Mackenzie Turner Roblox
Mackenzie Turner Roblox
Mackenzie Turner Roblox


My name is Mackenzie Turner and I am a 21 year old cotton candy, ice cream and unicorn loving girl from Vancouver, Canada! I love playing Roblox, it's my favorite video game! I will be playing Roblox Brookhaven, Royale High, Piggy, Adopt Me, and all the best Roblox games you recommend me to play!

I love spreading happiness and making all of you guys laugh with my loud voice, sorry in advanced but I scream ALOT!

  1. Irie Dawkins

    Irie Dawkins8 hours ago

    I was watching this like ok ok than I THOUGHT TO MY SELF AND DANG SHE WAS 115 YEARS OLD WHEN SHE DIED LIKE WOW

  2. Samara Johnson

    Samara Johnson8 hours ago


  3. Suzi Lia

    Suzi Lia8 hours ago


  4. Dominique Nikki Adkins

    Dominique Nikki Adkins8 hours ago


  5. Tafseer Rahman

    Tafseer Rahman8 hours ago

    i cried when mom and mackenzie died

  6. Tom Dougherty

    Tom Dougherty8 hours ago

    She is cool

  7. Martina Vinasoy

    Martina Vinasoy8 hours ago

    Mackenzie I watch your tiktoks

  8. Tom Dougherty

    Tom Dougherty8 hours ago

    If I watch your videos how are they so good at acts

  9. Maria Jimenez

    Maria Jimenez8 hours ago


  10. Laurie Dixon

    Laurie Dixon8 hours ago

    You is so cute Mackenzie I love you you is good at Roblox


    KHOO ISABELLA KE YING8 hours ago

    I watch so much of your vids everyday

  12. Jihyo editor :3

    Jihyo editor :38 hours ago

    Your videos are so funny I came from tik tok I love your yt videos!!!

  13. Lizeth Robles

    Lizeth Robles8 hours ago

    All done i am the biggest fan🥰🥰🥰

  14. Jaiden Dennis

    Jaiden Dennis8 hours ago


  15. Axel Campbell

    Axel Campbell8 hours ago

    Can do fireman please

  16. abrielle castiglione

    abrielle castiglione8 hours ago

    Done and love your videos

  17. Elizabeth Cing

    Elizabeth Cing8 hours ago


  18. Judy Simcox

    Judy Simcox8 hours ago

    MacKenzie"hey cuties.Me"WTF

  19. Rocio Plascencia

    Rocio Plascencia8 hours ago


  20. Haelyn Amezcua

    Haelyn Amezcua8 hours ago

    Done 🌸🤗😘💘🦄

  21. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith8 hours ago


  22. Aliana Franco

    Aliana Franco8 hours ago

    Pls do a one about the mean girl becomes nice and tricked you

  23. Fabiola K

    Fabiola K8 hours ago

    Done clicked the bell

  24. Eunice Reyes

    Eunice Reyes8 hours ago

    Done!!☺️☺️☺️, I love all your videos since quarantine❤️. Don’t worry i will always be a Unicorn!🦄🌈

  25. Ella N

    Ella N8 hours ago


  26. Leizina Ogoy

    Leizina Ogoy8 hours ago

    PEEPS i have watch the vid that you have a kid (THIS IS AGAIN 10 YEARS OF THE DAY!)

  27. Deonn Wright

    Deonn Wright8 hours ago

    You didn’t go to Disney land you just went to another game

  28. Seal_midnight

    Seal_midnight8 hours ago

    Part two

  29. Ash Rosales

    Ash Rosales8 hours ago

    your my idollll

  30. Victoria Novack

    Victoria Novack8 hours ago

    Hi my name is Jhmma

  31. Anika Lauryn Lee

    Anika Lauryn Lee8 hours ago

    Hi Mackenzie I hope your having a nice day!💖

  32. Velly Bless

    Velly Bless8 hours ago


  33. Angel Pallarca

    Angel Pallarca8 hours ago

    Mackenzie i love ur videos can i have heart cuz i really love yahhh❤❤

  34. caitlin guest

    caitlin guest8 hours ago

    Done pls can I win :)

  35. Ionela Mocanu

    Ionela Mocanu8 hours ago

    Awe I cried when your BEST BEST MOM EVER was about to die

  36. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    Only Jesus Can Save Us8 hours ago

    John 3:16-17 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen.

  37. Maria Jimenez

    Maria Jimenez8 hours ago


  38. Ionela Mocanu

    Ionela Mocanu8 hours ago

    Your so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. Ionela Mocanu

    Ionela Mocanu8 hours ago


  40. angela welling

    angela welling8 hours ago

    I love your vids and can you. Please play tower of hell

  41. Rilee Puddister

    Rilee Puddister8 hours ago

    Om your most biggest fan and I have premium in Brookhaven oh and more Brookhaven rich brats roleplay

  42. Marjorie Peñaflor

    Marjorie Peñaflor8 hours ago

    LOVE YOUR ALL VIDS 💖❤️💖💖💖💗

  43. Yumi Yuma

    Yumi Yuma8 hours ago


  44. Madi

    Madi8 hours ago

    Her mom has died like 5 times lol

  45. FOO JI HAO Moe

    FOO JI HAO Moe8 hours ago

    Can i win please :(

  46. sekar rahman

    sekar rahman8 hours ago

    done love you mackezie

  47. Blake Tube

    Blake Tube8 hours ago

    you should be a actor you are really good at acting for these roblox videos

  48. Steve Tilbury

    Steve Tilbury8 hours ago

    Girl do you know how to match

  49. Ashlea Barker

    Ashlea Barker8 hours ago


  50. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez8 hours ago

    yes 👍🏻

  51. amin yusoff

    amin yusoff8 hours ago

    Make part2 please I know you can't you come on

  52. Mon Mon

    Mon Mon8 hours ago

    Mackenzie, learn to not leave the hair straightener on, or its gonna happen again!

  53. Elaina Canfield

    Elaina Canfield8 hours ago


  54. Kiva Kikku

    Kiva Kikku8 hours ago


  55. Lesly Rivera Navarro

    Lesly Rivera Navarro8 hours ago

    hi mackenzie i add u on roblox can u plsss add me

  56. Dakai Dog

    Dakai Dog8 hours ago


  57. Briana Hernandez

    Briana Hernandez8 hours ago

    Does so much dond look like there's a dark hat you should probably wear it's gonna look like you're a dog

  58. Andrea Coleen Incomio

    Andrea Coleen Incomio8 hours ago

    Iove you mackienzie

  59. Rajeswari Kandasamy

    Rajeswari Kandasamy8 hours ago

    Done. I love you so much. I also love unicorns too they are my favourite. Can I please win

  60. CHIU SIN LONG Student

    CHIU SIN LONG Student8 hours ago

    Driving call Ben

  61. matju afrinafaris

    matju afrinafaris8 hours ago

    I love u!

  62. patricia martinez

    patricia martinez8 hours ago

    mackenzie i wanna play

  63. Navreet Gill

    Navreet Gill8 hours ago

    Can you do a part 2?

  64. CHIU SIN LONG Student

    CHIU SIN LONG Student8 hours ago

    Yea and I do this mayor I have see this too but now his car name is call free food

  65. CHIU SIN LONG Student

    CHIU SIN LONG Student8 hours ago

    Hey at I play the police of this game I see that car too hehe

  66. Montserrat Contreras

    Montserrat Contreras8 hours ago

    i love your vidoons and i wil susbe ur vidons and leave a like in ur vidons oki wil like ur vidons and i wil win

  67. Wurnely Windzak

    Wurnely Windzak8 hours ago

    I Feel so Good when mackenzie says hey cuties

  68. Maricela Hernandez

    Maricela Hernandez8 hours ago