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  1. zach curry

    zach curryHour ago

    bro deidara for sure kakuzu cant pull the bullshit sasuke did

  2. Odyssey Treehouse

    Odyssey TreehouseHour ago

    These guys are legends

  3. Le Xuan truong

    Le Xuan truongHour ago

    The magenta winter apparently heap because moon micrencephaly answer modulo a loose drain. high-pitched, hushed pamphlet

  4. The Humaniac

    The HumaniacHour ago

    Now make "How Other Marvel Heroes Feel About not Being In "How Other Marvels Feel About not Being In Avengers Endgame!""

  5. OscaSchmidt

    OscaSchmidtHour ago


  6. Hebah Eheur

    Hebah EheurHour ago

    Bobby looking for his ps3 right now

  7. just for FUN

    just for FUN2 hours ago

    I love how that fight scene between robin and spike resembles the scene in cowboy bebop when spike fights that girl with the mop😂

  8. Name not available

    Name not available2 hours ago

    Colored people are famous for beating their kids.

  9. The Triple S Republic

    The Triple S Republic2 hours ago

    Damn man everytime I watch his death the tears start falling down.

  10. Riquelme Watson

    Riquelme Watson2 hours ago

    When he said does boruto give af about the fans i couldn't stop laughing

  11. Jay Mitchell

    Jay Mitchell2 hours ago

    One fold tho😐😂😂😂😂

  12. ManamiTsuki

    ManamiTsuki2 hours ago

    *Berlin That’s some BS meme plays*

  13. Fat Bandz

    Fat Bandz2 hours ago

    I’m not gon cap the punisher is like that

  14. Kenshobu Q

    Kenshobu Q2 hours ago

    Goku was younger when he fought world threats, this kid needs to get younger.

  15. indefinite abyss

    indefinite abyss2 hours ago

    Shit, im not native english enough to understand hoodspeak 😭

  16. respectthefish

    respectthefish2 hours ago

    "nigga I don't know you though" gold

  17. BlastHD

    BlastHD2 hours ago

    Fun fact: soccer is in anime There is an anime called "inazuma eleven"

  18. Yousuf Yousuf

    Yousuf Yousuf2 hours ago

    Who wants to all naruto and naruto shippudden i dont know how to spell go to chrome and search narutowatchonline.com 🤗🤗🤗

  19. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha2 hours ago


  20. king eli

    king eli2 hours ago

    B’s up my nigga

  21. Xavier Keel

    Xavier Keel2 hours ago

    What about the drug nation

  22. DModness

    DModness2 hours ago

    It is either this or wait till the second to last episode and give the Main “ dormant Op powers” and on the last episode the villain now sees the error of their ways from 5 min of dialog..... Soul Eater.....

  23. Tom Ziegerer

    Tom Ziegerer2 hours ago

    Accurate af.

  24. Michael A

    Michael A2 hours ago

    That boy said golllie

  25. Killer Rune

    Killer Rune3 hours ago

    Krillin is that you

  26. Reza

    Reza3 hours ago

    Petition to hire these men to be the new actors

  27. JoyCon Boyz

    JoyCon Boyz3 hours ago

    17:55 PAUSE

  28. Ershadul Hasan

    Ershadul Hasan3 hours ago

    I like the boruto rasengan.

  29. Reptarku _

    Reptarku _3 hours ago

    I can rewatch all their videos over and over forever

  30. JoyCon Boyz

    JoyCon Boyz3 hours ago

    Yusuke is so disappointed this entire episode

  31. Majeran

    Majeran3 hours ago


  32. Lukic Marko

    Lukic Marko3 hours ago

    Levi beating Eren

  33. Marvin Hoffmann

    Marvin Hoffmann3 hours ago

    Like man i just fcking cried tho

  34. Dranzer Jetli

    Dranzer Jetli3 hours ago

    Thats why anime needs to be updated and i dont like these shitty animes.

  35. Fyr Boards

    Fyr Boards3 hours ago

    im dead LMAOO

  36. students play

    students play3 hours ago

    this man have not seen attack on titan.

  37. Tom Ziegerer

    Tom Ziegerer3 hours ago

    Op is perfect.

  38. Deontay Ginger

    Deontay Ginger3 hours ago

    How they yell like that in a nice ass neighborhood

  39. Elijah J

    Elijah J3 hours ago

    Who's gonna tell em that Inuyasha got another series

  40. Playboa 0

    Playboa 03 hours ago

    if you taking boruto characters then Naruto and Sasuke can both beat kaguya in a 1v1 and also naruto fought saskue with half kurama in final valley

  41. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook3 hours ago

    nArUtO ThEmE sOnG

  42. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook3 hours ago

    Love the “eMoTiOnAl” Naruto theme song

  43. DrCash7

    DrCash73 hours ago

    7:04 This simple fix right here would've changed the entire movie from Disney trash back to what the first Iron Man movie started.

  44. O3O

    O3O3 hours ago

    Like Vegeta and Trunks

  45. Fly Boogie

    Fly Boogie3 hours ago

    Yes something fresh 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook3 hours ago

    Why is this so accurate

  47. Andrei Severin

    Andrei Severin3 hours ago

    man the discussion and the passion real anime nerd - fucking love it


    ASCE D RASTA3 hours ago

    More, I need episode 6 fast 🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌

  49. Cali Qm

    Cali Qm3 hours ago

    Literally Gon vs Hanzo

  50. Andrei Severin

    Andrei Severin3 hours ago

    Thank you so much for the time stamps !!!!

  51. Official BNAMusic88

    Official BNAMusic883 hours ago


  52. Barf O

    Barf O3 hours ago

    "Because of unsforseen circumstances the series that was meant to be 4 seasons has been cancelled after the pilot episode"

  53. XChunks

    XChunks4 hours ago

    best video on youtube

  54. Pro Gaming

    Pro Gaming4 hours ago

    0:19 This is just for me ignore this

  55. Farhan Ali

    Farhan Ali4 hours ago

    This is what happened to me. We all love him Our beloved pervy sage.


    VINYL SQUAD4 hours ago

    Cops are dumb in games/movies


    KOTOAMATSUKAMI4 hours ago

    Itami o kanjiro

  58. Faiz Syahmi

    Faiz Syahmi4 hours ago


  59. Team Y&R

    Team Y&R4 hours ago

    are they going to add tokyo ghoul

  60. Tremeslay

    Tremeslay4 hours ago

    Sad but true. :(


    ASCE D RASTA4 hours ago

    How can there be an Anime House.... without " Kenshirô " ????

  62. Scarlet King

    Scarlet King4 hours ago


  63. Dagorian Stark

    Dagorian Stark4 hours ago

    Yup, pretty much every major fight in every anime... Ever

  64. Sour Lemon

    Sour Lemon4 hours ago

    This reminds me of when Videl in DBZ was fighting Spopovich and Gohan is all like StAy DoWn!!

  65. saravana ethinder

    saravana ethinder4 hours ago

    Reminds me off devil may cry nerds

  66. Brandon Pelembe

    Brandon Pelembe4 hours ago

    Cues the theme song

  67. Yxngboi Jim

    Yxngboi Jim4 hours ago

    John looking fine as hell lowkey😭

  68. Silver Ace

    Silver Ace4 hours ago

    Imma settle this right here right now ATTACK ON TITAN IS TRASH NARUTO IS MILES BETTER

  69. GrizzleyWorld RP

    GrizzleyWorld RP4 hours ago

    You're cut lmfaoooo

  70. Artur

    Artur4 hours ago

    Intros be like: Standing while camera moves really fast above the ground (mostly near grass) Running and jumping. Mostly run while camera views them sideways Always looking angry Looking sad and tired in the distance A couple of spoilers of upcoming season Flashbacks of highlights of last seasons A soundtrack you'll hate at the beginning but will get addicted after third time.

  71. goatedonkeys lowkey

    goatedonkeys lowkey4 hours ago

    0:42 get back to jogging

  72. kwak

    kwak4 hours ago

    ok spoilers so press read more only if you watched the demon slayer mugen train . . . . . . . . . . . This was me with Rengoku :(

  73. BTS Baby

    BTS Baby5 hours ago


  74. Deven Pawar

    Deven Pawar5 hours ago

    The Shikamaru guy was on point 😂

  75. kuroki_okami

    kuroki_okami5 hours ago

    I don’t know if it’s on purpose but the idea that I’m watching what is a poorly translated subbed... the close caption just off a little 🤣

  76. Whysoserious

    Whysoserious5 hours ago

    Deadpool: Write that down. Write that down.

  77. Saif Noble

    Saif Noble5 hours ago

    Love it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. Monkey D. Lala

    Monkey D. Lala5 hours ago

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  79. Smlekmew

    Smlekmew5 hours ago

    Tsubasa literally took at least 3 episodes just to kick a ball

  80. Brian Ndinda

    Brian Ndinda5 hours ago

    Damn Leland 😂