 23 point home loss to a team without their star player. Anything can happen in March. Go Green!

  46. X the rocket scientist

    X the rocket scientist10 hours ago

    Brown and Langford were solid

  47. Brenda Stephens

    Brenda Stephens10 hours ago

    Way to go MSU! Congratulations on the WIN!

  48. Lansing green

    Lansing green10 hours ago

    Ain’t just about record boy’s, MSU beat them away game while Illinois had there arguably best player

  49. Jake Kelly

    Jake Kelly10 hours ago


  50. HunterAnimates

    HunterAnimates10 hours ago

    Not pretty, but well deserved win. This win definitely puts us in a good spot for the tournament, if we win one of the 2 against Michigan, that’s when I’d say we’re good. Definitely a great win coming off the maryland game. GO GREEN

  51. ObiWannaBrick31

    ObiWannaBrick3110 hours ago

    Final Score: Refs 64, Hoosiers comeback 58

  52. ObiWannaBrick31

    ObiWannaBrick3110 hours ago

    Good luck in the NIT

  53. Richard Drew

    Richard Drew11 hours ago

    No championship tonight. Michigsn will probably cancel it's last two games....not feeling well.

  54. Jimmini the Critic

    Jimmini the Critic11 hours ago

    YES LETS GO! Great win we are right back in it

  55. MSU Detroit Fan

    MSU Detroit Fan11 hours ago

    Don't Stop Believin Sparty

  56. MSU Detroit Fan

    MSU Detroit Fan11 hours ago

    A Reckoning is Coming Across the B1G

  57. John Smith

    John Smith11 hours ago

    MSU beats ILL and UOFM can’t beat ILL... how is Michigan ranked that high? Oh easy schedule lol

  58. Upbeat Productions

    Upbeat Productions11 hours ago

    Michigan State coming off a win, Michigan coming off a 23 point loss to a team without their star player, at home, and both losses are blowouts. Anything can happen in March. Go Green!

  59. ZC The King

    ZC The King11 hours ago

    I wish that this game was on CBS.

  60. X the rocket scientist

    X the rocket scientist11 hours ago

    Y’all can’t change my mind. This is upset of the season so far

  61. james martinez

    james martinez11 hours ago

    Rby got ridden like a baby brother 🤣🤣🤣

  62. Heynolan!

    Heynolan!11 hours ago


  63. John Beard

    John Beard11 hours ago

    Curbelo is a freshman. Not too worried about the future.

  64. Books with DIllon

    Books with DIllon11 hours ago

    No you are rong state had this there up56 52 with 2 minutes left

  65. PrimeTimeAB

    PrimeTimeAB11 hours ago

    This is nasty

  66. Christopher Perkon

    Christopher Perkon11 hours ago

    HOOSIERS have This!!

  67. funsize198

    funsize19811 hours ago

    I guess Michigan should have just played in February and received their beat down then, instead of receiving it in March without Ayo. lol

  68. Vaughn Holmes

    Vaughn Holmes11 hours ago

    If the Illini hit free throws and cut down on the turnovers they are gonna be hard to beat

  69. Alex

    Alex11 hours ago

    Everyone was saying that Michigan was scared to play Illinois

  70. Nick Miller

    Nick Miller11 hours ago

    Good win Illinois your still not gonna jump up above us we'll see what happens in the Tournament. You guys gotta get a win in something at some point.

  71. mary wynn

    mary wynn11 hours ago

    That’s an amazing win

  72. Alex Policht

    Alex Policht11 hours ago

    Terrible day for Michigan but Illni really deserved that win popping off. The race is still on I think for the title? Michigan needs a humbling between this and Big 10 tourny for NCAAS

  73. Mulume Boy

    Mulume Boy11 hours ago

    Fraizer is the goat

  74. Jack Rollo

    Jack Rollo12 hours ago

    These highlights must have been hard to find

  75. Books with DIllon

    Books with DIllon12 hours ago

    Let’s go