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GOJIRA - Hellfest 2019
Gojira #Anewplaceforme
Gojira #anotherplacetobe

    ARPS BANDHour ago

    Is it just me or do I hear a Metallica riff at 1:25 ish?

  2. Kenton Charles

    Kenton CharlesHour ago


  3. Hector Beristain

    Hector BeristainHour ago

    Gojira es de mis bandas favoritas

  4. Jero

    JeroHour ago

    love that ride cymbals..

  5. Mike Bell

    Mike Bell2 hours ago

    Not trying to shit on the song or anything, but did anyone else feel like it was basically a greatest hits of Gojira? I kinda did, but I'm not sure how to feel about it...

  6. Du Sandrini

    Du Sandrini2 hours ago

    Se é louco!! 🇧🇷🤟🏻👊🏻🔥

  7. edysixth

    edysixth2 hours ago

    sepultura would be proud <3

  8. Jake Royal

    Jake Royal2 hours ago

    This was one of the best shows I have ever seen live. I miss going to Red Rocks

  9. Jakob Mayr

    Jakob Mayr2 hours ago

    80s Metallica 90s Pantera 2000s Lamb of God 2010- Gojira

  10. Cheymuz Mtz

    Cheymuz Mtz4 hours ago

    Genial, nueva canción de la uija Jamás supe cómo se escribía

  11. gros flan

    gros flan4 hours ago

    Bon sérieux les gars vous êtes au top là ! (ou p'têtre pas... Ils vont nous faire encore mieux)...

  12. Lord Squidius

    Lord Squidius4 hours ago

    they don't make headphones loud enough for this

  13. Kisama

    Kisama4 hours ago

    Alors les mecs... Autant j'ai pas du tout aimé Magma, que je n'ai peut etre pas compris mais que je juge du haut de mes 31ans comme étant une transition artistique (et je vous suis depuis genre 2004). Mais ! Si ça c'est ce qu'on peut attendre de votre prochain album ----> 👌🙌🙏 Mélanger le matériau de Magma avec des passages prenants + votre sauvagerie d'antan façon TerraFromSirius, là je sais que ça va me plaire, beaucoup beaucoup ! Fortiche ! Fckn aces you are !!! ♥️

  14. Metaljoox

    Metaljoox4 hours ago


  15. St 77

    St 774 hours ago

    War for territo...roots bloody territo...roots

  16. andrea Malavasi

    andrea Malavasi4 hours ago

    this is freaking amazing, i love. your songs are a certainty, congrats

  17. FetalJuice88

    FetalJuice885 hours ago

    This band SUCKS

  18. Kiko C

    Kiko C6 hours ago

    The video reminds me of the museum mission in GTA4. To the song, intense and great, especially the drums but also the bass is very groovy and stands out.

  19. toka._ art

    toka._ art6 hours ago


  20. Bob Menat

    Bob Menat6 hours ago

    Just learn that Joe went vegan like 4 years ago, respect fellow vegan ! Respect to your honesty about what you belive in and not being hypocrit with your belifs regarding your actions.Much love dude!

  21. Genghis Lad

    Genghis Lad6 hours ago

    xzibit : yo dawg, I heared that you like breakdowns, so I've put a break down inside your breakdown.

  22. Nihal Nayak

    Nihal Nayak7 hours ago

    Am I the only one who think the vocals could have been a touch louder?

  23. Some Random Slipknot Fan

    Some Random Slipknot Fan7 hours ago

    Mario's drumming is the very definition of the line, "stuff of legends".

  24. Preme Spazz

    Preme Spazz8 hours ago

    the entire buildup of this song is something i’d definitely consider to be pure hatred. the entire time you just think to yourself “oh fuck.. when’s it coming?”

  25. Brendan Ricard

    Brendan Ricard8 hours ago


  26. mmarcccohriffs

    mmarcccohriffs9 hours ago

    Amazing. Can't imagine being a sad ass person giving this a thumbs down.

  27. Cory Anthony

    Cory Anthony10 hours ago

    Those Cymbal Chokes between ride notes are something special. Mario is amazing

  28. Chris FXI

    Chris FXI10 hours ago

    This goddam band just keeps getting better 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  29. Brett Black

    Brett Black10 hours ago

    they just have a different sound... makes my insides happy

  30. Paige 404

    Paige 40411 hours ago

    MFers on HRT be like

  31. General Grievous

    General Grievous12 hours ago

    3 months later I'm still wondering why this is not on spotify and other streaming services

  32. Timothy Moon

    Timothy Moon12 hours ago

    Great choreography, but changing forms is just useless when you're the only one being chased, though the ending justified it

  33. Bruno Battaglia

    Bruno Battaglia12 hours ago

    Man, Anthony Kieds is a monster drummer!!!

  34. Garryd Hintz

    Garryd Hintz13 hours ago

    They still have energy in thier music. Nothing going stale here. Vive la Gojira! 🇫🇷⚜️

  35. Haroldo Filho

    Haroldo Filho13 hours ago

    Lembra muito Straighthate do Sepultura

  36. 1969 Plymouth

    1969 Plymouth13 hours ago

    This is my favorite band in the world right now...I also am loving orbit culture.

  37. oSGHbDcYjKQgTmm xUnlZMroVGSynOW

    oSGHbDcYjKQgTmm xUnlZMroVGSynOW14 hours ago

    0:40 Ghost willy lol

  38. Jose Flores

    Jose Flores14 hours ago

    New level... pantera jeje

  39. Peter

    Peter14 hours ago

    He sounds like a thousand cocaine-enriched Lemmys.

  40. Daniel Testa

    Daniel Testa15 hours ago

    That is a seriously well laid out amazing song!

  41. nick davis

    nick davis15 hours ago


  42. Eduardo Santos

    Eduardo Santos15 hours ago

    I don't know if any other band makes me feel that flame inside me, a pure and kind fire Thanks Gojira

  43. Alex Mendoza

    Alex Mendoza15 hours ago

    Who needs a life when this life is a plague

  44. NathaN CarlBass

    NathaN CarlBass16 hours ago

    En la pera papá! Cómo siempre!❤️

  45. Trojann Perez

    Trojann Perez16 hours ago

    This needs to be the intro in Godzilla vs Kingkong

  46. Ahmet Çevrim

    Ahmet Çevrim16 hours ago

    another part of me falls for you

  47. Chris Yates

    Chris Yates17 hours ago

    The beauty of the art here is that, superficially, it looks so abstract, but when you infer, it comes of scientific observation. And it's so great how the song lyrics align with the video.

  48. NƗɌȺ

    NƗɌȺ17 hours ago

    those 1k dislikes must be fkn bots i mean who tf could dislike this

  49. Muddy Ravine

    Muddy Ravine17 hours ago

    They need a faster camera to capture Mario's brilliance!

  50. Philip Scoggins

    Philip Scoggins17 hours ago

    ANGELGRIP 💢Ford Ranger

  51. Mister Sam Shearon

    Mister Sam Shearon17 hours ago

    Looks like my house!!! LOVE this.

  52. theheronhero

    theheronhero17 hours ago

    You know you're a great band when your greatest hits playlist doesn't even have my favorite songs. Amazing.

  53. Patrick Kirby-Merriman

    Patrick Kirby-Merriman17 hours ago

    NEW GOJIRA!!!!!

  54. Baz on Blades

    Baz on Blades17 hours ago

    I have listened to this about 30 times since it dropped. Killer track and entertaining video. Very well done. I have a ton of respect for this band. They have managed to develope and perfect a signature tone/style/vibe while hitting the perfect balance of real heavyness, real art and pop sensibilities. Something very few bands do well.

  55. Keith Nera

    Keith Nera18 hours ago

    Mario clothing himself as time goes by. Hmm.

  56. Guillermo Ortega

    Guillermo Ortega18 hours ago


  57. NELSON X

    NELSON X18 hours ago

    This band is heavy duty rock & f'ing roll and all, but I don't like this kind of music. It's like being screamed at by the devil. It would give me a headache.

  58. slipknot95maggot

    slipknot95maggot18 hours ago

    Yes plz

  59. A G

    A G18 hours ago

    Man this was a dope ass song 🤘 Try not to headbang I dare you. 🔥🔥

  60. Francisco Rosas Bonfanti

    Francisco Rosas Bonfanti18 hours ago

    This is like Les Vieilles Charrues Mario's Drum solo REMIX

  61. Walter Thompson

    Walter Thompson19 hours ago

    Carcass Incarnated Solvent Abuse, guys go find the original

  62. Robert Sevald

    Robert Sevald19 hours ago

    What a song, fuck the covid stupidity

  63. justine warren

    justine warren19 hours ago

    I bloody love this band....

  64. Golden Glove Culture Warrior

    Golden Glove Culture Warrior19 hours ago

    Can't wait to see them this summer. Going to be fahhh KING awesome!

  65. Bruno Silva

    Bruno Silva20 hours ago

    The guys are always talking about saving the planet, stoping pollution, cleaning the oceans, and stuff like that. Then a brilliant mind just thought it would be nice to use huge plastic whale balloons. Amazing concert by the way.

  66. Demonwater Demonwater

    Demonwater Demonwater20 hours ago

    Yo she turned into a black man so she could run faster 🤨😳

  67. Demonwater Demonwater

    Demonwater Demonwater20 hours ago

    And shapeshift in private

  68. Demonwater Demonwater

    Demonwater Demonwater20 hours ago

    Oh you tryna say we had shapeshifting aliens running around that never have no original form

  69. Demonwater Demonwater

    Demonwater Demonwater20 hours ago

    Bro she just turned into a lion so you couldn’t date her

  70. Demonwater Demonwater

    Demonwater Demonwater20 hours ago

    Yo what I just realized this video is he chasing a shape shifting woman ?! Lol deal with some rejections

  71. Latające Noże

    Latające Noże20 hours ago

    They just discover new kind/style of metal. I thought this is impossible but there it is.

  72. Rael Nox

    Rael Nox20 hours ago

    It's just ridiculous how heavy this is🔥

  73. djaque spareau

    djaque spareau21 hour ago

    Donc si je comprends bien la vidéo a été censurée à cause des tétons, mais pas à cause de la plaie sanguinolente d'où sort la chaîne ? USlikes et ses priorités... u_u

  74. Tan3l6

    Tan3l621 hour ago

    But what does it mean ...?

  75. Billy Reinhardt

    Billy Reinhardt21 hour ago

    2M views in a week nice!

  76. Raimuko Yoasu

    Raimuko Yoasu21 hour ago

    Gojira Born for One Thing, this

  77. Graeme Johnstone

    Graeme Johnstone21 hour ago

    back when it was ok to gather in large groups...LOL

  78. Emanuel De miranda

    Emanuel De miranda22 hours ago


  79. Jason Hornsby

    Jason Hornsby22 hours ago

    This song always makes me cry. It's Gojira's saddest song, in my opinion. Gojira takes me to another place.

  80. Paolo Cristoforetti

    Paolo Cristoforetti22 hours ago

    the earth needs more bands like gojira