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  1. Little Joe

    Little Joe5 minutes ago

    Yeah to bad you didn't check before you bought a house that's in the flood plain and it's not that hard to find out.

  2. Colette Lane

    Colette Lane33 minutes ago

    Praying for everyone's safety. ❤😇🙏💕

  3. Brayden Ellerman19

    Brayden Ellerman1942 minutes ago

    Was That A Silver Jeep Cherokee When The Camera Zoomed In At 0:01?

  4. Point blank Stoned

    Point blank Stoned52 minutes ago

    Omg im on the opposite side of the state snd it was a complete blizzard! I was out doing deliveries and i couldnt see a few feet ahead! Insane! I got the craziest clip of how hard the snow was coming down. On this side of state at least it all melted the next day

  5. David Jessee

    David JesseeHour ago

    I saw drone video of the same bridge and dock.... After it passes under the bridge the dock sinks into the river..

  6. Alopecia Mike

    Alopecia MikeHour ago

    Looks like it just skimmed the second one also..

  7. Apaulo Thegreat

    Apaulo ThegreatHour ago

    Let me tell you something by pilgrim I bet that hurt like real Spark

  8. Marjory Forbes

    Marjory ForbesHour ago

    These houses are way too near the sea. With global warming they will soon all be gone.

  9. bigpardner

    bigpardnerHour ago

    At 2:30 is that Lewis & Clark Bridge new? I don't recall that the last time I was there and certainly not when I lived there, which has been, umm, about 45 years ago. Captains Quarters is where we ate during my last visit.

  10. dee a

    dee aHour ago

    Biden/Harris administration,AMERICA is trying their best

  11. Deborah Elliott

    Deborah Elliott2 hours ago

    I wonder where that marina dock went? I know it floated away with a LONG stretch of docking, and some boats still in its parking spots. I have never seen the KY river so up as it was. Some of the trails I walk daily are NOT EVEN THERE.

  12. Floydcountyky

    Floydcountyky2 hours ago

    When was this

  13. rexx roberts

    rexx roberts3 hours ago

    i hope no trump lickin' fascists were injured,ha

  14. Arne Servatius

    Arne Servatius3 hours ago

    Every spring

  15. Elizabeth Beesler

    Elizabeth Beesler3 hours ago

    I used to live there and we were in lunch when my second grade teacher came in the room and told us all to get in the hallway. We were so scared parents came in the school and weren't allowed to leave until the warning was gone. It was out near the Riverwalk in Columbus but I went to Dexter Elementary in Fort Benning.

  16. Barbara Owens

    Barbara Owens3 hours ago

    Prayers for Louisville.


    ER. ERNAWATI. RADAR. ORARI.3 hours ago

    LiVE STROMS de la


    ER. ERNAWATI. RADAR. ORARI.3 hours ago

    LiVE STROMS de la

  19. Barbara Washington

    Barbara Washington4 hours ago

    It sure is flat there. That flooding must spread out for miles.💔🙏🏼😔

  20. Mike Humphreys

    Mike Humphreys4 hours ago

    Cool video!

  21. I spy with my little eye

    I spy with my little eye4 hours ago

    I painted the boat in front of the Belle Of Louisville 😊

  22. Гульнара Баева

    Гульнара Баева4 hours ago


  23. Cynthia Gonzales

    Cynthia Gonzales4 hours ago

    This is the State of Kansas Idiots!! That don't Pay attention and cause accidents and death because of Stupidity.

  24. AntBee

    AntBee4 hours ago

    Louisville looks like a beautiful city, even when flooded, hope everyone is okay.

  25. Lisa Brown

    Lisa Brown4 hours ago

    The CIA gave me AIDS......💔💔💔

  26. grovermatic

    grovermatic4 hours ago

    Excellent drone work!

  27. TISH KerrVille

    TISH KerrVille4 hours ago

    that water is raunchy AF 🤢🤮

  28. FactsOver Fiction

    FactsOver Fiction5 hours ago

    Is the Ohio usually so muddy? Prayers for Kentucky.

  29. Miss Toolfan

    Miss Toolfan5 hours ago

    Prayers from Va.

  30. Carmen martinez

    Carmen martinez5 hours ago

    Mitch he didn't got away with anything this time you old heck lm glad l don't have to hear from him.

  31. Ann Berlin

    Ann Berlin5 hours ago

    So glad yoy got Mitch McConnell stepping up and helping ye all *sarcasm*

  32. YourStorms TV

    YourStorms TV5 hours ago

    Wow very nice.

  33. Carlavision

    Carlavision5 hours ago

    Awesome video! Wish Oklahoma would get that snow!

  34. Barbara Owens

    Barbara Owens5 hours ago

    Gorgeous! 👍👍

  35. linda sapiecha

    linda sapiecha5 hours ago


  36. Severe Weather Center

    Severe Weather Center5 hours ago

    Awesome video! That is so cool

  37. Mookie moo

    Mookie moo5 hours ago

    Good educational video...I been trucking 1.5 years and i educate myself on EVERYTHING dealing with trucks good or bad.

  38. Top Haryanvi

    Top Haryanvi6 hours ago

    What about the animals out there ??

  39. inflambulent

    inflambulent6 hours ago

    Great shot of someone's feet while the action is happening.


    CALIDEE HOLMES7 hours ago

    OH GRACIOUS! Prayers for Kentucky...God send your angels to comfort them and keep the people dry, and disease free...bless them with much needed help for whatever they may need...bless them with safe lodgings in Jesus' name Amen... KENTUCKY AMERICA IS PRAYING FOR YOU! BLESSINGS!

  41. Farhat Shahzad

    Farhat Shahzad8 hours ago


  42. Roy Marksberry

    Roy Marksberry8 hours ago

    It's hell being poor in America

  43. Roy Marksberry

    Roy Marksberry8 hours ago

    You don't hear about going up River you don't hear about floating down river Just Between the dams

  44. Roy Marksberry

    Roy Marksberry8 hours ago

    They let the area flood in between the dam that should stop

  45. Jeffy joebob

    Jeffy joebob9 hours ago

    Title should be dock gets smashed by bridge

  46. anita martini

    anita martini9 hours ago

    Mississippi? Anyway...

  47. John Williamson

    John Williamson10 hours ago

    thumbs up for the worst footage

  48. jane doe

    jane doe10 hours ago

    Gorgeous storm! Wow!❤

  49. LaughingblueSu

    LaughingblueSu11 hours ago

    Gods way of washing away the Trump voters.

  50. Mondo Shredder

    Mondo Shredder11 hours ago

    Awesome footage, but these dudes are reckless as all hell. *_"Slow down!!! Slow down!!! Slow down!!!"_* *_"No!!! No!!! No!!! Go!!! Go!!! Go!!!"_* That kind of coordination and decisiveness significantly shortens the average life expectancy of short chasers...

  51. N Overall

    N Overall11 hours ago

    Wow 😳 I’m glad it hasn’t gotten like that recently.

  52. Justcallmewall

    Justcallmewall11 hours ago

    This is phenomenal footage

  53. Fultonfalcons86

    Fultonfalcons8611 hours ago

    You live by the sword you die by it ............

  54. Bruce7

    Bruce713 hours ago

    When your just too little

  55. Please Do Tell

    Please Do Tell14 hours ago

    "smashes bridge" 🙄🙄

  56. BostrsBoy

    BostrsBoy14 hours ago

    Edited: Bridge Smashes Covered Dock

  57. ashley adan

    ashley adan14 hours ago

    Forget military spending, instead built your infrastructure, simple

  58. Michael

    Michael14 hours ago

    What is this footage taken on the Mountain Parkway?

  59. TISH KerrVille

    TISH KerrVille15 hours ago


  60. Gina Jadacia ferreira Barbosa

    Gina Jadacia ferreira Barbosa18 hours ago

    Americans, they must cry out to their shepherds, asking God to send rains in proportion to propose exactile, he is powerful to do and merciful because all honor must be given to him and to Jesus Christ o crucificado e ressuscitado,tem o poder de controlar as chuvas e manda-las na proporção exata,estou repetindo o que falei em Inglês,orem e clamem vcs e seus pastores que Deus tenha misericórdia do Brasil e dos Estados Unidos, 🙏 que coloque limites no mar aqui e em todo mundo novo,que impeça furações de tocar a terra,Sei que os americanos são povo de oração,e Deus terá misericórdia, 🙏 não precisão clamar para Deus mostrar o seu poder,por que confiam e crêem que ele é poderoso ele não precisa mais provar nada ,por que confiam em Jesus o crucificado e ressuscitado,que ele mande ventos na proporção exata,por que ele ordena nos ventos e acalma as tempestade,orem por mim e meus filhos e todos os brasileiros,gregos e neozelandês que Deus controle os tremores de terra.clamem,por favor.

  61. gorak9000

    gorak900021 hour ago

    Heh, remind me, which country is the shithole again?

  62. Large Larry

    Large Larry22 hours ago

    What are you taking a video of, the road?

  63. Tigers9596

    Tigers959623 hours ago

    Definitely would say that's a landspout

  64. Johnny Botts

    Johnny BottsDay ago

    Is this the part where you're supposed to find a ditch and jump in?

  65. USA Mariner

    USA MarinerDay ago

    The owners of those homes have more money than brains.

  66. Enzo

    EnzoDay ago

    Lol, easy. Getting sideways is the fun part. Know how to control the throttle and don't brake. No need to be so scared of ice or slush snow

  67. Cynthia Gonzales

    Cynthia GonzalesDay ago

    Why didn't ya just stay on the bridge to cover it.😝

  68. Barbara Logsdon

    Barbara LogsdonDay ago

    I’m truly anticipating the future stories relating to this historical flood on how the people from the poorest part of this country pulled their boot straps up and overcame this horrible disaster. My folks are from Lee County and Lee County always had some the strongest people within their midst. I still have strong faith in the people from Lee County.

  69. Dan Stauffer

    Dan StaufferDay ago

    Glad I'm home in bed watching this!

  70. Toby Oldaker

    Toby OldakerDay ago

    some of the drivers cant drive in snow! I yelled at the guy in the jeep!

  71. Dave Blevins

    Dave BlevinsDay ago

    Yep. That's a lot of water. Have a great weekend. 👋

  72. Michael

    MichaelDay ago

    If the marina was on Herrington Lake how did it get around Dix Dam to wind up in the KY River?

  73. Danny Dougin

    Danny DouginDay ago

    Smashes *into* bridge...

  74. Saturday Morning

    Saturday MorningDay ago

    And yet, not one hydo-electric power source in the Commonwealth?

  75. Barry Turner

    Barry TurnerDay ago

    😜Looks like the Coquihalla in January 😵💕🇨🇦Sorry...

  76. Greg Akinson

    Greg AkinsonDay ago certainly did not smash the bridge by any stretch. Do you work for a news agency by chance?

  77. Aradon Darmelious

    Aradon DarmeliousDay ago

    Dang it Swift, can't even drive a boat dock right 😜

  78. BocksKarr

    BocksKarrDay ago

    My life entering 2021after 2020!!

  79. Dan Burch

    Dan BurchDay ago

    Shows how cheaply made the dock is. I would want my dock to stay put.

  80. Pamela Pugh

    Pamela PughDay ago

    Really bad bad storm. Glad it's over till 2022.