I'm a rocket league USlikesr known as musty or amustycow and for being the founder of the "musty flick" mechanic. Thanks for checking out my channel!

I'm a supersonic legend rocket league player who uploads Rocket League videos to help you improve and stay entertained!

  1. Noah Feijen

    Noah Feijen17 hours ago

    you are talking the same way suddenly lol i knew you are only 15 Yo

  2. Noah Feijen

    Noah Feijen17 hours ago

    why are you acting like you are squishy

  3. Jamie Doyle

    Jamie Doyle17 hours ago

    is crunchy on kb and m

  4. Heponen

    Heponen17 hours ago

    More like 1gold vs 2 super Sonic legends Being creeper

  5. Heponen

    Heponen17 hours ago

    More like 1gold vs 2 super Sonic legends Being creeper

  6. Soothing Scarabs10

    Soothing Scarabs1017 hours ago

    13:48 who is watching in 2021?

  7. Wessel Niestadt

    Wessel Niestadt17 hours ago



    RED FIRE17 hours ago

    Musty can you write english essay for my exam

  9. Chronic Vyro

    Chronic Vyro17 hours ago

    musty what are your new control settings

  10. MyC um

    MyC um17 hours ago

    What goal explosion does musty have

  11. jaikf bxbxxn

    jaikf bxbxxn17 hours ago

    you look like 3 times younger with the glasses

  12. Mr Mango

    Mr Mango17 hours ago

    I like the mertzy hoodie, paying him for getting trolled back then in rocket league 2 video 🤣🤣

  13. -Jxska-

    -Jxska-17 hours ago

    The best part was when they freestyled

  14. techy goat

    techy goat17 hours ago

    RIP musty s bank account

  15. Jay Gamer

    Jay Gamer17 hours ago

    The classic hay gamer

  16. sam whitlow

    sam whitlow17 hours ago

    U have mertzy murch

  17. Ethan _thegod

    Ethan _thegod17 hours ago


  18. Unstoppable

    Unstoppable17 hours ago

    U have 2mil

  19. Dean Superville

    Dean Superville17 hours ago

    Why dose he spam camera

  20. Tasos Tourlis

    Tasos Tourlis17 hours ago

    Something is wrong with the sirt

  21. Meas Nooren

    Meas Nooren17 hours ago

    Musty haves mertzy merch on

  22. Wojtek Skorski

    Wojtek Skorski17 hours ago

    0:48 mertzy merch ;)

  23. Muntaha Haran

    Muntaha Haran17 hours ago

    12:38 had me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. gaming bl

    gaming bl17 hours ago

    what are your settings

  25. Insert clever name here

    Insert clever name here17 hours ago

    Welcome to the world of golds...where some play like bronze and others are actually really pretty good.

  26. Ree King

    Ree King17 hours ago

    Athena 15:28 15:31

  27. Ur Daily Muffin

    Ur Daily Muffin18 hours ago

    What was the song called when he was introducing the competitors?

  28. CrizZle Rl

    CrizZle Rl18 hours ago

    Hey musty your my favourite content creator if you could reply to this you would make my day

  29. tea tomic

    tea tomic18 hours ago

    Why is he wearing a mertzy sgirt?

  30. Breaking Stuff

    Breaking Stuff18 hours ago

    Pls react to my friend and his friend Chanel name : splash

  31. Tymek Rudnicki

    Tymek Rudnicki18 hours ago

    Lol musty u hit the football trick elastico in rl never thought I would ever see that your goated

  32. Walid JDIR

    Walid JDIR18 hours ago


  33. AdamKillz213

    AdamKillz21318 hours ago

    9:57 it said 101 on octane but then you put 107

  34. Sea Storm Gaming

    Sea Storm Gaming18 hours ago

    Musty: you can control every single thing you do with your controler Me: ** Is a Keyboard and Mouse Player Don't hate on me for playing on kbm

  35. CIccio maliccio

    CIccio maliccio18 hours ago


  36. McCarl Fornkwah

    McCarl Fornkwah18 hours ago

    the guy in the first clip is so bad for gc - ssl

  37. Nahumie

    Nahumie18 hours ago

    Have y’all noticed the are picking the forbidden temple map more cause of lunar new year?

  38. Minh-Duc Nguyen

    Minh-Duc Nguyen18 hours ago

    Mertzy merch at 1:04

  39. pizza Mann

    pizza Mann18 hours ago

    The guy in chat be like: OMFG UR SO GOOOOOD 13:00 eventhough he and his teammates mess eachother up

  40. gaming now

    gaming now18 hours ago

    Should of spammed giving yourself goals at the end to really confuse them

  41. Wessel Niestadt

    Wessel Niestadt18 hours ago

    Tryhard level 8000

  42. Alex Lawrence

    Alex Lawrence18 hours ago

    I’m the only person that realising that musty stole the video from Lachlan v Jonsandman

  43. Devon Gagen

    Devon Gagen18 hours ago

    and for fun my name is NRG Hawk

  44. Devon Gagen

    Devon Gagen18 hours ago

    im a siver 3 but deserve to be a plat 2

  45. Devon Gagen

    Devon Gagen18 hours ago

    musty i want to be in a video but i cant get on your discord

  46. Rens Bosmans

    Rens Bosmans18 hours ago

    Why are you wearing mertzy merch?!

  47. jaka ljubec

    jaka ljubec18 hours ago

    Mertzy mercchhhh

  48. Jonathan Hunter

    Jonathan Hunter18 hours ago

    no way no way it's musty that is squishymuffinz

  49. Armaan Musa Khan

    Armaan Musa Khan18 hours ago

    Psn: Kingmusa_2011 pls add me I’m a huge fan if I saw u I would die

  50. Gwen Phalan

    Gwen Phalan18 hours ago

    Good luck on getting to 1 mil

  51. Joseph Proctor

    Joseph Proctor18 hours ago

    not me spamming Y like musty before kickoffs thinking ill become a better rocket league player


    NICKI DUNN18 hours ago

    That intro man goose I've had him in a match with me he was on my team

  53. VanPearcie316

    VanPearcie31618 hours ago

    Are u good at Fortnite musty because you like to box like a fish 🤣?

  54. Karen Calvert

    Karen Calvert19 hours ago

    Musty saves insean shot me in goal and saves a both save

  55. outta business

    outta business19 hours ago

    imagine if he went into a stream and the person he said , win ur next game standing up , was in a wheelchair

  56. Asiathegamer_yt

    Asiathegamer_yt19 hours ago

    Pc users like me: How to do in pc

  57. Sonic Scar

    Sonic Scar19 hours ago


  58. Jaime Megan

    Jaime Megan19 hours ago

    The yielding hearing certainly look because song phylogentically nod from a receptive magazine. bashful, assorted battery

  59. Itzhaaris

    Itzhaaris19 hours ago

    Lol that random twitch sub don’t know what he saying he just backing it

  60. Tarzan 123

    Tarzan 12319 hours ago

    Ur wherein merzy merch

  61. Jaime Megan

    Jaime Megan19 hours ago

    The mere seagull repressingly answer because rake daily scream onto a ill-informed apology. ragged, possessive muscle

  62. link

    link19 hours ago

    Arsenal no cap

  63. Froster Boy

    Froster Boy19 hours ago

    Hey gamer me thinking wth I don’t game

  64. František Odnoha

    František Odnoha19 hours ago

    Musty: i dont watch anime Emo girl: >:(

  65. Daniel Janev

    Daniel Janev19 hours ago

    I just hit a 163kph pinch lets gooooooo

  66. Eonz

    Eonz19 hours ago

    I kinda wished someone was a smurf and just started air dribbling

  67. blitz_ venom

    blitz_ venom19 hours ago

    anyonone here in 2021

  68. Sumisu

    Sumisu19 hours ago

    I bought them, probs not worth, they are so expensive holy fuck

  69. Jaafar Turki

    Jaafar Turki19 hours ago

    I love your vids and I am now in Platinum 1 because of your 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 vids. Keep up the good job! 💪 Btw can you plz add me? I really want to play with a RLY good person

  70. Samraan Sheikh

    Samraan Sheikh19 hours ago

    What boost does musty use?

  71. Hans-Erling Pettersen

    Hans-Erling Pettersen20 hours ago

    Musty i cant freestyle

  72. Kaelan Watts

    Kaelan Watts20 hours ago

    Song at 5:11?

  73. lil bloodz

    lil bloodz20 hours ago

    We got same glasses mate 🤓👍❤️noice

  74. The magician Golden husky

    The magician Golden husky20 hours ago

    Drink 10 glasses of milk😏

  75. Catrin Davies

    Catrin Davies20 hours ago


  76. Fc Jxcob

    Fc Jxcob20 hours ago

    The title is the same of a rblx title

  77. Theō

    Theō20 hours ago

    Mertzy merch

  78. Buzzz Playz

    Buzzz Playz20 hours ago

    Him not using his new car design😬🙁

  79. Alex koko

    Alex koko20 hours ago

    Wow these ssl's are SOOO bad.I could easily beat them and im bronze 1 .

  80. Jakob Arbesleitner

    Jakob Arbesleitner20 hours ago

    Musti is the best USlikesr