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  1. James Sharp

    James Sharp5 hours ago

    Kyle does this A LOT I feel like. Just call your shot, my guy. 😂

  2. JL JLGB

    JL JLGB5 hours ago

    Friendship doesn’t exists - patriots 😂😂😂

  3. Doug Gasparutti

    Doug Gasparutti5 hours ago

    TB busting that foot off

  4. UnrealEngine GURU

    UnrealEngine GURU5 hours ago

    i could listen to gene talk forever

  5. mgrouel

    mgrouel5 hours ago

    Almost everyone knows that the packers will win this one. Sorry Tom, better luck next time. Packers to the SB

  6. David Kim

    David Kim6 hours ago

    That shirt is gold

  7. Kenneth Sarvis

    Kenneth Sarvis6 hours ago

    I love how he's tawk go get them Big daddy Robby!👊🏾

  8. Raens

    Raens6 hours ago

    45-17 Bucs win

  9. Kristin Hull

    Kristin Hull6 hours ago


  10. Kenneth Sarvis

    Kenneth Sarvis6 hours ago

    Glad he's back of course 👊🏾 waddup big Mikey 👀🔙

  11. Playboi_Gari

    Playboi_Gari6 hours ago

    "Is it a touchdown mr. Ref, Is it a touchdown mr Referee"

  12. yG s

    yG s6 hours ago

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  13. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne6 hours ago

    His initials

  14. Mario Salvatierra

    Mario Salvatierra6 hours ago

    Keep everyone in line Tom!!

  15. Mario Salvatierra

    Mario Salvatierra6 hours ago

    Hey Ryan, hit and block the cheeseheads like an F-22 Raptor.

  16. Kris Knebels

    Kris Knebels7 hours ago

    scotty miller will be the deep threat for sure. the corner back will have the toughest time making spin and turn moves to follow the WR. take advantage of this bucs!

  17. Peter Cohen

    Peter Cohen7 hours ago

    Can gronk read😂

  18. Francis Mausley

    Francis Mausley7 hours ago

    Thank you all. Even in games I have to greatly admire such comittment & sacrifice for excellence... "...for the professions of most men, be they high or low, differ from their conduct. It is through your deeds that ye can distinguish yourselves from others." ~ Baha'i Faith

  19. Nashville Bottom feeder

    Nashville Bottom feeder7 hours ago

    I swear shivers get sent down my spine every time I watch this

  20. Richard Francis

    Richard Francis7 hours ago

    Love to hear from coach and Casey is awesome...love this whole show especially the intro theme....Love my beloved Bucs! And thank you for a very great season that was very hard to do...

  21. Jacob Mayeu

    Jacob Mayeu7 hours ago

    Mr brady I want to thank you for teaching how to be great again showing us we are a CHAMPIONSHIP FRANCHISE and being the GOAT we are playing with the houses money but we BELEAVE in you I watched you do it over and over again yr after yr they say you cant do it anymore your to old your arm isnt strong anymore well I'm here to tell you your are hero and we BELEAVE IN TOMPA BAY in are GOAT # GO BUCS

  22. Recabite Jehonadab

    Recabite Jehonadab7 hours ago

    Gronkowski is a fun and also very intelligent person. Well spoken. He will be a good catch for a nice girl. He’s just a decent guy.

  23. Francis Mausley

    Francis Mausley7 hours ago

    I know it's a game but I admire such commitment to excellence. "Let each morn be better than its eve and each morrow richer than its yesterday." ~ Bahá'u'lláh, Baha'i Faith

  24. Brendan Dyer

    Brendan Dyer8 hours ago

    Hope we have ourselves a good game...Go Pack Go!

  25. Banana Coffee

    Banana Coffee8 hours ago

    7:11 The game has changed completely BECAUSE of Tom Brady. The tempo has increased, it’s about playing SMART TACTICALLY and using intelligence instead of brute force to win games. Watch footage from his first few years and see the size of players. Now the entire league has trimmed down, sped up and stepped up to the next level because of what this man brought to the game. Every QB out there today, Mahomes, Rogers, Brees, Big Ben, Josh Allen, Jackson, all the big names exist because everyone evolved into needing to find a way to keep up with this dinosaur And most importantly, defenses have needed to adapt to HIM and have all become SO MUCH BETTER as a result

  26. Noel Newlon

    Noel Newlon8 hours ago

    The team that makes the least mistakes will win.

  27. William Lyon

    William Lyon8 hours ago

    Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones can take over these next two and claim the Lombardi Trophy

  28. Panty Raid

    Panty Raid8 hours ago

    AB get yer knee right plz

  29. Aaron Hawkins

    Aaron Hawkins8 hours ago

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  30. Familyman617 !

    Familyman617 !8 hours ago

    He got lucky against the Saints, so many Penalties could've been called against him because of his aggression.

  31. Javier Rios

    Javier Rios8 hours ago

    I never realized that these guys have a great sense of humor.... From niner nation

  32. Anthony Paganico

    Anthony Paganico8 hours ago

    Miller will make a bigger impact in this game then AB would. Not taking anything away from AB but Miller will give Brady the secure short passes he's going to need. They don't need 4 receivers going deep Sunday .

  33. Adam Bishop

    Adam Bishop8 hours ago

    Best Of Hope's for AB

  34. MikeeSocal

    MikeeSocal8 hours ago

    Don't a lot of the players go to TB12 facility for strength conditioning and diet?

  35. Highest Ranked Hip Hop

    Highest Ranked Hip Hop8 hours ago

    if vita vea plays its a wrap

  36. Jason Guerra

    Jason Guerra8 hours ago


  37. Carlos V

    Carlos V8 hours ago

    C’mon we need 🆎

  38. Tim Castens

    Tim Castens8 hours ago

    Look for Gronk a lot more Sunday.They have comparable speed to replace AB

  39. BBfreak 8

    BBfreak 88 hours ago

    I never thought that Gene would look like this. He looks like he works for santa.

  40. Family Man

    Family Man8 hours ago

    The Buccaneers will not beat the Packers.

  41. kev hollywoodgamer

    kev hollywoodgamer8 hours ago

    It's funny as all us Patriots fans are watching nothing but buccs videos since he joined the team🤣😂. It just goes to show he's bigger than the team itself. Mr Tom Brady is the number one reason I'm a Patriot,going way back in early 2000s. I'm going to fly to Tampa Bay for the first time and see a buccs game with the g.o.a.t probably buy a whole season pass.

  42. Alphateam71

    Alphateam718 hours ago

    Brady should get more money than Mahomes he’s a qb and a coach at the same time

  43. King VII

    King VII8 hours ago

    Wait, did they really call us toddlers??? Lol

  44. Missvanessas Escape

    Missvanessas Escape8 hours ago

    OMG...BRADY CALLED the BUC's!!! The Buc's didn't call Brady...BA sed "Brady was on the phone trying to sell THEM, on how HE THINKS they would be good together"

  45. Rafay Goondall

    Rafay Goondall9 hours ago

    I’m confident Green Bay will puntualize

  46. Cool Chris

    Cool Chris9 hours ago

    Hold tf up.....Jay-z is Brady’s favorite music artist......Yea he’s definitely the GOAT

  47. Jeremy S.

    Jeremy S.9 hours ago

    🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐

  48. Khalil Williams

    Khalil Williams9 hours ago

    They are soooooo baked

  49. Superman lucharé por la justicia

    Superman lucharé por la justicia9 hours ago

    Tampa Bay buccaneers 42 vs 13 Green Bay Packers

  50. Rogelio De Arroz, Jr.

    Rogelio De Arroz, Jr.9 hours ago

    Bradys' is today's montana while Rodgers' can be likened dan marino.. Thoughts?

  51. Richard Gelilio Jr

    Richard Gelilio Jr9 hours ago

    This is the calmest Karen I've ever heard. 😂

  52. steven Jackson

    steven Jackson9 hours ago

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  53. wakawaka1976

    wakawaka19769 hours ago

    Brady may not have the same success as he did in the past if his receivers keep dropping passes.

  54. Dawn Miller

    Dawn Miller9 hours ago

    Go pack gp

  55. Adam Grue

    Adam Grue9 hours ago

    best two things i learned today ... tom brady has more nfc championship appearances than the cowboys in the last 25 years. other thing, tom brady has won more consecutive nfc playoff games than the cowboys have in the last 25 years. imagine bucs vs bills super bowl .... buffalo having to get past their old afc east rival to win. the bills have played in super bowl in tampa before in old stadium. super bowl 25 .... wide right. and super bowl is in tampa this year. bills kicker was only 6 of 9 from 30-39 yds during season but 8 for 9 from 40-49 yds. in playoffs, 1 for 3 from 40-49 yds ......

  56. Dj Paul

    Dj Paul9 hours ago

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  57. Brent Demty

    Brent Demty9 hours ago


  58. Rick Butor

    Rick Butor9 hours ago

    Your show is wonderful and much appreciated. Spot on takes all around while not being mega homies. Articulate inciteful, keep it up! Oh, one of you is really cute!


    PROVEN FACT VIDEOS9 hours ago

    It's just entertainment. Tom is the star of the show. The guy the 'stormtroopers' can't hit with a laser bolt no matter how many shots they take at him.😋 A team that wears red, white & blue and is called the Patriots becomes an unstoppable sports dynasty right after 9/11 ("Patriot Day" decreed by law in 2002) and does it with a 6th-round QB and a failed head coach while every team in their division becomes a laughing stock that cannot challenge them seems...suspicious. WAG THE FAN 🦅 The Patriots would dominate the NFL to create support for the 'War On Terror'. The winning way of patriotism would become synonymous with the glory of the New England team. 🦄 But such a team must have a 'Captain America', a perfect quarterback​ who is nearer to a superhero. He must be athletic, but more important, he must​ be great-looking and have a charismatic personality. Whatever Captain America lacks in talent won't really matter since the opponents will allow him to win. (Over 19 seasons, the Patriots would win 36 more times​ than the league's next winningest team, the Steelers. A ludicrous accomplishment.) 🐕 "Wag The Dog" was about manipulating public opinion (wagging the dog) by using television to artificially create 'heroes'. These heroes may be actors pretending to be heroes, but as long as the public doesn't know that, the technique can produce huge influencing. 💰No doubt the NFL received a huge payment from the government for scripting the Patriot dynasty. 🎬 NFL makes no claim that the games are NOT scripted and no laws are broken if they pre-designate the winner of a contest.

  60. Alfonso Zamora

    Alfonso Zamora9 hours ago

    I can’t stand this guy!!!! GO PACK GO

  61. Alfonso Zamora

    Alfonso Zamora9 hours ago

    Green Bay is healthy this time around. Lazard playing, king playing, kearsky playing, Davante healthier, Clarke healthier, AJ Dillon playing. So much better this time around. I hope Vea plays, he’s not ready! Run over his ankle once and he’s done.

  62. Zach Barber

    Zach Barber9 hours ago

    Jenna lane is the gd worst

  63. Alfonso Zamora

    Alfonso Zamora9 hours ago

    Packers 41-27

  64. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike9 hours ago

    Kyle Hates Brady and that makes me mad at him !

  65. Alain Belanger

    Alain Belanger9 hours ago

    Best Td BREE,S son

  66. Whiteboy Withthetec

    Whiteboy Withthetec9 hours ago

    Gronk Tucson Az overrated or underrated?

  67. Rafael Velasquez

    Rafael Velasquez9 hours ago

    It's The Brady Bunch!!! 🔥🏆🔥🏆🔥🏆🔥🏆🔥🏆🔥🏆🔥

  68. steve clapper

    steve clapper9 hours ago

    Bucs will win, destiny is calling again.

  69. Captain Eyebrows

    Captain Eyebrows9 hours ago

    Tom Brady got the deadliest smirk of all time too. Rogers is up there too.

  70. RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman

    RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman10 hours ago

    AB should be ready if TB pulls off big W.

  71. RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman

    RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman10 hours ago

    Hate thos pnk keep asking age stuff. NONE Of UR dam business cz age is difffent 4 different people n why don't these annoying ahols keep out asking private n personal age stuff!

  72. Nuclear Family

    Nuclear Family10 hours ago

    He better be back in a Super Bowl I know that

  73. Shaun Southard

    Shaun Southard10 hours ago

    # GO BUCS. God works in mysterious ways. Let's hope he is a Bucs fan

  74. Captain Eyebrows

    Captain Eyebrows10 hours ago

    Gronk one of my favorite players even though he was a patriot.

  75. Branson ‘s Life

    Branson ‘s Life10 hours ago


  76. Jit Naq

    Jit Naq10 hours ago

    I want the great football team!

  77. Gustavo Miranda

    Gustavo Miranda10 hours ago

    Tommy and gronky should be with the dallas cowboys

  78. topasio

    topasio10 hours ago

    Aggressive plays and good game plan

  79. Captain Eyebrows

    Captain Eyebrows10 hours ago

    Tom Brady really reminds me of Jason Vorhees.

  80. Zack Attack

    Zack Attack10 hours ago

    Bucs 44-17