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  1. Zane RED LIFE222 Jamieson

    Zane RED LIFE222 JamiesonHour ago

    Poor guy

  2. Joshy P

    Joshy PHour ago

    missed a titty at 5:38

  3. Cassidy Dodge

    Cassidy DodgeHour ago

    Bye. Make your wife cry? She’s obviously uncomfortable, when you out that door... keep on goin 😂😂

  4. Username

    UsernameHour ago

    LMAO u married him after 9 days.

  5. iiiSunnyDayzz

    iiiSunnyDayzz2 hours ago

    The funny thing is that Riley would make a good gymnast-

  6. Ped's Great Escape

    Ped's Great Escape2 hours ago

    The whole salmon carcass plus 2 heads for $3..WOW! I couldn't do that here with Salmon. I use a lot of Fish heads at home or in the restaurant for stocks etc etc...mostly cod. And the cheek meat. YUM!

  7. Wild Paw

    Wild Paw2 hours ago

    I should be on this show too. In fact every furry should since wearing fursuits is "bad"

  8. A Big Disappointment

    A Big Disappointment2 hours ago

    “The culture is dying” this is not the Gypsy culture. Even in the children’s movie “The red shoe” you got much much better representation of what being a gypsy really was about before.

  9. Priya Andersson

    Priya Andersson2 hours ago

    What a great kids ❤️❤️❤️Love and respect their father and his fiancé. God bless you all ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Chris Carrera

    Chris Carrera2 hours ago

    After this she had no customers

  11. meximouse96402

    meximouse964022 hours ago

    I get weird vibes from her siblings like they think they’re superior to him

  12. Zane RED LIFE222 Jamieson

    Zane RED LIFE222 Jamieson2 hours ago

    His stronger than all of us it's crazy his still even here I don't think I could do aswll as he's doing poor guy

  13. Blondie Girl

    Blondie Girl2 hours ago

    I could make this for about £20


    MULTIGAMING_YTB2 hours ago


  15. Caleb Diego Orpilla

    Caleb Diego Orpilla2 hours ago

    she's lucky that she can buy so much things in the pandemic

  16. Eric Alvarado

    Eric Alvarado2 hours ago

    Thumbs up for his wife.


    SLEEPY BOX2 hours ago

    How no one has just run up to Katie Hopkins and just full on punched her in the face baffles me

  18. Memecon

    Memecon2 hours ago

    man thoose ppl are pussys

  19. Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett2 hours ago

    No cg? Wow ...

  20. Pavel Chowdhury

    Pavel Chowdhury2 hours ago

    Weird !

  21. Sirat Ali Ahmad

    Sirat Ali Ahmad2 hours ago

    I gave a like for the smile on his father's face

  22. Stephen Johnson

    Stephen Johnson2 hours ago


  23. n e

    n e2 hours ago

    Why didn't she set her boundaries for her son on who he should marry or date, like she's saying that she wants kids etc for a green card? People from two different nations can fall in love, why's it so hard, and why was she shocked when she said that they wanna have kids.. And when they kissed lmao she acts weirder than any indian or asian parents seeing their kids making out or kiss

  24. chris tine M

    chris tine M2 hours ago

    God I feel so bad for them some people should not be able to reproduce. God bless them I hope they are doing well.

  25. rommel_ 616

    rommel_ 6162 hours ago

    I have to watch this even tho I am disgusted

  26. Cameron Humphreys

    Cameron Humphreys2 hours ago

    Listen up you little bitch you put those bloody cockroaches outside and tickle your self you lazy shit

  27. Heloisa Schulz

    Heloisa Schulz2 hours ago


  28. Rosemere Limas

    Rosemere Limas2 hours ago

    Bom dia você é demais me surpreende cada caso que assisto de você

  29. n e

    n e2 hours ago

    He looks like somebody who's never had any fun or adventure, and his mother oof yeah every parents get concerned but that don't mean that she'll control his life like that. Its so weird

  30. Sheila Hub TV

    Sheila Hub TV2 hours ago

    Imagine how blacks feel

  31. Grady Harper

    Grady Harper2 hours ago

    God bless Bless her For treating him Like Family

  32. crazed chris

    crazed chris2 hours ago

    I think he thought she farted because what she said

  33. The Gaming Waffle

    The Gaming Waffle2 hours ago

    1:26. A baby pokemon or HAHAHA

  34. Mintic Productions

    Mintic Productions2 hours ago

    Being tall is cool I wish i was tall im short ):

  35. Maha Khaled

    Maha Khaled2 hours ago

    Beautiful voice 😍😍

  36. Nova

    Nova2 hours ago

    Behind bars lmfao😂😂💀

  37. Somebody once told me

    Somebody once told me2 hours ago

    Shit look fake af

  38. Hadir M

    Hadir M2 hours ago

    that's an ugly ass dress

  39. Amy Morrison

    Amy Morrison2 hours ago

    Why does it seem like everyone’s always drunk

  40. Damian Morrison

    Damian Morrison2 hours ago

    He's a very bright man and it's his choice his money to do what he wants to his body.. The trouble is its sending out the wrong message to others we all insecure skinny we think we're unattractive when we're young these are things we need to work on from within beauty or attractiveness comes from within.. If he wants all these procedures and it makes him happy then good for him.. I just wonder at the long term health conciquences he's still young he can get away with this for now but come post 50 our bodies dramatically start to change I think then he will see the negative impacts of all these procedures

  41. Lo sconosciuto

    Lo sconosciuto2 hours ago

    How does he eats if he drinks 20L of water a day.?

  42. The Gaming Waffle

    The Gaming Waffle2 hours ago


  43. Toshiko Parran

    Toshiko Parran2 hours ago

    This family is so annoying

  44. lapoupee88

    lapoupee882 hours ago

    this is real! i loved all of it

  45. 256

    2562 hours ago

    she was crying because her self esteem is clearly horrible thanks to the mother so she never thought she would win that!

  46. Deena Beans

    Deena Beans3 hours ago

    You're already below that level...anfisa is so witty

  47. Prajakta Joshi

    Prajakta Joshi3 hours ago

    Did anyone notice her wedding gown 🤷‍♀️

  48. 256

    2563 hours ago

    3:42 😳

  49. Durshi Ayodya

    Durshi Ayodya3 hours ago

    so is Gypsy weddings basically child marriages legalized?

  50. Tammy Anderson

    Tammy Anderson3 hours ago

    that should have been removed earlier. somebody wld have helped

  51. Gear Bonz

    Gear Bonz3 hours ago

    Awesome work

  52. 256

    2563 hours ago

    why is this girl even in pageants they seem like a great family😳

  53. Audrey Plett

    Audrey Plett3 hours ago

    poor girl I hope she gets the help she needs :(

  54. Shaggy Rogers

    Shaggy Rogers3 hours ago

    Why didn’t you tell me last night. Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder why

  55. Prajakta Joshi

    Prajakta Joshi3 hours ago

    I felt bad for that small boy, maybe brides younger brother

  56. Kasey

    Kasey3 hours ago

    F*ck the grandmother. That white dress was way too revelling for a 3 year old

  57. Koeit

    Koeit3 hours ago

    Sad I can still lift more than them

  58. LaNisha Jackson

    LaNisha Jackson3 hours ago

    Lmao not talking

  59. 256

    2563 hours ago

    i had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes at her age and i always felt like i looked boring and didn’t stick out, i can’t believe the mother would say that abt her own child :/

  60. Chun_ Li

    Chun_ Li3 hours ago

    5:33 hahahaha

  61. DannyWasTaken

    DannyWasTaken3 hours ago

    I bet this is what the media thinks what gamers are

  62. anime lover

    anime lover3 hours ago

    Was hunter Instagram cuz honeyyyyyy

  63. Maman Brigitte

    Maman Brigitte3 hours ago

    2:23 hide the pain Harold

  64. miamiwax

    miamiwax3 hours ago

    That blackhead broke bread with Jesus 😂

  65. Crunchy- Donut508

    Crunchy- Donut5083 hours ago

    My man got a extra nut lmaoo

  66. Augustine Crowley

    Augustine Crowley3 hours ago

    Her bother is a real life Kenny Powers

  67. jordan voss

    jordan voss3 hours ago

    Only at a pageant can a fully grown adult chase around a young girl with a camera while she screams "Get away from me!!"

  68. Amy Elam

    Amy Elam3 hours ago

    Oh shut up boy that's her mom your opinion doesn't matter " bye boy"

  69. donuts

    donuts3 hours ago

    Типичный фортнайтер)

  70. Leon Anthony

    Leon Anthony3 hours ago

    That went from screaming to happy because the apartment is nice in a sec, she materialistic as hell

  71. Yazzie

    Yazzie3 hours ago

    you paid $15 for shorts in 1999 ? Hard to believe - I have seen this on TV in the past - anyhow I wonder how yr doing - do you have USlikes channel for living frugally

  72. Shandrea Bates

    Shandrea Bates3 hours ago

    6:35 if you wanna go right to it

  73. Afshan Tarannum

    Afshan Tarannum3 hours ago

    How the hell is it gross to use water insted of toilet paper that is 10x cleaner

  74. Sonic Dave

    Sonic Dave3 hours ago

    I honestly don't like the dramatic effect of these videos by tlc. its making me skip a lot of scenes. I prefer the raw ones by the dr popper herself. and yeah i love how the lipoma came out. satisfying as hell.

  75. Leon Anthony

    Leon Anthony3 hours ago

    Atleast that 19 year old girl converted and understood what she was getting into fully before getting into it, brittany just showed up and thinks it's the same as American

  76. Blanche Heperi

    Blanche Heperi3 hours ago

    I wonder if you set that gas girl on fire she would explode

  77. A random boi 1

    A random boi 13 hours ago

    Hey Read more....