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Ayla has a stalker...
We all needed this..
He's Mad.

He's Mad.

3 months ago

  1. allan 4

    allan 4Hour ago

    I would like to be Olga's friend

  2. Brandon O

    Brandon O3 hours ago

    Bro he’s in banning California I eat at that Burger place (Ramsey’s burgers) across the street from KFC almost once every week how did I not see you btw if you want to try a really good burger that is A1 try Ramsey’s burgers

  3. Calico Red

    Calico Red6 hours ago

    That guy is a bitch boy... I love when people talk tuff then scream like girls when you get close to them..

  4. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S10 hours ago

    I'm watching this March 1st 2021. I'd love to see your bible study. Bee your self friend do what u think is right. Dont worry about what others think. Make the father proud

  5. John Paps

    John Paps14 hours ago

    Genko gravy train leaving....the panic is hilarious!

  6. Milad._.i7

    Milad._.i716 hours ago

    I mean he was looking but it’s just looking at an old friend he helped get throw hard times and when you look at someone you remember the memories you had with them (it’s just a cute friendship everyone had with each other) they met at the same time and to talk to each other again about the memories and even starring at each other is so okay and just cute

  7. Milad._.i7

    Milad._.i716 hours ago

    That’s how I want you George don’t give a fu*k about what people think

  8. Milad._.i7

    Milad._.i716 hours ago

    You guys make me happy every influencer in USA is like connected to each other like a big family and you just inspired me and and make me smile while watching yous

  9. Houda benhssein

    Houda benhssein17 hours ago

    احلى انصالة

  10. Houda benhssein

    Houda benhssein17 hours ago

    From the biiiiiig lovely anasala's family

  11. Gmen pg

    Gmen pg19 hours ago

    She’s SO fine

  12. Mason Peters

    Mason PetersDay ago

    Idiot should have flipped it side ways

  13. Rif Jehan

    Rif JehanDay ago

    “We don’t live in an age where we have opinions or let people state opinions.” The tea 🍵

  14. Mash R

    Mash RDay ago

    George, you have to translate this into Arabic. I want to speak with you in Arabic, and I know that you do not know Arabic, but Google translates اوكي اريدك ان تعرف ان اصلك عربي وان تفتخر بذلك اول شي ثاني شي يجب عليك ان تصنع قناه للعرب لان العرب نسبه مشاهداتهم كثيره جدا جدا وهم يفتخرون وانا منهم فيك

  15. Roderick Laban

    Roderick LabanDay ago

    I was feeling really depressed but after watching this video I feel way better...thx a lot George and the gang🙏🏾

  16. Kid Savvy

    Kid SavvyDay ago

    That end clip was movie quality.

  17. LaY

    LaY2 days ago

    LOve From Syria 🇸🇾

  18. Atul M

    Atul M2 days ago


  19. ريـفـاا

    ريـفـاا2 days ago

    مــِْט طرف انس واصاله حبيتكمم

  20. Asmaa Musa

    Asmaa Musa2 days ago

    Anas asalla family Love

  21. Demon Dream

    Demon Dream2 days ago

    I thought he cheated on Chantel

  22. Ebrahem Shehab

    Ebrahem Shehab2 days ago

    ممكن تترجمو عربي

  23. ADS Studio

    ADS Studio2 days ago

    you two are such cool match! I think george’s energy is that one that u can trust, don’t know how to explain, but that’s how I feel.

  24. Blake Panda

    Blake Panda2 days ago

    You should hop on the GTA shit

  25. mahadi ahmed

    mahadi ahmed2 days ago


  26. تيم الحسن

    تيم الحسن2 days ago

    Your love is like your love. . . Because you've made his family forget. . . Your ransom.

  27. Soltan Soleyman

    Soltan Soleyman2 days ago

    I anasala 🤗🌹

  28. Sara&Yara Jk

    Sara&Yara Jk2 days ago

    عندو نفس شخصية وجنان غيث مروان... كان حيتفقوا كتير لو اتقابلوا😂

  29. Kganya Tlape

    Kganya Tlape3 days ago

    the ending was so cool like one of those tv show endings

  30. Park min Yoel

    Park min Yoel3 days ago


  31. Amani amani

    Amani amani3 days ago

    كمية الغباء

  32. learn drawing

    learn drawing3 days ago

    From anasalah ❤

  33. Kaya ve taş

    Kaya ve taş3 days ago

    انا من طرف أنس و أصالة مرحباً 😁🇩🇿

  34. Derek Nycum

    Derek Nycum3 days ago

    Was that Jay alverez?

  35. Imy positive

    Imy positive3 days ago

    شكلو ماحد يحكي عربي هنا

  36. Sniperaloush

    Sniperaloush3 days ago

    Hey I’m Lebanese to

  37. My My

    My My3 days ago

    جيش انس واصاله⚔️❤️anasala family

  38. Maysan Issa

    Maysan Issa3 days ago

    From anasala family❤❤🥺


    RADIA AMEZOUAR3 days ago

    Anasala faaaaaamliy 👋👋👋👋

  40. Ach Wn

    Ach Wn3 days ago

    Whats speatil about Anasala is that they agreed to record videos with every youtubers that asked them for a colab even the ones with less then 100k subs , some even recorded with them again and again and again ( over 5 videos that went viral ) without anything in reteurn , such ppl are rare .

  41. Shanga Kurdish

    Shanga Kurdish3 days ago

    anasala family😍😍

  42. ايهم الحميري

    ايهم الحميري3 days ago


  43. Suad Aslan

    Suad Aslan3 days ago

    مين حس انو الصورة المصغرة بتشبه شيرين بيوتي😂

  44. Lina Boshmaq

    Lina Boshmaq3 days ago

    من طرف انس اصالة

  45. Jim Makes Music

    Jim Makes Music3 days ago

    This and the video in the other channel made me smile so much with that cute little girl

  46. Josue Garcia

    Josue Garcia3 days ago

    "Get in bitch where going on a road trip" lmfao classic

  47. Guzzie

    Guzzie3 days ago

    HOT TUB on the roof.

  48. Nada GA1999

    Nada GA19993 days ago

    Anasala family loves you 😍😍

  49. Hajlaoui Hadil

    Hajlaoui Hadil3 days ago

    Hey from Tunisia #Anasala family💕

  50. Heba Ababneh

    Heba Ababneh3 days ago

    الله يسامحك يا انس شو هالمدله هاي 🙂💔

  51. Al! Work

    Al! Work4 days ago

    Middle Eastern team where are you???😍😍

  52. فانزة نارين بيوتي

    فانزة نارين بيوتي4 days ago

    From Anasala Family

  53. Jeff Holm

    Jeff Holm4 days ago

    "That's what you do when you have fans who work here" it's not about what you know it's about who you know kids.

  54. douz mec

    douz mec4 days ago

    So desperate how an insecure man always tries to be the center of attention, think he s so funny, like the world moves around him, a true narcissistic behaviour, yes George you are so awesome and amazing 🙄

  55. Those Small guys

    Those Small guys4 days ago

    If LA was a video

  56. lynn khodor

    lynn khodor4 days ago

    oh hi I am from the anasala family 👋

  57. douz mec

    douz mec4 days ago

    So that's how a gay middle eastarn look like trying to be funny🙄

  58. A T

    A T4 days ago

    انا سعودي واتابع جورج والان تعرفت على قناتهم نفتخر فيكم Good job 👏🏼

  59. Sweet Pickles

    Sweet Pickles4 days ago

    I love there respect to anasalla family

  60. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob4 days ago

    TBH, I think family channels are fucking disgusting.

  61. Brian Preciado

    Brian Preciado4 days ago

    Jo Kay is my favorite comedian and seeing you work with him is amazing keep up the good work homie

  62. Sara Mimou

    Sara Mimou4 days ago

    From anasalala family i like you

  63. Ines Boucharia

    Ines Boucharia4 days ago

    Anasala fam ❤

  64. Farah Khawwam

    Farah Khawwam4 days ago

    The strongest 👍👍👍❤️

  65. RODX81

    RODX814 days ago

    lol i loved the outro

  66. Kameron Badeaux

    Kameron Badeaux4 days ago

    I'll take the position ill do 1 dollar per minute

  67. Brandon Bilek

    Brandon Bilek4 days ago

    He’s bout to have a baby

  68. Sofiane Timtaoucine

    Sofiane Timtaoucine4 days ago

    Is it just me or does it feel like we're gonna see a proposal video before this year ends. 🙏

  69. Fede B

    Fede B4 days ago

    she's perfect bro

  70. Crybaby

    Crybaby4 days ago

    he has ADD?-

  71. Sana Omar

    Sana Omar4 days ago


  72. رحومي الطارقي

    رحومي الطارقي4 days ago

    من طرف انس وأصالة ♥️


    GINGERM!KE4 days ago

    Justin, no homo but ily bro..

  74. jonathan junio

    jonathan junio4 days ago

    The last month or two months is back to the content I liked & reason why I subscribed to Bubba Town/ George Janko channel since 2019. This the type of videos should continue and not stop.

  75. Saed Alqadi

    Saed Alqadi4 days ago

    I came from anasala family I wish to you all the best ❤

  76. zK DEMON

    zK DEMON4 days ago

    You guys are rich can you please buy DeWalt. That Ryobi gives me PTSD, From a concerned Carpenter.

  77. Mini Mmn

    Mini Mmn4 days ago


  78. Farida Salah

    Farida Salah4 days ago

    حبيت هاذا شخص كتير مضحك 🥰🤩

  79. Farida Salah

    Farida Salah4 days ago

    المضحك افهم كلمة وكلمتين لا 😂

  80. Buz LI

    Buz LI4 days ago

    From anasalaaaaa family 😍❤️