Ginger Billy
Ginger Billy
Ginger Billy

Hello Merica! I'm just an ole country boy, living in the backwoods in the nicest double wide you ever did see. I’m here to have a good time and make people laugh!

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Fancy yoger britches
Got me a Giblet Jacuzzi!
A corona Christmas Carol
A redneck scary movie.
I built a TATER TANK!
Redneck summer fashion.
  1. RcHydrozz

    RcHydrozz10 hours ago

    Why doesnt this have 10 million views. My side hurts from laughing.

  2. Godzillaforlyfe2

    Godzillaforlyfe210 hours ago

    I remember when my parents would force me to eat so much fucking food before going to grandparents house to eat food

  3. Thomas Deas

    Thomas Deas10 hours ago

    That was a very specific argument.

  4. Luke Fujioka-Silva

    Luke Fujioka-Silva10 hours ago

    The fact that he wears Captain America socks makes him even more american than he already is

  5. Ten Zie

    Ten Zie10 hours ago

    Renamed to "Ron Beard"

  6. Oerlikon20mm

    Oerlikon20mm10 hours ago

    the trunk flew off of my Volkswagen Jetta, can I be in truck gang now?

  7. Ridez Osmon

    Ridez Osmon10 hours ago

    I discovered my spirit animal is the southerner. Nice.

  8. Oerlikon20mm

    Oerlikon20mm10 hours ago

    as my great grandpapi said "Be a man, use your hands"

  9. Tina M

    Tina M10 hours ago

    Very sweet

  10. Nil N

    Nil N10 hours ago

    The accent, the face and the concept fit so well🤣

  11. galaxy planet

    galaxy planet10 hours ago

    his son is probally in the other room with his head to the door listing thinking in his head what are gibblits dad😂

  12. Addison Becker

    Addison Becker10 hours ago

    Straightest crap I have ever seen. Still pog tho XD

  13. jordan 69

    jordan 6910 hours ago


  14. Michael Popup

    Michael Popup10 hours ago

    Why does he look like Jake Paul

  15. Zayne Yount

    Zayne Yount10 hours ago

    Well my mom just not like coffee and she doesn't she's not a big fan of pumpkin spice but my auntie will literally kill for a cup of pumpkin spice latte

  16. EclipseNedia

    EclipseNedia10 hours ago

    Where's the part that controls our unavoidable obsession with random sticks?

  17. OkThisIsGAMING

    OkThisIsGAMING11 hours ago


  18. Multi view 🤔

    Multi view 🤔11 hours ago

    Things I wanna make in my back yard

  19. Multi view 🤔

    Multi view 🤔11 hours ago

    This is classic

  20. Inaki Lucesoli

    Inaki Lucesoli11 hours ago

    nah my man just down bad

  21. Skittledime

    Skittledime11 hours ago

    Anyone else wheezing

  22. florin bala

    florin bala11 hours ago

    perhaps one medical compehensive control will improve your shown condition ...

  23. Adam Dorris

    Adam Dorris11 hours ago

    Ya know I think you from Greenwood or Lawrence. Lived there for about 2 years myself. Dunn right small engines ring a bell?

  24. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith11 hours ago


  25. Devon Blanchard

    Devon Blanchard11 hours ago

    lol i love you gingerbilly

  26. Jonte Kimz

    Jonte Kimz11 hours ago

    chicken creampie😂😂😂😂

  27. Regis Meloy

    Regis Meloy11 hours ago

    He is a nurse was my nurse when I was little gave me my breathing treatments he lives down the road from my grandma

  28. Lourdes Lopez

    Lourdes Lopez11 hours ago


  29. Lourdes Lopez

    Lourdes Lopez11 hours ago


  30. Waldon Racing Shorts

    Waldon Racing Shorts11 hours ago

    Ford or Chevy which is better

  31. The Outdoor Catch

    The Outdoor Catch11 hours ago

    I would definitely get shocked. I don't remember all the stuff either.

  32. Ryan King

    Ryan King12 hours ago

    “I got 4 tars, I ain’t got 2 tars like y’all sissy boys” This guy is hilarious! Everyone who thumbs down this video must be miserable humans with no sense of humor. Keep on keepin on my American 🇺🇸 brother 💪🏼🤘🏼

  33. Lourdes Lopez

    Lourdes Lopez12 hours ago


  34. Annie Martin

    Annie Martin12 hours ago

    My truck is sword but is load

  35. Lourdes Lopez

    Lourdes Lopez12 hours ago

    Well Well Well. This wasn't funny to your wife, neither to me this time. Especially for the mess🙄😵🥴

  36. Lourdes Lopez

    Lourdes Lopez12 hours ago

    😂🤣😅 You make laph so bad.Made my day. HERE IS MY 👍. FAIGHT WITH USlikes. NOT GIVING YOU MY LIKE 👍

  37. James Cure

    James Cure12 hours ago


  38. Inside Barry's Mind

    Inside Barry's Mind12 hours ago

    Shoo Koo Gama ka choo. Laga Dama New. Sic tic la tie doo ma fa ra cha. Ni ti ya hu ma fha di rew lamiti.

  39. Oerlikon20mm

    Oerlikon20mm12 hours ago

    My ex once had a dream that i cheated on her with some chick I had literally 0 interest in, we were just friends. She tried making me delete that girls number and not talk to her anymore. She also got mad when I was giggling and smiling at her reasoning

  40. Cj banks

    Cj banks12 hours ago

    I was dying

  41. phxxr650r

    phxxr650r12 hours ago

    Runs on Pall Mall and Boone's Farm. Man did that bring back memories from the 60 & 70s.

  42. phxxr650r

    phxxr650r12 hours ago

    I just love our country. Where else can you build a lightly armored heavily-armed recreational vehicle in your backyard just for the fun of it.

  43. Lourdes Lopez

    Lourdes Lopez12 hours ago

    🤣😂🤣Ha Ha Ha Ha❤️FUNNY AS ALWAYS. GOOD ADVICE FOR MEN‼️ Better than flowers sometimes😅

  44. Charles Bird

    Charles Bird12 hours ago

    I’m the cigarette bum😁

  45. Purple Nurp

    Purple Nurp12 hours ago


  46. Oliver Perry

    Oliver Perry12 hours ago


  47. Steve Blackbird

    Steve Blackbird13 hours ago

    Armageddon Mama... Southern Euro's have that same "Energy". Fkrs better beware as when they bring the noise.... Tears are following.... in torrents...

  48. Bruzer Caleb

    Bruzer Caleb13 hours ago

    Are u on something

  49. Bruzer Caleb

    Bruzer Caleb13 hours ago

    Why was attacked

  50. Lourdes Lopez

    Lourdes Lopez13 hours ago

    🤣😂🤣😂 HERE S MY. 👍

  51. multi dave

    multi dave13 hours ago

    Is this on zedge as a ring tone ?

  52. Oerlikon20mm

    Oerlikon20mm13 hours ago

    I like how you woke up on 9/11 and decided this was the best thing to post... oh yea, i forgot about the small dates and anniversary gland

  53. Lourdes Lopez

    Lourdes Lopez13 hours ago


  54. Dustin Lampston

    Dustin Lampston13 hours ago


  55. bumen pac

    bumen pac13 hours ago

    We need to talk with God

  56. Thomas Deas

    Thomas Deas13 hours ago

    The toolman obviously had an influence.

  57. edward carson

    edward carson13 hours ago

    Somewhere there's a Russian man saying "hold my vodka." I love the epicness of this video, and I want the Ron beer just a tad bit more than the car right now.

  58. Braddy

    Braddy13 hours ago

    Texan accent* “Get me that chicken” But sir it’s not cooked “Looks like imma have to go in RAW”

  59. Minilla Club

    Minilla Club13 hours ago

    God Bless America 🦅🇺🇲🦅

  60. Martin Nielsen

    Martin Nielsen13 hours ago

    me too

  61. Thomas Deas

    Thomas Deas13 hours ago

    Porno for women.

  62. Lourdes Lopez

    Lourdes Lopez13 hours ago

    😂😂🤣Funny and interesting presentation‼️ Love the fact that you analize male brain and considerate why it doesn't work when wife advice or tell you wisdom and women knowledge‼️" For some reason shut down", so true and funny the way you present it. Love your videos, but USlikes never want to give my like 👍 Call them and complain about it‼️

  63. Mike Artlip

    Mike Artlip13 hours ago

    What kind of Fool Believes anything's on Facebook?

  64. O OS

    O OS13 hours ago

    If I donate can I get the lawnmower instead of the car?

  65. Thomas Deas

    Thomas Deas13 hours ago

    asked and received

  66. Nani Damn

    Nani Damn13 hours ago

    Sorry for the disrespect but u said that infront dosen’t looks good cuz u have your wiener

  67. Thomas Deas

    Thomas Deas13 hours ago

    At this point I think we need to see a female. lol

  68. Thomas

    Thomas14 hours ago


  69. tractorman 77

    tractorman 7714 hours ago


  70. TheManBearPig

    TheManBearPig14 hours ago

    I love that accent. I think I'm going to move to South Carolina. And also, I love how big and bad Billy is until he sees a spider. I too don't like them. It just makes me giggle at how he reacts.

  71. Jerry Baker

    Jerry Baker14 hours ago

    Im surprised they haven't called this racist

  72. Braiden S

    Braiden S14 hours ago

    I love it when you tubers actually interact with there sponsers stuff

  73. sweet okole

    sweet okole14 hours ago

    hmmmm...someone's been skipping leg day

  74. Steven N.

    Steven N.14 hours ago

    This is the definition of me every dang spring.

  75. Mario Mares

    Mario Mares14 hours ago

    That is a bad ass little truck. I want one. What model is that ???

  76. Richard Glazebrook

    Richard Glazebrook14 hours ago

    Love it ty for sharing it 💜💕🍦💕💚

  77. The Doctor Dallin

    The Doctor Dallin14 hours ago

    Mans eyebrow is flying higher than the plane

  78. Cody Ross

    Cody Ross14 hours ago

    I bought 2 flashlights that supposedly was bright enough to burn paper and cook eggs! They won't burn or cook anything. Bait and switch ripoff!