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  1. ZTails 327

    ZTails 32711 hours ago

    I can't wait to see Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland together on the big screen

  2. The Tik-Tok Man

    The Tik-Tok Man11 hours ago

    brilliant! I laughed my arse off; this was a fucked up movie. But they did use a Gary Numan song at 44 min so that was cool.44.40 Gary Numan M.E. 44.40 Gary Numan M.E.

  3. Doombringer

    Doombringer11 hours ago

    Living off his parents income so he could live his dream? I bet they are thankful now, lol. That’s why you support your children

  4. Kitsune1986

    Kitsune198611 hours ago

    I wanted to leave a comment but it seams it was too offencive and had to be changed for the American version

  5. Jenifer R.

    Jenifer R.11 hours ago

    I think all Americans should be insulted by the notion that they do not know what a "Philosopher" is.

  6. KSound Kaiju

    KSound Kaiju11 hours ago

    Mary Poppins is the turtle god from the book XD

  7. NebohT

    NebohT11 hours ago

    Rick and morty intelligence are relative, the smarter the morty the dumber or unstable the rick become, so evil morty's rick try to kill him before it is too late but failed

  8. Bender IsGreat

    Bender IsGreat11 hours ago

    Speaking of "immortal beings", why don't you do a rant about the original Highlander film?

  9. Veronika Pospíšilová

    Veronika Pospíšilová11 hours ago

    I’d rly love to believe what you’re saying here. Since she’s one of my three favorite MCU characters I would rly appreciate her not being dead. But here’s one thing.....u were talking about the new Black widow movie not really being set in the past but I’ve heard some interviews with Scarlett where she herself said that the movie is set between Captain America: The Civil war and Avengers: Infinity war sooo idk.

  10. White Deer

    White Deer11 hours ago


  11. marc st laurent

    marc st laurent11 hours ago

    All my life I've been apparently been buying substandard fridges that don't contain lead .


    KILLIAN GLENNEY11 hours ago

    Wanna know something funny: even tho this video is about characters dying on screen, Balloony dies off screen by popping, even tho it is a balloon. And no this wasn't funny, just thought about saying it.

  13. Meawoof

    Meawoof11 hours ago

    me waiting the tutorial how to train my dragon How to train your dragon: Come watch at theater me: HOW THE HECK IM TRAIN THIS DRAGON

  14. Tanty Yusof

    Tanty Yusof11 hours ago

    I mean.. it's not that brutal >_> 9:14

  15. Brow Ming

    Brow Ming11 hours ago

    If y'all don't know the origins of Black Adam, look it up. It's dark af!!!

  16. Mills Things

    Mills Things11 hours ago

    Bruh why did you put Toy Story, its not even Disney, its Pixar💀

  17. Rufert Alabata

    Rufert Alabata11 hours ago

    Yoy forgot about Michael Peña in the martian

  18. Alexander Zettel

    Alexander Zettel11 hours ago

    What is the deal of that ghost I don't know

  19. book worm

    book worm11 hours ago

    Koji is a clone of jiraya not jiraya himself

  20. WhyJayCee -_-

    WhyJayCee -_-11 hours ago

    this is definitely a joke .

  21. Matthew Carson

    Matthew Carson11 hours ago

    That's not how peer review works. Yes, multiple scientists review a paper, but they review it against peer articles, meaning older articles on the same or similar subjects. Your article isn't necessarily reviewed by a group of peers, but against a group of its peers.

  22. Winterfang

    Winterfang11 hours ago

    This movie sounds exausting

  23. Kyle The Alchemist

    Kyle The Alchemist11 hours ago

    Nah that are actually sacrificing these people smh

  24. Lucas Toledo

    Lucas Toledo11 hours ago

    Tangled is the winner for me, all the songs are great, the world building is a bit worse than frozen, but they make up for that with great character and character development for essentially everybody, it is funnier and more dramatic

  25. Funny Depressive

    Funny Depressive11 hours ago

    Saw Gerrera says "tired of running" when he just means "tired of living"... He was one of my favs from Clone Wars and Rebels though

  26. HYDRA Agent X1 Sentinel AI Phase 0 Avenger

    HYDRA Agent X1 Sentinel AI Phase 0 Avenger11 hours ago

    Well we wanted cat girls but we didn't tell them how they should look like even though we forced them to change Sonic's design.

  27. Rebecca Walsh

    Rebecca Walsh11 hours ago

    Wandavision episode 8: hold my beer 😌💅🏻

  28. Pan Bot

    Pan Bot11 hours ago

    2021 zombie will become real but it was an accident...... Guys I'll miss u

  29. Jackey Chen

    Jackey Chen11 hours ago

    The unnatural meter topically ruin because curtain kelly memorise till a brave exhaust. ceaseless, rare swedish

  30. Yas S

    Yas S11 hours ago

    Gal Gadot seems to have a lot of views about the Palestinian people.

  31. IndigenousGenius

    IndigenousGenius11 hours ago

    Civil war is in my top three marvel movies

  32. twerk_it_like_nae_nae

    twerk_it_like_nae_nae11 hours ago

    The cult became a major religion decades later, klaus old flame survived vietnam, and Allison's husband, Ray, entered politics and inadverdently change the new timeline big-time. It's prolly a whole new future for them.

  33. Morgan Harrison

    Morgan Harrison12 hours ago

    Tony can also understand tech in cartoon iorn-man

  34. Philip MacLean

    Philip MacLean12 hours ago

    -10/10 it's biggest hater is the book's author and that says A LOT

  35. SHENAL

    SHENAL12 hours ago

    yhe way captain marvel smiled at stanlee

  36. Philip MacLean

    Philip MacLean12 hours ago

    15/10 best superhero movie

  37. BoomerBoi

    BoomerBoi12 hours ago

    I am a child and I can confirm the fact that we are into politics, a lot

  38. abrielle b Mateo

    abrielle b Mateo12 hours ago

    Him: Luigi thingy Taxi: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

  39. Olivia Ladouceur

    Olivia Ladouceur12 hours ago

    If nukles comes for sonic 2 he says " do u know the wey "