Colion Noir
Colion Noir
Colion Noir

I am an Attorney and Owner of N.O.I.R. Inc. A production company dedicated to the Modern Firearms Industry and Lifestyle. I am the Host of the show "NOIR" on I'm an NRA News Commentator, 2nd Amendment Advocate, Reviewer of All things Gun, an Urban (City) Gun Enthusiast and One of Many who Personify the The Pew Pew Lifestyle. Most People just Call me COLION NOIR.

  1. 704ab

    704ab6 hours ago

    I BetaBoi in Texas too kooky for the job Biden already promised him?

  2. Billy Jefferson

    Billy Jefferson6 hours ago

    You funny AF

  3. Scotty Carver

    Scotty Carver6 hours ago

    No one's confiscating guns from Americans, imagine what repercussions they'd face.

  4. robert burkins

    robert burkins6 hours ago

    Grest job !!!

  5. Nuko Krissytyishahah

    Nuko Krissytyishahah6 hours ago

    U hit the nail on the head with that opening monologue. Im from Denmark, and according to our law, we have no right to defend ourselfes. If someone does a home invasion and you punch him, HE CAN ACTUALLY WIN A LAWSUIT AND YOU'LL BE JAILED FOR VIOLENCE

  6. Juss dre

    Juss dre6 hours ago

    I have never seen a video that had more likes then diss likes like this

  7. Just Some Guy

    Just Some Guy6 hours ago

    She shows how closed minded she is. She constantly interrupts you to make her own point. She derails you with her own narrative so that she can preach hers. Has has a total disregard for what you have to say, and it's completely disrespectful.

  8. Jonathan Wright

    Jonathan Wright6 hours ago

    Next mask "Shall Not Be Infringed". The MORE people get that message, the harder it will be for the left. We need to keep fighting like we're losing. Fight Like Hell.

  9. Dr Quack

    Dr Quack6 hours ago

    Why do conservatives want to pretend that the police care

  10. Jelani JordanRivers7883

    Jelani JordanRivers78836 hours ago

    Been looking at getting a hold of the PDP and the PPQ to add to my rotation in carrying. I love P10c but, always wanted a Walther firearm

  11. Micbael Oppenheimer

    Micbael Oppenheimer6 hours ago

    We all know what his next gun is going to be, and his next video will be him purchasing one !

  12. novisnick

    novisnick6 hours ago

    Love what your doing sir! God Bless you!

  13. TheFatalAngel

    TheFatalAngel6 hours ago


  14. John C.A. Piasta

    John C.A. Piasta6 hours ago

    Mental health assistance and prosecution of criminals. Leave the Constitution alone. Vote in 2022.

  15. Matthew Taylor

    Matthew Taylor6 hours ago

    I will never comply

  16. Micbael Oppenheimer

    Micbael Oppenheimer6 hours ago

    The grip on a gun is just so important, for control, and the trigger is part of that so important !!

  17. RavenMoto

    RavenMoto6 hours ago

    They dont talk about the abortion crisis that they fund!

  18. Farm Boy

    Farm Boy6 hours ago

    Well said, as always..

  19. Joshua Crummie

    Joshua Crummie6 hours ago

    Keep up the fight brother we need folks like you

  20. Dan H

    Dan H6 hours ago

    These gun control people are sick, I mean really SICK. They are suffering from a severe mental dementia illness. They are easily excited and irrational when presented with facts. They are unable to except factual evidence, they create terms to try to justify their paranoia, and inability to grasp reality. They delude themselves thinking criminals will fallow their mandates. They are unable to distinguish between criminals and law abiding citizens. I could go on about why I the anti gunners are suffering some form of dementia, But that would make my post too long.

  21. Micbael Oppenheimer

    Micbael Oppenheimer6 hours ago

    Well it would be interesting to find an actor by the name of Walther to play the part of James Bond, that would be funny !!!

  22. Chris Cunningham

    Chris Cunningham6 hours ago

    I'm just here for the algorithm

  23. Nickolas Robinson

    Nickolas Robinson6 hours ago

    And colion brother your wasting your time she won't change her mind...I love watching you put ppl in their place but hey more YT playtime for you make that money homie hahaha

  24. Nickolas Robinson

    Nickolas Robinson6 hours ago

    Shouldn't be laughable? Tyrants do exist.. yes that includes the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and yea someday you might be defending yourself against them... but just like red dawn that woman would be a bootlicker and do as she's told...

  25. Stan's WB

    Stan's WB6 hours ago

    Hey Colion, can you talk about the omnibus and make people aware of how they can silently sneak second amendment legislation in without most people knowing.

  26. Jeremy Keller

    Jeremy Keller6 hours ago

    If the gunfolk could self police instead of railing about communists, if the gunfolk could require training and impose self discipline on owners, the democrats would not feel any motivation to control them. Gunfolk: police yourselves! This is the only way to disarm those who seek to disarm you!

  27. Nickolas Robinson

    Nickolas Robinson7 hours ago

    I am getting a few guns... to protect myself and my family.. no intentions on taking anyone's life unless they try to cause bodily harm to myself or my family and then yes I will drop them where they stand... but I do NOT intend on getting my guns and using them in crimes nor do I want them for any other negative ideology I want them for PROTECTION and will do so lawfully due to my second amendment right when it says shall not be infringed thats mean SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!!!

  28. Steven Busch

    Steven Busch7 hours ago

    It’s all about control!

  29. corb

    corb7 hours ago

    you are a FAKE

  30. roul3688

    roul36887 hours ago

    Anyone who threatens to infringe upon our rights, is racist. The Democrat party is racist.

  31. Mike Campbell

    Mike Campbell7 hours ago

    One of thee worst ever elected

  32. 2ndamendmipistola Tejano primero Americano siempre

    2ndamendmipistola Tejano primero Americano siempre7 hours ago

    Just like the mexican leader of the auto defensas said Ellos los queren desarmandos para que ellos agan lo que Ellos queren unidos nosotros nos los tumban the leader of the mexican organization autodefensa that has taken back a lot of their city's from cartel take over said only us people united can win and push the evil back

  33. Justin Credible

    Justin Credible7 hours ago

    Gave atf a bad review on google. I hope they’ve learned their lesson

  34. David Ruby

    David Ruby7 hours ago

    The constitution reads what it reads. It’s a shame they can’t read English. It’s probably the communist in them.

  35. Justin Credible

    Justin Credible7 hours ago

    Bought a 3d printer. Gun control means nothing to me🥶😵🤲. 🖕

  36. A R T

    A R T7 hours ago

    Its so logic the only threat the Dems realy fear the most, are those millions of weaponry in the hands of all those civilians.

  37. Justin Credible

    Justin Credible7 hours ago

    Not complying is not enough anymore. We need to press harder on our keyboard keys when we’re bichin’ about it

  38. Walter Perry

    Walter Perry7 hours ago

    These two men are awesome Americans, I enjoy thier banter and I love thier positions and thier wisdom. We really need MORE people like them who love our freedoms and appreciate our priveleges. I am a 80 yr old retired military, born in the country lived in the cities and traveled the world. These guys speak truth and understanding for ALL.

  39. Shellie Huckabee

    Shellie Huckabee7 hours ago


  40. Brian Woolsey

    Brian Woolsey7 hours ago

    A tyrannical government doesn’t want the people to be armed because it knows they will be able to take them out!!

  41. 2ndamendmipistola Tejano primero Americano siempre

    2ndamendmipistola Tejano primero Americano siempre7 hours ago


  42. Justin Brockel

    Justin Brockel7 hours ago

    Who the hell voted for this woman?? Raise your hand, I would love to ask you questions about leadership and your choice in representation. SMH...

  43. gallow Zbaby

    gallow Zbaby7 hours ago


  44. BlueTco Gaming

    BlueTco Gaming7 hours ago

    You lied about the 2005 Texas gun confiscation. I did a lot a lot of research and found out that the police confiscated guns from people who illegally owned guns. Such as taking guns from evacuated house which is illegal.

  45. J.A. FTW

    J.A. FTW7 hours ago

    They won't stop until we make them stop.

  46. Squidly

    Squidly7 hours ago


  47. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle7 hours ago

    I will not comply with any new gun laws. Done with millionaires telling me what I can and can't own.

  48. Tony C.

    Tony C.7 hours ago

    A job with the sole purpose of violating the constitution of the united states.

  49. Joel Hunter

    Joel Hunter7 hours ago

    It is not about “gun control”, it is about controlling the population. They would rather “Rule over subjects”, than represent Citizens.

  50. Timothy Carmichael

    Timothy Carmichael7 hours ago

    Great interview!

  51. Felipe deSouza

    Felipe deSouza7 hours ago

    Shall not be infringed!!!

  52. Doc Austin

    Doc Austin7 hours ago

    How about a national director of protecting our constitutional God-given rights?

  53. Donnie Cothern

    Donnie Cothern7 hours ago


  54. The Fallen Angel Raven

    The Fallen Angel Raven7 hours ago

    The fun thing about Liberals is that if they act like her, but you say 'I never made that point, so do not put words into my mouth that never came out' and then you proceed to ask your question, they essentially break and go into panic mode trying to defend themselves as if you just insulted their entire being.

  55. ryanperkins22

    ryanperkins227 hours ago

    Perfectly explained

  56. Kent Esra

    Kent Esra7 hours ago

    Colton best of your videos by far!


    2AFULLAUTO7 hours ago

    Keep fighting the good fight! Every time they talk gun control, gun sales go through the roof. The radical left are the number one sales reps for the gun industry

  58. Kiru Girum

    Kiru Girum7 hours ago

    Only Americans need guns to feel safe in their own country. Strange how that's not the case in the rest of the world.

  59. Sheppard

    Sheppard7 hours ago

    I still don't understand the obsession with appointing a Russian "king" to oversee specific aspects of American life. A tzar has NOTHING to do with being an appointment of democratic government. More examples of the ignorant Left twisting established norms in an attempt to subvert understanding to support their bold-faced lying to their gullably followers.

  60. Delano Labarrie

    Delano Labarrie7 hours ago

    Try to Springfield 10 mm in 4.5

  61. Eyes wide open Are yours

    Eyes wide open Are yours7 hours ago

    She doesn't want me to protect my family.

  62. Eyes wide open Are yours

    Eyes wide open Are yours7 hours ago

    I couldn't convince rep Escobar from el paso I wrote a lettter..I worked the mass shooting . I'm pro 2nd

  63. Mike Carr

    Mike Carr7 hours ago

    The politicians won't take you guns,,, the unionized and military crime gang will take you guns or kill you to get those guns. they are the enemy to fear.

  64. Eric Williams

    Eric Williams7 hours ago

    That's scary that she said that but they put her in office or just like that I once that worry me will they give up freedom for security

  65. Cainnech

    Cainnech7 hours ago

    Does katie pavlich have her own show now?

  66. gb

    gb7 hours ago

    Colion Noir for gun czar.

  67. Mario TheBuilder

    Mario TheBuilder7 hours ago


  68. Death Mond

    Death Mond7 hours ago

    Non compliance is not the answer, hanging treasonous politicians that break their oath of office to defend the Constitution, is the answer. Shall Not be Infringed .


    MALDONADO7 hours ago

    The real question is, when do we disarm the government?

  70. TheDynamiteGuy

    TheDynamiteGuy7 hours ago

    What in the hell do "THEY" think they are going to do if they turn over a 1/3 of this Country into Felons? I can tell you, it would end well for "THEM"! The American Revolution was started because they came for our guns and there is a hell of a lot more us now than there was then!

  71. plasticbazooka

    plasticbazooka7 hours ago

    I don't know what area of law Colion Noir practices but he should be in business arbitration because he would do exceedingly well.

  72. Jeff Hart

    Jeff Hart7 hours ago

    I think that everyone gets way too worried about gun control. Biden was VP for 8 years, and made no meaningful efforts to take the guns away. Every time a democrat gets elected, the right goes nuts about some imaginary threat to the Second Amendment and they buy up guns like crazy. It’s like Christmas for gun stores and for the NRA when Democrats get elected.