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I currently own a 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and 1996 Ford Ranger.

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  1. Ben Carbone

    Ben Carbone11 hours ago

    I won’t buy another tundra unless they offer a longer wheelbase with crew cab and 6.5’ bed. Double cab is useless as a family vehicle, crew cab is useless for working. Read this comment mike sweers dammit

  2. brontoab1

    brontoab112 hours ago

    Without a V8, the domestic manufacturers have nothing to worry about.

  3. Levi Magnusson

    Levi Magnusson13 hours ago

    I’m most excited for the new Sequoia. I assume it’ll be the same platform as the new tundra.

  4. ossie spencer

    ossie spencer13 hours ago

    IDK. Toyota Tundra DO NOT BRING TO LIFE.

  5. Cosmos Daniel

    Cosmos Daniel14 hours ago

    Toyota manufactures has a definitely seriously destructions problem, for too long period of time Toyota vehicles hasn't have enough horsepowers and torques, and much greater improvement in fuel efficiency in both gasoline engines and diesel engines, even if Toyota downsized the engine from v8 engines to v6 its dealerships services in the entire global markets place is very selfish and attitudes towards consumers and customers is very unfriendly when customers report a faulty situations about their products.

  6. PoolRunner

    PoolRunner15 hours ago

    That is the kind of front end only a mother could love. The current styling is much more restrained and handsome. The power plant sounds impressive, but I cannot stand the sound of a V6 full sized.

  7. Cleo 1991

    Cleo 199116 hours ago

    Looks like a sucker fish 😂

  8. Joe rose

    Joe rose16 hours ago

    I have a 2009 Stage 3 Roush 429R car. 68/100. I am about to have long tube headers and tune installed, been thinking of swapping my rear end from 3:55 to 3:73 and then do a cam. Wear do you guys think?

  9. Brian Stephenson

    Brian Stephenson16 hours ago

    tt engines are no good, v8 is the answer

  10. LAGUERRE Gilbert

    LAGUERRE Gilbert17 hours ago


  11. Mike Autry

    Mike Autry19 hours ago

    Looks like rav ...ugly...

  12. Shane Garcia

    Shane Garcia20 hours ago

    Honda engines have been reving that high since the 90s lmao 🙋‍♂️🤡

  13. Audilife

    Audilife20 hours ago

    Looks like a bull dog

  14. patrick blair

    patrick blair21 hour ago

    So glad I bought the 2021!!

  15. Vern Orrell

    Vern Orrell22 hours ago

    Like the new design, hate the engine choice.

  16. Tundradude48

    Tundradude4822 hours ago

    No doubt it will be a nice truck with upgrades Current Tundra owners aren’t used to..but this no V8 option isn’t going to sit well for most regardless of power or fuel economy.You absolute can’t get any sound out of a V6 engine except something that sounds like a supercharged Briggs and Stratton mower engine.Exhaust systems may as well be a thing of the past for that matter.

  17. JP 89

    JP 8922 hours ago

    Can you reach the headlight bulbs on the 2022 pooping the hood? PITA to remove the entire front end & remove the entire headlight assembly just to get to the bulb on my 2014.

  18. Jonathan Hoedemaker

    Jonathan Hoedemaker22 hours ago

    20 06?? Just say two thousand six

  19. jacob wyatt

    jacob wyattDay ago

    Idk how I feel about the looks yet but I definitely like how they are doin something similar to Ford with their ecoboost. However I don’t like that it’s a hybrid. Just take the batteries out and keep an option of the v6 turbo charged and the 5.7. In the future I plan on buying the v6 twin turbo charged one. Ima damn sure miss the rumble of a v8 but the power and torque from it ima love. I’ll still have my 04 Denali for a nice v8 rumble. By the time I’m ready to afford one all the flaws will be worked out. I’m thankful to be in a good career as an apprentice electrician and with a great company . Just gotta keep working my way up and I’ll be there.

  20. 02HREBlue

    02HREBlueDay ago

    sure is ugly

  21. Allen Saunders

    Allen SaundersDay ago

    The Z06 will be well priced but 80 thousand to low. Some options in the base model drive the cost upto 80 thousand. I think more like 95 to 100 thousand

  22. shatteredsquare

    shatteredsquareDay ago

    does it use fucking IWEs in the front hubs that rip their own teeth out under torque

  23. yote yeet

    yote yeetDay ago

    I pray isn’t 2022 Tundra it look hideous please go back to the drawing board to all Toyota designers especially you Mike Sweey chief executive for Toyota.

  24. Terry Carter

    Terry CarterDay ago

    If the idiots running GM had their way they'd turn it into a all electric car, and drive GM closer into bankruptcy by going all electric.

  25. Chris Yongchu

    Chris YongchuDay ago

    No 6ft bed?

  26. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael RodriguezDay ago

    Twenty Oh Two.......

  27. Elliot Prokop

    Elliot ProkopDay ago

    Now ram and ford have the only good looking trucks...

  28. Vincent Does Stuff

    Vincent Does StuffDay ago

    R.I.P Reginald

  29. Vincent Does Stuff

    Vincent Does StuffDay ago

    Look out for the Truck

  30. 18dot7

    18dot7Day ago

    Butt ugly asphalt bubble...

  31. jorge l

    jorge lDay ago

    Every time Toyota starts messing with the engine they f..up...look what happen to the tacos when they came down from a 4.0 to a 3.5

  32. MJ

    MJDay ago

    Good luck selling this truck..V6 Turbo is NOT going to convince people! We need and want a V8 Turbo or V8 turbo Diesel.

  33. Zachary Owens

    Zachary OwensDay ago

    Why are there so many people complaining about the v6. The v6 tundra is probably gonna be better than most v8s anyway. Even if they are gonna make v6 tundras they’re probably also gonna keep making v8s

  34. John McCague

    John McCagueDay ago

    If anyone can screw up the release of a new model...its the domestics.

  35. Heath's HobbyLobby

    Heath's HobbyLobbyDay ago

    I hope your predictions are wrong. Hope Chevy sticks with the overhead valve engine.

  36. Just Aguy

    Just Aguy2 days ago

    LOL yeah, "talking" about size online is one thing, but seeing it in person, that can be breathtaking ;-) And given the way competitors have been upping the branding ante (TRX for instance) I totally agree Warthog is going to be tough to top. Considering both the Rubicon and the Warthog, well I'd have to drive them both, but I'll admit I have a leaning to the Bronc as of this writing. I don't know if the styling, as iconic as it is, of the Jeep is getting a tad stale to me or not, but I do favor the look of the Bronc. IF it is as capable (or perhaps more so) then it's the winner. Hell, the EcoBoost is a great engine.

  37. Casey Nunley

    Casey Nunley2 days ago

    Lost me at V-6

  38. Alejandro Flores-Samaniego

    Alejandro Flores-Samaniego2 days ago

    but yet again i haven’t had a car payment for so long why start now 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣

  39. Alejandro Flores-Samaniego

    Alejandro Flores-Samaniego2 days ago

    i am kind of old school, i drive lifted 76 f-150 and not a huge fan of the new trucks. i mean they make great torque/power. but for the money doesn’t seem worth a new truck. except for these broncos, they look sick 😎

  40. Ashton Lewis

    Ashton Lewis2 days ago

    Raspy exhaust

  41. SuBBi3Flow 89

    SuBBi3Flow 892 days ago

    Haha 😂 dodge puts a v8 engine in their truck Ford : I have an idea lets put 37 inch tires in our new truck

  42. Cesar Meza

    Cesar Meza2 days ago

    I'm just hoping it'll actually be an original redesign. So far I'm seeing Silverado headlights, ford engine, Tacoma body & wheels & and who knows if it'll be a Ram interior type of thing. Idk...

  43. BC_Hunter

    BC_Hunter2 days ago

    No diesel??? Ugh....

  44. stokerography

    stokerography2 days ago

    And still a 4ft bed?

  45. old mix

    old mix2 days ago

    ZORA ?

  46. Bob Down

    Bob Down2 days ago

    Ford here in Australia is testing a V8 Ranger

  47. Philip Glassrules

    Philip Glassrules2 days ago

    Dominate the full size truck market? LMAO

  48. jae dog

    jae dog2 days ago

    Nope . A v8 will always be a V8. A v6 will not tow my toy haller. Put the Turbo on the V8. Put 2 of them on A V8.

  49. TheLegendaryGSW

    TheLegendaryGSW2 days ago


  50. Chip Chaunamom

    Chip Chaunamom2 days ago

    This cannot be it. Please don’t let this be the new design.

  51. stoweman34

    stoweman342 days ago

    Crew cab with a 6.5’ bed would sell a dump load more trucks. Toyota has been pushing more people to the F-150, including myself, who want a family truck with a useful bed.

  52. Supercreech

    Supercreech2 days ago

    Good lord that ugly AF

  53. Searching Life

    Searching Life2 days ago

    UGLY AS SIN !!!!!!!!!! The ugliest front end ive seen on a truck in 30 years. wtf r they doing ,,, ??

  54. Retard Commontater

    Retard Commontater2 days ago

    I'm waiting for the new 'Bucking' model . Bet that's ten years out .

  55. H.J.S.

    H.J.S.2 days ago

    That's a Nissan cropped image

  56. Marky

    Marky2 days ago

    No one else noticed this is a photo shop?

  57. Brian Connelly

    Brian Connelly2 days ago

    Cab still looks like it's the same. New front and rear end. Same as Tacoma

  58. Ivan Acciari

    Ivan Acciari2 days ago

    Bruh those are Nissan Titan rims 💀do your research before you slap random rims in it 😂

  59. TcZ

    TcZ2 days ago

    I like it but the prior Tundra I always loved, and sexy dudes tend to drive them.

  60. Mike Vang

    Mike Vang2 days ago

    Those aren't foglights dum dum.


    VANDIESEL2 days ago

    So basically everything Ford has already done with the F150?

  62. eaUchellas Sariang Cl

    eaUchellas Sariang Cl2 days ago

    Very soon the Ford "subscriber and readership" will get fed up by the overuse of the suspense method. Then go somewhere else where the communication is upright and upfront. Overused suspense pull in on itself the stench of underhandedness. A migration of...are gaining interest with and on the way to Dodge and Chevy, etc. THEY listen to the desires of their public. And they deliver more promptly. Too much suspense puts a public in WAITING___which is a very low emotional condition. A platform of less and less trust. Such is an ineffective and a self-destructive marketing tool.

  63. Kingdom Warriors ministry

    Kingdom Warriors ministry3 days ago

    How much do you estimate the 2021 raptor will be vs the 2022 raptor r ?

  64. David McKenzie

    David McKenzie3 days ago

    The Vette gets them..... 🔥💋😉♥️🏁

  65. ggqbc

    ggqbc3 days ago

    Wow! I should have waited for this

  66. Vlad

    Vlad3 days ago

    It will dominate the truck market but it will not dominate Ram trucks because he never mentioned it lol

  67. Alex R

    Alex R3 days ago

    This truck is extremely ugly

  68. Antoine Halik

    Antoine Halik3 days ago

    Lots of talking but... we'll see 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  69. Carlos Aleman

    Carlos Aleman3 days ago

    I don't think the Tundra will dominate...

  70. J W

    J W3 days ago

    Fugly. Hopefully this is not the new design.

  71. Joel Garcia

    Joel Garcia3 days ago

  72. Terry Hook

    Terry Hook3 days ago


  73. Caveman Mechanics

    Caveman Mechanics3 days ago

    Looks like a Ford front end

  74. baba black

    baba black3 days ago

    Just canceled my Bronco WildTrak to wait for the Warthog! I also asked about it along with the Raptor R so we will see.

  75. Robert Labelle

    Robert Labelle3 days ago

    A diesel tundra is what I want

  76. N54 NOSHIT

    N54 NOSHIT3 days ago

    It’s like the Tundra and Tacoma had a baby

  77. C.J. Anderson

    C.J. Anderson3 days ago

    Why wouldn’t they just turbo or supercharge the already great v8?

  78. Bob Vedder

    Bob Vedder3 days ago

    I wouldn't want a truck with all of those leaks!

  79. Trevor Adams

    Trevor Adams3 days ago

    "Let's get right into it.".... "So before we begin" 😂😂😂

  80. cooper clifton

    cooper clifton3 days ago

    What?! This is literally a Nissan Titan. Literally the same truck.