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  1. Jackson Phillips

    Jackson Phillips23 hours ago

    l like ar

  2. Aaliyah Lanier

    Aaliyah Lanier23 hours ago

    What happened to l don't want a boyfriend l wnat A,s and B,s

  3. Jackson Phillips

    Jackson Phillips23 hours ago

    i like

  4. Eric Jones

    Eric Jones23 hours ago

    Can I join Badkids I Been watching you from like 4 or 5 years

  5. Ytryboiii iii

    Ytryboiii iii23 hours ago


  6. cherish P

    cherish P23 hours ago

    I don't like magic

  7. Jamikia Wall

    Jamikia Wall23 hours ago

    i wanna be a badkid

  8. victor cyrus-franklin

    victor cyrus-franklin23 hours ago

    ur bad at amoogus




  10. Jay Rockstar

    Jay RockstarDay ago

  11. Kobe Jones

    Kobe JonesDay ago

    😂😂😂😂 toni

  12. Chedda Chaser

    Chedda ChaserDay ago

    make a part 2

  13. Rabia Khaleel

    Rabia KhaleelDay ago

    Y’all need to come to Atlanta ga

  14. Li Trey

    Li TreyDay ago

    Rip king von 🕊🕊🕊

  15. chding zuure

    chding zuureDay ago

    loved and Jesus is coming soon ❤️❤️ ‭‭

  16. Brightskin.ayanna

    Brightskin.ayannaDay ago

    Lemme find out she gotta thang fa Tyson..Tyson ..Tyson

  17. Averi Johns

    Averi JohnsDay ago

    when is maci disstrack

  18. Christy Cornett

    Christy CornettDay ago

    My name is Jace can I be a bad kid oh yeah I like bad kid paris

  19. StoryOfBoppin

    StoryOfBoppinDay ago

    Can’t wait to smoke the quando pack and yb pack

  20. Michelle Reeves

    Michelle ReevesDay ago

    Yes boxing match

  21. David Chunn

    David ChunnDay ago

    Hi funnymike

  22. yanet baez

    yanet baezDay ago

    yo mike got grillz

  23. saedetae

    saedetaeDay ago

    Mac be playing all day mane🤣🤣🤣

  24. lilmiavert

    lilmiavertDay ago

    kam's smile is so pretty .!

  25. Stanzetta Bates

    Stanzetta BatesDay ago

    You at me as your bad kid funny milk

  26. ilyscam

    ilyscamDay ago

    yo me n sluty got the same b day

  27. RQ4: richboyQ4

    RQ4: richboyQ4Day ago


  28. Bethanie Montgomery

    Bethanie MontgomeryDay ago

    Happy birthday Bam

  29. Li Trey

    Li TreyDay ago

    Mirah fine

  30. Tjay Tjay

    Tjay TjayDay ago

    I’m lost

  31. Jordan Roberts

    Jordan RobertsDay ago


  32. Brookilynn Ellis

    Brookilynn EllisDay ago

    Can I b a bad kid

  33. broke youngster

    broke youngsterDay ago

    Tyler why u do dat 🤦🏾‍♂️yk jay gon break her heart 🤣🤣

  34. Syimere Rush

    Syimere RushDay ago

    she like jay

  35. jason reyes

    jason reyesDay ago

    Mike just made 20 bands off this trampoline vip ticket real hustler 🏧

  36. Adriel Pauley

    Adriel PauleyDay ago

    toni toni girl i like you

  37. Denita Cherry

    Denita CherryDay ago

    They need chill on Tory he seem so sweet 🙄

  38. meep warp script

    meep warp scriptDay ago


  39. Casey Nem

    Casey NemDay ago

    nb : 15:04 mirah : “hahahaaaa u a lil boi😭✋🏾 !” & saidddd

  40. life of Cousin

    life of CousinDay ago

    Can I be a bad kid

  41. Kris Lopez

    Kris LopezDay ago

    Mike I got a question

  42. Dracodakiddd 4x

    Dracodakiddd 4xDay ago

    I like y’all but the fat jokes on big dawg got to stop💯

  43. Khloe Gardner

    Khloe GardnerDay ago

    I like Tyson

  44. John Pearson

    John PearsonDay ago

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  45. Seanterrio Woods

    Seanterrio WoodsDay ago

    I don't watch y'all like but you funny😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅🥱

  46. The Chiipz Head family

    The Chiipz Head familyDay ago

    Hey FunnyMike can i get a shout out on you nt post to Grow my channel to 1k subscribers

  47. Nathaniel Carr

    Nathaniel CarrDay ago

    its been 1 month we CLEARLY dont see his chain

  48. Savage boy mace

    Savage boy maceDay ago


  49. Charita Smith

    Charita SmithDay ago


  50. Ciara Ngobeh

    Ciara NgobehDay ago

    Why was the add j got in this video 1 hour long

  51. bssni touir

    bssni touirDay ago

    He protecting his sister💪🏾

  52. Chikees Sosa

    Chikees SosaDay ago

    Woo the real bad kid 😂

  53. OSG TV

    OSG TVDay ago

    that’s some bs u had me geeked just to say that ho sh!t at the end 🤬

  54. Makayla Turrentine

    Makayla TurrentineDay ago

    At this point jay just being a homie hopper buttttt good for him

  55. Auxrre

    AuxrreDay ago

    I'm not trying to tell you how to control your USlikes channel but can you guy's like take a break from these dating video's? I wanna see fun stuff like challenges more not just relationship video's 24/7

  56. Akeira Jackson

    Akeira JacksonDay ago

    And why y’all make fun of tori people kill there selves like that

  57. Akeira Jackson

    Akeira JacksonDay ago

    Mike said in his old videos “we all family in here” now it’s just a dating show

  58. Casper Anderson

    Casper AndersonDay ago

    funny mike hi

  59. Mason Taj

    Mason TajDay ago


  60. Bosskiki14 Bosskiki14

    Bosskiki14 Bosskiki14Day ago


  61. Bosskiki14 Bosskiki14

    Bosskiki14 Bosskiki14Day ago


  62. Jon

    JonDay ago


  63. fgdhr

    fgdhrDay ago

    hey Funnymike

  64. Emma Njokanma

    Emma NjokanmaDay ago

    Y’all better like this video

  65. Rylan Kennedy

    Rylan KennedyDay ago

    I wanna see her so bad mane!

  66. Jayla Perez

    Jayla PerezDay ago

    It hit a hundred thousand likes bring back mykel I wanna see when he see Tyson

  67. Li Trey

    Li TreyDay ago

    Funnymike can I be a badkid yes or no

  68. Keke Buckner

    Keke BucknerDay ago

    Mac can make a video

  69. Monique Amour

    Monique AmourDay ago

    Aaliyah To Hype For Me Like We Know You Had Him Girl But Obviously magic Can Take Him Anytime And Yk You Not Blocking Him 😂😂

  70. Li Trey

    Li TreyDay ago

    Mykel is really 😡🤬

  71. Anthony Lowe

    Anthony LoweDay ago

    To your the dopest on gangggggg

  72. Elijah Crouch

    Elijah CrouchDay ago


  73. Offer Gang

    Offer GangDay ago


  74. James Whear

    James WhearDay ago

    Mike I want to become a bad kid!

  75. Josh Walker

    Josh WalkerDay ago

    17:57 damn jay tf was that

  76. Niagotjokes 29

    Niagotjokes 29Day ago

    Who ever run the shade room hag on Ig needs to be fired I dm them they answered then I asked for mike and they unsend the message 🤦‍♂️🖕🏽

  77. Carmelo Anthony Gellington Gellington

    Carmelo Anthony Gellington GellingtonDay ago

    Can I be a bad kid funny mike yes or no

  78. Carmelo Anthony Gellington Gellington

    Carmelo Anthony Gellington GellingtonDay ago

    Can I be a back up in my

  79. Chrisette Matthews

    Chrisette MatthewsDay ago

    Y’all be doing to much when y’all be talking bout tori 😒