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The Netherite Hunter
I Crafted a SUPER BOOK...
Minecraft Jedi VS Hunter


4 months ago

  1. Gaming and drawing

    Gaming and drawing11 hours ago

    Yep hes a cheater

  2. Vice Gamer

    Vice Gamer11 hours ago

    he should've made a block of iron and break that

  3. kyzer maynard

    kyzer maynard11 hours ago

    Why didn't wisp create enchanted golden apples?

  4. Jade Ochwa

    Jade Ochwa11 hours ago


  5. Tv Michael T

    Tv Michael T11 hours ago


  6. Samantha Leggett

    Samantha Leggett11 hours ago

    That’s what dream did

  7. Shadi Nino

    Shadi Nino11 hours ago

    Wisp you could try to find ancient debris and you would be full netherite

  8. Muscle Head

    Muscle Head11 hours ago

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  9. Bradley Lyons

    Bradley Lyons11 hours ago

    Wi don't you play fortnite

  10. Joshua Rothery

    Joshua Rothery11 hours ago

    Infinity crafting tables!

  11. Holiday Boy

    Holiday Boy11 hours ago

    did you learn the boat from a yt named sb737 does that to

  12. joshua villegas

    joshua villegas11 hours ago

    Your so good in manhunt like dream wow

  13. Owen WILLIAMS

    Owen WILLIAMS11 hours ago

    **Mines ancient debris** 0-0

  14. Vinayak Chaudhary

    Vinayak Chaudhary11 hours ago

    In every start when he shows us the tuest he says Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. Mini Mimi

    Mini Mimi11 hours ago

    I am going to on subscribe because you kild the tutorial you monster

  16. joshua villegas

    joshua villegas11 hours ago

    Who watching thise in 2021 he's so successful now! Wow

  17. Ian Jeszke

    Ian Jeszke11 hours ago

    Nice Vid!

  18. Elise Spring

    Elise Spring11 hours ago

    Best seed ever

  19. Nightwolf

    Nightwolf11 hours ago

    NOT JUST 6 LIKES, 24 *T*_H_-O-*U*_S_-A-*N*_D_ !!

  20. a dean

    a dean11 hours ago

    27:39 : the secret traitor

  21. wolf gaming

    wolf gaming11 hours ago

    If you notice in parts 1:51 and 2:10 Wisp is using hack Lunar cilent

  22. Gerda Cloete

    Gerda Cloete11 hours ago

    but not better then dream

  23. Harry McKay

    Harry McKay11 hours ago

    No1 gonna mention how he didn't light the animals on fire to cook them???

  24. KaisaDiamond

    KaisaDiamond11 hours ago

    im still mad that wisp didnt portal trap them

  25. - Rxgrets

    - Rxgrets11 hours ago


  26. Peter

    Peter11 hours ago

    am i the only one who think bed bombing is a really cheap thing to do ?

  27. Umar Khan

    Umar Khan11 hours ago

    He had enough to make a load more

  28. Erin Good

    Erin Good11 hours ago

    Not just get diamonds during creative mode?

  29. Aman

    Aman11 hours ago

    That was the most intensed man hunt i have ever saw.

  30. Lukas Gronvold

    Lukas Gronvold11 hours ago


  31. Joshua Cummings aka

    Joshua Cummings aka11 hours ago


  32. a dean

    a dean11 hours ago

    When you realize he has 64 enderpearls i a stack

  33. happy girl tam

    happy girl tam11 hours ago

    so is not one is Dream?

  34. Sukla Paul

    Sukla Paul11 hours ago

    5:12 those are coal ores!

  35. Ashni Yasmin A Z

    Ashni Yasmin A Z12 hours ago

    Jag is a dream

  36. Łøņë Wøłf

    Łøņë Wøłf12 hours ago

    He is dream but funny humor one.

  37. juliana andrade

    juliana andrade12 hours ago


  38. Cheston Kordys

    Cheston Kordys12 hours ago

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  39. u1timategamer&more86

    u1timategamer&more8612 hours ago

    you cound of got nethernite very easy

  40. Angie Morris

    Angie Morris12 hours ago

    Infinity punch verses netherite sword Dipper: this is worthless

  41. Cheston Kordys

    Cheston Kordys12 hours ago

    The unusual help phylogenitically protect because literature intraspecifically wreck apud a angry control. nosy, big fridge

  42. PloopertGames22

    PloopertGames2212 hours ago

    you dont need to break the crystals just one punch the ender dragon the second he perches

  43. Benrey

    Benrey12 hours ago

    Where do you get these plugins from?

  44. Mason_coolbro !

    Mason_coolbro !12 hours ago

    I love how you didn't make notch apples with all those gold blocks

  45. Undram Khosbayar

    Undram Khosbayar12 hours ago

    Was Jago trying to say oh shi- when the first time Wisp got killed by a magma cube

  46. Lyam Renders

    Lyam Renders12 hours ago

    I checked the seed there where 2 diamonds in the blacksmith chest

  47. darkcrimson

    darkcrimson12 hours ago

    Wisp you forgot to make a god apple because you can have unlimited god apple it means 100% they have disadvantage only if they realize about it

  48. Muaz Badar

    Muaz Badar12 hours ago

    Just don’t use doors

  49. Malte Johansson

    Malte Johansson12 hours ago


  50. Teun

    Teun12 hours ago

    seed pls?

  51. Skyblockplayer412 Gaming

    Skyblockplayer412 Gaming12 hours ago

    First days!

  52. Jenny Ann Caballes

    Jenny Ann Caballes12 hours ago

    Why not make enchanted golden Apple?

  53. Jaydenplayz

    Jaydenplayz12 hours ago

    Wait 100 blocks 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  54. Bread

    Bread12 hours ago

    Hi myself.

  55. Me Me

    Me Me12 hours ago


  56. VOON WEI WEN Moe

    VOON WEI WEN Moe12 hours ago

    this is so broken

  57. cat cat channel

    cat cat channel12 hours ago

    piglin: wears creeper head me: OH NO AAAAA

  58. Christina Theodoropoulous

    Christina Theodoropoulous12 hours ago

    Wisp: I’m letting him off with the breast cancer sign 🥰 Wisp not even 10 seconds later: YOU WANNA DIE?! YOU WANNA DIE?!

  59. 13352-Abdullah Mowaffag A Ageel

    13352-Abdullah Mowaffag A Ageel12 hours ago

    He said 2likes but there was numder 3

  60. Ko Wii Lim

    Ko Wii Lim12 hours ago

    nice hair man

  61. Jaydenplayz

    Jaydenplayz12 hours ago

    Wow just one ❤️

  62. Wazza Coote

    Wazza Coote12 hours ago

    Wisp is pvp god

  63. DaKingFoReal 111

    DaKingFoReal 11112 hours ago


  64. Alex H1P6

    Alex H1P612 hours ago

    He is so confident in his pc that he didn't even make the"before they kill me or my pc explodes"joke on a pretty much pc killer game that lags every 10 minutes without reason

  65. Aon Aon

    Aon Aon12 hours ago

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  66. Patrick Pilon

    Patrick Pilon12 hours ago

    You’re the best

  67. ItsCapi09_YT

    ItsCapi09_YT12 hours ago

    What is the server name and the IP??

  68. Jagdish Kumar

    Jagdish Kumar12 hours ago

    My battery : 3% Me : playing minecrfat Battery : i will wait