Young Merkules
Young Merkules
Young Merkules

3-time Western Canadian Music Award nominated rapper Merkules’ videos have received over 400,000,000 views, and his music has had over 100,000,000 audio-only streams. Merkules has rocked over 500 high energy performances across North America, Europe, and Australia, and isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. His raw talent, wit, and genuine humbleness has captivated a fan base that is growing by the thousands every day. Through blood, sweat, and tears, Merkules has earned the respect of artists and fans around the world, proving himself to be the next rising star in hip hop.



3 months ago

  1. Dj Mimo

    Dj Mimo9 hours ago

    Been saying this since D12 days. Swifty is soo underrated 🔥💪

  2. Genie Rosario

    Genie Rosario9 hours ago


  3. Paul Poppe

    Paul Poppe10 hours ago

    Canada 2 Tennessee Tennessee 2 Canada

  4. Michael Hughes

    Michael Hughes11 hours ago

    Kameha do flips like goku

  5. Joseph Doll

    Joseph Doll11 hours ago

    Fire and more fire. Been listening to you since before L.A.S.H. Keep dropping it cuz I'm constantly sportin' it. 💯 Jelly Roll - Dearly departed - Fire as well. Mainstream sucks please keep coming with that heat!

  6. Asil

    Asil12 hours ago

    I’m only listening to this becaue I woke up with I need a girl Like riri yeeeaaa in my fucking head since I woke up. Creeping coreys IG before bed was a weird idea

  7. Nitro Hall

    Nitro Hall12 hours ago

    Love this song .

  8. chad king

    chad king12 hours ago

    This is straight up the point people

  9. Pablo Ticona

    Pablo Ticona12 hours ago

    F love

  10. Ryan L

    Ryan L12 hours ago

    3 different styles. 1 great song🔥

  11. Craig Mooney

    Craig Mooney12 hours ago

    Love ya merk. Can't stop listening to ya. Canada fucking EH!!!

  12. Chicago Hitman01

    Chicago Hitman0113 hours ago

    These 2 guys are dope as hell ....

  13. Crazywhiteboi 231

    Crazywhiteboi 23113 hours ago

    Fuck yesh

  14. Julie-Noëlle Boulay

    Julie-Noëlle Boulay13 hours ago

    This is why i love merk ❤️❤️🥰🥰 you’re such a sweet guy! 😍

  15. Josh ewa

    Josh ewa13 hours ago

    Buckethead for the win

  16. Mark Sturino

    Mark Sturino13 hours ago

    Fire song 👌🏻🎵🎶🎤🎧🎙🔥

  17. LikeWhoa 420

    LikeWhoa 42013 hours ago

    Merk is always 🔥🔥🔥 But Upchurch is so trash

  18. Traversy Media

    Traversy Media13 hours ago

    I can’t believe I just found this. I always loved this beat, but the incoherent mumbling ruined it for me. Thanks for putting actual rapping on it

  19. Joey Blair

    Joey Blair13 hours ago

    Damn son you have some hard bars

  20. Sweet T

    Sweet T15 hours ago

    I think you're so talented & a true lyricist, regardless of your image as lil windex or DTG!

  21. Will B

    Will B15 hours ago

    Can’t stop playing!!

  22. Brandon Kearney

    Brandon Kearney15 hours ago

    Wow man this is god dam amazing,

  23. steven Hoff

    steven Hoff16 hours ago

    I hope he cleaned the parking lot

  24. Howard Dalton

    Howard Dalton16 hours ago

    Do a show in terre haute indiana. Please!!!!

  25. RUSEV sauve

    RUSEV sauve17 hours ago


  26. Matt Wilfong

    Matt Wilfong17 hours ago

    Never gets old 🔥🔥🔥

  27. Timmy Drones

    Timmy Drones17 hours ago

    You just showing how idiots live 🔥🔥🔥

  28. RUSEV sauve

    RUSEV sauve17 hours ago


  29. adrian wright

    adrian wright18 hours ago

    I don’t feel like my self until 3 to true bro

  30. Jamie Elle

    Jamie Elle18 hours ago

    These 3 together ❤❤❤

  31. Caleb Roger

    Caleb Roger19 hours ago

    no f king homies

  32. Caleb Roger

    Caleb Roger19 hours ago

    i be here homie

  33. DyaLv

    DyaLv19 hours ago

    Damn bro🔥

  34. IAM TV

    IAM TV19 hours ago

    Awesome bro God bless you and your awesomeness ❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. EnemyTec

    EnemyTec20 hours ago

    so dramatic for no reason lmao, it was some funny videos man you're acting like you lost yourself like what

  36. Slash #333

    Slash #33321 hour ago

    MBN have me in VR mode. All the people around me are invisable. He run around with a stolen CIA badge and put cevilien people in fake matrix.! Cool music btw

  37. 999spakke

    999spakke21 hour ago


  38. Jake Valent

    Jake Valent21 hour ago

    DDT 2024

  39. Ashleigh Whyte

    Ashleigh Whyte22 hours ago

    My absolute favourites this it’s an absolute j you do not understand this if the best to drop in 2021 I already call it fuck the rest this where it’s at can’t wait to see some more of you two Colab

  40. flousein

    flousein23 hours ago

    I can’t get enough of this song. Blind fury’s verse gives me chills

  41. chopped T

    chopped TDay ago

    "Lord" jamar, Charlamagne "the god", Nick Cannon and bumzino all racist wannabes cant stand seeing anyone not black succeed in hip hop.

  42. Jay112983

    Jay112983Day ago

    Love Merk!!!! Upchurch on another level though 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  43. Patrick Hatley

    Patrick HatleyDay ago

    Man i like it jelly keep it going bro..good song

  44. Derck McCoy

    Derck McCoyDay ago

    Rap game dirty, he's cleaning it up.

  45. Chuck Berger

    Chuck BergerDay ago

    Anti American neighbors got me jiving to this

  46. Andrew Reid

    Andrew ReidDay ago

    Oh fuck ya

  47. Christopher Birkeland

    Christopher BirkelandDay ago

    This shit bumps 💯 shout-out to Merk and Adam Calhoun for making this goddamn beauty

  48. Tristan Cronin

    Tristan CroninDay ago

    Me three years waiting for it to drop on spotify

  49. terry weldrick

    terry weldrickDay ago

    😯 holy shhht...

  50. Ethan Delaney

    Ethan DelaneyDay ago

    Yo merkules I just have to say man, you are fucking amazing

  51. Brennan Sanderson

    Brennan SandersonDay ago

    Merkules. Always killing it👊😎

  52. Joseph Westbrook

    Joseph WestbrookDay ago

    Merk, jelly, church and calhoun need to make a track now and just shut the whole game down!!

  53. dayton Shawn

    dayton ShawnDay ago

    Good job bro I'm liking this style big moves big bro 💪

  54. Young Czs Music

    Young Czs MusicDay ago

    I dont understand why it has 893 Dislikes, probably 69 fans😂 dont Hate. this guy has more talent than your own life.🔥🖕🏻

  55. First Last

    First LastDay ago


  56. Christopher Baca

    Christopher BacaDay ago


  57. Hiren Patel

    Hiren PatelDay ago

    Merkules need to hang out with Slaughter House (without Joe Budden) some more ...

  58. Zachary James

    Zachary JamesDay ago

    Shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Zeelow95

    Zeelow95Day ago

    Free joe till it’s backwards

  60. Tyler Murray

    Tyler MurrayDay ago

    Y’all gotta do another one. This one was lit. Now the people need to see more 🤷🏻‍♂️😂🤙

  61. Dusty Bahlz

    Dusty BahlzDay ago

    Ha! The only "Monster" Merk is, is Jabba The Hutt....

  62. Chelby Lamb

    Chelby LambDay ago

    My boyfriend sent me this and honestly I play this when I miss him and I feel it brings us closer thank you.

  63. Fenny Tall

    Fenny TallDay ago

    Thanks Merk, I hope one day I get to do the same for mine, your gold.

  64. Bryce Kimmell

    Bryce KimmellDay ago

    The collaboration I wanted but never expected!!!

  65. Spawnnagi14 Warzone

    Spawnnagi14 WarzoneDay ago

    I gotta say seeing how much evil has developed is awesome

  66. Joshua Sailer

    Joshua SailerDay ago

    love the music you guys are the best

  67. Marcus Lietzow

    Marcus LietzowDay ago

    Hammer Stimme top

  68. Fenny Tall

    Fenny TallDay ago

    Sounds like barely surviving

  69. Damian Cassell

    Damian CassellDay ago

    This song is amazing I can even say in words what marks and jellys music does for my depression. Everything they touch is gold. I seen merk on concert 3 years ago he is a beast rep Canada.

  70. Alec Kiff

    Alec KiffDay ago

    This is dope. Loving it

  71. Roland Gruber

    Roland GruberDay ago

    that chills ✔👌

  72. Jamie Inserra

    Jamie InserraDay ago

    Merk went in on this shit!

  73. sean Lamere

    sean LamereDay ago

    Fuck yeah finally Merc and Church woooooo!!!!!!!!

  74. Quest Messchendorp

    Quest MesschendorpDay ago

    This is the realest I've heard besides Tupac so deep and those emotions this demon shit can really fuck a person up I am battling my own demons but listening to Merkukes is making me understand and embrace my inner self love his music all his work such an amazing guy big time role model mad love and respect to you Merkukes

  75. Joker King

    Joker KingDay ago

    This song is so dope I am blasting this on repeat

  76. Dustin Bailey

    Dustin BaileyDay ago


  77. Andreas Janzén

    Andreas JanzénDay ago

    I need this on spotify <3

  78. Andrew G Gushue

    Andrew G GushueDay ago

    As long as the akay got blanks in it. Haha

  79. Jesse Ansorge

    Jesse AnsorgeDay ago

    Beginning sounded to me a bit like Aesop Rock's Drums on the Wheel.



    Glad to see a song like this really been going through a lot in my life probably tried the easy way out more than I can count but i hope the future is better bc idk if I can keep doing this be fighting to keep my self sane and healthy it’s hard asf especially since my dad was killed in Atl last year but anyway keep going man ur doing great