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  1. I will slam u against A table

    I will slam u against A table8 hours ago

    I can’t wait for this shit

  2. Attie Whitmarsh

    Attie Whitmarsh8 hours ago

    The new legends name might be horizon

  3. Darth Fluffy

    Darth Fluffy8 hours ago

    Horizon is hype

  4. lucas carrizo

    lucas carrizo8 hours ago


  5. Abdulrahman Al-Derbasti

    Abdulrahman Al-Derbasti8 hours ago

    My arm’s ready to watch this Story

  6. Sidharth Kh

    Sidharth Kh8 hours ago

    I think is for new map and other stories

  7. Attie Whitmarsh

    Attie Whitmarsh8 hours ago

    I’m exited to watch this

  8. Olivia Voss

    Olivia Voss8 hours ago

    mike wazowski will be making an appearance in this

  9. Young Einstein Gaming

    Young Einstein Gaming8 hours ago

    So wait was he a bounty hunter or hitman

  10. Theodor Awadalla

    Theodor Awadalla8 hours ago

    ​My theory: horizon is stuck in the event horizon of the black hole we see right here, due to the theoretical time distortion (since its believed black holes are so strong they suck in space time it self, which makes a bit of sense since the reason black holes are black is that the light that reflect off of it can't escape, so you can't see anything), she is still alive even tho she was pronounced dead after being sucked into the hole mid space expedition, now she is just trying to survive and reach to the syndicate or even better the IMC, who control the apex games, via the firing range, to get them to help her get out, which is why we got those messages in the lobby.

  11. Memesaremylifeline

    Memesaremylifeline8 hours ago

    Yoooo i didn't know Matthew McConaughey is going to be the new legend. I wonder what his moves will be?

  12. AG_111 Apex Gaming

    AG_111 Apex Gaming8 hours ago

    It's about horizon stuck

  13. alexander krouses

    alexander krouses8 hours ago

    Apex X among us confirmed

  14. Adam rides

    Adam rides8 hours ago

    S7 best season incoming

  15. naithan hernandez

    naithan hernandez8 hours ago

    Big petho taken

  16. MrToucanLad

    MrToucanLad8 hours ago

    Hopefully, Horizon isn't a decoy like Forge was...

  17. Huckleberry Huckle

    Huckleberry Huckle8 hours ago

    A black hole, maybe it’s a worm hole leading into a AAlternate dimension

  18. ColorfulDeath Bradateanu

    ColorfulDeath Bradateanu8 hours ago

    Please tell me they add horizon and also should i get the new legend or rampart?

  19. Ender e

    Ender e8 hours ago

    Nobody: I: it's sigma from the overwatch and he going to kill black hole!

  20. Revenant

    Revenant8 hours ago

    I thought it said 318 pings placed and thought "am I the only one that pings things"

  21. Wtf_Maine

    Wtf_Maine8 hours ago

    I really hope this is Lore for one of the legends we already have. There are so many questions we need answered for characters we’re already emotionally invested in. I don’t want to see lore for someone we don’t even know yet.

  22. Sam Garanzuay

    Sam Garanzuay8 hours ago

    I’m so hyped

  23. XMajesticWolfX 1

    XMajesticWolfX 18 hours ago

    Don't tell me Horizon is getting bodied by ash and ash is the season 7 legend like they did with revenant and forge in season 4

  24. Nova

    Nova8 hours ago

    No this is a brain wash for blacks alike joe biden really is the owner of respawn and promised to crush all blacks in the gaming community

  25. Ronaldo Vera

    Ronaldo Vera8 hours ago

    Ok so Horizon is in that ship and is stuck on a blk hole then she makes her final goodbies to her son witch will be Valk.

  26. Not The Myth.

    Not The Myth.8 hours ago

    Let’s GO Apex...!

  27. Mozambique Here

    Mozambique Here8 hours ago

    As a simple Mozambique I must say that I am here

  28. Kiefer Talley

    Kiefer Talley8 hours ago

    The pet Prowler is so stupid it's one big dumb animal it mostly stands around and does really help

  29. Emmanuel enriquez

    Emmanuel enriquez8 hours ago

    *gets notification about new stories from the outlands apex : jokes gotta wait 😒

  30. The Big Al 123

    The Big Al 1238 hours ago

    I really hope we get a PVE mode! Probably wont though.

  31. Hywin Mathew

    Hywin Mathew8 hours ago

    I think so that macro should be here

  32. Martin Tamul

    Martin Tamul8 hours ago

    lol i waited the hole night

  33. Elite Legends

    Elite Legends8 hours ago

    Im Ready for season 7

  34. Sakher Abusamra

    Sakher Abusamra8 hours ago

    I feel most alive when Apex launch new stories

  35. oddythesolo

    oddythesolo8 hours ago

    i think horizon is gonna die like forge xD R.I.P forge ???-2020 F in the chat

  36. Chukz jukez_yt

    Chukz jukez_yt8 hours ago

    HEY SOME HEIRLOOM IDEAS •crypto:his drone a mechanical nunchuck •Gibraltar:his hook that we’ve seen •Watson:a electricians looking hammer •loba: the black market boutique stick •rampart:a golden elephant stick •revenant:a retractable mechanical knife That’s all I got for ideas so every legend can have a heirloom of itself if you find this comment and like my ideas like this comment so the creators might get some ideas

  37. alex kind

    alex kind8 hours ago

    What are 512 people doing here wtf

  38. atechocolate inpublicbathroom

    atechocolate inpublicbathroom8 hours ago

    Omg this is putting so many thoughts in my head rn

  39. Laws

    Laws8 hours ago


  40. Agape Tap1

    Agape Tap19 hours ago

    When will we actually get the season 7 legend trailer

  41. Hywin Mathew

    Hywin Mathew9 hours ago

    I hope they PROMISE that this video will be about horizon

  42. vahid Aria

    vahid Aria9 hours ago

    I love the Outland story I hope this time longer than one minute 😔

  43. REDD 909

    REDD 9099 hours ago

    Yo where tf is titanfall 3 I mean this is cool and all I like apex it’s a good battle royale but like I’m waiting I’ve been waiting for 4 years

  44. ToucanToast

    ToucanToast9 hours ago

    I wanna see BT 7274 make an appearance

  45. RolWob

    RolWob9 hours ago

    Please add deathmatch

  46. Stay Lit420

    Stay Lit4209 hours ago


  47. Ethan Garcia

    Ethan Garcia9 hours ago

    Pls extend this season

  48. Kfc_andwatermelon

    Kfc_andwatermelon9 hours ago


  49. TheAussieWall

    TheAussieWall9 hours ago

    I feel cheated it's already the 26th and is till don't got this

  50. Kennedy Francois

    Kennedy Francois9 hours ago

    Apex love hyping up 2 min videos 😂

  51. Ali Kingslayer

    Ali Kingslayer9 hours ago


  52. Sashimiroll

    Sashimiroll9 hours ago

    *I came as soon as I heard.* Wait, wrong fanbase.

  53. midnitesnaccu.

    midnitesnaccu.9 hours ago

    I know this is gonna be great

  54. The_Fox Gaming

    The_Fox Gaming9 hours ago


  55. Kaji Espere

    Kaji Espere9 hours ago


  56. unknownplayer plays

    unknownplayer plays9 hours ago

    It better be:)

  57. Champ Saaied

    Champ Saaied9 hours ago

    Nobody:- After your favourite content creater sets a premier 'I FEEL MOST ALIVE WHEN RAPIDLY APPROACHING NEW CONTENT'

  58. Stewy Corn

    Stewy Corn9 hours ago

    Oh, now, this, this is interesting, I'm hyped. Can't wait for it!

  59. Colby Holman

    Colby Holman9 hours ago

    Cant wait for a new story. I hope they give us some back story of octain and lifeline meeting

  60. Subscribe for free damp pickles

    Subscribe for free damp pickles9 hours ago

    I’m guessing it’s going to be a Bangalore lore

  61. Темирлан Аубакиров

    Темирлан Аубакиров9 hours ago

    Father:"Take her and go" Mother: *New mission* Kill revenant

  62. Bananemoji

    Bananemoji9 hours ago

    I have school

  63. LynX _

    LynX _9 hours ago

    Protocol 3: protect the pilot

  64. Abid Hassan

    Abid Hassan9 hours ago

    Someone in the game cannot complete battle pass give us extra 1 week to complete it

  65. W R A I T H

    W R A I T H9 hours ago


  66. Ильмир Гафиатулин

    Ильмир Гафиатулин9 hours ago

    Кто перевёл?

  67. Lev1corpus

    Lev1corpus9 hours ago

    People getting hyped for the next apex cinematic: Random people spending hours thinking of a funny comment so they can get thousands of likes on it

  68. Junaidi Abidin

    Junaidi Abidin9 hours ago

    It horizon

  69. 19 Rushabh Chauhan

    19 Rushabh Chauhan9 hours ago

    I know more than you every know

  70. Nathan Drake

    Nathan Drake9 hours ago

    My legs are ready to go.

  71. Rouge Q

    Rouge Q9 hours ago


  72. Cameron McFarland

    Cameron McFarland9 hours ago

    Let's gooooo

  73. MK L bobby

    MK L bobby9 hours ago

    I wish its longer then 5min

  74. Рижийк Снаипер

    Рижийк Снаипер9 hours ago


  75. Arinze Uzoma

    Arinze Uzoma9 hours ago

    Bruh imagine valk being a legend

  76. CadenisYourMan

    CadenisYourMan9 hours ago

    Mmmmm awesome

  77. Skullgamer1663

    Skullgamer16639 hours ago

    “Please don’t eat me”

  78. Avenge x Troll

    Avenge x Troll9 hours ago

    Ahh yes new content

  79. ハラちゃんネル

    ハラちゃんネル9 hours ago

  80. Panpakes

    Panpakes9 hours ago

    10 more hours babyyy