Stephen Gardner
Stephen Gardner
Stephen Gardner

  1. Yvonne Morandin

    Yvonne Morandin9 hours ago

    Stephen whats the $600 stimulus for California about???

  2. Teresa Cunningham

    Teresa Cunningham9 hours ago

    That's not confusion deer that's his way of in a roundabout way of telling us that they're not going to sign it and put it through

  3. Teddy Smith

    Teddy Smith9 hours ago

    Hey Stephen you look a little bit like maybe you could use an oil change in that hair ha ha Ha ha ha just kidding

  4. Elizabeth Armstrong

    Elizabeth Armstrong9 hours ago

    Good day! It was s beautiful day today. I got to sit on our porch and soak up the warmth and enjoy our beautiful mountain view. I am mostly bedridden and always love to get outside. I hope you all greeted the day with smiles and gratitude.

  5. Rick Warndahl

    Rick Warndahl9 hours ago

    There is a full moon. So something might happen the way our government works

  6. Mike Lyons

    Mike Lyons9 hours ago

    Hello, please report on the issue that Federal employees will get $1400.00 a week for 5 weeks if they were effected by Corona virus and the rest of us get almost nothing!! Please talk about this in their bill.

  7. Hali Brenner

    Hali Brenner9 hours ago

    “Unless something comes up”😂😂😂

  8. Joseph

    Joseph9 hours ago

    Y’all have no common sense


    EVE STANLEY9 hours ago

    You are amazing my friend !!

  10. Teresa Cunningham

    Teresa Cunningham9 hours ago

    There you go we've got a naysayer that's what's going to hold it up every time it only takes one

  11. Sophia Yuan

    Sophia Yuan9 hours ago

    Yes I agreed i always shop at Walmart if they don’t pay them $15 I’m thinking not to go Walmart

  12. Beverly Gunn

    Beverly Gunn9 hours ago

    Eye don't trust them!

  13. Joseph

    Joseph9 hours ago

    You who voted demonrat.. you get what you deserve

  14. Robert LaValle

    Robert LaValle9 hours ago

    Is anything actually being done by "our" government???

  15. Allison Collinson

    Allison Collinson9 hours ago

    How can you tell when. Washington. Is not telling the truth? They open there mouth. And key words come out, for sure, we promise, we understand. They don't know how to keep promises.

  16. Kurt & Ali Moyer

    Kurt & Ali Moyer9 hours ago

    You and your wife are such amazing people Stephen!! Your family is beautiful!!! Imagine a world full of people like you guys!

  17. Allan Pauling

    Allan Pauling9 hours ago

    Tell Schumer the AMERICAN people need the MONEY, not other countries, let those countries worry about themselves...they care more about the rest of the world than the people in their own town....typical

  18. Frederick Walker

    Frederick Walker9 hours ago

    That want to keep the rich stay rich 🤑 and the poor stay poorer

  19. F P

    F P9 hours ago

    Why dnt Bernies ass send some of his money... He was paying his employees shitty wages lol smdh...

  20. Joseph

    Joseph9 hours ago

    Oh stevie..😞😞😞thanks soooooo much for being such a saint through alllll this plandemic!

  21. Teresa Cunningham

    Teresa Cunningham9 hours ago

    What a joke swiftly I've seen snails move faster than our government has

  22. Cady Juile

    Cady Juile9 hours ago

    Hello from tulsa Oklahoma Stephen Ur a blessing

  23. Ref Rich

    Ref Rich9 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing this information

  24. Milk man But pain

    Milk man But pain9 hours ago

    That's big business for you

  25. David Otto

    David Otto9 hours ago

    You asked me tomorrow comes they're going to say well we need more time or something would dry you watch and see what you're doing is they're just stalling for time they're not going to give us crap lol

  26. Teresa Cunningham

    Teresa Cunningham9 hours ago

    Unless something comes up and they're still having to vote on it as I it's not going to go through for sure for sure

  27. David Otto

    David Otto9 hours ago

    You know something's going to come up now come on now every time they say that something happens there wasn't a hair salon in the package deal that's why Nancy pelosi is going to turn it down tomorrow

  28. Sunshine MM

    Sunshine MM9 hours ago

    Something always comes up w demonrats

  29. F P

    F P9 hours ago

    Steven is better than the Asian dude fr💯🤣🤣

  30. David Otto

    David Otto9 hours ago

    Good evening Steve you're amazing your community is amazing and let me guess the training update they're still talking about it and they're voting on it tomorrow that that's the trendy news right they're talking about more words again we got we got more words yay that feeds me doesn't it that puts gas in the car that puts you know money towards the right yeah words do a lot yeah anyway thank you for being there Steve

  31. Loretta Spence

    Loretta Spence9 hours ago

    How about they elderly and disabled people they get nothing

  32. Kenneth Kopitke

    Kenneth Kopitke9 hours ago

    more bs

  33. Yumi Rozia

    Yumi Rozia9 hours ago

    I avoid Walmart at all cost, richest and getting away with no cashiers lonnnggg lines on self checks out cutting cost every way, cheap Bsss, rather by small no china specials

  34. xESPplayer500x

    xESPplayer500x9 hours ago

    They're gonna pass some sneaky crap people. We don't want these checks in the long run

  35. Letitia Cadeau

    Letitia Cadeau9 hours ago

    They doing the same mess like last year everyone need to go

  36. Raji Nevin

    Raji Nevin9 hours ago

    Aren't you tired of telling people, "the check is in the mail" ??? This is absurd.

  37. 4gbabies Buck

    4gbabies Buck9 hours ago

    There are quite a few of people out there on unemployment do not want to go back to work because they make more money with the bonus money than they would on their job that is not encouraging the community to get back to work

  38. Noellia Castillo

    Noellia Castillo9 hours ago

    You and Kacey are amazingly AMAZING 🤩 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  39. Cecilio D Puentes

    Cecilio D Puentes9 hours ago

    What needs to be done on the wages is classify the business by sales volume as the big box stores in one class and the small businesses in another class. The majority of businesses do not pay benefits so they should be able to pay a higher per hour rate.

  40. Lares & SmileyZ

    Lares & SmileyZ9 hours ago

    Hi Stephen! Not sure if you have mentioned before but do you know what comes after the house vote tomorrow? How many more votes/procedures happens with this reconciliation before it gets signed by President Biden?

  41. Bee Amato

    Bee Amato9 hours ago

    Everything is on the table !!! Just not on our table .. not happening folks .. I’m really sorry but that’s what I believe . One excuse after another ..

  42. Matthew

    Matthew9 hours ago

    Come Friday I'm sure they will come up with yet another excuse.

  43. jennifer irrgang

    jennifer irrgang9 hours ago

    Why isn't the gov. Talking about raising ssi ssdi since the the price of living is up?

  44. 4gbabies Buck

    4gbabies Buck9 hours ago

    Even have some fun try asking Siri how old the president of the United States is it comes up Kamala Harris not President Biden interesting

  45. Barbie Bownes

    Barbie Bownes9 hours ago

    Always love the updates

  46. Pamela Nudo

    Pamela Nudo9 hours ago

    I thought Biden said we would get 2000??? He said that before he became president didn't he???

  47. Jay Bird and The Wolfman

    Jay Bird and The Wolfman9 hours ago

    I would pray a prayer and then try and shove my head between my legs so I could kiss my ass goodbye

  48. James Palmer

    James Palmer9 hours ago

    Man o man this guy is getting rich off of stimulus videos

  49. nonya biz

    nonya biz9 hours ago

    It’s all about power. Those who abuse power need to feel like they are important. We used to vote out those criminals but we all know now it’s a dominion voting fraud now. Criminals every one of them. Decrying American is the only thing they want.

  50. Layna Marque

    Layna Marque9 hours ago

    Will children get the $1400 also?

  51. Lexi Shanta

    Lexi Shanta9 hours ago

    Thank you 😊

  52. Joseph Dubiel

    Joseph Dubiel9 hours ago

    I refuse to pay for cable tv. I use the antenna on the house roof. I get Netflix for free and pay for hulu for extra viewing.

  53. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson9 hours ago

    If time was such a critical factor in getting the stimulus bill passed, then why did Congress take a week vacation, at taxpayer expense, last week? This is just more corruption, hypocrisy, lies, and deceit on the part of Congress. They all should hide their faces and hang their heads in ignominious shame and disgrace.

  54. Kennedy Kerry

    Kennedy Kerry9 hours ago

    Yeah with fubo sucks because there's no adult channels for $23 a month I get for connections about 800 channels and total about a hundred and fifty portal channels plus I'm the man stuff so it's a lot better than fubo and it's only $24 a month you just need a decent internet connection to watch all the

  55. Sunshine Bannister

    Sunshine Bannister9 hours ago

    Hey Stephen, thank you for the update❣️ We all need to accept the truth about the way these people operate. No one will ever get paid a living wage. This is why every time a living wage is given, everything goes up in price. They want control over you, so, the only way it can be accomplished is to keep you in poverty to bow to them for basic necessities of life. This is present in all aspects of life. When you willingly play the game, you suffer. Our gov't is hoping we will die. Those who don't, they hope we will either kill ourselves or kill each other. What they don't realize is that they are setting themselves up for those who won't tolerate this anymore. We know how this will end. It is sad❣️😭😭 I pray for everyone and just know I truly do care and I know we will prevail❣️I am so grateful for you Stephen, your wife, and family cuz' without your positive input each day, I couldn't keep going. You truly are amazing and Namaste' ❣️😁🥰🌹💖☮️🇺🇲🤗🙏😇

  56. leonel abreu

    leonel abreu9 hours ago

    forshadow!!!!!!! we wont get nothing

  57. Helen Jordan

    Helen Jordan9 hours ago

    Lets pass the bill without the 15 dollars if it hold the bill.

  58. colette vantol

    colette vantol9 hours ago

    Please keep us posted! Thank you for your time!

  59. Marc Plourde

    Marc Plourde9 hours ago

    You are amazing

  60. Diane Byrne

    Diane Byrne9 hours ago

    State clears first three foreign military sales of Biden administration. Biden administration just approved 187 million dollar arms deal with Egypt. And 85 million missile sale to Chile. They don’t care about us. Their all corrupt liars . We should be in the streets or NEVER VOTE AGAIN!

  61. Billy Nash

    Billy Nash9 hours ago

    I don't think that the I.R.S does not update the web page .I know some that have received refunds an it still has not changed . I am still waiting for my 600 and I sent my taxes in an they say its accepted hasn't changed

  62. Randy Duke

    Randy Duke9 hours ago

    Why when I try to sign up for your tells me you tube has no connection to it

  63. Sharon Bushong

    Sharon Bushong9 hours ago

    Wow! This is a big mess.

  64. Sherry Williams

    Sherry Williams9 hours ago

    I thought the house had already voted and next congress

  65. Jennie Hawkins

    Jennie Hawkins9 hours ago

    So how much you want to bet something comes up!

  66. Dorothy Newhouse

    Dorothy Newhouse9 hours ago

    You look like Clark Kent from superman 🙂

  67. Kiss DisHot1

    Kiss DisHot19 hours ago

    How much per kid for stimulus

  68. Dorothy Newhouse

    Dorothy Newhouse9 hours ago

    You look like Clark Kent from superman 🙂

  69. barry roch

    barry roch9 hours ago

    Will it pass the Senate

  70. TP Hayes

    TP Hayes9 hours ago

    There should be a way for hourly wages to be based on the number of employees and profit of a company.

  71. Del Riosiete

    Del Riosiete9 hours ago

    If only the “Walmart Walton’s” had to go back in time and live in reality like the TV series family (of days gone by) “The Walton’s”, maybe then they would do the right thing by people they are responsible to! A blatant lack of empathy usually sets you up to learn some hard lessons. One day, just like the majority of current day politicians, this “wealthiest American family”, will get to see the brokenness on the faces of the people they used to achieve their position. Karma...Karma...Karma

  72. Edgar Blue

    Edgar Blue9 hours ago

    Tomorrow they start another week of vacation. “Work” 1 week and Relax 1 week

  73. Deanna Barker

    Deanna Barker9 hours ago

    If they can give millions of dollars to other countries, why should the minimum wage even be issue for 15 bucks an hour

  74. LOLA Blevins

    LOLA Blevins9 hours ago

    Shared 2 times just. Now

  75. Connie Nguyen

    Connie Nguyen9 hours ago

    They don’t need the $15 minimum wage in the package do it separate

  76. Wicked Afflictions

    Wicked Afflictions9 hours ago

    This would all have been so much easier and faster if even just 10 Republicans got onboard. Do they don’t think their constituents need help? Do they realize it’s for the benefit of Democrats and Republicans? This whole thing wouldn’t have taken half this long. Complete crap.

  77. Beverly Prather

    Beverly Prather9 hours ago

    I am tired of waiting for the stimulus check. I won't believe it until I see it. BJP

  78. Agnes Mocek

    Agnes Mocek9 hours ago

    A small mom-and-pop shop cannot pay 15 bucks an hour that's why the mom-and-pop shops are run by Mom and Pop

  79. Gangsta Vic

    Gangsta Vic9 hours ago

    Its my money and I need it now