1. vien pham

    vien phamHour ago

    prove? i see none of that you didn't even show that Carson still groomed more people very *SUS* if you ask me

  2. Edlixツ Yeet

    Edlixツ Yeet7 hours ago

    thanks for informing and going more in detail, again thanks big guy

  3. BabyMoth :D

    BabyMoth :D12 hours ago

    this really sucks, hope you're doing well schlatt

  4. Floor Lamp

    Floor Lamp15 hours ago

    its so painful to hear schlatt this upset, its like when the cool teacher finally snaps

  5. DJ Zoomer

    DJ Zoomer16 hours ago

    jshlatt: imposter syndrome 6 year olds: carson is sus

  6. frosted

    frosted17 hours ago

    Carson did what but is that Modern warfare i think 3 or 2

  7. dontmindme

    dontmindme19 hours ago

    im back to listen to cope

  8. starisgone_

    starisgone_Day ago

    it’s so sad that i’m back here. this must suck. it does suck. i know. people like carson absolutely suck especially when they’re kids and you know they are gonna grow into someone like carson. watching your closest friends slip away because of a situation they put themselves in must be shit. i cant believe that he did that to schlatt.

  9. Obi9..

    Obi9..Day ago

    My prayers to you, the rest of the lunch club and to Carson and all his victims.

  10. SirRainbowBidoof

    SirRainbowBidoofDay ago


  11. R RANDOM

    R RANDOMDay ago

    I remember watching all carson funny video until this happen make carson leave social media It was fun until the journey end.

  12. Idk Lenis

    Idk LenisDay ago

    Is he ok? Where is he. I really wanna know if he is like ok and where he is.

  13. Javier Méndez

    Javier Méndez21 hour ago

    Krinios said he is with his family

  14. RD Crixus

    RD CrixusDay ago

    He might still be with his parents

  15. BruhAnt

    BruhAnt2 days ago

    ok boomer

  16. BruhAnt

    BruhAnt9 hours ago

    @Joshua Ortega no

  17. Joshua Ortega

    Joshua Ortega10 hours ago

    Holy shit you’re still saying that old meme?

  18. peachii

    peachii2 days ago

    it’s extremely fucking hard to say this sort of stuff especially with someone as close as carson. i really hope you are alright.

  19. Calum McCarver

    Calum McCarver2 days ago

    just got here didnt even watch the video you you had a missed opportunity to call it the weekly schlatt

  20. Todd Howard

    Todd Howard2 days ago

    At the end of the day, if he seeks help then i wish him well. i cant watch his content even before this stuff as hes humour is very...stale in my opinion but i dont think he deserved to get cancelled. he seemed nice. but if he has underage pics...pretty ILLEGAL and that would be the main and pretty much only issue. i wish the girls and him well

  21. imoutofanatic

    imoutofanatic2 days ago

    Carson needs to get help before he takes proper responsibility for his actions. Otherwise he won't even make it to the point of formally addressing the situation at all

  22. Javier Méndez

    Javier Méndez21 hour ago

    He is getting support from his family since he is with them

  23. Dominick Ruiz

    Dominick Ruiz2 days ago

    Carson’s actions are disgusting but your a good friend for being there for him at his lowest point.

  24. Lxgit

    Lxgit3 days ago

    0:54 impostor syndrome? That’s sus Carson sussy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. CouchKing

    CouchKing15 hours ago

    I get that it's a word from among us and it's so funny but this is a serious thing and more jokes about a "funny word" is not what anyone needs in this situation

  26. Max Johnson

    Max Johnson2 days ago

    Please delete this comment

  27. Fictitious Gaming

    Fictitious Gaming2 days ago


  28. God Sweet Sunflower

    God Sweet Sunflower3 days ago

    So... was this a lie since the proof came out...?

  29. God Sweet Sunflower

    God Sweet Sunflower9 hours ago

    @Meg Krish I don't know honestly there are just a ton of videos saying its a lie and that its true idk what to believe i never really liked/watched carson but im neutral to this situation

  30. Meg Krish

    Meg Krish9 hours ago

    @God Sweet Sunflower there are videos but they dont have proof either? Why would you believe that and not this? I'm skeptical of both sides

  31. God Sweet Sunflower

    God Sweet Sunflower2 days ago

    @Jacob The long I feel the same way honestly i will wait as well.

  32. Jacob The long

    Jacob The long2 days ago

    @God Sweet Sunflower I've seen those videos and I just don't see how he just wouldn't do anything about being falsely accused of this, seeing as he has admitted to it and has said that it was wrong on his now deleted discord, I dunno ill just wait for a response from carson

  33. God Sweet Sunflower

    God Sweet Sunflower2 days ago

    @Jacob The long Idk if you search up Callmecarson innocent there are videos saying it was a set up, im just as confused lmao

  34. Mr_Squidy05

    Mr_Squidy053 days ago

    Schlatt please come back...

  35. CouchKing

    CouchKing15 hours ago

    @ProxDev Also Chuckle Sandwich uploaded a video a few days ago with him in it



    @ProxDev yeh, he's moved and you know, internet companies are a pain in the ass and never seem to co-operate with you, and charge you massive prices for guarantees they never fill, for which they never refund you their promised reparation. I fucking hate internet companies they're ass

  37. ProxDev

    ProxDev3 days ago

    he is in the midst of moving? he isn't quitting

  38. Kd Bailey

    Kd Bailey3 days ago

    Well said, schlatt, well said.

  39. Charlie loveler

    Charlie loveler3 days ago

    4:31 lol u missed the throw lol

  40. Nerida

    Nerida3 days ago

    My final take is just.. sad. Carson is not permanently a bad person, but he needs to take a look at himself and get some psychological help. Really re-evalue what he's done. I know he can do better if he seeks out the help he needs.

  41. Bill Gates

    Bill Gates3 days ago

    Hey I’m sad can you post again



    He's moving, it'll be a couple more days and then he probably will

  43. Spaz Attack

    Spaz Attack4 days ago


  44. CouchKing

    CouchKing15 hours ago

    Please don't tell me this is another "Haha impostor funny among us" comment

  45. Twix

    Twix4 days ago


  46. Liam Kelly

    Liam Kelly4 days ago

    Goddammit schlatt, you're making me cry, I love you man

  47. reveluv

    reveluv4 days ago

    Thank you schlatt.

  48. Hype4

    Hype44 days ago

    WHEN CARSON IS SUS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂(IMPOSTER SYNDROME) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Jacob The long

    Jacob The long11 hours ago

    @CouchKing you better head out before we eject you!!!!!!!!

  50. CouchKing

    CouchKing11 hours ago

    @Jacob The long Aight I’mma head out of this conversation now

  51. Jacob The long

    Jacob The long12 hours ago

    @CouchKing troll?????? Your totally the imposter!!!! Sus!!!!!!

  52. CouchKing

    CouchKing12 hours ago

    @Jacob The long I hope this is a troll

  53. Jacob The long

    Jacob The long14 hours ago

    @CouchKing hmmm your sounding a little sus!! I think your the imposter!!!

  54. Jay 1223

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  55. Storm

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  56. Infinity

    Infinity5 days ago

    I know this isn’t the video to ask but how do I make the leap of faith how do I push myself to just do it

  57. Infinity

    Infinity20 hours ago

    @Ever Wolf i mean I thinking about it

  58. Ever Wolf

    Ever Wolf21 hour ago

    @Infinity well, if youre going to go to the military, good luck. but thats a decision that you cant just go back on. once you join the military, if you get into battle you can't leave or you'll be charged. good luck man

  59. Infinity

    Infinity21 hour ago

    @Ever Wolf hint hint it isn’t I’m thinking about going into the military and I’m scared that everyone is going to forget about me Idk what to do been thinking about it for a while just don’t know what to do...

  60. Ever Wolf

    Ever Wolf2 days ago

    @WantedApple14 alright cool.

  61. Ever Wolf

    Ever Wolf2 days ago

    @WantedApple14 he thought the comment was about suicide. that’s what i think too

  62. Josh Benson

    Josh Benson5 days ago

    Carson needs to be locked up

  63. formal fredrick

    formal fredrick4 days ago

    Context lol. The devil is in the details. Trust me.

  64. WantedApple14

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  65. save tommyinnit

    save tommyinnit5 days ago

    thank you, jschlatt. this also disgusts me.

  66. Literal Trash

    Literal Trash5 days ago

    The part that so many people dont seem to get is that its not only the fact that it was a 19 y/o and a 17 y/o. Its the power dynamic. And the possession of nudes of a 17 y/o. Age of consent or not its still cp. He used a fan of his for those pictures and knew that she would be more likely to do what he wanted because she was a fan of his. I'm so sorry that everyone who was friends with him had to find out that they had been friends with such a shitty person, and for the people who thought they were helping him while he was just not receiving the help. I hope everyone is alright.

  67. WantedApple14

    WantedApple145 days ago


  68. nessiemonster

    nessiemonster5 days ago

    It takes a lot of guts to be honest about someone you care about. Thank you

  69. swag

    swag6 days ago

    This video just breaks my heart. I am so sorry for all the victims, and Carson's friends. I hope you guys are all doing well.

  70. Boss Carson

    Boss Carson6 days ago

    You are such a good friend schlatt

  71. MegathekidYT

    MegathekidYT6 days ago


  72. Zaid

    Zaid5 days ago


  73. hollieowo

    hollieowo6 days ago

    i hope ur ok schlatt, you have ur friends,, family and everyone whos watching,, we don’t deserve u seriously. thank you for helping so many people you made my lock down so much better - i was so sad ,, i had no motivation and i remembered about your channel and binged watched u,, thanks, thank you.

  74. Alvin Johnsen

    Alvin Johnsen6 days ago

    This is absolutely heartbreaking, i feel like i've lost a close family member

  75. [ WaffleswithBread ]

    [ WaffleswithBread ]6 days ago

    Very well made. Thanks for this upload.

  76. XENO MATTER3000

    XENO MATTER30007 days ago

    Ok this is irrelevant I’ll give some tips try running when playing also use the missile when u see people together also u might wanna use the run perk when ur scoping just a few tips for you gameplay didn’t really wanna talk about Carson cos it’s sad

  77. Call Me Kegan

    Call Me Kegan7 days ago

    It's so strange to hear big man Schlatt talk so seriously. His voice is something phenomenal, and the way he does his videos/ other stuff, it's amazing. Truly the kind of person we need in the world.

  78. Jazz_Exe Productions

    Jazz_Exe Productions7 days ago

    listen to Not an imposter by Natena360,Good song same topic as Imposter Syndrome

  79. CptLavender

    CptLavender7 days ago

    "I dont know what compels content crators to do this." The answer is and always will be power, they enjoy the power they feel they hold. Its pretty obvious that most "content creators/streamers" don't have the proper life skills/social skills to be a functioning decent human. A lot of them are simply lucky to be in the position that they are in, they haven't had time to develop in life. Its really sad that carson turned out this way, sorry that you lost a friend schlatt.

  80. Carlos

    Carlos7 days ago

    He said that he never condoned what Carson said yet he fucken still talked to him

  81. SxdlyAry

    SxdlyAry4 days ago

    @Dario Ramirez ^^^ true!!

  82. Dario Ramirez

    Dario Ramirez5 days ago

    "it was too the point that we genuinely thought his life could be in danger and that's why I stuck with him" dude he was worried his friend would kill himself no matter how much of an asshole he is he didn't want him to off himself

  83. Squiddy Boi

    Squiddy Boi7 days ago

    I was wondering if you've ever heard of Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast? He does a similar thing, so I was wondering if you had taken inspiration from him or heard of it at all.

  84. Bonkers

    Bonkers7 days ago


  85. oj jo

    oj jo8 days ago

    Carson you aere supposed to groom your facial hair not the fucking kids

  86. sourcreampringles

    sourcreampringles8 days ago

    This was almost 2 months ago. But it wasn’t even the stupid ass power dynamic, nor the age gap. It was the CP. How do people still not understand this?

  87. Carnivore Panda

    Carnivore Panda2 days ago

    Then arrest and start hating on the F ing girl aswell then!? She was the one who made and illegally distributed the CP in the first place. :P

  88. Jonas

    Jonas6 days ago

    Yeah the CP is imo the worst thing

  89. Truck

    Truck8 days ago

    0:52 IMPOSTOR!??!!!?!?!??!?

  90. Fluteman

    Fluteman8 days ago

    0:52 SUS! SUS! SUS!

  91. Liffey Brown

    Liffey Brown8 days ago

    :/ dang he missed

  92. Socks Mear

    Socks Mear9 days ago

    I'm just scared about his life

  93. Ran

    Ran5 days ago

    Krinios did stated that he is safe with his family

  94. RD Crixus

    RD Crixus6 days ago

    He said he’s not in that position

  95. Fruit Pastel

    Fruit Pastel7 days ago

    @Lynn M sus

  96. Lynn M

    Lynn M8 days ago

    Yeah he has bad anxiety and depression and imposter syndrome I’m scared

  97. Swervyyy

    Swervyyy9 days ago

    “Even your greatest friends could be your sharpest knives for your back”- Some guy who was backstabbed by people who thought they were his friends

  98. Munksterrr \o

    Munksterrr \o9 days ago

    "Why do you hate stal so much" :(

  99. lucas smith

    lucas smith9 days ago

    i am disgusted by the hatred towards carson. this cancellation is a new, innovative kind of stupid and evil. how fair is it that the only reason this is the reaction is that he is famous? it's not. it's only because people want someone to be angry at. so whats the solution? yes, we dehumanize and harass the depressed man who pretty clearly just wants someone to care for him.

  100. PatrickTheGod Archives

    PatrickTheGod Archives4 days ago

    @lucas smith no one should use Twitter. It’s a hellhole, with loads of pedophila and doxxing.

  101. Hydrocritical

    Hydrocritical6 days ago

    Carson’s fan base needs to hear this because they are kids and very vulnerable. Carson couldn’t wait till they turned 18? Yeah dude’s Kinda weird bro. He knew that online they have to be 18 to.

  102. lucas smith

    lucas smith6 days ago

    @AntKneeWasHere i'm not saying he didn't do that, i'm just saying that he didn't do that, i'm just saying its not that far of from the lies others will tell. imagine he was addicted to cocaine and lied about it to his friends, saying he stopped using. people wouldn't call him a scumbag piece of shit, instead they would sympathize. these aren't too different, because in both cases they are under influence, cocaine is the influence of addiction, while what carson did was under the influence of the sense of affection in a time of his life where he lacked that most. do you understand my point?

  103. AntKneeWasHere

    AntKneeWasHere7 days ago

    Who the fuck is trying to harass or dehumanize him? We just think what he did was wrong, and it's wrong that he even knew about how wrong it was and still continued doing it and lied about it to his friends.

  104. lucas smith

    lucas smith7 days ago

    @Tumblewed you would be correct.

  105. Zohair Ahmad Jafri

    Zohair Ahmad Jafri10 days ago

    I've known Carson only for a couple months but still this hit me like a truck, I felt his mental struggle a lot and I've known Schlatt for even less but seeing them like this feels bad.

  106. Player 418955618

    Player 41895561810 days ago

    This video made me learn a lesson. I’m 14 and some of my friends went on a sesh (drinking and shit) some girl passed out and my friend started kissing her and groping her while she was unconscious. The difference is that he knows what he did and doesn’t care. He doesn’t have anxiety or depression. I’m no longer in touch with him and I feel better so thanks schlatt for teaching me something


    HOTSAUCEMAN3 days ago

    @Player 418955618 nah, you're sharing a story, that's good. You're explaining how Shlatt helped you, I know he reads some of the comments (although I doubt he'd read these, due to the topic) it's good explaining situations in your life, can help others understand related situations more.

  108. Player 418955618

    Player 4189556186 days ago

    @Christian Trent the only thing I was comparing is how to deal with the situation the two situations are completely different

  109. Christian Trent

    Christian Trent8 days ago

    @anonymouse they did

  110. anonymouse

    anonymouse8 days ago

    @Christian Trent they weren't comparing anything they just shared a story.

  111. Christian Trent

    Christian Trent9 days ago

    Don’t compare this to the carson situation

  112. Darth

    Darth10 days ago

    Carson is probably dead by now. Either he’s dead, or he knows that if he uploads on anything to say he’s okay, than all the dumbass kpop stans would go and start giving him death threats. Theres also many other things that could’ve happened to him, but these are the most probable in my opinion.

  113. Rolloo

    Rolloo9 days ago

    @Christian Trent Oh, good

  114. Christian Trent

    Christian Trent9 days ago

    @Rolloo like other comments have said, he’s been active on some of his accounts like discord and Spotify

  115. Rolloo

    Rolloo9 days ago

    @Christian Trent source?

  116. Munksterrr \o

    Munksterrr \o9 days ago

    @Darth Some strand of numbers, someone on twitter posted it. I'm not sure if it is even his actual spotify, but what I'm certain of is that he has definetly deleted his discord account.

  117. Darth

    Darth9 days ago

    @Munksterrr \o whats his spotify?

  118. the poggers kid jorgensen

    the poggers kid jorgensen10 days ago


  119. zztailsMKW

    zztailsMKW10 days ago

    0:52 AMONG US?!?!?!?!

  120. Jimmy McGill

    Jimmy McGill8 days ago


  121. Munksterrr \o

    Munksterrr \o9 days ago

    Please dont

  122. Kenz

    Kenz11 days ago

    He is in a critical situation, being hitted by the word "Pedophile" hits hard and can cause of being hated by society. Could possibly most friends are possibly may not counted him as a friend to keep their reputation. If he would be continuing school or applying for job, his name could stand and dark paths will darken his life. He could do anything with his life even risking it with suck things. I felt sorry for him, but history cannot repeat again. He is depressed and now had a bad emotion towards social media. But hope he'll feel better soon, even if he's in a big course of trouble, I'll still supports him.

  123. Billus

    Billus11 days ago

    salong partner o7

  124. y e s

    y e s11 days ago

    Wow you are a totally different person irl than what people see in your main

  125. y e s

    y e s3 days ago

    @HOTSAUCEMAN yep that’s exactly what I mean, it just feels a little weird, seeing him in the dreams smp and epic smp, then seeing how he actually acts


    HOTSAUCEMAN3 days ago

    Jshlatts a character, he's actually really nice in real life

  127. Parker Dorsey

    Parker Dorsey11 days ago

    This video is very impressive, he’s not trying to “cancel him”, he didn’t click bait, or have a flashy title, and he wasn’t even being mean. Good luck, mate, hope all involved are safe and in a good place

  128. Christian Trent

    Christian Trent9 days ago

    @Parker Dorsey they were 17 while he was 19, a one to two year age gap is a high school relationship, in both states they are in it’s legal, they were both in a consenting legal relationship

  129. Parker Dorsey

    Parker Dorsey9 days ago

    @Christian Trent but... he did some stuff with minors/ fans tho????

  130. Christian Trent

    Christian Trent9 days ago

    @Parker Dorsey makes it seem like Carson’s some kind of predator

  131. Parker Dorsey

    Parker Dorsey9 days ago

    @Christian Trent how so?

  132. Christian Trent

    Christian Trent9 days ago

    He worded it a lil bad

  133. cereal with bleach

    cereal with bleach11 days ago

    Omfg I legit thought that when he said “that’s why I stuck with him” I though instead that he said “that’s why I slept with him” like wtf ears why do you have to do this to me?

  134. Konnerwithak

    Konnerwithak11 days ago

    I just it to go back to the good old days

  135. J D

    J D12 days ago

    How are the content creators the vulnerable ones when they litterally have hella girls coming to them trynna get clout ... this shits stupid and blown out of proportion .

  136. Bean

    Bean12 days ago

    "Call of duty black ops" ??

  137. Bean

    Bean10 days ago

    @Leon Wakefield tought so

  138. Leon Wakefield

    Leon Wakefield10 days ago


  139. Normify

    Normify12 days ago

    Not saying he isn't guilty of sexting, but you said that he continued doing it yet you showed no proof whatsoever.

  140. Hydrocritical

    Hydrocritical6 days ago

    @Jesus Rodríguez Kids can’t consent lol

  141. Christian Trent

    Christian Trent7 days ago

    @AntKneeWasHere even so, at the time of the video there wasn’t really a lot of info and he didn’t provide any proof to back his statements

  142. AntKneeWasHere

    AntKneeWasHere7 days ago

    Screenshots have been released though

  143. Christian Trent

    Christian Trent9 days ago

    @Munksterrr \o then he should PROVIDE PROOF, if he’s making a claim that carson kept doing it he needs to provide valid proof of him doing so with dates and texts not just what he believes.

  144. Munksterrr \o

    Munksterrr \o9 days ago

    HE SAID HE WAS SPECULATING. He said "I have reason to believe he continued doing this" not saying he is still doing it, not even saying that it happened after when it did all those years ago. Just that there is a chance he could still be doing this

  145. Eric Winnick

    Eric Winnick12 days ago

    I’ve been wondering what happened to Carson. I thought he was just taking a break from social media. But to find out this is the reason, is just saddening. I hope he is well, and gets the help he needs

  146. John Lewis

    John Lewis12 days ago

    Best way to help someone is completely abandon them?

  147. John Lewis

    John Lewis10 hours ago

    @Dorothy Daws doesn’t justify completely abandoning someone who is vulnerable to suicide now does it

  148. Erik Lazo

    Erik Lazo21 hour ago

    @Dorothy Daws and by making look like the worst guy imaginable

  149. Munksterrr \o

    Munksterrr \o9 days ago

    @Dorothy Daws are you agreeing or disagreeing?

  150. Dorothy Daws

    Dorothy Daws9 days ago

    @Munksterrr \o 2:03

  151. Munksterrr \o

    Munksterrr \o9 days ago

    I don't think you watched the same video I did

  152. Sco shrimp

    Sco shrimp12 days ago

    A month. Oh god

  153. Sinan Sakic

    Sinan Sakic13 days ago

    The fucking game you linked in the description is black ops

  154. Smart Alec

    Smart Alec13 days ago

    No sources aside from "my friends" ok. Gotta love this great video everyone keeps citing.

  155. fpsEddie

    fpsEddie13 days ago

    nice flash 4:30

  156. SKG Mountain biking

    SKG Mountain biking12 days ago


  157. Error2396

    Error239614 days ago

    So this is it? If it's really the end of callmecarson then so be it but I forgive him I think he can and will get better I will still watch his old videos I'm a huge fan of course what he did was wrong but I'm ganna miss him and I wish carson the best

  158. fish_ acid

    fish_ acid14 days ago

    Thank you.

  159. WarlockAJ

    WarlockAJ14 days ago

    He’s got the serious dad voice.

  160. Jūpîtęr

    Jūpîtęr14 days ago

    It is very sad, Schlatt is breaking character He sounds like he fricken about to cry

  161. Tumblewed

    Tumblewed8 days ago

    this channel is him being himself, no character to be broken ⛹️‍♂️⛹️‍♂️⛹️‍♂️

  162. Portrait of a World on Fire

    Portrait of a World on Fire14 days ago

    thank you for uploading this! gives us a lot of context and i really respect what a hard position you were in. thanks for being a good friend the entire time, including not letting him get away with it in the end

  163. pin me bitch

    pin me bitch14 days ago

    Their friendship ended as fast as it begun lol

  164. tophat jack

    tophat jack14 days ago

    Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

  165. The Missing Sock.

    The Missing Sock.5 days ago

    I don't think this is a good time to make that joke.

  166. Oskar skąpski

    Oskar skąpski14 days ago

    co ty pierdolisz

  167. Gangsta Doo Doo

    Gangsta Doo Doo14 days ago

    The issue isn't he was 19 sexting a 17 year old (this type of shit happens all of the time in high schools) its he did it with multiple fans, which means he was fully aware how easy it was to manipulate his fans into sexting with him. Edit: Scrolled down a little and found a user named "Helen lol" already said this a week ago"

  168. Jonathan Chiarkas

    Jonathan Chiarkas7 days ago

    @༺Ashera༻ no u do, Carson was screwed over by insensitive, safe space, losers over twitter. Yet u side with horrid ppl like them.

  169. ༺Ashera༻

    ༺Ashera༻7 days ago

    @Jonathan Chiarkas y’all need help

  170. DeluxeOnYoutube

    DeluxeOnYoutube11 days ago

    @Jonathan Chiarkas oh that idk as far as I remember it was only 1 girl that had proof could be more but I don't really remember and I'm too lazy to find out I just want to know how Carson is doing tbh

  171. Jonathan Chiarkas

    Jonathan Chiarkas11 days ago

    @DeluxeOnUSlikes yeah I saw that, I’m talking abt the other girls who “came out”. Also it’s clear that Carson wasn’t grooming in the chats.

  172. DeluxeOnYoutube

    DeluxeOnYoutube11 days ago

    @Jonathan Chiarkas pretty sure she showed the discord tag watch bowblax video

  173. Annabelle Cunningham

    Annabelle Cunningham14 days ago

    It’s honestly sad hearing schlatt have to talk about this. I can imagine how this affected him and their friendships.

  174. Locke FN

    Locke FN14 days ago

    Carson has imposter syndrome?!?!?!? He’s so sus!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!😱😱😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤔😳😱💀😂😂⁉️‼️🖐🏻👀😂😱😭🥵👀🤫🤫😃😎😱‼️🤷🏼‍♂️

  175. Buba Vunga

    Buba Vunga15 days ago

    It's been 1 month i thought this was weekly

  176. Antoninmp

    Antoninmp7 days ago

    He said he would stop doing this

  177. skylar thompson

    skylar thompson15 days ago

    \\\\٩( 'ω' )و //// ..............CBT..............

  178. Tavon Atlas

    Tavon Atlas15 days ago


  179. C88Studios

    C88Studios15 days ago

    Don’t cancel Carson, cancel the people who try to make it look like he killed a man. Yes what he did was insanely wrong but channels like drama alert and others make it worse, carson is going through some crazy ass mental stuff right now and channels like drama alert make this a case like lforlee, a great channel killed by other channels and mistakes they made. I hope Carson gets the help he needs- C88Studios

  180. AntKneeWasHere

    AntKneeWasHere7 days ago

    Poor mental health is not an excuse for shitty actions. What he did was wrong, no matter how you slice it.

  181. Epper

    Epper10 days ago

    L for Lee is a great example

  182. C88Studios

    C88Studios14 days ago

    @Noodle no idea, just felt like it

  183. Noodle

    Noodle14 days ago

    Why did you quote yourself in a USlikes comment

  184. DonkeyCon

    DonkeyCon15 days ago

    @C88Studios k

  185. Sal Capone

    Sal Capone15 days ago

    A really awesome thing that I would love to see would be to have ScottTheWoz join the Lunch Club and replace Carson. Or TheActMan. Or Zanny.

  186. PatrickTheGod Archives

    PatrickTheGod Archives4 days ago

    I watch Scott and the act man, but hell no! Lunch club is gone and the comedy style would not fit at all. Scott is very awkward in real life, and the only person who he could make those awkward jokes with is the person who is getting cancelled, and although Act man would probably get along with cooper it wouldn’t work! And plus, the lunch club has no ties with any of those creators, you can’t just force creators into a group!

  187. Mr. Candlewick

    Mr. Candlewick15 days ago

    5:45 lack of discipline that's what.

  188. Lemmy's&Larry's Kanal

    Lemmy's&Larry's Kanal15 days ago

    What Carson did is awful but I still hope that his mental health gets better

  189. Lemmy's&Larry's Kanal

    Lemmy's&Larry's Kanal15 days ago

    Man I really want to give schlatt a hug. He sounds so fucking heartbroken

  190. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin16 days ago


  191. MarioFantastic827

    MarioFantastic82716 days ago

    i thought i’d only have to go through 1 divorce in my life :(