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Dogman Encounters
Dogman Encounters

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I’m Vic Cundiff; creator and host of Dogman Encounters. Tune in every Friday, to hear me talk with real eyewitnesses, about their terrifying, real encounters with Dogmen.

If you think Bigfoot encounters are scary, you haven’t heard anything yet!

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  1. randy beard

    randy beard2 hours ago

    Several months two Dogman were killed right under the St. Louis Arch, they were following the River Run and I guess got hungry-they started raiding the big Dumpster underneath the Arch Area. Several Black Ops. Soldiers were brought in to Kill them. This is a True Story...

  2. Mary Schlear

    Mary Schlear3 hours ago

    Still so proud of our Vet's....!!!

  3. Indrid .Cold

    Indrid .Cold3 hours ago

    You, my good lady, may have encountered some type of shapeshifter.

  4. Awebreeze 0353

    Awebreeze 03534 hours ago

    We have them in Kansas City along with big foot. We're tearing up wooded areas and they have to migrate somewhere.

  5. Iliketigers 2308

    Iliketigers 23087 hours ago

    Holy. I've never heard of them in Mass! I live in a deeper part of the Pioneer Valley. *Uh oh*

  6. Jgsg

    Jgsg7 hours ago

    I had one in Cape Cod Massachusetts!!! I was with my ex & we both saw it. Thank god I wasn’t alone Bc I wld honestly think that it wasn’t real!!

  7. Brookie Brooke

    Brookie Brooke8 hours ago

    Yes I really enjoyed this show Vic. This women's encounter was 150% authentic, I believe. Some people its very telling when they've made their story up. She vibe was genuine & honest.

  8. J G

    J G8 hours ago

    I don't know if this is possible, but it would be great if this eyewitness could contact Sybilla Irwin to see if she can help with a sketch: Sybilla Irwin - Home Page - it would be fascinating to see the end result!

  9. camlougia27

    camlougia279 hours ago

    Thank you Sabrina for sharing! I’m from the Hartford area and o feel like more and more encounters are coming out from our area. CT. Mass and RI all smaller cities surrounded by towns with lots of woods and forests everywhere. There are so many places for them to live and shelter with many being right next to our urban areas.

  10. Charles Byrd

    Charles Byrd9 hours ago


  11. Toni Fish

    Toni Fish10 hours ago

    I also think that there are natural creatures we call dogman that live in family groups etc and also paranormal skin walker/ werewolf creatures that are humans who can transform somehow

  12. Patrick Loewen

    Patrick Loewen14 hours ago

    You're not alone.

  13. Richard Farrell

    Richard Farrell14 hours ago

    Great show, excellent guest👍


    JOHN TTHERRÖR15 hours ago

    Some dogs have white covering the whole back of the legs and dark in the front.I think thats why she seen all white legs from following behind it.


    JOHN TTHERRÖR15 hours ago

    Yeah this is getting close now. I live just 15 miles away from Chicopee and Holyoke.

  16. JOE KNG

    JOE KNG16 hours ago

    Never saw a dogman, but saw a goatman in Najaf Iraq... Almost hit it with my vehicle.

  17. Tim Eagan

    Tim Eagan17 hours ago

    PS ...OH MY GOD....It looks like it is "old home week" judging by all the people that have been in that area WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Tim Eagan

    Tim Eagan17 hours ago

    I AM FROM MASSACHUSETTS .....Grew up in in Amherst...My Ex wife was from Chicopee....Went to plenty concerts at the Springfield civic center....and Drove through Holyoke on my way to Northampton many times....Never in my life that Dogman was around.....And to think of the many times I went camping around there.....even two years ago Thanks for your story................"I guess" LOLOLOL

  19. She Rockz

    She Rockz17 hours ago

    This creature seems more like a skinwalker/shapeshifter to me. White goat like legs.... And Im used to DM havin golden/red eyes.

  20. Tarnya Attwell

    Tarnya Attwell18 hours ago

    When asked about if u saw a big dog, I think it would be a good idea to tell the animal control guy. They might have helped. But I do believe in faith, so that may well work. Good luck xx

  21. DrunkenSquirrel

    DrunkenSquirrel18 hours ago

    This lady is such a great eyewitness, and I enjoyed how she tells her story so much that I'm listening again. And again! I am already hypervigilant, but I've leveled up my situational awareness since listening to Vic's show. I don't freak out easily because I've had Cryptid & preternatural encounters throughout my life, *but* I do place great trust in God & in my intuition. These criiters are absolutely *everywhere.* So I do also keep Holy Water, St. Michael's prayer & a Blessed Rosary on me at all times. You know...just in case. ;)

  22. Suzie Ford

    Suzie Ford19 hours ago

    I know someone who is 300lbs and 6'4". I think people are underestimating how much these beings weigh.

  23. Lee Hughes

    Lee Hughes19 hours ago

    We’re always hearing how these creatures have amber or red eyes even blue, but what stumps me is when people talk about the ones with solid black eyes. Do they change back to amber or red .....or even blue ? Great episode encounter thank you 😊

  24. Robert Doyle

    Robert Doyle19 hours ago

    Oh man I live in Massachusetts I can’t believe it this is crazy I live in Wakefield

  25. Tommy Wooten

    Tommy Wooten20 hours ago

    Awesome story thanks buddy...

  26. Randall Hamon

    Randall Hamon20 hours ago

    I live in MI. and never heard of the dogman until the internet.

  27. heavy metal redneck

    heavy metal redneck22 hours ago

    I love it when someone who is obviously intelligent encounters one of these things! Makes me feel better about my encounter and makes me feel less crazy for seeing such a thing 🤪😂😂😂😂😂

  28. fulltimegeek

    fulltimegeek22 hours ago

    I'm guessing that *PUMPKINHEAD* aka Rake aka Vrill Type 3 got his friend. That's what the DOGMEN are hunting.

  29. Aimee Curry

    Aimee Curry22 hours ago

    Hello dogman family!!! I hope you all have a blessed weekend.

  30. Lori White

    Lori White22 hours ago

    After listening, I check to see if anyone ever went missing there at that time. But Aiden Blanchard is missing this yr, since 2-5-21. He was down by the river. I think He was 5 minutes away from this area. Very sad. He may have fell through the ice or someone grabbed him. But from listening to these stories...dogmen are humanlike in the way that I think some are good, some are bad. Regular dogs are smart and have all the emotions we do, so I bet dogmen are seriously intelligent. But...hopefully he did not run into a bad human or dogman. Prayers for his safe return. LOVE this show! Im addicted!

  31. Scoops 1000

    Scoops 100023 hours ago

    If these things are showing up in the projects, then we might be in for something big soon.

  32. One Two

    One TwoDay ago

    Native American creek? They were summoned to protect sacred Native American mounds from terrorists.

  33. K C

    K CDay ago

    Amazing episode. Thank you to the guest for the incredible stories and as always thank you Vic for doing this

  34. koratcortes

    koratcortesDay ago thing you know Dogman man comes to N.Y.C. 😬🤯😳

  35. Cindy Guy

    Cindy GuyDay ago

    I've been listening since a saw something similar on a late Sunday night during a snow storm. I used to drive a truck delivering mail and saw something eating a deer on the side of the road. It bothered me for a long time. I just couldn't figure out what it was I saw. After listening to your show I think I finally know what it was. Thanks Vic!

  36. S S

    S SDay ago

    I live in Massachusetts but not near Springfield i am close to cape cod my friend lived in Chicopee for a couple of yrs weird

  37. josh B

    josh BDay ago

    Pam’s sketch is really, really good. It makes what she saw very clear. I’ve seen something very like it before.

  38. Wendy P

    Wendy PDay ago

    I looked up School Street and it’s smack in the middle of town. That is weird! 😳

  39. Shirley day

    Shirley dayDay ago

    Love Coonbo!!

  40. Shirley day

    Shirley dayDay ago

    A really great guest with an awesome dogman experience!

  41. JLR JLR

    JLR JLRDay ago

    Love to listen to Marvin tell it like it is. “It’s an exciting show, every time Marvin Allen is on you know it’s going to be good!” Great show Vic.

  42. AFCIII Whatev

    AFCIII WhatevDay ago

    I just joked with my buddy about reporting to me on MA Dogman sightings, then I found this episode!

  43. Amanda Marie

    Amanda MarieDay ago

    This is my neck of the woods, grew up in the Medford Projects , suburbs of Boston. My grandmother grew up on a farm in Springfield Ma... I wonder if she ever witnessed anything! Wow.

  44. Jenn Zack

    Jenn ZackDay ago

    Thank You for sharing your encounter!!! I think it would be worse to have an encounter with a dogman or Sasquatch if you’ve never heard of them. That would be Terrifying.

  45. Shirley day

    Shirley dayDay ago

    I have a black German shepherd with black eyes ( he’s really dark) I can’t imagine seeing a dogman that black and 10 feet tall. I’m amazed of the detail in her story.

  46. A Dixon

    A DixonDay ago

    I had a great tricolor coon hound named Jack who’d have given his life to protect me and my family. My condolences on Jake.....

  47. Greg Geer

    Greg GeerDay ago

    First time tuning in. The intro music was soooo creepy!

  48. Farcsquatch Powell

    Farcsquatch PowellDay ago

    I looked up Hadley Mass. Because i have family who live there and uh awfully close to Chicopee! Lots of forrest in Hadley! Water too.

  49. Lasombra Lord

    Lasombra LordDay ago

    Love to hear about Massachusetts stories. I’m in Webster, Massachusetts.

  50. Debra Ervin

    Debra ErvinDay ago

    Vic, just catching up on this now. I’m continually amazed by the quality of your guests. Thank you.

  51. Dude FromTexas

    Dude FromTexasDay ago

    Lets do this ✊ give us every Last Detail that comes to mind

  52. Wally Brett

    Wally BrettDay ago

    Hi everyone from Australia, such a believable encounter,you can hear it in her voice.. period

  53. Lynn Hill

    Lynn HillDay ago

    Being a native in Connecticut, I can't help but wonder if DM are in CT.

  54. Malene H Laursen

    Malene H LaursenDay ago

    Every time I hear one of the stories, I wish I was good at illustrating/photoshop. I would love to be able to make pictures of the dogmen from the stories, based on the information given from the witnesses. I just think its so interesting to hear about the different kinds of dogmen. And theres not really a lot of good illustrations on Google, besides the ones that are used in your videos.

  55. Charles Budden

    Charles BuddenDay ago

    This has to be one of the most compelling encounters I've ever heard I'm glad you're both okay God bless you and your animals stay safe out there rest in peace Jake you earned it peace from Idaho.

  56. Paul V

    Paul VDay ago

    These things get curious when the power goes out for long periods of time. We had the power go out for 8 hours one night; I woke up @ 3AM still pitch black, and shinned the flashlight across the road bc I was going out to smoke and wanted to check and make sure nobody was lurking around for an easy opportunity and saw a 8-10ft tall outline across the road with greenish blue eye shine bigger than golf balls 6 inches apart. It turned to look @ me when it was hit and froze in place and started at me the entire time I smoked my cig never blinking and didn’t move until I went back inside after 5 minutes. The next day I looked at the tree it was standing next to and the lowest branch to the ground was 20 ft in the air and it was so dark colored it looked to absorb the light of my flashlight. I’ve spotted deer at the same distance and could fully see it but couldn’t make out anything but the eyes on this creature.

  57. Ariel Olvera

    Ariel OlveraDay ago

    I tell you one thing.......THAT DOGMAN HAS SOME HUGE BALLS TO BE WALKING AROUND THE HOOD @ NITE, ESPECIALLY IN THE PROJECTS!!!!! For you guys who grew up in not so good neighborhoods; YA'LL KNOW the hood DONT be playing!!!! Everybody & their momma be carrying some HEAT!!!🔫💣🔪

  58. Joey Hayes

    Joey HayesDay ago

    Catching up now Vic and the Friday night folks 🐺🐾🐾 hope all is well with everyone 🇮🇪

  59. C C

    C CDay ago

    What a great encounter! That Dogman knew exactly what it was doing. It must have sensed that you were watching it and it picked up on your fear. I’ll bet it was in that neighborhood for a very long time. It was trying to look like a regular dog not a predator. The other guy that was walking surely saw it, too. Thanks for the video Vic. Glad you and your friend weren’t hurt by that Dogman. 😊

  60. ru5tpR0of24

    ru5tpR0of24Day ago

    Been with DER since it's first 20 episodes...have to say the intro music is epic, sets the tone and standard for this type of phenomenon encounters!

  61. spartan1

    spartan1Day ago

    I would never have a girl friend who did not trust my word...Ever.

  62. smallgreykitten

    smallgreykittenDay ago

    Unusual to hear a dogwoman story! Probably protecting her cubs. Sounds like a real animal with this story.

  63. Anita M.

    Anita M.Day ago

    If i understood it right, you're a psychologist Sabrina? There are a lot of people who struggle with problems after their encounter, maybe you could help these people to deal with it? Usually the psychologists they go to don't believe them, that's a sad thing that needs to change.

  64. smallgreykitten

    smallgreykittenDay ago

    Poor Herman, I hope he didn't have a stroke.

  65. Julio Torres

    Julio TorresDay ago

    OMG I LIVE IN CHICOPEE MASSACHUSETTS! I live on Meadow street but grew up around Center😳 I was stationed at Westfield in ‘11 and one time we did FTX up in Montague in the Forest up there and an outgoing Unit as we were going in were talking about a Brown Greyish 7 ft. Werewolf like the one from Bad Moon the movie! This is crazy!!!!

  66. jadegold66

    jadegold66Day ago

    I'm so happy a black person has opened up and told their story. Maybe more will do the same now.

  67. Lana scribe

    Lana scribeDay ago

    Tori, thanks so much for sharing with us. You're advice not to wish for these things so true. I've had experiences with all kinds of weirdness too. I guess some of us are just weirdness magnets. I hope you find some peace and solace in sharing your experiences, though it's near impossible to gain the serenity back once you know what's out there. All the best to you x

  68. Matt King

    Matt KingDay ago

    Get on google street view while listening for a 4D experience, the road is hampden St. Chikopee. Ma

  69. lazy diaz

    lazy diazDay ago

    Sabrina. You saw that dogman on Plante cir ???

  70. Angel

    AngelDay ago

    They will start to come into populated towns / areas more and more and soon enough they won’t hide either.

  71. Mike Jencks

    Mike JencksDay ago

    Hard nite at work now I can relax and listen to my favor channel on you tub. Vic has great information and real inconconters just buy listening to vic and the people that are on his channel has helped me with my run in with these creatures.thank you for your help Vic and to the many people that has shared there stores Iam very greatful to you and your guests this channel has truly saved my life

  72. Grandma Kris

    Grandma KrisDay ago

    That is terrifying! I'm sure the government knows how to stop these things! It's infuriating that people are left to deal with these creatures on their own!

  73. KJ Hocken

    KJ HockenDay ago

    This might be a dumb question but what are the Projects she is talking about ?

  74. spartan1

    spartan1Day ago

    Good to hear a police officer...they see a lot and tend to describe stuff unemotionally..

  75. theodoresbush

    theodoresbushDay ago

    she sounds really honest!

  76. lilyopatra

    lilyopatraDay ago

    Short and sweet and t e r r i f y i n g. Wow. Thank you Sabrina. And thank you Vic. xx

  77. smallgreykitten

    smallgreykittenDay ago

    I'm in Massachusetts and this is the second one I've heard from here. Sounds like it didn't want to bother them. The white legs are weird.

  78. Sidilicious

    SidiliciousDay ago

    Sounds like it shapeshifted a bit. Creepy!

  79. Rita Brown

    Rita BrownDay ago

    LOL Great encounter! That Dogman probably was freaked out that you followed it! I am almost positive that this is a first of two females following him. 😂 LOL 😂 Thank you Sabrina for sharing your encounter. Another great encounter Vic! Thank you ❤️

  80. Stephanie Bristol

    Stephanie BristolDay ago

    Well by the cvs and the highway on ramps is the Connecticut river. Maybe it was headed down the river to hunt river rats or homeless ppl.