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  1. isachi cotera

    isachi cotera9 hours ago

    How i was thinking of 44

  2. Liam spade

    Liam spade9 hours ago

    U almost got it but you did a king n a ten

  3. Enrique Magat

    Enrique Magat9 hours ago

    it actually worked!

  4. Kayleigh Buchanan

    Kayleigh Buchanan9 hours ago

    It don’t work I

  5. Phạm Nguyễn Tuệ Anh - 7A13

    Phạm Nguyễn Tuệ Anh - 7A139 hours ago

    I got 15-

  6. Iringo Bardocz

    Iringo Bardocz9 hours ago

    I don't even understand how this was supposed to work

  7. Wolf Gamer

    Wolf Gamer9 hours ago

    Omg it actually worked....

  8. Cold • 7 years ago

    Cold • 7 years ago9 hours ago

    ._. I got baited into smiling

  9. Winnie Khoo

    Winnie Khoo9 hours ago

    Sean , your mother is so smart!

  10. Zakariya Panchbhaya

    Zakariya Panchbhaya9 hours ago

    I picked josh

  11. Guilherme_ dcr

    Guilherme_ dcr9 hours ago

    Yes i like our chanal

  12. Madison Slaughter

    Madison Slaughter9 hours ago


  13. Battle Axe gaming 2

    Battle Axe gaming 29 hours ago

    That was pretty cool also I think your comment is funny erik

  14. Tatiana Flores

    Tatiana Flores9 hours ago


  15. cameroon legros

    cameroon legros9 hours ago

    How u do that

  16. Liam spade

    Liam spade9 hours ago

    We’ll o my god


    YUMI CORONEL9 hours ago


  18. Leo Dalit

    Leo Dalit9 hours ago


  19. Dryan Hepting

    Dryan Hepting9 hours ago


  20. Janelle Sherred

    Janelle Sherred9 hours ago


  21. colin bird

    colin bird9 hours ago

    L I chose 8 of clubs LLLlLzllsL loser

  22. Zor3X

    Zor3X9 hours ago

    NOOOOO. How. I was literally thinking nope I can type L then that happened

  23. Liam spade

    Liam spade9 hours ago


  24. Beamerbuilder 420

    Beamerbuilder 4209 hours ago

    Loser 2 of clubs

  25. Ze_Glitchy_Gamer7

    Ze_Glitchy_Gamer79 hours ago

    Leave some for me :(

  26. - Frøg -

    - Frøg -9 hours ago

    My dessert was Mochi and my fruit was Apple, so no, it was not blueberry. :)

  27. Max Chandra

    Max Chandra9 hours ago


  28. Thora Newton

    Thora Newton9 hours ago

    I was thinking of addison

  29. rc rfls

    rc rfls9 hours ago


  30. I'm stupid and I'm George

    I'm stupid and I'm George9 hours ago

    Oh my God it works

  31. Cesar Arroyo

    Cesar Arroyo9 hours ago

    It got mine wrong ;-;

  32. rc rfls

    rc rfls9 hours ago


  33. rc rfls

    rc rfls9 hours ago


  34. Asif Ahmed

    Asif Ahmed9 hours ago

    Assalamualaikum everyone 😊

  35. rc rfls

    rc rfls9 hours ago


  36. mohamadhussein Khoder

    mohamadhussein Khoder9 hours ago

    Howd he no

  37. Dominic Skinner

    Dominic Skinner9 hours ago

    Wow that's daaaaaaang

  38. Marlena thorvald

    Marlena thorvald9 hours ago

    These read your mind tricks are weak sauce you do actual illusions way cooler then this come on

  39. leonagerard11

    leonagerard119 hours ago

    I’m sorry but I had the number 18

  40. Ð1 cheetah :

    Ð1 cheetah :9 hours ago

    It’s fake I did it my first time and i thought it was real but I took 5 min break and i did it again without looking and I did it

  41. Neon Pants

    Neon Pants9 hours ago

    I used the number 6.5

  42. Asif Ahmed

    Asif Ahmed9 hours ago

    Assalamualaikum everyone 😊

  43. Someone

    Someone9 hours ago

    I was literally on Omegle and got skipped every time

  44. Liam spade

    Liam spade9 hours ago

    Mine was the 8 of harts

  45. baked bean bean

    baked bean bean9 hours ago

    I was thinking about chase and jadon

  46. 4 4

    4 49 hours ago

    He keeps his promises. Sean for President

  47. Braylon Seals

    Braylon Seals9 hours ago

    It was 10 of clubs

  48. GRACiE 1234 FUN GOODE

    GRACiE 1234 FUN GOODE9 hours ago


  49. Джапаркулов Ансар

    Джапаркулов Ансар9 hours ago

    [email protected]#&$&@#£₩€%♡♡♡

  50. EliteGamers YT

    EliteGamers YT9 hours ago

    Bro you slowed down at the ten of hearts so that’s all we could see but l

  51. Christian Lopez

    Christian Lopez9 hours ago


  52. XxNot_angleXx Gacha life

    XxNot_angleXx Gacha life9 hours ago

    If you don’t look at the white dot you see no color

  53. cindy Ried

    cindy Ried9 hours ago

    How did you do that

  54. Ela Morales

    Ela Morales9 hours ago

    Omg I’m shook

  55. طلال الحارثي

    طلال الحارثي9 hours ago


  56. Chris Of Abyss

    Chris Of Abyss9 hours ago

    No I was thinking of Jaiden

  57. Sandeep's Channel

    Sandeep's Channel9 hours ago


  58. Andrw

    Andrw9 hours ago

    Bro I’m done

  59. Elmer H

    Elmer H9 hours ago

    I felt color blind

  60. Terence

    Terence9 hours ago


  61. Minecraft gamer

    Minecraft gamer9 hours ago

    He got mine!!!!!!

  62. Sushant Rangta

    Sushant Rangta9 hours ago

    My no. Was 199

  63. Not Vaxxcine

    Not Vaxxcine9 hours ago

    no i picked 9 at first

  64. Millie and McKenna's YouTube Channel

    Millie and McKenna's YouTube Channel9 hours ago

    What the heck I can’t believe

  65. marcio santos

    marcio santos9 hours ago

    You did wrong it was josh

  66. DJ YanYan VevoOfficial

    DJ YanYan VevoOfficial9 hours ago

    Yes it works

  67. Elyus Nye

    Elyus Nye9 hours ago

    WOW MAN you get me every time you are so good at magic


    SICK FLIPS9 hours ago

    Bro I was thinking of josh

  69. JayLeeBean

    JayLeeBean9 hours ago

    Can you say yeah I can do a magic trick I feel like so bad

  70. bionic ice

    bionic ice9 hours ago

    Didn't do it

  71. JayLeeBean

    JayLeeBean9 hours ago

    I feel really bad when you hit your head

  72. teddy casera

    teddy casera9 hours ago

    Yo what teh f*ck he got it right

  73. Funnyboydee

    Funnyboydee9 hours ago

    Lol make more videos of your mom reacting to the magic I love her reactions

  74. Kenneth Mendoza

    Kenneth Mendoza9 hours ago

    Omg COOL udid it

  75. Joseph Bourque

    Joseph Bourque9 hours ago

    I'm only saying subscribe is in the way and I don't know what the name under it is on my cell phone so I can only take ur word for it ur very good at what u do

  76. Jmaster24

    Jmaster249 hours ago

    Simple explanation:All of the names lead to 5 because the send part to pick names all have 5 letters, he did this on purpose and then since he had you pick what name had the same amount of letters as the previous name it would always be 5 so it would always lead to addison

  77. Lil Mexican

    Lil Mexican9 hours ago


  78. Kayden Davenport

    Kayden Davenport9 hours ago

    That's a 10

  79. Rahmah Basher

    Rahmah Basher9 hours ago

    Cheater all the names are 5 letters

  80. dlite

    dlite9 hours ago

    She is a weirdo