MrBeast Shorts
  1. Dragonkeeperkid gaming

    Dragonkeeperkid gaming10 hours ago

    I got scissors first time

  2. IM LOST

    IM LOST10 hours ago

    Wait I got a tie I WANT A REMATCH

  3. Kacper Zapior

    Kacper Zapior10 hours ago


  4. ciscoperez23

    ciscoperez2310 hours ago

    I got rock you lose good game

  5. T_ahmed 10

    T_ahmed 1010 hours ago

    whatch closesley 0:01

  6. Linda Moonlight

    Linda Moonlight10 hours ago

    I won

  7. Adli Arif Mohd Jasri

    Adli Arif Mohd Jasri10 hours ago

    Jimmy /MrBeast :*picks scissors* My first time watching this and any other time :*picks rock" Jimmy /MrBeast :point proven Me everytime :but I picked rock. Doesn't rock beat scissors

  8. Marva Saleem

    Marva Saleem10 hours ago

    Yep sooo true Mr beast u are a superstar

  9. Karim A.

    Karim A.10 hours ago

    I picked rock on god

  10. Nathan is a good player at fortnite Rodriguez

    Nathan is a good player at fortnite Rodriguez10 hours ago

    I won I picked rock

  11. Robert Quattrone

    Robert Quattrone10 hours ago

    Jesus Christ jimmy that hurted

  12. Babra Irakiza

    Babra Irakiza10 hours ago

    I won him I chose rock

  13. Jaedon Jones

    Jaedon Jones10 hours ago

    Mr Beast:picks scissors Me:picks rock LOL what are the odds of you saying that you never lost?? How many likes are on this comment | V

  14. Sienna Walters

    Sienna Walters10 hours ago

    it was a tie i got scissors to

  15. Dastan Karim

    Dastan Karim10 hours ago


  16. SnippyStix

    SnippyStix10 hours ago

    we tied

  17. Princekeith Hart

    Princekeith Hart10 hours ago

    It was a tie

  18. Home Connect

    Home Connect10 hours ago

    We both did sisers 😕

  19. Carrie Kitty

    Carrie Kitty10 hours ago

    omg we both had scrios

  20. Master Trampoline

    Master Trampoline10 hours ago

    Wait.... That wasn't Chan Chan...

  21. Gunnar Roy

    Gunnar Roy10 hours ago

    Chandler is so funny

  22. cz farm

    cz farm10 hours ago

    I have no subs

  23. selmir alija

    selmir alija10 hours ago

    Jimmy:pick seisers Me: rock Prove it

  24. Rodney Albert

    Rodney Albert10 hours ago

    I win be couse i choosed rock

  25. Maddie

    Maddie10 hours ago

    i didn't pick anything.. ok you win

  26. Armando Zamudio

    Armando Zamudio10 hours ago

    I never blinked lol

  27. Nate dog 34

    Nate dog 3410 hours ago

    Does that mean I was the first one to beat him

  28. Lucas Aadams

    Lucas Aadams10 hours ago

    I literally did rock so watchu mean?

  29. mari kebadze

    mari kebadze10 hours ago

    You lost sorry mr beast 😭😁

  30. gamer 5

    gamer 510 hours ago

    It is a tie

  31. Hajra Naeem

    Hajra Naeem10 hours ago

    I swear you lose I picked rock

  32. Mily OG

    Mily OG10 hours ago

    Bruh thats a fake arm

  33. razan kaissar

    razan kaissar10 hours ago


  34. Kickin It With Kiyah

    Kickin It With Kiyah10 hours ago

    It was a tie

  35. Elizabeth B

    Elizabeth B10 hours ago

    Jimmy: picks scissors Me: picks rock Also me: I AM A GOD

  36. Jennifer Paiva

    Jennifer Paiva10 hours ago

    me: whait it was a tie me after realilizeing: oh he didin't lose HA HA!!

  37. Fatal Gamer

    Fatal Gamer11 hours ago

    Well Chandler is doomed! 😆

  38. Error YT

    Error YT11 hours ago

    I lost got me

  39. techno warrior

    techno warrior11 hours ago

    He had a fake arm but very comedy

  40. Mohammad Farhan

    Mohammad Farhan11 hours ago

    I choose rock Haha I won

  41. Just A Little Noob

    Just A Little Noob11 hours ago

    I used rock though lol

  42. Ben Bryant

    Ben Bryant11 hours ago

    U cut Chandlers arm off OH NO

  43. Payton Diem

    Payton Diem11 hours ago

    I- I picked scissors jimmy-

  44. Malsawmkima Ngente Ngente

    Malsawmkima Ngente Ngente11 hours ago

    share me your money 10,000 dolars

  45. Anthony Monda

    Anthony Monda11 hours ago


  46. Angel Torres

    Angel Torres11 hours ago

    I GOT A TIE I WANT RE MATCH respond and like if you tied or respond

  47. nyncke kramer

    nyncke kramer11 hours ago

    I lose

  48. Vlogs by Ben B

    Vlogs by Ben B11 hours ago

    Well I got rock ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u never win

  49. dritex

    dritex11 hours ago

    i won actually then i switched up bc why not

  50. KarKar TV

    KarKar TV11 hours ago

    I did 10

  51. Savannahrulez1001 ,

    Savannahrulez1001 ,11 hours ago


  52. CNP Ziyad

    CNP Ziyad11 hours ago

    ezzzzz clapz i chose rock u suck

  53. Happyguyeee

    Happyguyeee11 hours ago

    i did paper

  54. Archana Gupta

    Archana Gupta11 hours ago

    They had us in the 1st half not gonna lie

  55. Karishma Agrawal

    Karishma Agrawal11 hours ago

    It was a tie

  56. Brian2for2

    Brian2for211 hours ago

    Lies I chose rock

  57. YYahyaZ

    YYahyaZ11 hours ago

    why did i laugh


    MRBEAST NOW11 hours ago

  59. Mathew Justin

    Mathew Justin11 hours ago

    I got the same bro

  60. Todd Dixon

    Todd Dixon11 hours ago

    M u ett nd

  61. NinjaBenM

    NinjaBenM11 hours ago

    he ... is .... LYING i won over him

  62. Misty Lawrence

    Misty Lawrence11 hours ago

    Since I threw rock does that mean I beat you and I have to unsubscribe? Because I’m not gonna do that.

  63. Fahim Jaman

    Fahim Jaman11 hours ago

    No matter what every note I a 1 dollar bill

  64. A-KILL YT

    A-KILL YT11 hours ago

    Bruh i did rock for fun and it work wtf 😂😂 gg

  65. Ash Cabash

    Ash Cabash11 hours ago

    I chose rock!

  66. Andris Māzers

    Andris Māzers11 hours ago

    The back looks like it is a Green screen

  67. Vl U moeder

    Vl U moeder11 hours ago

    I got✂️

  68. Bro Hunt

    Bro Hunt11 hours ago

    Well I won I did rock

  69. angel e Solorio d

    angel e Solorio d11 hours ago

    Lik e mr beast chanel

  70. Epp

    Epp11 hours ago

    I what???

  71. Cat Queen

    Cat Queen11 hours ago


  72. Jeremiah Maxson gaming and vloges

    Jeremiah Maxson gaming and vloges11 hours ago

    Chanlerd arm left the chat


    A LUNATIC11 hours ago

    Be mr beast: Buy a catana Make 11 second video on second channel Get 26 million views

  74. morgan cook

    morgan cook11 hours ago

    I beat him I got rock

  75. Scabby

    Scabby12 hours ago

    Who else tide

  76. Praveen Kumar Singh

    Praveen Kumar Singh12 hours ago

    I got the same as him lol

  77. caxelyn

    caxelyn12 hours ago

    Onn in so I have a theory and I have tried this out on many people and it works almost every time most people go in this order- scissors, rock, paper. I don’t know as to why people do it but I’ve observed a lot and it usually works go try it for yourself!

  78. Ajdin Zaga

    Ajdin Zaga12 hours ago

    I did sissors tooo LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  79. Valdemar Brodersen

    Valdemar Brodersen12 hours ago

    They should also at a lot of “trying to be funny” to the channel

  80. Aileen Morales

    Aileen Morales12 hours ago

    I picked rocked