Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike

Dr. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski D.O.
Actively Practicing Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor living in NYC
#1 Health/Medicine Influencer w/ 13,000,000+ followers
An avid explorer of life. Just a man and his dogs against the world. Human first.
My goal is to make the field of medicine relatable, understandable, and fun!

  1. Belvin Nadar

    Belvin Nadar17 hours ago

    I shower twice a day and it's not exactly by choice. Mumbai's hot and humid weather forces me to do it

  2. apple

    apple17 hours ago

    Love your channel! Stay safe everyone!

  3. Mykaylah Sherwood

    Mykaylah Sherwood17 hours ago

    Question. How come sometimes lip balm can make my lips worse?

  4. Gabby Mendess

    Gabby Mendess17 hours ago

    Not just 7 mins ago

  5. シPARZIVAL_0w0_

    シPARZIVAL_0w0_17 hours ago

    I shower 3 maybe 4 times a week if I am not feeling depressed.

  6. Beefy

    Beefy17 hours ago


  7. Ocean 101

    Ocean 10117 hours ago

    Day 4 of asking doctor mike to react to 911 and 911 lone star medical scenes 🚨🚒🚨🚒

  8. Eamon Giles-McCreary

    Eamon Giles-McCreary17 hours ago

    How does a person get a chronic condition like asthma? Is it hereditary?

  9. Sebby Ang

    Sebby Ang17 hours ago

    I thought Dr. Mike ssid at 3:20 "I want you when you come in to have wrong posture or something like that. Turns out I was just stupid amd didn't let him finish the sentence. 😂 Also, Yay! I'm of the firstS to comment!

  10. Matt

    Matt17 hours ago

    Dr Mike I want to be a neurosurgeon. Do you have any advice for exams? Btw thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Alexis VanCura

    Alexis VanCura17 hours ago

    Good morning Dr Mike!!! ❤️. Love the Peewoop!

  12. 36. Jeshma D

    36. Jeshma D17 hours ago

    Dr.Mike please talk about endmyopia

  13. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge17 hours ago

    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed . Amen 💪🏽 df

  14. Namrata Patil

    Namrata Patil17 hours ago

    Thank you so much for inspiring me Doctor Mike i really look up to you as a role model and appreciate every single bit of what you do for us!!❤❤

  15. Tanvi Shah

    Tanvi Shah17 hours ago

    I love it!!!! The editing is getting good and good everyday and whenever the notification come I can't help but click fast asap!! When u simle at peewoop u are gone bro gone 😂❤️

  16. ForestDew

    ForestDew17 hours ago

    Can you find a sponsor tha equivalent to Thrive Market for elsewhere? I live in Canada, so that sponsor is useless for me.

  17. Ramadhani Asshafiah

    Ramadhani Asshafiah17 hours ago

    Thanks for the helpful info, Doctor Mike!

  18. Meg Jolejole

    Meg Jolejole17 hours ago

    Dr. Mike, I am ready 🥰 peewop

  19. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge17 hours ago

    I hope everyone who sees is having a great day and if you aren’t i hope it gets better soon 💖 ds

  20. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge17 hours ago

    Mike doesn’t understand but when u post u brighten up people day I just want to say thanks for that

  21. Gronkezoid Hour

    Gronkezoid Hour17 hours ago

    I have a panic attack every time there is ding between comments

  22. Mary Mamugay

    Mary Mamugay17 hours ago

    You are so "gwapo" Doc Mike. 😍 I hope to meet you some day.

  23. awkwardsity

    awkwardsity17 hours ago

    Me after washing my hair only twice a week when I get the notification for this video: *visible panic*

  24. Jordan Taylor

    Jordan Taylor17 hours ago


  25. Happier Than Ever - july 30th

    Happier Than Ever - july 30th17 hours ago

    does doctor mike reply to a comment????

  26. EndXtinction Now

    EndXtinction Now17 hours ago

    Bear!! 🥰

  27. Keke ASMR

    Keke ASMR17 hours ago

    I wash my hair every night before bed because OCD is a monster 😂….

  28. Violet Covers

    Violet Covers17 hours ago

    The video has been up for 2 minutes. Who has their notifications on just to dislike.

  29. Jenaiya Williams

    Jenaiya Williams17 hours ago

    Question: Why do I have baggy eyes and how can I prevent it?

  30. F5x RISH

    F5x RISH17 hours ago

    legends know his YT poll was the root to this

  31. Pranahutha K.

    Pranahutha K.17 hours ago


  32. Tanmay Fadnis

    Tanmay Fadnis17 hours ago

    Hi, Mike, please, pray for the people in India.

  33. AD Ankita Devi

    AD Ankita Devi17 hours ago

    Finally you uploaded when I am not sleeping 😁😁 Any Indians 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  34. Aung Khant Min

    Aung Khant Min17 hours ago

    I want to do a prostate exam with doctor mike. 👁👅👁💦

  35. CHIC KEN

    CHIC KEN17 hours ago

    No one: Me: Stupid 14 year old, thinks that why should we inject vaccine, can't we drink it???😅🤐

  36. Tyler Hackner

    Tyler Hackner17 hours ago

    Thank you for this

  37. Shanmuga Sundaram SSV

    Shanmuga Sundaram SSV17 hours ago

    Dear Dr.Mike, Will CT scans Lead to cancer?.

  38. It's Snu

    It's Snu17 hours ago

    Thanks for this content, lots of love.❤️

  39. Miss Zyrafi

    Miss Zyrafi17 hours ago

    I think I'm the youngest viewer here ( I'm 12 turning 13 on November 9 )

  40. Nina

    Nina17 hours ago

    As an audiologist I love your answer on the tinnitus question and you even pronounced it correctly! I am impressed 👍🏼

  41. Jose Alexander Ocampo

    Jose Alexander Ocampo17 hours ago

    I am only nine years old and I hear ringing sometimes does that mean am i having hearing loss?

  42. Mot!on Zelo

    Mot!on Zelo17 hours ago

    We need Dr Mike to react to “New Amsterdam” on Netflix

  43. Løñê Wølf

    Løñê Wølf17 hours ago

    I remember once I skipped shower for 13 days straight

  44. Vinoja Vincent

    Vinoja Vincent17 hours ago

    Love your videos Dr Mike!!!

  45. Ammy Hernandez

    Ammy Hernandez17 hours ago

    “i sometimes have answers” 😭

  46. Hell

    Hell17 hours ago

    I take a bath 3 times a day.

  47. Alusiveow

    Alusiveow17 hours ago

    Needed this

  48. Lola Steven

    Lola Steven17 hours ago

    Yes we do faint when we see a cadaver😁😁😁

  49. Hemang Mathur

    Hemang Mathur17 hours ago

    Dr Mike: It's not absolutely mandatory that you shower. Curly haired people: I'm gonna stop you right there, mate.

  50. Mansi Srivastava

    Mansi Srivastava17 hours ago

    Clicked immediately. As always.

  51. Renuka Akkangari

    Renuka Akkangari17 hours ago

    Thnx 😉 doctor ❤️

  52. Happier Than Ever - july 30th

    Happier Than Ever - july 30th17 hours ago


  53. Wyatt Wilcox

    Wyatt Wilcox17 hours ago


  54. Audrey Vasquez

    Audrey Vasquez17 hours ago

    wow I have been mispronouncing tinnitus for years

  55. Seedra morad Seedramorad

    Seedra morad Seedramorad17 hours ago

    And miss you😭💋🖤

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    Amanda C17 hours ago

    Knock Knock ✊ Who’s there? MVP! MVP who? Mike Varshavski PEEEWOOOOP 💥⛑🩺

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    Seedra morad Seedramorad17 hours ago

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    sasha darling17 hours ago

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    Alonso Rivas17 hours ago


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    Miftahul Jannat Waziha17 hours ago

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    Nickolas Kaloudis17 hours ago

    Early, hi Dr. Mike

  62. William Cui

    William Cui17 hours ago

    me if i had that same hospital set if i was younger: *fortress noises intensify*

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    John Gramer17 hours ago

    6:46 that is a rly attractive doctor

  64. John Plays

    John Plays17 hours ago

    What happend to the comments Did I got you

  65. Iman Friday

    Iman Friday17 hours ago


  66. Kerox

    Kerox17 hours ago

    Sometimes you wish you knew these things yourself

  67. Haniya Khan

    Haniya Khan17 hours ago

    why do people sleep walk?

  68. Abi Jusypiw

    Abi Jusypiw17 hours ago

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    RockeraMJ17 hours ago

    I gave the cat a bath last week.. I still can't taste anything.

  70. Vixkster 2510

    Vixkster 251017 hours ago

    I'll shower later mom, Dr.Mike just posted a vid

  71. Seedra morad Seedramorad

    Seedra morad Seedramorad17 hours ago

    My love🖤🖤I love you

  72. Sofia Rhellab

    Sofia Rhellab17 hours ago

    my school is doing a project about cistic fibroses can you make a video and tell what that is because I have no idea what it is so can you please do that ❤️

  73. blue

    blue17 hours ago

    Sometimes the "Peewop" gives me the energy that I needed

  74. Marianna Anagno

    Marianna Anagno17 hours ago

    I argued with one of the health at any size supporters and she said that there are actual doctors supporting their claims. Please interview one of them , I'd really like to see that and ofcourse you calling him/her out

  75. 잰태x月姫

    잰태x月姫17 hours ago

    Ivermectin 99% effective in treating covid

  76. Kaushal Raj

    Kaushal Raj17 hours ago


  77. Pepsy Sony

    Pepsy Sony17 hours ago

    You should try attempting NEET papers (both UG and PG)😂😂❤️ It’ll definitely check your medical knowledge 🙌🏻🔥

  78. Olivia

    Olivia17 hours ago

    I really wanna be a doctor when i grow up thanks doctor mike.

  79. Pink Nakayami

    Pink Nakayami17 hours ago

    Chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions are the only thing keeping me going while watching TV anymore

  80. Renella Sukhai

    Renella Sukhai17 hours ago

    "While I am delicious, I am healthy" 🤣🤣❤