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This Changes Nothing
  1. Kaelxn _

    Kaelxn _20 hours ago

    Content so good I almost forgot I haven’t heard that intro in years

  2. Cameron Maxwell

    Cameron Maxwell20 hours ago

    As a Celtics fan I think Steph and Bird should be switched

  3. Rusty Fritz

    Rusty Fritz20 hours ago

    I’ve said one or twice in the past but your content is dope dude. Keep it up πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ€

  4. Amarsaikhan Nyamdorjgarav

    Amarsaikhan Nyamdorjgarav20 hours ago

    You know nothing about Basketball

  5. ftnrbhmwk

    ftnrbhmwk20 hours ago

    That's why people like football better than the NBA. Who wants to see the same NBA team when every other year. That's why football always had more fanbase then the NBA. Facts!!!

  6. Gabriel Carlos

    Gabriel Carlos20 hours ago

    Who was the number one ranked HS player?

  7. Swaggy T

    Swaggy T20 hours ago

    The NBA black balled him , sign him to the worst team in the league and cut him so no other team will consider him .

  8. ftnrbhmwk

    ftnrbhmwk20 hours ago

    You are cherry picking. You took clips from a home game and you know the referees will going to give Jordan and Pippen the calls., because they're at home. John Salley DJ Vlad they wanted Jordan to be the ambassador of their brand. The whole thing was planned. Don't forget about the Philadelphia referee that was caught points shaving on games. And told on another dozen referees in the NBA. Why are we even talking about this video. SMH

  9. thepac12andbig10suck

    thepac12andbig10suck21 hour ago

    Eric: Drops 43 on Marcus and Jeffery. MJ: Ok Fine. *laces up 45 years old, drops 50*

  10. Soren

    Soren21 hour ago

    mj lookin like he's ready to lace up and drop 50

  11. KB

    KB21 hour ago

    MJ took this one personally and disowned his kids.

  12. J dolo

    J dolo21 hour ago

    MJ gone get you for making this video.

  13. Aidan Thomas

    Aidan Thomas21 hour ago

    imagine if he was like this in the NBA


    RONJIE.COM21 hour ago

    Wait, who was the #1 high school prospect during Air Gordon’s time?

  15. Devilish

    Devilish21 hour ago

    man these look boring, i'm sticking to street ball


    GOATESQUE21 hour ago

    bird tier 2 kobe tier 3

  17. Jack Wake

    Jack Wake21 hour ago

    damn that hit hard when he said shaq and kobe might pair up 😒

  18. Jeffrey Stephens

    Jeffrey Stephens21 hour ago

    I remember that game. I had to do security at that and i left at half time because it was to crazy to many people lol

  19. Steven May

    Steven May21 hour ago

    call me old fashioned but i don't care who you are or how much you score, if you don't play defence you don't belong on the court.

  20. PianoBruce

    PianoBruce21 hour ago

    Yes man I been waiting for you to post again, where you been at?

  21. shibby mccoy

    shibby mccoy21 hour ago

    You forgot to mention eric gordon was MJ kid on space jam ..google it

  22. Chase Jordan

    Chase Jordan22 hours ago

    Wow Eric Marcus space jam, I don't know what time means wowie

  23. truemaster77

    truemaster7722 hours ago

    The kid at 7:54 looks just like the professor

  24. Marcos Betances

    Marcos Betances22 hours ago

    I saw a college player from hunter college here in New York cook Shackille O'Neil when he was in his prime. And yours truly played against retired Knick forward at Amsterdam park on 167 street and Amsterdam ave. This was in 1989 and he and i went basket for basket until we reached 14 to 13 or something like that so no your perspective is not an absolute truth.

  25. Ben Newmark

    Ben Newmark22 hours ago

    Can you make a video about Jalen Brunson?

  26. TsieLeMoswang

    TsieLeMoswang22 hours ago

    That last fact i knew. i knew it... it was big news when he passed MJ

  27. Marcos Betances

    Marcos Betances22 hours ago

    Dude that's because they eat sleep and shit basketball. Anybody who did that for their entire life will have in depth game. Stop being a dumb woke boi.

  28. yo

    yo22 hours ago

    Please share the music you use on the background!

  29. Ivan Lopoukhine

    Ivan Lopoukhine23 hours ago

    Wilt's skeleton would destroy me in a 1v1

  30. AJR 9946

    AJR 994623 hours ago

    "all the way back to 2007"

  31. Miciah Galloway

    Miciah Galloway23 hours ago

    This might be the reason why they didn’t make it

  32. Manomeg

    Manomeg23 hours ago

    I'll be waiting for that Steph Curry video after the end of the regular season 😬

  33. Adam Timmons

    Adam Timmons23 hours ago

    Here in 2021, how did MPJ drop to the 14th overall pick??

  34. Jonas Brix Danielsen

    Jonas Brix Danielsen23 hours ago

    larry and magic are same tier either move both to tiwe two or both down

  35. shinglesshingles

    shinglesshingles23 hours ago

    Loyola wasn't the best team in Illinois. Simeon was, they even beat Oak Hill on national television but for effect of the video u leave that out lol.

  36. Sherwin Yanzy Enriquez

    Sherwin Yanzy EnriquezDay ago

    I've always appreciated Eric Gordon's game. Not the brighter star, but still shines through.

  37. alx m

    alx mDay ago

    Jxmy! Where were you bro? We need more charts, only 1 in this video???? Whats wrong with you? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  38. Jelle

    JelleDay ago

    The fact Marcus Jordan fucked the whole sneaker community, this feels really good to see

  39. _LorenzoMugani_

    _LorenzoMugani_Day ago

    Finallyyy a new videool

  40. Sam Smith

    Sam SmithDay ago

    That seemed so fake

  41. Braden Macurdy

    Braden MacurdyDay ago

    Reminds me a lot of CJ. Even tho I think CJ is the better player, their games are similar and they were both deadly in high school

  42. Matan Livni

    Matan LivniDay ago

    I didn't get notifications

  43. Aaron Queen

    Aaron QueenDay ago

    Eric Gordon was thenumber 2 recruit and O.J. Mayo at 3, but who was number 1? Kevin Love.

  44. Pak Yik HUI

    Pak Yik HUIDay ago

    who was the best in the country?

  45. Carlos F Vilchez

    Carlos F VilchezDay ago

    Porter is doing pretty darn good! Hope he keeps it up and stays healthy πŸ“ˆπŸ’ͺ🏼

  46. Jesus jiu-jitsu

    Jesus jiu-jitsuDay ago

    So what he peaked in high school or does the saga continue?

  47. Picker Pops

    Picker PopsDay ago

    Thanks for making such a great video that showcases the greatness of both Lenny and MJ. I played against Lenny on a playground at Central High School in DC in '78. 3 on 3. And it was intense. We were the same age, end of 8th grade. Lenny was the first guy to ever dunk on me - shoelaces went by my face. Great player but even better person. His competitive fire was off the charts, too.

  48. Adarius Pate

    Adarius PateDay ago

    The clickbait title tho. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  49. Slatternly Skaghalter

    Slatternly SkaghalterDay ago

    Eric Gordon had no heart he’s got a ton of skill but was content to spend his prime as a catch and shoot guy on the rockets

  50. Jansean Hernane

    Jansean HernaneDay ago

    This is why Michael raised LaMelo instead

  51. Chissit Boy

    Chissit BoyDay ago

    Stop it. Get some help. Lol. πŸ˜‚

  52. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel RodriguezDay ago

    I love this video

  53. TheRealHendre real

    TheRealHendre realDay ago

    i feel like mj was like this dude is avg y’all are trash

  54. Chuck Wooden III

    Chuck Wooden IIIDay ago

    This aged well.. literally πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚

  55. Nikexel

    NikexelDay ago

    AYOOO god I thought the title said "touched" so I was confused af I was sweating worried what this video was gon be about 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  56. Gabriel Castoreno

    Gabriel CastorenoDay ago

    Yo that’s crazy I go to north central now and recently found out eric Gordon went there but I didn’t know he was that good

  57. that one again

    that one againDay ago

    Traveling and flooping fouls all the time. The fans do not like watching shooting practice.

  58. Joi ri

    Joi riDay ago

    This was a big reach kinda vid first L ive seen from u.

  59. Peter Weatherhead

    Peter WeatherheadDay ago

    I went to Loyola 😳

  60. Flyerman777

    Flyerman777Day ago

    In high school eric gordon was 6’5 and shrunk in the nba to 6’3

  61. Valentino Tera

    Valentino TeraDay ago

    I didn't expect PJ Tucker was ranked so high.

  62. Mr SAndwhiCH

    Mr SAndwhiCHDay ago

    Jimmy is still alive

  63. Moldveien

    MoldveienDay ago

    The literal biggest what if in nba history

  64. Jacob Thompson

    Jacob ThompsonDay ago

    4:31 β€œmarcus, give me that jersey”

  65. Cog Gunner

    Cog GunnerDay ago


  66. Pawn

    PawnDay ago

    Even if Jordan's sons don't make an impact on the league, I'm confident his grandchildren will. The stars and planets will align one day. I just hope I'll be alive to witness it.

  67. Rami Hamadeh

    Rami HamadehDay ago

    finally you uploaded

  68. Crazy Native American

    Crazy Native AmericanDay ago

    The end of your video is perfect πŸ˜‚ Eric did get away with it

  69. JR Swish

    JR SwishDay ago

    I actually thought Gordon was gonna be left off the Jordan Classic just for that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  70. Carlito Brigante

    Carlito BriganteDay ago

    Yo I'm always recommend your documentaries to people because they are so in depth and entertaining and at the same time you bring out these events that most people don't even know about

  71. Rock n Roll

    Rock n RollDay ago


  72. Floated-

    Floated-Day ago

    Can any of y'all turn on notis? I can't.

  73. zroysum

    zroysumDay ago

    I remember watching this when I was a kid. Gordon was a beast before all of the injuries added up.

  74. Geraldo Rivera

    Geraldo RiveraDay ago

    YOOO, The injuries this season. ello????

  75. Prakhar Gupta

    Prakhar GuptaDay ago

    Please make a video on Steph Curry

  76. Lachlan Donovan

    Lachlan DonovanDay ago

    how was d rose not the best in his draft class

  77. Andrew McNeish

    Andrew McNeishDay ago

    This vid highkey random af

  78. Ron Cuyos

    Ron CuyosDay ago

    This would've been easier if thier brother Jimmy was playing with them πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

  79. wayne conway

    wayne conwayDay ago

    Who was the number one ranked guy in 2007?

  80. PS3DJ09

    PS3DJ09Day ago

    Watching E.G. go off it's impossible not to imagine hearing his line from 2k15 "Somebody call the national weather service..."