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  1. suri soledad

    suri soledad22 hours ago

    BS !

  2. Art & Design Matters

    Art & Design Matters22 hours ago

    The millionaire meant well, but what satifies the soul is purpose, not money. Think of all rich who have taken their own lives because they weren't happy. Perhaps this couple's life purpose is to just spread joy to other forgotten and homeless people throughout the day. And ironically enough, this homeless couples seems to have more joy in their hearts than the millionaire who has everything and seems melancholy and distant from people.

  3. Joy Lucas

    Joy Lucas22 hours ago

    Nd aq nkikipglaro ng babuyan ng pgkatao q at katawan q.

  4. Aromatic Crispy Bat

    Aromatic Crispy Bat22 hours ago

    Biden is just looking for an excuse to invade the middle east again

  5. hind said ouali

    hind said ouali22 hours ago

    How weird Bow that Biden is president this comes out . Wonder who was protecting him 🤔

  6. Davis Boudreau

    Davis Boudreau22 hours ago

    The BBC and Main stream media was quick to jump on the social justice cancel culture perpetuated by the technocrats, and chose to produce programming to support the destruction of free speech, solidarity and real investigative long-biased, non-partisan journalism. NOW THE RADIAL LEFT ARE COMING FOR THEM.

  7. Jack Fahy

    Jack Fahy22 hours ago

    And still nothing has been or ever will be done about China, ludicrous.

  8. Sreekanth Yerram

    Sreekanth Yerram22 hours ago

    Nut case reportage.. BBC shame on you.

  9. Patricia Palmer

    Patricia Palmer22 hours ago

    I fear Shamsa has long been dead and buried. Latifah will be if nothing is done, she is a huge thorn in Maktoum's side. His wife and children are in London having fairly recently escaped, for God's sake !! She ran because of Latifah and Shamsa's fate ! Save Latifah, England !!

  10. Jawad Khan

    Jawad Khan22 hours ago

    Lies by India 😂😂 Israel is the first clever and liar nation of the world. And the 2cnd is India 😂😂 Indian big problem They not accept the reality but they are believed on those things which they watching in Bollywood movies. 😂😂

  11. Rakesh Singh

    Rakesh Singh22 hours ago

    BBC seems proud of ISIS. They could have chosen any other title but chose to refer Yazidis as the "Slaves of Caliphate"

  12. R S

    R S22 hours ago

    Facebook keeps promoting business pages that way they can steal your secrets and sell them

  13. Edwin Mulawadi

    Edwin Mulawadi22 hours ago

    Why this kind of video now? Because it did not comply with Ausy news demand for money? Have you done Google as well on this? "Old business models being broken..." I'll see you again when USlikes removes news because news outlets demands money from USlikes.

  14. Ken Davies

    Ken Davies22 hours ago

    Should be removed

  15. Goth Sloth

    Goth Sloth22 hours ago

    Funny how the term "anti vaxxer" became common nomenclature a few years back as a way to group people. Funny also how the term "conspiracy theory" was coined by the cia as a way to undermine critical thinking.

  16. lewis whitworth

    lewis whitworth22 hours ago

    There’s liking the 40s and there’s shitting in a bucket

  17. Donna Kinnear

    Donna Kinnear22 hours ago

    Prob your family that organised the hit.

  18. Jeremy Lipinski

    Jeremy Lipinski22 hours ago

    May Yolanda burn in hell forever for this heinous crime of taking Selena's life.

  19. Rose Tshibamba

    Rose Tshibamba22 hours ago

    Do to others what u will like them to do to you. Life is too short.

  20. T Kallon

    T Kallon22 hours ago

    Sadly these people will never listen. Every year is are new stories. May God give them wisdom & hearts of understanding

  21. Rakesh Singh

    Rakesh Singh22 hours ago

    Islam is hitting back at the Muslims themselves. It's high time Muslims came forward to condemn Violent Quranic Verses that preach Terrorism.

  22. Rohan Fenando

    Rohan Fenando22 hours ago

    Modern day slavery, getting worse

  23. English Bulldog

    English Bulldog22 hours ago

    Must down to white privellage

  24. Sneaksie Taffer

    Sneaksie Taffer22 hours ago

    It is only as powerful as we want it to be.

  25. A B

    A B22 hours ago

    I don’t know why people still go. It’s like they’re not getting the message.

  26. Reaper7963

    Reaper796322 hours ago

    Where is the outrage from the woke squad.....

  27. jie li

    jie li22 hours ago

    There can be no living things in the universe! Because the universe is in a vacuum state! The basic condition for living things is that oxygen does not exist! So aliens can only be more advanced intelligent robots!

  28. H-12

    H-1222 hours ago

    Israel is also the same if not worse, they all need to check their humanity morals

  29. Sandeep Hansdak

    Sandeep Hansdak22 hours ago


  30. Manifesting Miracles with Troy and Angela

    Manifesting Miracles with Troy and Angela22 hours ago

    Very good!

  31. tom hanks

    tom hanks22 hours ago

    She can apply for Turkey or Pakistan

  32. Marty Ningsih

    Marty Ningsih22 hours ago

    What a shame.., ISIS

  33. Björn De Vries

    Björn De Vries22 hours ago

    She is my wife

  34. Who Dat

    Who Dat22 hours ago

    It is Islam

  35. Bobby Bobby

    Bobby Bobby22 hours ago

    They can catch 25% more without anyone to sell to?!? Great deal

  36. Moe Njaim

    Moe Njaim22 hours ago

    Where is the Prof?

  37. Joeking Nyari

    Joeking Nyari22 hours ago

    He said he wanted the man dead by all means , if they respond we can make oil $200 a barrel

  38. Rahul Nagesh

    Rahul Nagesh22 hours ago

    India Sri Lanka America Australia Egypt South Africa Malaysia Kenya Zimbabwe New Zealand.

  39. Moe Njaim

    Moe Njaim22 hours ago

    The declassified report is the definition of B.S LOL

  40. JayZ

    JayZ22 hours ago

    IMHO, FB is nothing. I can delete it anytime. Absolutely no value to me. Sorry for those whom can't live without this piece of shit.

  41. Sopek cs

    Sopek cs22 hours ago

    All these civil liberties group deserved to be disbanded

  42. Ed Straker

    Ed Straker22 hours ago

    Why are comments supporting Shamima being deleted ?

  43. Loih Uopj

    Loih Uopj22 hours ago

    Just look how peaceful respectful is khabib and his Chechen team mates they are not terrorist don’t believe western propaganda

  44. Donna Kinnear

    Donna Kinnear22 hours ago

    Aye you trusted him alright, no sweat Randy.

  45. Neil Aspinall

    Neil Aspinall22 hours ago

    Strange the Lebanese never cause any problems in Australia?

  46. Ed Straker

    Ed Straker22 hours ago

    I think that the BBC are jealous as no is believing their propaganda and would rather get more trustworthy news from Facebook.

  47. Cornelius

    Cornelius22 hours ago

    All YOU have to do is look at his face to realise how vile that reptilian is. Just delete the damn thing.

  48. Piya Fey

    Piya Fey22 hours ago

    Very good to see this conversation being had. Something needs to change.

  49. Ramona Cucu

    Ramona Cucu22 hours ago

    Stat strung japan forever Eurasia forever.i love this national very very much.i love You Brothers.from România

  50. Michelle J

    Michelle J22 hours ago

    Interesting how in all these Royal Families a Man can marry any Skank but a Woman still has to sacrifice. And if a woman marries in it is really only about her ability to produce heirs. Royal duties for people who do not like you anyway and see you as a burden. I would not walk away I would Run.

  51. maro amr

    maro amr22 hours ago

    Why do not you talk about Cici palaces

  52. Tung CHE

    Tung CHE22 hours ago

    So do all low wage domestic workers! Spare me your nonsense.

  53. Roni

    Roni22 hours ago

    Lebanon should be hiring maids from their own country, they arent rich enough to be hiring people from other countries to work for them... however, many countries send their own people to work in places known to treat maids and labourers badly, in the middle east, not governments nor people stop going... the supply of people taking the risk is unbelievable...

  54. International Law

    International Law22 hours ago

    In 1947 Ram Chandra Kak the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir REFUSED to join India and wanted to join Pakistan and his arrest by Indian agents on 11 August 1947 started the conflict in Kashmir where three nuclear powers are now in conflict. In 1947 the Indian Army invaded Jammu and Kashmir and since then it has killed hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris and the Kashmiris have been asking the Indian Army to leave for 70 years. The UN security council resolutions 91, 98, 96, 80, 47, 38, 39, 51, 122, 123, 126, 307 asked for the Indian army to leave and for a referendum to be held where the people could decide their own future. Jammu and Kashmir remained an independent country under international law and on the UN Maps: because the referendum was not held. As you could see India is outside Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian occupation is totally illegal under international law and the Indian Army needs to leave to let there be peace in Jammu and Kashmir and in Asia. India said Harri Singhs great grandfather Gulab Singh signed the treaty of Amritsar with the British to collect taxes and this gave Harri Singh the authority to ask the Indian Army for assistance. But the Treaty of Amritsar (1846) & Lahore violated the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 that abolished slavery in the British Empire. Therefore Gulab Singh and Harri Singhs authority was not recognised by UN & was invalid under international law and British law.

  55. Loih Uopj

    Loih Uopj22 hours ago

    Long live Chechnya

  56. Loih Uopj

    Loih Uopj22 hours ago

    I love this country

  57. you, but stronger

    you, but stronger22 hours ago

    You only just realized this now?... Why do you even care if they have too much power?, We're all guilty of handing over our personal data/info to these giant multinational tax exempt companies like Google and Facebook, do you expect them not to sell our data on the side?? It's in their terms of service, you know what you're choosing when u sign up or tick a box consenting to quantify and sell your personal info like it was some sort of commodity in order for private companies to "know you better" and log your activities and everything you do or say. If you have a phone, it's listening to you at all times. Have you ever said something to someone, then noticed you start getting adverts about whatever it was you were talking about? That but on a macro scale is the surveillance state we're living in. Snowden told us all about some of this going on and he's still having to live in exile because they want him gone or in jail forever for having the balls to show the world a small percentage of the illegal surveillance methods being employed and companies working with governments to hand over all your private info without warrants or a credible reason, virtual dirt on any potential political adversary or group. I'm off because I sound like a rambling nutter

  58. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown22 hours ago

    It’s funny how not theses people specifically, but others in the same situation would rather waste thousands or tens of thousands on rent and expense instead of movie home till they’re in a much better position to either once again start renting (which in my opinion is the worst idea), or take out a mortgage and have something more concrete to fall back on.

  59. Nick Nuccitz

    Nick Nuccitz22 hours ago

    The blonde woman: "melanija ni nikoli veliko govorila" (: Melania never talked a lot) The translation in this video: "the town was to SMALL FOR HER"

  60. NSNOfm78

    NSNOfm7822 hours ago

    "Former wrestler Corey Graves posted a pic of himself with Lemmy calling him one of his heroes" Fails to mention that Triple H, the bigger star & friend of Lemmy is also in the photo.

  61. 011258stooie

    011258stooie22 hours ago

    Lebanon coming under the cosh again. First the explosion, now this. What next I wonder..

  62. Ganesh Singh

    Ganesh Singh22 hours ago

    Bbc sabse tatti channel

  63. Tayyib Ali

    Tayyib Ali23 hours ago

    Can we talk about her hair?

  64. Blue_dog Izcool

    Blue_dog Izcool23 hours ago

    You really will remember the 21st night of September

  65. Kawaii Rosey

    Kawaii Rosey23 hours ago

    Now that‘s what I call Love Sacrifice!! They look so cute together!!

  66. steven uk1

    steven uk123 hours ago

    for once the BBC is telling the TRUTH....👏🏼

  67. Vishwam Cks

    Vishwam Cks23 hours ago

    i rly think aot is meant to be shonen not seinen cause he took aot to shone jump but was not able to get in due to bad drawing so it means aot technically isa shonen but people take it as seinen due to kodansha

  68. Abubakar Hashi

    Abubakar Hashi23 hours ago

    Labanese people made muslims ashamed , this is not what prophet mohamed tought us , as muslims we are sorry for what they did to you brothers and sisters

  69. Michelle J

    Michelle J23 hours ago

    Royalty is Antiquated and $1 Million in Japan is NOTHING. The only regret would be her lifestyle MAYBE she us a cousin so she was probably too far down the line to have many benefits, I am no to sure but since she was not given $1 million I would say she probably did not give up much. She will probably live a higher standard of living with less Royal restrictions.

  70. Lionz Grrr

    Lionz Grrr23 hours ago

    This is the same BBC? Yeah,BBC is soooo credible indeed.

  71. Martin Ivanovski

    Martin Ivanovski23 hours ago

    America: IrAn Is ThE SpOnSoR Of TeRrOrIsM

  72. True Wor

    True Wor23 hours ago

    The scary part of this story is that many people believe this fake story coming from BBC.

  73. Tom Smalley

    Tom Smalley23 hours ago

    YAAF - Keep out!

  74. Kokab Rahman

    Kokab Rahman23 hours ago

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  75. 1 2

    1 223 hours ago

    if you want to have an influence in other countries, take them over again. reignite the british empire, that's the only way to do it. otherwise, don't report on other countries.

  76. Gordon Linton

    Gordon Linton23 hours ago

    'A US intelligence report' That's your clue to propaganda right there... No names, no credibility.. Did they manage to slip Putin into the report also?

  77. Mikey L

    Mikey L23 hours ago

    🔥 is the only solution to vaccine passports

  78. Callum nathan

    Callum nathan23 hours ago

    Its 2021 when will humans learn just love and look after each other we all want a good life

  79. Christopher Jamieson

    Christopher Jamieson23 hours ago

    The hammer and the sound are out of sync.

  80. Rafalstratford

    Rafalstratford23 hours ago