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  1. MissUrbanXplorer

    MissUrbanXplorer17 hours ago

    You are absolutely right keem. 100%.

  2. Khaleem Shah

    Khaleem Shah17 hours ago

    James Charles is the cause of the pandemic

  3. Esmaa

    Esmaa17 hours ago

    I get it about James, but you’re being slightly too harsh Keem

  4. N0rth

    N0rth17 hours ago

    Keem wont heart this comment - been subbed since 2016

  5. lokie

    lokie17 hours ago

    I want to know how everyone is all upset at shane dawson for creepy jokes from 10 years ago when James is out here literally asking literal children to send him nudes and no one seems to care.

  6. Not Your Boi

    Not Your Boi17 hours ago

    You need to talk about Seth and David this should have been your first story.

  7. Not Your Boi

    Not Your Boi17 hours ago

    Nothing on David Dobrick?

  8. Alex Jurcovec

    Alex Jurcovec17 hours ago

    Mike also explained why he blocked her on the podcast...

  9. Zxcr

    Zxcr17 hours ago


  10. LessonsToBeHad Bro

    LessonsToBeHad Bro17 hours ago

    Should have checked the Id James.... lmao.

  11. Big Ounce

    Big Ounce17 hours ago

    I love james and all, he seems like an actually nice dude, but the law is the law.

  12. Energy O7

    Energy O717 hours ago

    Them dislikes damn Does have to be James Charles simps

  13. Mr. Poggers

    Mr. Poggers17 hours ago

    James Charles won’t last 2 minutes in the showers

  14. Awin

    Awin17 hours ago

    This isn’t James’ fault, the minor lied about his age

  15. Random Person online

    Random Person online17 hours ago

    Yea I agree james is being reckless.

  16. Luke Waring

    Luke Waring17 hours ago

    casualy has a krox cola in the background

  17. Be Who you are,

    Be Who you are,17 hours ago

    Over 1m. Ksi pic. Cool

  18. Andy M

    Andy M17 hours ago

    If he was a white straight male his life would be over but because he's gay it's ok

  19. ThyKrewRux

    ThyKrewRux17 hours ago

    I like how James tries to say that the dude lied about his age. Does he not have eyes??? That kid looks like a kid. He looks his age! Like bruh fr...James needs to go away

  20. Whoismadii

    Whoismadii17 hours ago

    then why are you still following james on instagram??

  21. ZodiaccKilla14

    ZodiaccKilla1417 hours ago

    We smokin on that James pack

  22. The number 2045

    The number 204517 hours ago

    "I'm not really sure how this is news to you guys"

  23. louise k

    louise k17 hours ago

    wheres this energy with david dobriks shit...

  24. Akon Fenty

    Akon Fenty17 hours ago

    The kid told James he was 18 years old. In what state in America would that be a problem? Because 18 years old is an adult in the United States of America. James thought he was having a legal/consensual conversation. There is nothing illegal about James being 21 flirting with an 18 year old (who is of age). Not sure how ppl can think it is James fault that the kid lied to him.

  25. Rafael Milan

    Rafael Milan17 hours ago

    Ok I’m finally gonna ask, are you ever gonna eat some of that popcorn?

  26. Rangs

    Rangs17 hours ago

    James down bad rn

  27. Nashwa Nasruddin

    Nashwa Nasruddin17 hours ago

    Clearly both side was in the wrong but ofc tipping more to James' and to think that I was starting to like James now. Hmm smh

  28. Avocado iscool

    Avocado iscool17 hours ago

    idk about this James Charles stuff it isnt his fault that kid lied i dont get what u mean by no more passes maybe he should have checked 5the kids id but otherwise it isnt his fault the kid lied

  29. m҉a҉g҉g҉o҉t҉ ҉f҉r҉e҉a҉k҉

    m҉a҉g҉g҉o҉t҉ ҉f҉r҉e҉a҉k҉17 hours ago

    1:31 - Minecraft Community Declares War on Wendy's 2:30 - Eugenia Cooney Gets Animal Control Called on Her 3:30 - Mike & Laina Breakup 5:09 - Trisha Paytas Gets Scammed 5:56 - James Charles

  30. Mr Luka

    Mr Luka17 hours ago

    Bruh you are really stretching this james charles shit. I aint a fan of james but you could rather give him tips about not doin his mistake and we will all be on our way

  31. 50GUE

    50GUE17 hours ago

    Don't let him drop the soap

  32. Mahi DaBoss

    Mahi DaBoss17 hours ago

    James Charles going to like the other prisoners taking him to their cell

  33. NevoAni

    NevoAni18 hours ago

    Oh mike def cheated again lmao

  34. CheekyCharlie D

    CheekyCharlie D18 hours ago

    Anyone else hear the voice crack?

  35. Crimson Blood334

    Crimson Blood33418 hours ago

    Yall keep letting James do this shit and claim clout so James thinks he untouchable. Its yall that allows this to happen

  36. becky elizabeth

    becky elizabeth18 hours ago

    And this right here is a good reason as to why parents need to really crack down on their kids and check their phones this world is just not safe anymore from anyone even your favorite idol youtuber etc I hate the thought of even having to check my own kids stuff but sometimes to keep them safe you do what you have to

  37. Sahil Mohonee

    Sahil Mohonee18 hours ago

    Incoming James Charles apology video 10.0

  38. S A

    S A18 hours ago

    Not gonna lie but he is right. Someone who’s well know, you shouldn’t be doing like that. You should guard your brand and image. Are you actually going to toss your career to garbage bc of your actions? If not, then make things right and fix the problem!

  39. Becky D

    Becky D18 hours ago

    He should NOT be looking for boys to follow on his Snapchat explore page 🙃 So creepy, that boys LOOKS 16!

  40. Funn1.

    Funn1.18 hours ago

    James be dropping soap in prison on purpose

  41. jlkin jlkin

    jlkin jlkin18 hours ago

    They gonna really enjoy james Charles in prison.

  42. Haley Byars

    Haley Byars18 hours ago

    I love your look!! Why doesn’t he go to a professional matchmaker?!? Why does he look to his fans for love? He always preaches he’s so mature, maybe when it comes to work. But when it comes to actual relationships, he’s a child. Obviously.

  43. ScrypZ

    ScrypZ18 hours ago

    Keemstar is like s superhero

  44. Muffin Man

    Muffin Man18 hours ago

    "Trisha got scammed" You talking about her plastic surgeon?

  45. MiniDouble O

    MiniDouble O18 hours ago

    man said put James Charles in prison like he's not gonna enjoy it 😂

  46. Nahin Mahmud

    Nahin Mahmud18 hours ago

    I'm disgusted that i have to watch keemstar vid Ew im cringe

  47. Guy Stonier

    Guy Stonier18 hours ago

    James obviously has a type, the jail bait type!!!

  48. Джейми Ли Ли

    Джейми Ли Ли18 hours ago

    James Charles is a nonce lock him up

  49. Hannah Shorman

    Hannah Shorman18 hours ago

    We should not be showing pictures of these underage kids... just in case they are trying to get “clout” or any fame with telling influencers a fake name.

  50. Yeet Master

    Yeet Master18 hours ago

    Wonder what it smells like under water... might let James Charles find out for me

  51. Tr_aux

    Tr_aux18 hours ago

    8:55 off topic but I kinda wanna know what he said for it to be cut

  52. Bacon Beast Gaming

    Bacon Beast Gaming18 hours ago


  53. Kevin Lacayo

    Kevin Lacayo18 hours ago

    We need time stamps

  54. Permides Mongkeya

    Permides Mongkeya18 hours ago

    Poor John Swan

  55. i like minecraft really

    i like minecraft really18 hours ago

    Minecraft VS Wenddys the fu- (laughter)

  56. Azurelostboy

    Azurelostboy18 hours ago

    Not excusing James for making the same excuse twice, but I kinda want to see where either side actually asked or confirmed ages. No I'm not talking about going to the kid's profile on Instagram, I mean the dms that both of them highlighted from either side since they was one the main things in this situation. I mean it's already proof he sent them but finding out the truth about thr why no matter how you feel about it is still important.

  57. Kayla Frankert

    Kayla Frankert18 hours ago

    I never gave dude a pass if he goes to jail people gonna eat that dude tf upp 🤣..

  58. Sass27

    Sass2718 hours ago

    Heres the thing about this entire thing. Ive been disgusted with james charles when jeffree claimed there was a voice memo. I personally feel they were not released bc of legal issues and other things. This doesnt mean I like jeffree. I do think people gave James Charles too much of a pass due to the bye sisters video. There was obviously some truth to the allegations. I think everyone in that entire situation is a liar. The fact that multiple boys have come out with these stories of abuse/grooming there is a clear pattern....idk how people can ignore this stuff, ive disliked james ever since bye sisters bc of that reason...and everyone just ignored those allegations. James Charles is disgusting and I think the truth will be revealed and that bye sister was only the beginning. That being said we need to support the young people who have been victims of this disgusting man and offer them help/resources. This is not okay influencer or not. James Charles needs to also stay away from tik tok stars bc its clear he has a problem.

  59. Emily Eclipse

    Emily Eclipse18 hours ago

    Of course James will use SnapChat. He's relying on the fact the evidence gets deleted so his tracks are covered. Smh...

  60. Paradox

    Paradox18 hours ago

    to be fair if he did lie you cant blame him unless he kept going after he knew he was underage. and no i am not a fan of james i actually strongly dislike his content but i am just trying to be fair and see both sides.

  61. shana louks

    shana louks18 hours ago

    Makes you wonder about what Tati originally said about him before she tried putting all the blame on Shane Dawson and Jeffre star

  62. Andrew Cassar

    Andrew Cassar18 hours ago

    I'm so sick of James Charles getting away with this while Carson got destroyed for absolutely nothing compared to him

  63. crazylincbro

    crazylincbro18 hours ago

    Is it weird I miss Trisha paytas in drama oh never mind she’s in it

  64. hamody twixtor

    hamody twixtor18 hours ago

    James Charles is *GAY*

  65. dontgiveup

    dontgiveup18 hours ago

    Keem you’re falling off

  66. Lui G

    Lui G18 hours ago

    Thumbnail: a nut

  67. Perry 8

    Perry 818 hours ago

    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.....

  68. Thunder bolt BT

    Thunder bolt BT18 hours ago

    Caught Twice in one year wtf 😅

  69. Duśka

    Duśka18 hours ago

    I mean if those kids are not cloud chasers, and they really feel demoralized by Charles why they don't go to the fking police instead of making drama on the internet huh? If they don't want to take legal actions, just wanna internet fame I won't take them seriously and I don't think James Charles should be punished.


    ZAULLLY BOY18 hours ago

    The way charlie Damelios dad has a verification tick really annoys me he hasn’t done anything


    SIR WALTER II18 hours ago

    James has a lot of growing up to do. He going to keep screwing around and throw his hard work away and a dumpster fire if he doesn't stop this reckless behavior. Seems like he barely even knew the kid and he's doing this. Probably a good idea not to be sending naughty pictures to people who are pretty much strangers, especially if they turn out to be underage.

  72. Dudes Costa

    Dudes Costa18 hours ago

    You know that if you make your statements as hyperbolic as you are doing, even if you are right, it seems like you are making on purpose. "He's is being caught doing this things over and over and over and over again" and seconds later "he was caught doing it twice"...

  73. Silicks

    Silicks18 hours ago

    why even mention the dream and john swan thing if you’re not going to cover it?

  74. Miky Mate

    Miky Mate18 hours ago

    Honestly then think about the amount of times James done the same thing but got away with it I’m on Keems side here it’s getting a bit outta hand

  75. PhantomSSA

    PhantomSSA18 hours ago

    Skip to 6:00 for James Charles drama

  76. D Ned

    D Ned18 hours ago

    These pre teens everything goes to there heads Holy crud !!! It’s a real shame that quite a bit of this generation’s Influencers aren’t people which should be looked up too or admire and it’s ridiculous cause maybe they look good on what they show you but that’s Not really them it’s what they wanna show you !!! Like It’s infuriating

  77. Mohamad Islam

    Mohamad Islam18 hours ago

    James will love prison

  78. zargug

    zargug18 hours ago

    James Charles always wanted empathy from people lmao

  79. Jason Higgins

    Jason Higgins18 hours ago

    Don't care if he's gay he's still a human

  80. Jaylie Bear

    Jaylie Bear19 hours ago

    it’s really sad in a couple of weeks no one is going to continue to hold James accountable.. 😕