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Diamonté Harper, known by Saweetie, is an American songwriter, rapper, actress and designer. Born in Santa Clara, she relocated to Sacramento, CA where she completed high school. She developed an interest for poetry which eventually led to her performing at open mic's. This passion would lead her on the path to pursue her love for music. Saweetie attended San Diego state then transferred to The University of Southern California where she would graduate in 2016. Saweetie's chance meeting with music industry veteran Max Gousse (Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Solange, YG, Tydollasign, DJ Mustard, B2k) led to an invite to record at Gousse's studios resulting in her debut single "Icy Grl" (Icy/Artistry) via Soundcloud. Saweetie released the Poster Child-directed video shortly thereafter, amassing 3.5mm USlikes plays in 3 weeks, while garnering organic praise from Vibe Magazine, XXL, HipHopDX, and MTV UK as the artist to watch in 2018.



10 months ago

  1. Rickie Kelly

    Rickie Kelly13 hours ago

    Another sample huh Sample rappers are famous now

  2. yolzzz xamela

    yolzzz xamela13 hours ago

    y'all should stop hating, this song is a banger.🔥

  3. Danielle Anderson

    Danielle Anderson13 hours ago

    Man this video is LIT 🔥

  4. Cheems

    Cheems13 hours ago

    I don't really like this type of music but supprisingly it's good

  5. Frankie

    Frankie13 hours ago

    Love the animation.

  6. Lea Felder

    Lea Felder13 hours ago

    Post Malone ruined the vibe

  7. maurii atlantida

    maurii atlantida13 hours ago

    Agregame a instagram @mauriigrajales

  8. Tionnie Paige

    Tionnie Paige13 hours ago

    Ok but gurllll I need the skincare routine chileee😩

  9. Miss Mandy’s Vlog

    Miss Mandy’s Vlog13 hours ago

    Tap tap tap in 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  10. Life As Maryann

    Life As Maryann13 hours ago

    This is too icy🥶❤️‼️

  11. Victoria Smith

    Victoria Smith13 hours ago

    Calm your spot before it hits a million

  12. Nahom Seyfu

    Nahom Seyfu13 hours ago


  13. Kurt Amora

    Kurt Amora13 hours ago

    Here b4 1M Views 👁


    ODSAN LEVIT13 hours ago

  15. M P

    M P13 hours ago

    If this doesn't get nominated for best collab of the year, then oxygen doesn't exist on earth

  16. Moret Kim

    Moret Kim13 hours ago

    Jhené is so beautiful

  17. سلطونا ا

    سلطونا ا14 hours ago

    هل من عرب

  18. K Ly

    K Ly14 hours ago

    i love this collab <3

  19. dior2001

    dior200114 hours ago

    icy girl: the videogame 2021

  20. Faizaan Naseem

    Faizaan Naseem14 hours ago

    This is like a Wii Sports game mode

  21. Smooth Tee

    Smooth Tee14 hours ago

    I just rather stay by myself. Even if I was a 8 figure man I still wouldn’t want these jezebels.

  22. isaiah Camble

    isaiah Camble14 hours ago

    Jhene needs to drop a rap albums 🤣🔥

  23. Joakim Hulden

    Joakim Hulden14 hours ago

    You search for pop music and this rap shit comes up.

  24. Rich Airo

    Rich Airo14 hours ago

    I love this



    Yes tap in is my song but this is a whole new level I love it here’s some love ✨🖤✨🖤✨🖤✨🖤✨🖤✨🖤✨

  26. tonyk174

    tonyk17415 hours ago

    So basically everyone was doing their thing not actually digging the beat besides Harlow.

  27. curtis evans

    curtis evans15 hours ago


  28. Medeja

    Medeja15 hours ago

    Saweetie really lookin like Zyra

  29. Wasanda

    Wasanda15 hours ago

    Those dudes need to go back to their room cuz Saweetie don't need them AT ALL. Dababy verse is ok tho

  30. DyseThe Prince

    DyseThe Prince15 hours ago

    Harlow suspect lol

  31. Trevel Green

    Trevel Green16 hours ago

    They messed my girl edges up 😭🖕🏾

  32. Citra Syah

    Citra Syah16 hours ago

    Ketemu dong lagunya 😂

  33. Isaochy

    Isaochy16 hours ago

    Was anyone else waiting for the basketball game to start?

  34. Susan Rhyme

    Susan Rhyme16 hours ago

    this is so cute

  35. XxAesthetic_vibezXx Xx

    XxAesthetic_vibezXx Xx16 hours ago

    Uhm why does this kinda suck

  36. Jessica Malave

    Jessica Malave16 hours ago

    Out of all the characters she picks a crack head explain a lot about her soul pity. The prettiest girls are ridiculous.

  37. Jessica Malave

    Jessica Malave16 hours ago

    Adobo is not Filipino smh nothing about this whole thing is 😂😂. The comments below are women who dont cook. 💁

  38. Gummy Z

    Gummy Z16 hours ago

    Dababy didn't try on this

  39. Jessica Malave

    Jessica Malave16 hours ago

    😒 her music is horrible try again. 😤

  40. Linah Arik

    Linah Arik16 hours ago

    Chain thongs ouch

  41. Heaven

    Heaven16 hours ago

    Wsnt feeling this song but damn it’s catchy af

  42. the master builders lifestyle

    the master builders lifestyle16 hours ago

    My favorite Tik tok dance


    FMRADIOSTYLE16 hours ago

    Why does the animated Jack Harlow look fake good? 😂

  44. Tsholofetso Kulate

    Tsholofetso Kulate16 hours ago

    she should just make a tv show at this point 😭❤

  45. Devon Miller

    Devon Miller16 hours ago

    Not the 2005 Hoodwinked animation!!!!!!!

  46. Zivaa

    Zivaa16 hours ago

    This song is son bad. Especially the Post Malone part, they could've not find anythingy that fit less the song beat...

  47. Roureen landson

    Roureen landson16 hours ago

    This is

  48. Treasure Udeogu

    Treasure Udeogu17 hours ago

    Luv luv this

  49. Joo Fa

    Joo Fa17 hours ago


  50. Kelly Ard

    Kelly Ard17 hours ago

    Super cute

  51. Jewell AZ

    Jewell AZ17 hours ago

    This fire🥺💅🏿

  52. Quest ORbit

    Quest ORbit17 hours ago

    who else saw that back to the street chain laying perfectly on dat perfect bootay?

  53. moaya mayavcy

    moaya mayavcy17 hours ago

    😇I Love 🤎✊🏾✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽👍🏿

  54. Rose Valentine

    Rose Valentine17 hours ago

    Saweetie looks bomb af !! Ugh especially that flower outfit 💖💖💖💖 she looked like a flower goddess ❤️

  55. Rasheeka LDN

    Rasheeka LDN17 hours ago

    I still don’t understand why post done that 😭

  56. Phooly

    Phooly17 hours ago

    its lit

  57. Sapphire Reid

    Sapphire Reid17 hours ago

    "I cant even say whats poppin anymore cuz it got corny" 🔥💯

  58. Alicia Ulibarri

    Alicia Ulibarri17 hours ago

    $AliciaLaRaeUlibarri trying to go to law school and get edumucated!

  59. Super Gamer_girl

    Super Gamer_girl18 hours ago

    Unt unt, not me being a fan for 2 years and not being subscribed-I swear this always happens to me 🤦🏾‍♀️

  60. Caitlyn Dutton

    Caitlyn Dutton18 hours ago

    The tiktok dance tho like okkkk

  61. Lemon

    Lemon18 hours ago

    Two blasian queens

  62. Salim Sims

    Salim Sims18 hours ago

    Next best hit

  63. curtis evans

    curtis evans18 hours ago

    curtis evans junior

  64. Ainura Churina

    Ainura Churina18 hours ago

    In this black outfit she reminds me Nicki

  65. Anthony Twinto

    Anthony Twinto18 hours ago

    Animations btw

  66. Kid Alex

    Kid Alex18 hours ago

    Post Malone> Diamonds on me dance, Chris Breezy That s a good verse !

  67. Toniann Tashari

    Toniann Tashari18 hours ago

    Everything is all over the place

  68. feedthesnake

    feedthesnake18 hours ago

    i want a jhene aiko verse.

  69. D JonesTV

    D JonesTV18 hours ago

    What Sweetie know about that Wanye Wonder?( Big Facts) Lol...IJS😏...(Facts)

  70. Sylayah Lurry

    Sylayah Lurry18 hours ago

    This was goooddddd

  71. Sylayah Lurry

    Sylayah Lurry18 hours ago

    Did they break up with they boyfriends or naw is it just a song 🤷🏽‍♀️😐

  72. Blessing Daye

    Blessing Daye18 hours ago

    Why the hell is post Malone on this track like idk how he matched the flow??? Because he didn’t

  73. Michelle Rennex

    Michelle Rennex18 hours ago

    this remix is just proof that big names DO NOT make a song good because girl............. this is a MESS

  74. Stacey

    Stacey18 hours ago

    IMVU has entered the chat

  75. InfaRed

    InfaRed18 hours ago

    Saweetie is like every other slutty rapper, no diffirent then cardi b, megan thee stallion, etc.

  76. Kayso Tv

    Kayso Tv19 hours ago


  77. dannza

    dannza19 hours ago