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    Lola is afraid of heights but she ask for the others girls heels and walk in them with no problem

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    I would want to guardian angel because it would be so cool and I would wonder what they are like is there a real guardian angel that is my question and yeah I love guardian it'll of course

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    Wow so these are all “men’s job” how kind of you to say that WooHoo Unsubscribe although I never was subscribed

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    I thought that kid was play a lot and the eyes are going to get broken because of the blue light

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    Bad parents versus good parents

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    The book...

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    Guy eating burrito: I want to put some hot sauce on it while putting Ketchup on it

  20. Melody Lamb

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    How about you tell them NO!!

  21. rachael poats

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    For some reason the boy talks like a girl

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    Stupid guy that asks for Leo’s stuff

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  25. Bean

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    This is da best dad Me; u think I am dumb U got send to space By papa

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    Nobody's too young to eat junk food >:(

  27. Kate and The Bunny Squad

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    I am a e girl you don’t dress like a e girl

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  31. zanu zaya

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    Naalla nappa videos idarlo

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    Is it just me or am I just still mad a the life hack about the spoon 🤔 🙃 😒

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    Yay Download Roblox. And make a video like that it’s a free app.

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    I love the part then he say bye have a grate time

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    "My DUCK face looks great!"

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    The game that the girl was playing I play that it is hip hop

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