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  1. Mrs. Crackhead

    Mrs. CrackheadHour ago

    Matpat makes this movie: Me: cries and goes to play with his old toys even though i am 17 right now

  2. Fritz Marion Lusaura

    Fritz Marion LusauraHour ago

    Isee the phase 4 u want is what i want

  3. Bradley Sjoberg

    Bradley SjobergHour ago

    Well magnet if the look see killed him rippinig up a teddy bear does not mean he realesed

  4. Fritz Marion Lusaura

    Fritz Marion Lusaura2 hours ago

    Its mind bugging how the next episodes show that she didn't stole visions body

  5. Fritz Marion Lusaura

    Fritz Marion Lusaura2 hours ago

    She isn't aware

  6. Fritz Marion Lusaura

    Fritz Marion Lusaura2 hours ago

    Mefisto was shown in the episode 9 By a fly

  7. wolfygamegrilYT

    wolfygamegrilYT2 hours ago

    another thing on the tree with the pike nich there is a missing poster and the milk carten on with red guy yellow guy and duk

  8. Arima

    Arima2 hours ago

    wanda basicly used D4C

  9. Fritz Marion Lusaura

    Fritz Marion Lusaura2 hours ago

    Huhu wanda believed she was the one behind all of it but agnes has come here

  10. Alejandro Vallencci

    Alejandro Vallencci2 hours ago

    Disney and Apple being in kahoots anyway makes this all too real lmao

  11. Mr. B.

    Mr. B.2 hours ago

    It would be possible, that Superman doesn´t see things the way human see it. The first theory of how human see things was about rays of vision. The eyes send rays of vision which are reflecting at things back to the eye. Obviously this theory is wrong for the human seeing, because humans can´t see in the dark. In some sources Superman is able to see in the dark in some not. So if he can, he could see with these Rays of vision.

  12. Kronos Bach

    Kronos Bach2 hours ago

    Ok I disagree with this, honestly, I kinda think this one is Bullshit

  13. NickyChu

    NickyChu2 hours ago

    the final meme is genius

  14. Fran Barratt

    Fran Barratt2 hours ago

    Is matpat lex luthor?

  15. Trebor Clark

    Trebor Clark2 hours ago

    Gallows Reviews Four Stars Comfortable Rope Five Stars Crowd Was Annoying One Star Instructions Unclear Executed Wrong Guy Why was that so funny.

  16. Fran Barratt

    Fran Barratt2 hours ago

    Wow you telameres explanation explains why ever since i turned 30, every scratch is a permanent scar

  17. JaCi 1

    JaCi 12 hours ago

    Hello film theory i am sorry i cannot be on reddit i think but can i suggestion something i would like you to make theory on the series terminal montage has been making the *something about* series. Pls and thank you.

  18. Edward Mirco

    Edward Mirco2 hours ago

    3:14 ...I've been trying to figure out how many there are for years now, and I've yet to figure it out. I will update when I come up with a revelation

  19. Mohamed Beha

    Mohamed Beha2 hours ago

    i hate u film theory im a great fan jp and JK SIKE THIS GUY IS A DISGUSTING SPOILED BRAT!!!!!

  20. Paul Andre Uy

    Paul Andre Uy2 hours ago

    I think rich people pay others to protect their shiz...

  21. alucard incorporated

    alucard incorporated2 hours ago

    Just throwing deadpool and wolverine in lava is easier since they regenerate by cells

  22. Fran Barratt

    Fran Barratt2 hours ago

    I disagree about logan, i appreciate matpat but i hated logan as a film, for various reasons i have stated elsewhere, for a start the xmen are dead again, and prof x did it, logans story should have ended in days of future past when he saved everyone

  23. William Bickers

    William Bickers2 hours ago

    im from the future MASSIVE SPOILERS AHED DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN EPISODE 7 AND 8 agatha harkness is the bad guy

  24. Phin86

    Phin862 hours ago

    “Did anybody else know this existed?” Um... yeah. It helps that I also follow the creators and VAs on Twitter to see the progress of stuff

  25. red hooded gamer

    red hooded gamer2 hours ago

    The name is no way home

  26. Joell Adema

    Joell Adema2 hours ago

    The nifty chain holoprosencephaly suit because apparatus qualitatively avoid past a abrasive pentagon. cooing, malicious tree

  27. Unicorn Lover7ab

    Unicorn Lover7ab2 hours ago

    Negative google degrees

  28. Leno

    Leno2 hours ago

    When 2014 thanos sees himself getting killed, he's also glad that he did it and doesn't mention him being dead.

  29. Tadgh Gibson

    Tadgh Gibson2 hours ago

    You mispedded kansas and dont break the chain

  30. koushiku

    koushiku2 hours ago

    Feir is infinite

  31. phylls corman

    phylls corman2 hours ago

    The optimal columnist energetically rejoice because religion conservatively squeeze upon a protective way. giant, panicky philippines

  32. unhappy pointer

    unhappy pointer2 hours ago

    Shouldn´t the bumpers also repair themselves???

  33. alucard incorporated

    alucard incorporated2 hours ago

    Me watches this video:water bends like a pro

  34. 4 Seasons

    4 Seasons3 hours ago

    For my arachnophobic homies: DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO

  35. Lora Iva Cipar

    Lora Iva Cipar3 hours ago

    NOT. GET. AT. OL

  36. Anant shukla

    Anant shukla3 hours ago

    I wont really mind that opening song in other theories

  37. John Abrahamsen

    John Abrahamsen3 hours ago

    Unfortunately the lettering on the medical equipment at 9:06 is ALM and not AIM, considering ALM is a company that produces medical equipment, I doubt that its an easter egg.

  38. hilli basan

    hilli basan3 hours ago

    do part 2 with frozen 2!

  39. wildan ramadhan

    wildan ramadhan3 hours ago

    "Works Every time"

  40. Adrian Benitez

    Adrian Benitez3 hours ago

    Bruhh captain americas shield broke wen thanos used he's sword thing did you even watch the endgame 😑😑😑😑😑

  41. mike wang

    mike wang3 hours ago

    MatPat if the plant called 'Mama' needs nitrogen so much why does is it evolve in a planet with nitrogen deficiency Note: If the plant originates from the other planet I guess I'm strong cause people of feebla-oot don't realise that Mama need nitrogen not carbon dioxide, and if they did know that's what Mama needs they would to the plant's origin planet (I just realised that).

  42. Adam Šurin

    Adam Šurin3 hours ago

    SpongeBob is one of a few who dont already hate matpat

  43. Aayushma Pokhrel

    Aayushma Pokhrel3 hours ago

    00:01 Cabbages man got tired of the gang chasing to his cabbage so now he sell weapons (u know for what)

  44. Zi Xuan Yeoh

    Zi Xuan Yeoh3 hours ago

    Frozen 2 basically debunked most of this theory

  45. Creationator

    Creationator3 hours ago

    *plays song with Dr. Doofinshmirtz* “Candace is the most relatable.” Are you serious?


    THAT RANDOM MEME MAN3 hours ago

    Futurama would be proud

  47. Fabian Andres Claudio Rivera

    Fabian Andres Claudio Rivera3 hours ago

    i have a theory the Pietro we see in episode 6 (i think) is pietro what if it's peter y'know Quicksilver from the x-men universe i mean he hase the same outfit as peter in X-men apocalipse WHICH TOOK PLACE IN THE '80s!!!!

  48. Zi Xuan Yeoh

    Zi Xuan Yeoh3 hours ago

    Wouldn't a flamethrower work too tho?

  49. Aira Mabelin

    Aira Mabelin3 hours ago

    Me: **regrets doing my homework** Look-see: HELLOOOOO

  50. Benisbob

    Benisbob3 hours ago

    Who is here after episode 8

  51. Emil Foldager

    Emil Foldager3 hours ago

    Et a game on file thiery so et sjovt be one foodthear

  52. Code The Artist

    Code The Artist3 hours ago

    should've predicted he would win

  53. Eiman B

    Eiman B3 hours ago

    Welp, you got around 70% of it right. TONY DIED but he DID start a family, so you were right there. CAP IS OLD NAT DIED Whhhhhyyyyyy

  54. Dylan

    Dylan3 hours ago

    I mean the empire canonically used slaves to build both deathstars and sided with pirates and war factions on systems they didn’t control.

  55. Riley Elliott

    Riley Elliott3 hours ago

    Someone hug my I’m scared! 😭


    THAT RANDOM MEME MAN3 hours ago

    We need a wall-e 2 or a real wal-e robot

  57. BERSERKER_ 23

    BERSERKER_ 233 hours ago

    Snap back from reality

  58. pepperet

    pepperet3 hours ago

    this nigga was on the money

  59. Riley Elliott

    Riley Elliott3 hours ago


  60. Itamar Ben Zaken

    Itamar Ben Zaken3 hours ago

    Just now

  61. Itamar Ben Zaken

    Itamar Ben Zaken3 hours ago


  62. ktalley2

    ktalley23 hours ago

    Mat do a theory on the wither storm from Minecraft story mode

  63. Flowtaku

    Flowtaku3 hours ago

    Someone please explain the 25 good episodes even though there’s 37 episodes joke

  64. Samuel Dlamini

    Samuel Dlamini3 hours ago

    No one: Matpat: marvel studiozizz

  65. Johan Nord

    Johan Nord3 hours ago

    The explorer Leif Eriksson and his crew of Vikings wanted to see what was beyond the borders of the map. Since his clan was traders and explorers primarily. The ferengi lives and breathe capitalism but are still a part of the federation.

  66. The Galactic Wolf

    The Galactic Wolf3 hours ago

    When I watched the movie I realised that matpat isn’t fully wrong and like I was half surprised what they did with her character like granddaughters earth sidius

  67. 069 420

    069 4203 hours ago

    19:46 That doesn't mean that it can't be the current Summer, as, in the galactic federation - under which we know he went to school (and that the earth in the current reality was taken over by ( I can't remember which reality this is, as C - 137 was taken over by Cronenbergs)) - the dates make Morty 36, so it may well be the year 2345 under their rule.

  68. Didi Kohen

    Didi Kohen3 hours ago

    Funny you call it the king of game shows, in Hebrew it was named "The Trivia King"

  69. Levi Eldridge

    Levi Eldridge3 hours ago

    The moos only likes the kid because the kid is wearing the moose's riders belt!

  70. wakar al faruq

    wakar al faruq3 hours ago

    if there were detective Conan and Ghoro in the court, it would have been a whole another percentage hahah

  71. Noah Alves

    Noah Alves3 hours ago

    The dark knight trilogy is really good I really enjoyed it

  72. Lucien Gray

    Lucien Gray3 hours ago

    Don’t worry mAtpat, you are Gonna find out sooNer or latEr. juSt Have to wait to find out.

  73. Rose Tisi

    Rose Tisi4 hours ago

    yeah matpat you now need another theory

  74. Kindre

    Kindre4 hours ago

    Sad thing for these guys is I don’t watch anything on my tv

  75. Pingui Green

    Pingui Green4 hours ago

    i heard a theory about hazbin hotel i nearly fainted

  76. CATS Orginal

    CATS Orginal4 hours ago

    btw in my coutry "owca" mean "sheap" so in my country is good acrononym

  77. Lucien Gray

    Lucien Gray4 hours ago

    Hey! You were half right, the kids are kidnapped but by Agnes, or like you said, Agestha.

  78. Bokane25

    Bokane254 hours ago

    So much villains in 1 film the film should be 2 and 30 minutes long if they wanna do this ,cause in 1 and 50 min its imposibble or if they split the film like they did with avengers infinity war and end game first film sinister six are united and destoyed parker and in 2 parker beats them with help maybe from the cat (forgot her name )

  79. 33- Surya Raju

    33- Surya Raju4 hours ago

    But why should they be mushrooms?

  80. MihneaMNM

    MihneaMNM4 hours ago

    So far your theories are better than other poples facts Erend the oseram, 3037