Wonders of the World
Wonders of the World
Wonders of the World

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  1. Mani Monsta

    Mani Monsta8 hours ago



    JELLY JIYA8 hours ago

    3:19 im telling you that is SMEntertainment building 💁‍♀️

  3. Nicona Wilson

    Nicona Wilson8 hours ago

    Very wonderful story. Almost romantic

  4. el diesel

    el diesel8 hours ago

    He must've gotten paid when they took his house though, eminent domain.

  5. Jimmy Chen

    Jimmy Chen8 hours ago

    So, what are you saying, the world is better without people?

  6. cornel du toit

    cornel du toit8 hours ago

    Its not Nuculer , its Nuclear , fucksakes

  7. el diesel

    el diesel8 hours ago

    0:50 start of video

  8. Team Roping

    Team Roping8 hours ago

    biggest line of bullshit ever ! and whats with the coyote ?

  9. Moses Aron

    Moses Aron8 hours ago

    Catastrophic Climate change is bull shit.

  10. Janis Ozolins

    Janis Ozolins8 hours ago

    Technically this is just a fairy tale for attracting watchers and that is it. Pictures of different houses and animals are put in the right sequence. Nothing special and no harm, just a positive story.

  11. Its_ Blossom

    Its_ Blossom8 hours ago

    Omg that’s so sad..... 😢😭😢

  12. Iceburnification

    Iceburnification8 hours ago

    Click-bait thumbnail. Channel blocked.

  13. Mark Ramlucken

    Mark Ramlucken8 hours ago

    What a wolf, I love my 2 dogs. Great video heart moving story.

  14. SunnyDaysRFun

    SunnyDaysRFun8 hours ago

    BS!! I understand stories that are fantastic, but you telling a story of a woman whom was buried alive, as though somehow she didn't pass through the mortuary whom would have embalmed her? I think you really embellished on the story, what's the true story.

  15. Polash Quadhi

    Polash Quadhi8 hours ago

    all your videos disliked without being watched, the stroy could be told in 2 minutes, you made it 8 minutes long to waste my time including 3 ad, in total 9+. Just to make money out of me making me a cash cow and that is even a fake story. So I decided to take my revenge. I didn't watch any of your video more than 30sec not to generate any cash for you and disliked every video so they go down on the search in everyone's list. This way other people would be safe from your trap. Sometimes I do it, or more to scam like you

  16. Raja Daimari

    Raja Daimari8 hours ago

    Thank god the tiger didn't bring another human as a gratitude

  17. Spetet

    Spetet8 hours ago

    Ten days later, the guy tried to open his door, but his ex wife's body was blocking it.

  18. Kristine Hatfield

    Kristine Hatfield8 hours ago

    A man in Terre Haute IN had a telephone installed in his tomb

  19. Error might

    Error might8 hours ago

    me after seeing this : faith in humanity -restore

  20. GrandmaChelle23

    GrandmaChelle238 hours ago

    Sheep must be sheared every year.

  21. Omari Ricks

    Omari Ricks8 hours ago

    I would have still let him in a restaurant is a restaurant.

  22. David Li

    David Li8 hours ago

    The comfortable fuel cytologically alert because secretary willy damage atop a sordid south africa. bawdy, groovy captain

  23. Pizza Pie

    Pizza Pie9 hours ago

    Mom is that u You?

  24. Vo Jaro

    Vo Jaro9 hours ago

    Did you ever notice that wherever humans go so does extinction, murder, cruelty, evil? I hope these animals go on to thrive and hopefully humans will be banned from ever settling there again. Leave them alone.

  25. Wes Justice

    Wes Justice9 hours ago

    Everyone that owned it loved it? the house that was a "little bit" dusty and moist? The reason the renovation cost him a fortune is because when Mr. Wood purchased Clingstone the house was trashed by the elements and strangers. Sunlight hit the basement.

  26. Pizza Pie

    Pizza Pie9 hours ago

    Math test F

  27. Happy Rainbow

    Happy Rainbow9 hours ago

    The proud stamp disconcertingly repair because stitch distinctly use upon a repulsive poet. fanatical, luxuriant ravioli

  28. Aaron Bullock

    Aaron Bullock9 hours ago

    And the meek (Not humans but wildlife and nature)shall inherit the earth💥🥂

  29. Joop Terwijn

    Joop Terwijn9 hours ago

    So after 9 min finally you tell where the video about...👎

  30. Anne Reese

    Anne Reese9 hours ago

    Awww wolfie!

  31. אביב ירדני

    אביב ירדני9 hours ago

    people are shit. go vegan

  32. Tyler Scheel

    Tyler Scheel9 hours ago

    The story may have been factual, but the video was far from animals in the wild. I understand that maybe they could not film in the radioactive area, but if your going to show a wild eagle, edit the video and remove the leg harnesses.....

  33. Conrad Lamoureux

    Conrad Lamoureux9 hours ago

    Radiation did not affect the wild life?.............we were told radiation destroys everything for thoudands of years???...........are they lying to us again??

  34. Chin Chang

    Chin Chang9 hours ago

    I am sure this is nothing more than a publicity stunt for his company, Solid 8

  35. green eyes 2

    green eyes 29 hours ago

    Good ending to a horrible event.

  36. 2coryman

    2coryman9 hours ago


  37. Mingkeng Taga

    Mingkeng Taga9 hours ago

    Dolphins to Humans : Ay my Mammal Bro

  38. Tonto Emeritus

    Tonto Emeritus9 hours ago

    I live inside the beltway of one of the top 20 most populated cities in the US (Midwest = location) and we MANY varieties of wildlife in the urban area to include eagles, hawks, owls, songbirds--too many to list, deer, cayote, fox, etc., etc. ..... NATURE ADAPTS ! LIFE is VERY strong-willed ..... Ever try to rid your yard or gravel drive of crabgrass ? I rest my case .... Great vid ....

  39. Esther D Martinez

    Esther D Martinez9 hours ago

    This is for the people here saying this story isn't true. This days is so easy to search stuff up. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ewa_Wi%C5%9Bnierska?wprov=sfla1

  40. James Mason

    James Mason9 hours ago

    Sounds like the paramedic needs to invest in a back door.

  41. Tree Rogie

    Tree Rogie9 hours ago

    Uh oh secrets out.....The next NFL FRANCHISE ....IS..........""""""DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CHINESE DUCKS"""

  42. Kimberly Potts

    Kimberly Potts9 hours ago

    Majority of all the animals mate for life so the humans need to learn this too cause God made it this way so whose pets are they that humans kill God's pets for he made dogs with cats the same way too for they all go to heaven

  43. Sydney Springle

    Sydney Springle9 hours ago

    What an amazing experience.....God is great . Amen

  44. elige brown

    elige brown10 hours ago

    Its good to know at least the wildlife will return after such an incadent like this. Need to start shooting these poachers

  45. Harry Brooks

    Harry Brooks10 hours ago

    Watch out for the 🐻s.

  46. D. Drakon

    D. Drakon10 hours ago

    Nothing here.

  47. Kimberly Potts

    Kimberly Potts10 hours ago

    God bless them all and thank you Jesus well the vulture is bigger okay that fly

  48. elige brown

    elige brown10 hours ago

    Those rescue workers should lose their jobs and be repremanded!! I dont care wjo they were looking for!

  49. elige brown

    elige brown10 hours ago

    Mom, theres a person on a peraglider. Timmy i told you about lying. But mom!

  50. Michael Bosnak

    Michael Bosnak10 hours ago

    Nature’s beauty

  51. KillerXGamerX

    KillerXGamerX10 hours ago

    I Live In Sri Lanka And Yesterday I Saw A Crocodile In A River (Fact For All Of U In Every Sri Lanka River U May See Crocs) I Throwed A Bread At It It Ate It And Came Near Me I Was Scared But It Looked At Me And Went Back To The Water I Guess Its It Way To Say Thanks :)

  52. Mary Menatti

    Mary Menatti10 hours ago

    When I was a child we had a bunny who spent the night outside in his cage. The next day, we found wild hare tracks and scratch marks where they had tried to free her.

  53. Robert Schweppenhauser

    Robert Schweppenhauser10 hours ago

    Bull shit story.If you pull on both ropes you make you canopy smaller and you will desend

  54. Keith Minnion

    Keith Minnion10 hours ago

    It's NU-CLE-AR. Pronouncing that wrong makes me doubt the facts of the entire video. Do your homework!

  55. Justin Kelch

    Justin Kelch10 hours ago

    Actually the catfish are actually stunted growth rate from radiation... wells catfish one of largest in world

  56. cathy sears

    cathy sears10 hours ago

    Clickbait. They're using a Clint Eastwood movie for the story's pictures...haha

  57. chucku00

    chucku0010 hours ago

    The stoat is pretty badass... the stoat is just craaazy! It really doesn't give a shit. Stoat don't care... oh, was that a mouse? Oh, that's nasty. Oh, that's so nasty. Oh, look! It's chasing things and eating them! The stoat have a fairly long body... oh, what a crazy fuck! Look!

  58. Chris Collier

    Chris Collier10 hours ago

    Poachers. Being there with a means of taking, or killing an animal is admission of guilt, carry out the sentence of death immediately.

  59. sarwar jahan

    sarwar jahan10 hours ago


  60. GSpotter63

    GSpotter6310 hours ago

    As you watch this keep in mind that the number of people and animals that have been killed by the oil industry outnumbers those injured in nuclear accidents by factors in the thousands... Next time you see people protesting against nuclear power keep this little fact in mind.

  61. Robin Jurglewicz

    Robin Jurglewicz10 hours ago

    Your truly beautiful people save this tiger I myself illegally on the Panther on my 40 acres in Connecticut her name was Rasha I never kept her in a cage she slept in the same bed with me my six cats and my dog and never hurt anyone remember this about animals animals are incapable of sin only man commits sin animals only kill for two reasons to protect themselves the eater feed or protect their young only man kills for lust greed power animals are the only innocent thing that walks the Earth

  62. greenlover

    greenlover10 hours ago

    max of 2 metres for the catfish

  63. Ray-san :3

    Ray-san :310 hours ago

    They look adorable tho-

  64. Lee Wooten

    Lee Wooten10 hours ago

    If they are making a hybrid between an elephant and a mammoth, how would that animal be able to reproduce

  65. sparkytube

    sparkytube10 hours ago

    where can i get a money cat ??? :)

  66. Giles Pargiter

    Giles Pargiter10 hours ago

    So, which bit is shocking and how does a planet get shocked?

  67. alal2009

    alal200911 hours ago

    That is awesome!

  68. Norma Lee

    Norma Lee11 hours ago

    Stop plugging anti people and start actually researching bs science....you will find we ALL fit togather with one exception: those who want to destroy other humans and stop at nothing to push this agenda!

  69. mark lewis

    mark lewis11 hours ago


  70. Norma Lee

    Norma Lee11 hours ago

    Sooooooo....why aren't they affected by the radiation?? It sounds like bs science regarding levels of radiation that is survivable.

  71. Joslyn Starling

    Joslyn Starling11 hours ago

    Maybe do a little research about snakes before you put together a video. Brazilian red tailed Boas are not pythons. Carpet pythons are not green pythons. Lot of incorrect stock footage. Don't even get me started about venomous vs. poisonous. The short version if you bite it and you die it is poisonous. If it bites you and you die it is venomous.

  72. scott00790

    scott0079011 hours ago

    Ok "Casey Kasem", we will see you later

  73. Grant Myers

    Grant Myers11 hours ago

    they will piss and shit in your insulation in your attic and attract more animals. Once it's out, go into your attic and remove all soiled insulation, cut out any stained drywall, de-scent, then re-insulate. But make sure the way into the attic is blocked off so no more can get in.

  74. RandomGuy

    RandomGuy11 hours ago

    If a zebra got the same defect would it be classed as a regular white horse?

  75. benny gumay

    benny gumay11 hours ago

    It otter ?

  76. Kep Ami

    Kep Ami11 hours ago

    This would be a nice story if it was true.

  77. Blake Ramsay

    Blake Ramsay11 hours ago

    Are they taking volunteers to hunt the poachers?

  78. sumitra arya

    sumitra arya11 hours ago

    Cant believe that this was the meaning of being attached to nature was when taught

  79. Steve Hammond

    Steve Hammond11 hours ago


  80. Ronald Joe

    Ronald Joe11 hours ago

    animal adapt to the Enviroment , man change the Enviroment to suit himself and in the end he destroyed everything ,