Love Furry Friends - Rescue Channel
Love Furry Friends - Rescue Channel
Love Furry Friends - Rescue Channel

Welcome to my channel!

I am a dog lover and would do anything to help an animal in need. I live in Ukraine, Its very cold in winter time and there are a lot of suffering dogs!
I rescue abandoned, homeless and abused dogs from the streets and find them suitable loving forever homes!
I do all procedures for the dogs with my personal funds and don't charge any fees for adoption!

I want to set an example to others to care for animals and to not be afraid to open your arms for help and love!

Hope you all enjoy!!

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Thanks :)

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  1. LT's Garage

    LT's Garage59 seconds ago

    I just can’t figure out how 567 people could not like this video

  2. Ilyes Bouazza

    Ilyes Bouazza3 minutes ago


  3. king_chill

    king_chill13 minutes ago



    KING HIPPO18 minutes ago

    This cornball city

  5. Claudio Junior

    Claudio Junior21 minute ago

    I hope that water is warm.


    RESONATION NATION22 minutes ago

    Great effort to rescue the mama dog and her puppies. Thank you for caring and sharing and helping to rescue the animal’s. Peace, love and truth.

  7. Martha Ramírez

    Martha Ramírez26 minutes ago

    Miii viiidaaa 😍🥰, gracias por su labor, sé que no es fácil porque yo también he ayudado a animales vulnerables, espero que su canal crezca cada día más; este tipo de contenido merece eso y más 👌✨👏, saludos desde Ciudad de México 🇲🇽✌️

  8. Bernice Kañia

    Bernice Kañia26 minutes ago

    The team worked hard to catch the mother and puppies.

  9. Sean Stewart

    Sean Stewart29 minutes ago

    Looks set up but yes very cute

  10. 0351nick

    0351nick29 minutes ago

    My babies!! They're gonna eat my babies !!

  11. Donatella Ania

    Donatella Ania38 minutes ago

    Grazie, grazie grazie per averli salvati, sono stupendi mamma e cuccioli!!! 🐕🐾🍀🌟🌈 Buon proseguimento di vita 👍🏻😇 🙌 💋🙏🏻❤

  12. le US

    le US42 minutes ago

    Is there an update on Nika? Was she returned back to the lady? Thanks for helping her and the pup

  13. Михаил Лужков

    Михаил Лужков45 minutes ago

    Какие молодцы! Помогают собачкам пережить зиму!

  14. Sachu Saprry

    Sachu Saprry45 minutes ago

    God bless you all 😢🙏

  15. Darren Conley

    Darren Conley45 minutes ago

    Well all right!!!! Way to go guys!!! From Ohio in USA.. GOD bless all of you!!!

  16. Anthony Holley

    Anthony Holley46 minutes ago

    It is amazing how healthy looking the puppies are. You can tell how fearful the mother and puppies are in their new surroundings.

  17. Patrica O'reilly

    Patrica O'reilly47 minutes ago

    Beautiful video & music i really felt the love from the lovely 2 ladies & animals. Little kitty made me lol with her tinge of jealousy when Archie was being stroked. Love to all.

  18. Tim Fox

    Tim Fox47 minutes ago

    Aww blessssssss You And Thank You for all your doing 🙏🏼🙏🏼👍🏽😘

  19. ray hughes

    ray hughes48 minutes ago

    You are wonderful people ❤

  20. Luisa Hermanowyc

    Luisa Hermanowyc49 minutes ago

    La mamá con ellos hay Que hermosura son

  21. En Corado

    En Corado49 minutes ago

    I'm glad that beautiful family is safe. Mama looks so sad and scared though. I really do hope you find her a wonderful family too, one who will love and care for her❣️ She deserves it, she did a good job with her babies❣️🥰🐶

  22. Karen Reardon

    Karen Reardon50 minutes ago

    I don't get it! You mean to tell me that these dogs have to live outside and homeless!! This is supposed to be a rescue group. Then why are there no shelter groups??? This is appalling! These poor dogs need more than a bag of dog food. They shouldn't have to survive outside in the frigid weather.

  23. Luisa Hermanowyc

    Luisa Hermanowyc52 minutes ago

    Mamá con s cachorritos FAmilion atención a ella Y cachorritos.q hermosos Son

  24. Florence Cabezas

    Florence Cabezas52 minutes ago

    Mon dieu tous les chiens abandonnés c'est une honte merci à vous pour leurs donner à manger et de l'amours ils sont tellement gentils et en dangers il faut faire une loi pour les protéger c'est inadmissible de voir ça honte aux personnes qui les abandonnent

  25. Charles Clark

    Charles Clark53 minutes ago

    Keep up the good. 🙏 U ar Blessed

  26. Luisa Hermanowyc

    Luisa Hermanowyc56 minutes ago

    Bello can será ellos poco Difícil ya lo Atraparon ayudarlo

  27. Luisa Hermanowyc

    Luisa Hermanowyc57 minutes ago

    Que ardua travesía Llegar ellos esencial Rescate son .escurridizos

  28. Luisa Hermanowyc

    Luisa HermanowycHour ago

    Que nieve tan linda ellos Dando comidita

  29. Charles Clark

    Charles ClarkHour ago

    Is Paypal the only way to donate

  30. Charles Clark

    Charles ClarkHour ago

    Poor babies

  31. Charles Clark

    Charles ClarkHour ago


  32. Charles Clark

    Charles ClarkHour ago

    U girls are tough Respect 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐕

  33. Virginia Ambriz

    Virginia AmbrizHour ago

    Bless you for saving these animals!

  34. silverblue571

    silverblue571Hour ago

    Such a sweet lamb!!!!! I’m so happy you found him and gave him a beautiful home🤗! And YES!!!!!! The music chosen is AWESOME!!!!!

  35. Mercedes Tr

    Mercedes TrHour ago

    Gracias mil

  36. Heidi M

    Heidi MHour ago

    The mom seems traumatized and what happens to the mom after the babies get adopted?

  37. Sarah Hardy

    Sarah HardyHour ago

    Sweet baby

  38. Mia Crei

    Mia CreiHour ago


  39. Hali Hersi

    Hali HersiHour ago

    Thank you😇

  40. b Low

    b LowHour ago

    They should kept one puppy with mom to adopt.

  41. lidia hinojosa

    lidia hinojosaHour ago

    people are so mean dumping their cats their why get a pet in the first place

  42. artudty

    artudtyHour ago

    Thank u so much for saving him😇

  43. Ela Paszczynski

    Ela PaszczynskiHour ago

    Cpacibo dziękujemy thank you !good people are still around

  44. J R

    J RHour ago

    Awr beautiful puppies and what a lovely mum , you do a fantastic job saving these poor animals need more people like you in the world God bless you and your team , love from England x

  45. Alfredo Oleas

    Alfredo OleasHour ago

    Beautiful God bless you

  46. Emma Garcia

    Emma GarciaHour ago

    Que bueno que cuiden de los pequeños y porque nunca pasan lo que hacen con los grandes o con la mamá, si van a cuidar de ellos que sea la familia completa, desafortunadamente no puedo cuidar de muchos, pero pido a Dios por todos los que no tienen un hogar y andan desamparados

  47. Krishti tyagi

    Krishti tyagiHour ago

    You are awesome 👍

  48. Ingrid Siebert-Hatzler

    Ingrid Siebert-HatzlerHour ago

    Thanks for help 🙆

  49. Johan Lövås

    Johan Lövås2 hours ago

    You guys are heros

  50. Tongbai Mason Gilmore

    Tongbai Mason Gilmore2 hours ago

    I cry with happy tear now these babies will have a better lives being rescue and no longer have to endures with no longer to suffer. And all will be spay or neuter ..thank you for all you do for sweet babies and mama dog will bring you joy for life time may you all be blesses.

  51. Crazy Schnabbi

    Crazy Schnabbi2 hours ago

    Bravo- a very nice rescue story. Thank you...

  52. Suraj Nagesh

    Suraj Nagesh2 hours ago

    The dog literally take the baths like a champ!

  53. Ronnie White

    Ronnie White2 hours ago

    Thank you kind people

  54. Daxx-Terry Green

    Daxx-Terry Green2 hours ago

    Excellent work my friends. Where are you located?

  55. Dien Tran

    Dien Tran2 hours ago

    Thank you so much for everything what you are doing for Animals ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐕🐾🐾🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🏾🇨🇦👍

  56. Susan Robin

    Susan Robin2 hours ago


  57. Sally Espinoza

    Sally Espinoza2 hours ago

    Thank God for these people and im speaking about the fury ones az well 🙃🙂❤♥️💕😘

  58. Renata Barbosa

    Renata Barbosa2 hours ago

    Mi viene da piangere a vedere queste scene di abbandono.. Meno male che ci sono delle persone che fanno questo lavoro di dare una vita a loro. 💝💝💝💝💝💝

  59. Gustini Leopold

    Gustini Leopold2 hours ago

    they all so cute,even they're mom,I hope they have a forever home and love soon,again thank you to all rescuers,GOD Bless each of you abundantly🙏💛

  60. Alfredo Oleas

    Alfredo Oleas2 hours ago

    Beautiful beautiful

  61. catharine morais

    catharine morais2 hours ago

    Thank you for caring God bless you always angels in human flesh people like you are very unique... Thank you again

  62. Marka Scales

    Marka Scales2 hours ago

    Thanks for saving that lovely doggie

  63. Su Sa

    Su Sa2 hours ago

    Thank you so much, you See heros❣❣❣❣👏👏👏👏🏆🏆🏆🏆 😍😍😍😍😍🐕🐕🐕🐕

  64. Jolanda Schlageter

    Jolanda Schlageter2 hours ago


  65. ellioshie m

    ellioshie m2 hours ago

    so gorgeous....

  66. Don Jarrett

    Don Jarrett3 hours ago

    Sad for cats,but they can survive by hunting in stinks built in.but sad no human or animal should be hugary for food or love in this country.

  67. C WONG

    C WONG3 hours ago

    Watching from Singapore. Your channel and the work you do for these poor homeless dogs in your country especially in the harsh cold of winter should have many more Likes and Subscribers and support. Thank you so much for all the good that you and your team do! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕💕💕

  68. R Slusher

    R Slusher3 hours ago

    Thank you for rescuing him.GOD bless you.

  69. Alicia Doldán

    Alicia Doldán3 hours ago

    Que hermosas personas

  70. Fernandez Honeylou

    Fernandez Honeylou3 hours ago

    They need home

  71. Ivory Scott

    Ivory Scott3 hours ago

    What can I do to adopt him?

  72. Pauline Peppler

    Pauline Peppler3 hours ago

    So cute this little family is. Thank you for saving them.

  73. Marcio Maximiano

    Marcio Maximiano3 hours ago

    Very good.

  74. Andrea Lettich

    Andrea Lettich3 hours ago

    You are PRINCESSof the PRINCESSES❤

  75. Thu Lekovish

    Thu Lekovish3 hours ago

    What an unusual and challenging location the mother dog hid her puppies at. It says a lot of her protective instinct and intelligence. Thank you, LFF, for rescuing them. The puppies look healthy and so cute, good job, mama dog! Hope mother and her pups will all end up with loving families.

  76. Jay

    Jay3 hours ago

    I want all the dogs 😭

  77. Ryan916

    Ryan9163 hours ago

    Song name?

  78. Ash wolf Singh

    Ash wolf Singh3 hours ago

    Thank you thank you thank you

  79. Martha Ramírez

    Martha Ramírez3 hours ago

    Rescata, adopta no compres, esteriliza, rehabilita, dona ;) (si queremos ver realmente un cambio a largo plazo)

  80. Marcos Padilla

    Marcos Padilla3 hours ago

    Thank you for rescuing this angel 🐕and her babies 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶♥️🙏🏻