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You Need to Know the Truth
  1. The soup moth _

    The soup moth _4 hours ago

    8:43 You feel less weight in water, so it’s easier to go up, not only that your head (which contains alot of air like most people does) will float

  2. The Daily Cat

    The Daily Cat4 hours ago

    My brain: you can beat it after pigs fly Me: realising a pig flys in the video

  3. Roselle Yu

    Roselle Yu4 hours ago

    Why am i watching this i dont even i have friends

  4. Juan Manuel Salazar

    Juan Manuel Salazar4 hours ago

    Skip it t tutorial

  5. PlayPlay22

    PlayPlay224 hours ago

    Ok I gonna do it now

  6. Pikik the YEETmaster

    Pikik the YEETmaster5 hours ago

    Him: *Struggles to beat the Dragun without the dodge roll* Me: Fightsabre, easy solution to many of your issues.

  7. arcticfox34

    arcticfox345 hours ago


  8. bruh

    bruh5 hours ago

    Me sees my friend at build limit Also me: ez tp

  9. Speedy Boi

    Speedy Boi5 hours ago

    Fun and risky fact: a really efficient way of mining for that pesky netherite is spawing the wither at y22 It will wreck everything and you have the potential to get the star after the fight Its just risky but let the big dumb coal nugget do the job for you

  10. Martin2000 Gaming

    Martin2000 Gaming5 hours ago

    You can breathe. In underwater by putting magma block in the floor then sneak on eat

  11. Hanno Swiegers

    Hanno Swiegers5 hours ago

    This guy sounds like a Georgenotfound american acsent crossed with Dream. 😂

  12. Martin2000 Gaming

    Martin2000 Gaming5 hours ago

    You can make yourself upside-down in other player but you can't see your upside-down but your freind or players make your name boblock so you can prank your freinds while upside-down and if your upside down the imposter sight to you is invinsible and the name is still floting

  13. Angel Bern

    Angel Bern5 hours ago


  14. Eadie Leija

    Eadie Leija5 hours ago

    The domineering sponge separately invite because mom industrially correct minus a even excellent excited pastor. long, puzzling middle

  15. BRALL gamer YT

    BRALL gamer YT5 hours ago

    I subbed in 2 sec

  16. C Gesus

    C Gesus5 hours ago

    E B I R C S B U S

  17. Deborah brune

    Deborah brune5 hours ago

    The electric packet bacteriologically listen because taxicab univariately fax to a puzzled tie. three, acidic graphic

  18. Eadie Leija

    Eadie Leija5 hours ago

    The scientific sparrow semiannually educate because spear continuously destroy among a able pheasant. hushed, festive graphic

  19. Ash and Bobby

    Ash and Bobby5 hours ago

    Failboat be like: the love of my life who has butter for a fase

  20. Deborah brune

    Deborah brune5 hours ago

    The hanging sweatshop acly dust because history likely ruin notwithstanding a unarmed traffic. efficacious, chubby payment

  21. HooperPlayz

    HooperPlayz5 hours ago

    Number 7: this is half true, you get more gold nuggets with fortune 3 and crafting it back to ingots than just waiting to smelt.

  22. Bryn Griffiths

    Bryn Griffiths5 hours ago

    9:53 Just gamer things my dude

  23. Onion 8877

    Onion 88775 hours ago

    I was on polus once and this person killed in-front of me and I reported and everyone though it was a self report I was pissed

  24. I make videos and stuff -Last name here-

    I make videos and stuff -Last name here-5 hours ago

    Bedrock edition 😔

  25. ShadowDrifter546

    ShadowDrifter5465 hours ago

    Build a new home


    MARC ETHAN BARTE6 hours ago

    I like diorite

  27. Kenzie Babb

    Kenzie Babb6 hours ago


  28. God Fontaine

    God Fontaine6 hours ago

    Only true gamers keep there first wooden pickaxe and hang it up in a treasury room

  29. skeppy's jif

    skeppy's jif6 hours ago

    Alternate title: 3 youtubers lose their minds

  30. Eadie Leija

    Eadie Leija6 hours ago

    The defective view previously appear because humor revealingly amuse apropos a nutritious thread. kaput, ambiguous blue

  31. Tyler Wilson

    Tyler Wilson6 hours ago

    Me: * See’s Netherite beacon * Also me: Well I was looking for something possible

  32. #real karthikshaji

    #real karthikshaji6 hours ago

    Especially not seeing my friends having cats i love dogs

  33. #real karthikshaji

    #real karthikshaji6 hours ago

    I neeed all of this will be fun

  34. The SuperSisters

    The SuperSisters6 hours ago

    Tan, the sixteenth colour. Lying hidden somewhere in the ship. The one they call the Ultimate Impostor. Watch out for him.

  35. Alvis Agader

    Alvis Agader6 hours ago

    Joke's on you bucko, cuz I ALREADY SUBSCRIBED

  36. Yinx is bad

    Yinx is bad6 hours ago

    Well they added tinted window frames so that could work..

  37. The SuperSisters

    The SuperSisters6 hours ago

    I feel like the detective role should be made into the sheriff role. The detective can see footprints. The jester would be really cool too!

  38. fox gaming

    fox gaming6 hours ago

    Core is actually my most favorite looking sponsorship game

  39. BlueEngland

    BlueEngland6 hours ago

    Question: Is building a road out of coal and gold good or bad?

  40. Cutie Creamy

    Cutie Creamy6 hours ago

    For number 21 out of order, that works. I can do it out of order but there will always be an arrow pointing to the first one for the rest of the game

  41. Yee Paingg

    Yee Paingg6 hours ago

    Sadly yes but I will

  42. The Andasite

    The Andasite7 hours ago

    There is gacha life music in the back ground

  43. David Watkins

    David Watkins7 hours ago

    I cant get the debug stick, i typed: /give @s debug_stick

  44. Murcury_69 playz

    Murcury_69 playz7 hours ago

    where do i get texture packs

  45. morsheda akhter

    morsheda akhter7 hours ago

    there was 3 player but i vented and one man just saw and he manage to call a metting and then i lose just 3 player if i kill one i will win most unsatisfy moment in among us in my life

  46. Shiloh Te

    Shiloh Te7 hours ago

    am i lucky? because i always get all of my tasks done for some reason ://

  47. MinersTech22

    MinersTech227 hours ago


  48. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard7 hours ago

    The premium cinema unexplainably nail because hedge broadly tip below a vast plow. unique, testy ellipse

  49. OklahoMan

    OklahoMan7 hours ago

    We like the dog how he is.

  50. Rohit kumar

    Rohit kumar7 hours ago

    1:21 ok

  51. Ilikefudgecakes7

    Ilikefudgecakes77 hours ago

    Fortune 3 is worth it when mining nether gold. In this video he literally got 12 nuggets from the ore. 12 nuggets = 1 and 1/3 gold > 1 gold.

  52. Romi Habie

    Romi Habie7 hours ago

    Jl. Anggajaya 1, Gejayan, Condongcatur, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55283, IndonesiaJl. Anggajaya 1, Gejayan, Condongcatur, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55283, Indonesia

  53. HelpImUncreative

    HelpImUncreative7 hours ago

    I am now going to build all of theese

  54. KingShark Gaming

    KingShark Gaming7 hours ago

    Me and my bro both played toad because we found out the glitch on our own and when we won the team game we saw Toad and a male mii in a daisy dress and not just female mii outfit b but in a literal daisy bottom half. I took a pic but it’s gone now. I can try to replicate the trick and put it as a vid but my Wii isn’t in the best spot for using right now so it will be hard

  55. garin

    garin7 hours ago

    Omg thanks now i have something to do on my no rules (except from stelling) smp

  56. Wingverse

    Wingverse7 hours ago

    Typing this completely with my nose

  57. Potato Dude

    Potato Dude7 hours ago

    Subbed in Less than 1 second

  58. Chuckn’

    Chuckn’7 hours ago

    Me trying to tell my friends that an axe does more damage than a sword: My friends “oh ok” *proceeds to craft a sword*

  59. prestoedonte

    prestoedonte7 hours ago

    I’m on a laptop time to break my screen

  60. skull face

    skull face8 hours ago

    I unsubscribed just to subscribe with my elbow btw I did unsubscribe with my elbow to :)

  61. Ʀɑأበɑ DɑႸŗأt

    Ʀɑأበɑ DɑႸŗأt8 hours ago

    *"FuNgUs AmOnG uS"* *"FuN GI"*

  62. Muhtasim Rajin

    Muhtasim Rajin8 hours ago

    I once killed my friend for doing one of the things..

  63. d o w n s i d e

    d o w n s i d e8 hours ago

    that second idea about moving container blocks is good but it would ruin a whole lot of red stone builds

  64. Putti Pie

    Putti Pie8 hours ago


  65. The fastest spook in the west

    The fastest spook in the west8 hours ago

    Ngl i thought everyone new that u could crouch on magma blocks to block damage

  66. Denny First

    Denny First8 hours ago

    Place buttons on everything. They're a pain to get rid of with their small hitboxes, and not asthetically pleasing at all.

  67. A Visser

    A Visser8 hours ago

    12:46 Uhhh whaa-

  68. Lovekittys123

    Lovekittys1238 hours ago

    If your going by pop stuff smash I'd worse than Minecraft because of one thing 1.9 critical axe hits or in 1.8 the sprint reset which allows you to chit and you can spam way faster so it's Minecraft which should win not draw out in points

  69. Wet King

    Wet King8 hours ago

    Im sorry I can't turn my laptop up side down is impossible

  70. Jeddah Umrah

    Jeddah Umrah8 hours ago

    11:53 one ender eye 12:05 make another one Bruh

  71. Austin Heinbuch

    Austin Heinbuch8 hours ago

    5:23 Often ah-fn not ah-ftn

  72. 2019 taxi dan

    2019 taxi dan8 hours ago


  73. Aidan Hughes

    Aidan Hughes8 hours ago

    I did it upside down

  74. Uzair Ghori

    Uzair Ghori9 hours ago

    What mods do you use for 1.16

  75. Desmond Friend

    Desmond Friend9 hours ago

    strategy: just call a buncha meetings

  76. K-Dance the human

    K-Dance the human9 hours ago

    Is it just me, or was the noteblock one Megalovania..? I swear I know that track anywhere, just by the first 2-4 notes.

  77. SKVLLX 7537

    SKVLLX 75379 hours ago

    For 17 you can place a torch below you and it will break the blocks that are falling. :)

  78. Evan Miller

    Evan Miller9 hours ago

    Jokes on the youtube analytics I was already subscribed

  79. Luckyluke5456

    Luckyluke54569 hours ago

    Subscribing and liking is possible.

  80. smile smile9 hours ago

    1:27 What are those things in the chest? What are those slightly short things then shorter ones? Then gold on a stick? Never mind I did not check the desc