Alpharad Deluxe
Alpharad Deluxe
Alpharad Deluxe

You will never predict the next upload for this channel.

  1. AxelCutel Azar

    AxelCutel Azar6 minutes ago

    Gloss over the fact that Vector was female.

  2. Bartefjes

    Bartefjes8 minutes ago


  3. RandyAndFriends69

    RandyAndFriends6912 minutes ago

    “Make it drop,get a mop, for this WAP.”

  4. Frogis Kanal

    Frogis Kanal15 minutes ago


  5. Shawna Rafacz

    Shawna Rafacz16 minutes ago

    OR ELSE WHAT??? *watches video anyways*

  6. Boig Mord

    Boig Mord16 minutes ago


  7. Bartefjes

    Bartefjes25 minutes ago


  8. 10spen11

    10spen1128 minutes ago


  9. Turkey Bear

    Turkey Bear33 minutes ago

    I want to see you guys play pokepark

  10. Brayden Holmes

    Brayden Holmes34 minutes ago

    I’m using tilt controls!

  11. FloofedPoof

    FloofedPoof35 minutes ago

    Did they already do this title?

  12. Jacob Kerry

    Jacob Kerry37 minutes ago

    I still don't get the joke but I liked the video anyway

  13. Donovan S

    Donovan S38 minutes ago

    Happy Birthday Jo!

  14. Jack Lantz

    Jack Lantz41 minute ago

    I cannot play fast characters, especially when one of my best characters is Incineraor.

  15. Kieran Shaw

    Kieran Shaw42 minutes ago

    Wouldn't it be funny if just out of nowhere this channel uploaded a super high quality and high effort video, to contrast the rest of the channel

  16. Anonymous kowala

    Anonymous kowala43 minutes ago

    my internet went down half way through this and the quality got really bad, I thought it was a joke

  17. WarriorDobby457

    WarriorDobby45747 minutes ago

    Alpharad more like Alphabad.

  18. idontknow

    idontknow47 minutes ago

    You see, this joke is funny because it depicted a character (mostly cute looking) holding a gun that would not normally do such a thing saying "Delete this" requesting the deletion of the meme/post you have sent in a chat reversing your expectations of the character not holding a gun (as usual)

  19. SLAYER one1

    SLAYER one150 minutes ago

    So were getting Wings and Pizza shirts right? Right? Ill accept a 1% share as the megamind behind the idea.

  20. bob booyah

    bob booyah50 minutes ago

    Just watched WAP and it was great. I am really hungry for some wings and pizza now. I'll have some for lunch

  21. BrenGamer

    BrenGamer57 minutes ago

    People realize just because a game takes place in big open wilderness doesn’t mean it’s “like breath of the wild” right? We literally saw someone walking in a straight line and crouching in some stealth grass for a few seconds we have no idea if it’s like BotW.

  22. localpnkocto

    localpnkocto58 minutes ago


  23. localpnkocto

    localpnkocto58 minutes ago


  24. Kinda A Gamer

    Kinda A GamerHour ago

    That is infact a player called WÁP Kevin

  25. Big Meat

    Big MeatHour ago

    He’s right, Luigi mains definitely pick Omega Battlefield over anything else. I would know, because I do that.

  26. Kaileen Ruff

    Kaileen RuffHour ago

    Sepdhdieweh in thusnsgsmail WAP

  27. The Exotic

    The ExoticHour ago

    4:00 *vietnam war flashbacks*

  28. James Dixon

    James DixonHour ago

    I watch the video




  30. It's Eri

    It's EriHour ago

    It's Minecraft

  31. Drippedout. Ash

    Drippedout. AshHour ago

    I had to click

  32. Swag; Master

    Swag; MasterHour ago

    When Jacob leaves his house there’s a scorpion queen poster

  33. Zane White

    Zane WhiteHour ago

    Help me

  34. Josiah Fugal

    Josiah FugalHour ago

    The news got their toys back (the public opinion) and now they're done throwing tantrums. That's what happened...

  35. Illegal Meme Dealer

    Illegal Meme DealerHour ago

    Yes I love WAP Weird Al Pankovic

  36. YuriIsLife

    YuriIsLifeHour ago

    Dude give me my four stock man your so uncool

  37. Nathan Taylor

    Nathan TaylorHour ago

    THE WORD "colour" WASNT WRONG, THATS HOW CANADIANS SPELL IT (not actually mad, just annoyed/laughing that they were wrong)

  38. Konomi

    KonomiHour ago


  39. Kakavo 6

    Kakavo 6Hour ago

    He’s not wrong there is donkey kongs in the thumbnail

  40. Hat kid

    Hat kid2 hours ago

    Me when no eggie: D: Edit: :D

  41. Ty-food

    Ty-food2 hours ago

    so thats what wap means. what the fuq

  42. Nintendope

    Nintendope2 hours ago

    Please sir...please dont send me to minecraft

  43. Skyler Spitfire

    Skyler Spitfire2 hours ago

    son of a like and subscribe!!

  44. Don Beedrill

    Don Beedrill2 hours ago

    Developers-game for fun Nerds- no its competitive fighting game

  45. Sumik

    Sumik2 hours ago

    WÁP Kevin

  46. Subway Deku

    Subway Deku2 hours ago

    I no watch video


    DARTH VADER2 hours ago


  48. Disa

    Disa2 hours ago

    Apples 3 Cardboard Box

  49. Entry Invader

    Entry Invader2 hours ago

    Thanks to alpharad i haven’t been click baited for months

  50. Nintendope

    Nintendope2 hours ago

    OH NO ITS HAPENING AGAIN...also that sub gain tho

  51. Ethan X.

    Ethan X.2 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, Alpharad Deluxe is my favorite USlikes channel

  52. Sphur Pog

    Sphur Pog2 hours ago

    my most prized possession is my authentic sasuke uchiha doesnt say swears t-shirt

  53. Dire

    Dire3 hours ago

    god i hate the delay

  54. TheNightcoreGuy

    TheNightcoreGuy3 hours ago

    Thus is why I Love alpharad

  55. TheNightcoreGuy

    TheNightcoreGuy3 hours ago

    This is why I Love alpharad

  56. Time Down FPS

    Time Down FPS3 hours ago

    your gonna tell me that Bugs Bunny is more dangerous than Rick Sanchez????

  57. RoxLynis

    RoxLynis3 hours ago

    Wating for alpha to change the channel name to alpharad extra 1.5 (day 4)

  58. At0mica

    At0mica3 hours ago

    I wanna see a video where jo and jacob go thru different flags for different countries so they can react to them

  59. SnoconeEX

    SnoconeEX3 hours ago

    No, i don't think i will.

  60. Agent Duck

    Agent Duck3 hours ago

    I like occasionally returning to this video because of the way they just assume things about the shows they haven’t watched. They’ve got balls, I’ll give them that. But they would absolutely get fucked up by Star and Milo.

  61. Vi Style

    Vi Style3 hours ago

    i am so glad there is someone else who randomly puts Kidz Bop in the car for their friends

  62. a chann3l

    a chann3l3 hours ago

    Continue this series and play super Mario party and do partner party and you both be on diffrent teams and you put a master cpu on both teams

  63. vuilez

    vuilez3 hours ago

    Me: * sees championship * * immediatly recgonises that korean guy with that pachirisu aaaa *

  64. liyah

    liyah4 hours ago

    why would you cut it off like that that's evil

  65. Dylan Dudley

    Dylan Dudley4 hours ago

    How people do 24 hour streams: they just drink red bull and coffee

  66. Akuma

    Akuma4 hours ago

    Italy was about to get a win in a 1 vs 4 against France, but at the last moment they disappointed by my people.

  67. GiwrgosR

    GiwrgosR4 hours ago

    Ackshuallee, that was itachi not sasuke

  68. אור סימנהוז

    אור סימנהוז4 hours ago

    And now we have the trailer for spiderman no way home

  69. ThatOneGlitch

    ThatOneGlitch4 hours ago


  70. Samu Frog

    Samu Frog4 hours ago

    You’re not even appreciating you Got molly for your starter villager. She’s literally the best

  71. dewatnl

    dewatnl4 hours ago

    Okay I'm watching teehee

  72. Daniyal Chowdhury

    Daniyal Chowdhury4 hours ago


  73. adamenio

    adamenio4 hours ago

    Day 1 of telling Jacob and Jo that Timmy is in the tent and Tommy is the one with the flag

  74. Nefarius

    Nefarius4 hours ago


  75. Sir

    Sir4 hours ago

    Ok so when are we getting apples 3 on cardboard box merch

  76. IllumiNoEye Gaming

    IllumiNoEye Gaming5 hours ago

    Imagine if flags were shown in game for the match at 11:00 3 french, 1 Italian Teaming has never been so real. Good thing flags aren't shown

  77. NOVACore

    NOVACore5 hours ago

    i want this calendar please give me this calendar I need it please

  78. Jade Sapphira

    Jade Sapphira5 hours ago

    That little mac punching the bullet bill and not only taking no damage or knockback but actually doing 30% to greninja was a big brain play

  79. Jack h

    Jack h5 hours ago

    I thought this series would be over after the sting

  80. Kuhn

    Kuhn5 hours ago

    I hate that it is this video that taught me that u can hit rocks with an axe