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The Schmo
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A Much Needed Breath of Fresh Air in Sports Journalism

  1. Ali Al-Smadi

    Ali Al-Smadi5 hours ago

    Romero out-Schmoed the Schmo.

  2. Jim Kane

    Jim Kane6 hours ago

    This guy is played out already

  3. Network Engineer

    Network Engineer7 hours ago

    Mojahed somewhere

  4. T - Bone

    T - Bone7 hours ago

    Justin really is the most entertaining fighter...Kabib just had a Great night. I wish he would've went the distance. Kabib just knew that Choke was there!

  5. PUTU

    PUTU7 hours ago

    Obviously a spy. She even fake the English as if she can't speak ( but accidentally fluent) Knowing that she is from country that doesn't speak single English, ya smth spy would do

  6. Khonor McMagomedov

    Khonor McMagomedov7 hours ago

    The new lightweight king! Welcome to the UFC Mr.Chandler.

  7. J

    J8 hours ago

    Shmo’s the goat 🐐

  8. Belieber I am

    Belieber I am9 hours ago

    UFC must give a title shot for Tony Ferguson than anyone .

  9. cobra commander

    cobra commander9 hours ago

    sorry bud but Cruz is the goat bantam weight. you beat an old man triple C.

  10. Bale Sahagun

    Bale Sahagun9 hours ago

    That's my boy I'm with u no matter what 🐺🐐🐺🐐🐺🐐🐺🐐😎

  11. Ma Li

    Ma Li9 hours ago

    Michael Bisping !!! Laakandellaaa

  12. Maveolas Ragnarsson

    Maveolas Ragnarsson9 hours ago

    Leon Scott can learned many things from Mike Chandler

  13. Cash K

    Cash K9 hours ago

    Schmo looking good on that dishdasha

  14. depecheddurand

    depecheddurand10 hours ago

    Imagine him going to a bar and saying i wanna fight.

  15. Aaher2

    Aaher210 hours ago

    Conor will kill them all

  16. Nameless Droner

    Nameless Droner10 hours ago

    At least now with kahbib gone, a lot of fighters that never had a chance, now have a small prayer at a title. Khabib P4P GOAT.

  17. 28-0

    28-010 hours ago

    Michel chandler vs Justin gaethje is the fight to make for the vacant belt

  18. Nobody .

    Nobody .11 hours ago

    Abu Dhabi man - beautiful

  19. Nathan Wilson

    Nathan Wilson11 hours ago


  20. Andrew Goldin

    Andrew Goldin11 hours ago

    Khamzat is like a big kid with nobody to play with

  21. Gregory Campbell

    Gregory Campbell11 hours ago

    Let's get it! Justin v Mike and Conor v Dustin. Winners face each other for the title.

  22. Zain kahn

    Zain kahn11 hours ago

    Daren till dress like every british tourist ever in Ibiza on a summer holiday.

  23. Imam Muttaqin

    Imam Muttaqin11 hours ago

    Buauahahahhahahahaha :))) thank u schmo, thank u yoel,..

  24. Ayugeti The Jungle Yeti

    Ayugeti The Jungle Yeti12 hours ago

    Gaethje vs Chandler

  25. Guffrey 94

    Guffrey 9412 hours ago

    chandler is a realy good talker.. also super respecfull... hes the type of dude that i think could have a great carrer "after hes done fighting" as a commentater or somethin... Like i said excelent talker puts words together well super respetfull and knows how to see things from all sides... im excited to see what he does in the ufc.. hes growing on me already... ive seen plenty of his fights but never really listened to him talk to much and ive been enjoying his interviews... ill say it a third time lol he just seems very respectful and honest and ima fan of that!

  26. redr edfwerf

    redr edfwerf12 hours ago

    Gonna be fight off the Year chandler geatjhe

  27. D C

    D C12 hours ago

    Inforrrrmerr, a licky boom boom down. Snitched on a guy whose sister you then married. Loyalty? Lol

  28. Gorilla Scuti

    Gorilla Scuti12 hours ago

    this guy speaks intelligently. Should def be a commentator. Nicely said.. But this shmo dude is a clown. Stop being so cringey , JUST BE YOURSELF...youre interviewing fighters ffs.

  29. Tripp Miller

    Tripp Miller12 hours ago

    If Chandler doesn’t succeed in the UFC he could always put his mouth in infomercials for local used car sales. No disrespect just saying

  30. Taha Hassan

    Taha Hassan13 hours ago

    Why this guy with mic is in Pain.

  31. Jason Webb

    Jason Webb13 hours ago

    Justin got smoked, but I hope he comes back better than ever to reign down highlights on the lightweight division.

  32. Jason Webb

    Jason Webb13 hours ago

    And the question remains: just how good is Michael Chandler?

  33. Rxhan

    Rxhan13 hours ago

    no hate but theschmo is weird as hell 😂

  34. Kelvin Haynes jr

    Kelvin Haynes jr13 hours ago

    Its funny how sometimes he dont understand english but then he does

  35. falaknaz ejtemayi

    falaknaz ejtemayi13 hours ago

    the will of God and hard work of the legend of sports abdulmanap nurmagomedov .. created such a unique champion .. from the legend a legend is born .

  36. BoiiMcFly Official

    BoiiMcFly Official13 hours ago

    It seems to me like Ortega is high as hell.

  37. Maaz Khan

    Maaz Khan14 hours ago

    I Coming 😂

  38. LonelyPizza

    LonelyPizza14 hours ago

    Leon Edward's fight confirmed so he's gonna get to smash


    LABBOYZTV14 hours ago

    A UFC newcomer that is featured on the Schmo's channel twice in less than a week, I already like this guy

  40. Big Bosh

    Big Bosh14 hours ago

    Should have a lightweight tournament for the vacant title. Gaethje, Ferguson, Chandler & winner of Conor/Poirier. If Conor wins but doesn't agree to being in a tourney, just slide Poirier back in.

  41. D. Nikolaiiwitsch

    D. Nikolaiiwitsch14 hours ago

    7 Reasons Khabib's the GOAT imo: 1. Most 10-8 rounds in UFC history. By far the most dominant fighter in the Octogon. 2. It's debatable if he even lost a round in a golden era in the most stacked division. 3. Has never been made to drop a single drop of blood in the Octogon or had a black eye. 4. Never cheated with steroids. 5. Was promised a title shot by the UFC way back in 2016, was sent a contract in to fight Alvarez for the title in Sept 2016 but was used as a pawn in negotiations and the lightweight title shot was given to featherweight Mcgregor. Mcgregor beat Alvarez and held the belt hostage for 2 years without defending it, further delaying Khabib's rightful title shot. So had to win 10 straight fights (in the most stacked division) to finally get his title shot whereas GSP got it in 3 fights and Jones got it in 7. Yet he still managed to get in 3 title defences. (How many defences would he have if he got his title shot in 2016? 5-6). 6. Was out for 2 years and came back from career threatening injuries without any ring rust and was still as dominant as ever. Dominated Michael Johnson with a 9 mm hernia in his spine. Fought Justin Gaethje with two broken toes. 7. A true champion by being a good representation of the sport. Humble and hard working - the values of mixed martial arts. Didn't need to trash talk to sell fights.

  42. john graham

    john graham14 hours ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the failed handhshake at the beginnings

  43. Bongani Masonabo

    Bongani Masonabo14 hours ago

    Make Chandler v Justin, Tony v Hooker & Conor v Poirier. 2 winners fight for the title & the 3rd is the next title challenger.

  44. spy hydro

    spy hydro15 hours ago

    I dont think this guy gets Justin first fight in the ufc. Like who the fuck is this guy think he is. I hope he losses his first fight. Big hype job seen this couple guys there great in the bellator than come to ufc an get destroyed

  45. paul_christian

    paul_christian15 hours ago

    This guy looks exactly like Harry Osborn from spiderman ps4

  46. Think unthoughtful thoughts

    Think unthoughtful thoughts15 hours ago

    Chandler couldnt be happier that he doesnt have to face Khabib to get near the title lol

  47. George Melitsis

    George Melitsis15 hours ago

    Chandler is very eloquent. Great interview

  48. Bimbambu tV

    Bimbambu tV15 hours ago

    I really like Chandler, wish him best of luck

  49. Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke15 hours ago

    Iron Mike has always been a classy type. Welcome to the UFC. Hope you do well.

  50. Michiel 1

    Michiel 115 hours ago

    Michael Chandler loves the Schmo's stick as much as most of us do. Great to see how the Schmo gets the most genuine reactions from fighters.

  51. Håvard Ramberg

    Håvard Ramberg15 hours ago

    Michael "he is a true gamer" Chandler

  52. Cesar Delgadillo

    Cesar Delgadillo15 hours ago

    This dude really needs to stop ducking Colby broo come on now

  53. double w

    double w15 hours ago

    Nobody puts Khabib in the corner!!

  54. Solo son

    Solo son15 hours ago

    This guy has not had a single fight in the UFC so far why are we giving him attention also why is he getting paid more than Ferguson poirier

  55. K H A B I B * T I M E

    K H A B I B * T I M E15 hours ago

    Every fighter wakes up in the morning looking at his shadow and dreams of having The Eagle for lunch inside the cage. But when noon comes and cage door shuts watertight, he murmurs with a dry throat; 'a mouse will do, sir'.


    DANIEL LATTEO15 hours ago

    "Chicken legs".... Yeah, and then some!! 😱😱

  57. Poetic Thoughts

    Poetic Thoughts15 hours ago

    Whi came here from Mojahed ? 😂 la candela

  58. David

    David15 hours ago

    Michael "never missed weight" Chandler

  59. Mohandro Xz

    Mohandro Xz16 hours ago

    Main event: Schmo VS Ariel Co main event: Helen VS Megan Let's do this

  60. Mohandro Xz

    Mohandro Xz16 hours ago

    I'm very hungry So am i Thank you You're hot Huh?!

  61. Marcus K

    Marcus K16 hours ago

    Finally Chandler talking sense

  62. Clayton C

    Clayton C16 hours ago

    Chandler speaks so well. He could definitely work as a commentator

  63. Racked Up Bubba

    Racked Up Bubba16 hours ago

    Give me mo schmo for sho

  64. IHATEPIT’s Intern

    IHATEPIT’s Intern16 hours ago

    I wanna see Michael chandler vs. Justin gaethje now. Chandler completely sold me on that fight

  65. Diego REACTS

    Diego REACTS17 hours ago

    You 2 should have a USlikes channel, tremendous!

  66. Gerardo Nunez

    Gerardo Nunez17 hours ago

    So they named darren till twice but not romero once lol thankfully bobby brought it up

  67. Euphoric Realms

    Euphoric Realms17 hours ago

    This dude is a certified killer.

  68. Peace Lovin Criminal

    Peace Lovin Criminal17 hours ago

    Chandler VS Gaethje Dana get on it!

  69. Jason golmei

    Jason golmei17 hours ago

    Why does chandler talk like porier

  70. DW Menace

    DW Menace17 hours ago

    Justin vs chandler would be🔥

  71. almoravid almurabit

    almoravid almurabit17 hours ago

    Chandler be cutting promo after promo. Ask him his thoughts on paint drying on a wall and while he says he not here for a long time he here for a good time he will ....cut a promo.

  72. Nicholas Becker

    Nicholas Becker17 hours ago

    damn, khabib retires, n all of a sudden chandlers like "oh ive wanted the gaethje fight more than anyone for a long time" lol when he wouldnt shut up about khabib all week

  73. Muhammad Mall

    Muhammad Mall17 hours ago

    Why does chandler sound exactly Dustin

  74. Rance White

    Rance White17 hours ago

    I have a bad feeling that someone about to Ben Askren Michael...

  75. Bob Lettermen

    Bob Lettermen17 hours ago

    Chandler is better on the mic than the dude on the mic

  76. alcott devalte

    alcott devalte17 hours ago

    Chandler gonna give us a lot of exciting fights, good man.

  77. Farid El

    Farid El18 hours ago

    #Khabib would choke this guy out!

  78. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez18 hours ago

    GREAT 👍 💯😂

  79. Chicken Joe

    Chicken Joe18 hours ago

    “Humble” Chandler is a lot more attractive to the fans. And he’s a better talker when he’s not worried about promoting himself so much

  80. Jozsef James

    Jozsef James18 hours ago

    Mojahed 'La Candela'