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Hello everyone, I would like to thank all of you who subscribed to the channel and watched the videos I posted in the past time.
You are the joy, the motivation for me to make the best and best quality videos for you.
Wish you all have a very good health and happiness with your family and loved ones.

  1. Danielle Yoonha Jung

    Danielle Yoonha Jung4 hours ago

    Lie-la’s face lol

  2. Skittles - Mop

    Skittles - Mop4 hours ago

    Deku Is Holding is Brotheerrrrr!

  3. Skittles - Mop

    Skittles - Mop4 hours ago

    Why is Deku Holding is Brother? 🤨🧐 In the First One? 🤨😐

  4. シKaliシ

    シKaliシ4 hours ago

    No offense the second one was *REALLY* bad

  5. fOlLoW mE oN RoBloX uSeR: callme_bissUvU

    fOlLoW mE oN RoBloX uSeR: callme_bissUvU4 hours ago

    mYw mYw NeGa

  6. martinez jayson

    martinez jayson4 hours ago

    :o :O KEN A GET A SHOUT OUT :O (the best)

  7. Thalia Marchesin

    Thalia Marchesin4 hours ago

    La 10 merite mieu

  8. Ruby Spence

    Ruby Spence4 hours ago

    I love this part Brick:hehehehe *cuts hair* Morbucks:why do I feel bald Brick:I like you cut g *slaps head* Morbucks: *high pitch scream*

  9. [Afrosed?]

    [Afrosed?]4 hours ago

    1. Angel akagi / uslikes.info/house/aIZkrruvwGWWo7I/video.html / 2. Ash touch/ uslikes.info/house/aqBq2Zx9ymVup64/video.html /

  10. Preethi Vhavalel

    Preethi Vhavalel5 hours ago

    The thumbnail 😍

  11. beby chairita zulvar

    beby chairita zulvar5 hours ago

    1:03 Is really lie la?

  12. F r e e - S k i t t l e s

    F r e e - S k i t t l e s5 hours ago

    4:28 Bakugou : *He is gon fall* Blacky boI : *intense wheezing*

  13. Alex Carabajal

    Alex Carabajal5 hours ago


  14. graczykalski

    graczykalski5 hours ago

    i was so confused at the beggining like he turned into a girl is that his quirk tf

  15. Aaron Xavier

    Aaron Xavier5 hours ago

    i mass up

  16. Aaron Xavier

    Aaron Xavier5 hours ago

    Me too i love that god prptecting

  17. • Gåcha Weirdø •

    • Gåcha Weirdø •5 hours ago

    On the William afton one he wasn't supposed to die cause he's imortal😑😂

  18. Daniela Cayos

    Daniela Cayos5 hours ago


  19. Daniela Cayos

    Daniela Cayos5 hours ago

    Me to stay safe

  20. •Cream Puff•

    •Cream Puff•5 hours ago

    Dont ship the MHA tho 🥱

  21. ICT ECS

    ICT ECS5 hours ago

    There was an UwU cat in my house you think I'm gonna live there? Nope I'm moving to Japan kunichiwa😏

  22. Просто Боярышник

    Просто Боярышник5 hours ago

    3:17 у Мономы не такой характер!..

  23. Rina Tayag

    Rina Tayag5 hours ago

    The frog😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. {Micheal Afton}

    {Micheal Afton}5 hours ago

    1:20 *proud grape noises*

  25. Cassie Bikachu

    Cassie Bikachu5 hours ago

    In top eleven I don’t know why I just despise that pink haired girl for no reason

  26. Jakub Jarczyk

    Jakub Jarczyk5 hours ago


  27. Gacha_stephy ICECREAM!

    Gacha_stephy ICECREAM!5 hours ago

    Lila would look good in prison orange

  28. Joathan Norberte

    Joathan Norberte5 hours ago

    I hate the second one ugh I hate Lila so much it makes me angry but I like the others but not the second 🥈🥈🥈

  29. That one Skykid

    That one Skykid6 hours ago

    *the fastest way to be an adult*

  30. {Wolfie_Afton}

    {Wolfie_Afton}6 hours ago

    Top 3 was like: Charlie's cousin protect Charlie.. Me was like: :O soo sad .what actually happened: Me: * one tear falling from my eyes.

  31. •Cutie Pinkie•

    •Cutie Pinkie•6 hours ago

    I get funny for that face in the left XD 2:56

  32. Guen - Yun

    Guen - Yun6 hours ago

    People that have been sexually assaulted, physically or emotionally abused, and others can have panic attacks or mental breakdowns because of this! At least add a trigger warning!!

  33. zero point wolfie

    zero point wolfie6 hours ago

    3:14 (pause) ERI IS SO COOL IM PROUD

  34. Movie Marathon

    Movie Marathon6 hours ago

    0:20 i disliked dis T^T

  35. Jelly Ann Lagman

    Jelly Ann Lagman6 hours ago

    Lol early

  36. Siti nurhayat

    Siti nurhayat6 hours ago


  37. rose

    rose6 hours ago

    i dont get it LMAO 🤪🤚

  38. Gacha life add me oh

    Gacha life add me oh6 hours ago

    Bruh Why is lyla is smiled by That her not boy in 0:29

  39. Penny Lightfoot

    Penny Lightfoot6 hours ago

    after the fbi open up moment i t posed with them

  40. nindi ra

    nindi ra6 hours ago


  41. Best's PaPa

    Best's PaPa6 hours ago

    Oh no Michael 😭😭

  42. yelløw bøba tea

    yelløw bøba tea6 hours ago

    Holly sh*t

  43. Zenitsu Agatsuma

    Zenitsu Agatsuma6 hours ago

    in 4:18 *wings boi said poof*

  44. G dog Woodsmall

    G dog Woodsmall6 hours ago

    I see so manny people take the kid with devil wings and make him grow up and have him be normal even though he became a nomu and that was the same nomu that stain killed too save deku

  45. Floofy Wolf5

    Floofy Wolf56 hours ago

    But the rest was awsome

  46. Floofy Wolf5

    Floofy Wolf56 hours ago

    The first one was pretty bad UwU

  47. yelløw bøba tea

    yelløw bøba tea6 hours ago

    I love u god god will alwase protect us

  48. •Soft Blueberry Milkshake•

    •Soft Blueberry Milkshake•7 hours ago

    Why do top 16 the guy that has green hair look like deku?

  49. X-WA-STED-X -

    X-WA-STED-X -7 hours ago

    What anime is the voice from??

  50. LPS Çilek TV

    LPS Çilek TV7 hours ago


  51. [sakura-harunø]

    [sakura-harunø]7 hours ago


  52. Jay Paras

    Jay Paras7 hours ago

    Very cool 👍

  53. -Aliyah Angela-

    -Aliyah Angela-7 hours ago

    pls stop making sakura mean she is not after i hate when i saw something that :< its making me sad....

  54. Señorita :3

    Señorita :37 hours ago

    Why they did it with aftons? They're already dead...

  55. Akpene Awougbla

    Akpene Awougbla7 hours ago


  56. naruto uzumaki dattebayo

    naruto uzumaki dattebayo7 hours ago


  57. •Izuku Midoriya•

    •Izuku Midoriya•7 hours ago


  58. fnaf timex Fan

    fnaf timex Fan7 hours ago


  59. mufthaz musthafa

    mufthaz musthafa7 hours ago

    :D yesss... i know im not early... but i love ur videos..! Keep up with the hard work.. :) PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY.. :D


    ASHLEY KEITH 呂珊珊 ONG7 hours ago


  61. Gacha Ralph

    Gacha Ralph7 hours ago


  62. Boba_playz123 123

    Boba_playz123 1237 hours ago

    Soooo ya...

  63. Boba_playz123 123

    Boba_playz123 1237 hours ago

    Some of the vids are not my ships ;-;

  64. •{ violet gacha}• EVA

    •{ violet gacha}• EVA7 hours ago

    Me gustó😵😵😵

  65. Ammar, Fudhla, Zulfa, Yumna Zahar

    Ammar, Fudhla, Zulfa, Yumna Zahar7 hours ago


  66. Steven Bloomfield

    Steven Bloomfield7 hours ago


  67. Boba_playz123 123

    Boba_playz123 1237 hours ago

    And in 31 OwO cat was cute

  68. Boba_playz123 123

    Boba_playz123 1238 hours ago

    Top 31 is abit cool :0

  69. DS H

    DS H8 hours ago

    Everyone: awwww Me: dang, if I could just skip these painful years of school, life would be a lot more easier 😩📚📝

  70. The alpha Lea̸der

    The alpha Lea̸der8 hours ago

    Naruto Do be looking good tho

  71. Danielle Thomas

    Danielle Thomas8 hours ago

    2:17... *i personally hate it :/ and this shouldnt be a "trend" for the same reason commiting suicide making gacha ppl commit suicide is a trend-? i mean im not trying to hate but..i just cannot-. today was the day i tried to take my life by opening the car door and trying to jump out on the street...i personally find this offensive bc its hard being suicidal no hate but i cant accept this as a "gacha trend' hope fully u understand where im coming from<3*

  72. ryu zi

    ryu zi8 hours ago

    I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Malarie Sullard

    Malarie Sullard8 hours ago

    I love it when eri got older. It was so cool. I would do the same outfit if I was a her

  74. wolf pack

    wolf pack8 hours ago

    3:14 villain eri confirmed I believe she took overhulls mask

  75. Nashla Pérez

    Nashla Pérez8 hours ago

    All of the de ku memes are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo COOLLlLlLlLllLlLl :> i love it

  76. exotic butterman

    exotic butterman8 hours ago

    top 16~ yeh they really rip them apart (•‾⌣‾•)

  77. Gacha blink

    Gacha blink8 hours ago

    I love how the squad sacrifies light 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  78. Jesus Mireles

    Jesus Mireles8 hours ago

    Me seeing top 13 borfer watching this: 👁👄👁 you a spy?

  79. Aivale Ati

    Aivale Ati8 hours ago

    How is blossom cutting your hair when she right in front of you?!

  80. Craftwarrior Roblox 937

    Craftwarrior Roblox 9378 hours ago

    lol Got your best karma of the year Bit*h 4:23