U.S. Open Epics: Tiger and Rocco

With behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from those who lived the drama, relive the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, featuring the 18-hole Monday playoff between Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods as they battled for the coveted U.S. Open trophy.
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    S Tob16 hours ago

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  2. David Hann

    David HannDay ago

    Wow. That was thoroughly enjoyable to watch

  3. Ferdinand Hevita

    Ferdinand Hevita2 days ago

    Go Tiger!! Get well soon!! From Africa

  4. Francis Alba

    Francis Alba4 days ago

    Man these are great to get stoned to and watch. well produced n directed

  5. brmillgr

    brmillgr6 days ago

    "Thats the first time I've seen him not talking" damn jonny miller that was uncalled for

  6. Golfers Guild

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  7. Rockin Guitar Man’s Rock & Metal Guitar Lessons

    Rockin Guitar Man’s Rock & Metal Guitar Lessons10 days ago

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  10. Nick Moscarelli

    Nick Moscarelli16 days ago

    My gawhd he puréd the living sheeet out of that second on 13 on Saturday. he might’ve even thought he couldn’t hit it that well.

  11. Richard Wolfe

    Richard Wolfe18 days ago

    The last one for almost a decade for the one that was...the judged the tormented by pain and expectation man my favorite Tiger fn Woods.

  12. mont249

    mont24920 days ago

    What is up with this commentary? How can you have such little class to talk about someone like that? Especially on live tv when he’s doing great? You dog on the man who’s just taken the greatest golfer ever to a playoff for the us open? Embarrassing.

  13. Insouciant

    Insouciant21 day ago

    I had to go to school that day. Never hated it more.

  14. Richard Reeves

    Richard Reeves24 days ago

    Rocco Mediate! You are what you think you are. If you're a normal player, you'll just be normal. Set your goals higher and believe you'll win a major. You just might. You're a cool dude and class act regardless.

  15. Shunta Jones

    Shunta Jones26 days ago

    Desire Zonary..... Mm......

  16. Shunta Jones

    Shunta Jones26 days ago

    Desire Zonary........

  17. Shunta Jones

    Shunta Jones26 days ago

    Desire Zonary.

  18. brmillgr

    brmillgrMonth ago

    For those born after 2000 it is nearly impossible to explain how magnetizing it was to watch Tiger every single tournament he played in. If I remember correctly he twice won 8 straight tournaments that he entered. Every single major he won or contended in was must see tv and most every other tournament as well. I cant count how many people I knew that had never picked up a club that would tune in just to watch Tiger.

  19. Gavin Hadley

    Gavin HadleyMonth ago

    ..Johnny I hope you read this pal. Why do you have to be such an ass? Your egotistical commentary is more of a distraction than anything. For a guy who was consistently two clubs shorter than the average pro how about showing at least a hint of humility? Yeah I know..fat chance...smh

  20. DubZzSnipes

    DubZzSnipesMonth ago

    Absoloutley INCREDIBLE film. From start to finish amazing! Well done to the editor! Just like watching a movie but better!

  21. Justin Nehls

    Justin NehlsMonth ago

    7:10 ouch

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    Elizabeth ThamsonMonth ago

    Tiger Woods is amazingly talented

  24. Max Terry

    Max TerryMonth ago

    How you win a Major in the PGA with one leg is beyond me! Tiger is the most dominant athlete in sports history, I say that because you need to take into factor how hard golf is and how hard these courses are.

  25. Rolly Marasigan Reyes

    Rolly Marasigan ReyesMonth ago

    USGA, I love this video! Thanks for sharing! Doc Rolly

  26. Arjun Singh

    Arjun SinghMonth ago

    Rocco’s a great player

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  29. Max Caysey

    Max CayseyMonth ago

    He played in 6 tournaments in 2008... He won 4 and had 1 runner up!!! That only a 66.66 win rate! All done on a broken leg! WOW...

  30. leonard wilk

    leonard wilkMonth ago

    Thease commentators are so bias............Rocco tell J Natzs and J Millers to kiss your ass.............


    ACE McSHANKSKIMonth ago

    Ace McShankski AKA "the funniest duffer on earth" loves Tiger

  32. Swaggin Goat

    Swaggin GoatMonth ago

    Luv ya Rocco

  33. John Timmins

    John TimminsMonth ago

    The winner here is Rocco, great attitude,

  34. Ernest Clayton

    Ernest ClaytonMonth ago

    Tiger is a unbelievable champion! But how can you not Hope for the underdog! The rest of us are underdogs! Keep swinging Roco ! Cheers

  35. R LI

    R LIMonth ago

    24:18 “Rocco’s a great player, he’s had a great career but...we’re talking about Tiger Woods here”

  36. Alex delgadillo

    Alex delgadilloMonth ago

    Gofers are tough wow

  37. vishal chan

    vishal chanMonth ago

    Rocco loves those bunkers

  38. Real

    RealMonth ago

    I don't think we've ever had a better "loser" than Rocco. Wish we had gotten a lot more Rocco than we got. You could tell Rocco's main swing thought on that putt for birdie on the 18th was "don't leave it short". But can you blame him? The way he told his wife that the questions have to happen, he gets it. He gets it like few do.

  39. Dave Mahler

    Dave MahlerMonth ago

    This was unbelievably good. Thanks for the experience.

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  42. Kyle Morgan

    Kyle Morgan2 months ago

    The rocc will forever be a great!

  43. CJ Smith

    CJ Smith2 months ago

    Rocco just enjoyed the experience. In the grand scheme of things, Rocco got to play along side the highest ranked golfer in the world, on the biggest stage in the game, and had the opportunity to snag the US Open title. That's what life is all about.

  44. Gi joey

    Gi joey2 months ago

    Imagine being so famous you think you own the color red.

  45. Bidwellz9

    Bidwellz92 months ago

    hold your head high, you took the greatest golfer ever into sudden death. normal players wouldnt dream of such.

  46. Anand R

    Anand R2 months ago

    This may be a stupid question, but on the last shot, I know Rocco took 5 shots to the hole and Tiger was on the fourth shot with just centimeters away from the hole. but still doesn't he needs to put the ball into the hole to affirm that victory???

  47. Tyrone Gooch

    Tyrone Gooch2 months ago

    Does Steve owns this bar or what?

  48. Samuel Dunn

    Samuel Dunn2 months ago

    One of the greatest battles of all time in sport

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  50. Diogenes' Lantern

    Diogenes' Lantern2 months ago

    Good guy Rocco - instant fan. Pity I only got into golf after this phenomenal spectacle of the game.

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  53. Karmala Harris

    Karmala Harris2 months ago

    Absolutely pathetic from the commentators in regard to rocco

  54. Erick Mazur

    Erick Mazur2 months ago

    He was almost the best. And the nicest guy

  55. Daniel Torres

    Daniel Torres2 months ago

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  56. Grampa Billy

    Grampa Billy2 months ago

    I love Rocco.

  57. Lucas Beach-Bayón

    Lucas Beach-Bayón2 months ago

    rocco is pure class. such a standup dude

  58. Lucas Beach-Bayón

    Lucas Beach-Bayón2 months ago

    rocco the best golfer to watch

  59. Giles horton

    Giles horton2 months ago

    Rocco. Great guy.

  60. Itsmezzman

    Itsmezzman2 months ago

    "rocco looks like someone who cleans tigers pool" go puc yourself commentator

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  64. 3rdGorilla

    3rdGorilla2 months ago

    Would love to have a beer with Rocco.

  65. Patrick

    Patrick2 months ago

    So much respect for rocco.. especially saying "no I'm not a great player" I actually felt bad for him when he said that 💔

  66. promeitheus

    promeitheus2 months ago

    Tiger’s eagle putts were absolutely unreal. 6:58 turning points USGA 11:55 almost holes dbl eag. on fly, then drains crazy eagle #1 13:08 tiger pitches it in from downhill fringe 13:59 2nd eagle

  67. Golfer Ronny

    Golfer Ronny2 months ago

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  68. bragee

    bragee2 months ago

    These documentaries are pure editing delights. Remarkable quality indeed

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  70. Gary Branham

    Gary Branham2 months ago

    Rocco is a great sportsman!

  71. john zaky

    john zaky2 months ago

    Couple of things 1- Mediate looks younger in the recent interview than he does playing the tournament and 2- He seems like a really good guy, really honest, friendly but driven.

  72. john zaky

    john zaky2 months ago

    Whats the percentage of golfers on the planet even passing Q school and the PGA tour? Rocco Mediate is a great golfer in my book.

  73. God

    God2 months ago

    I love Tiger but I wanted that for Rocco so bad.

  74. God

    God2 months ago

    My boy Rocco with the typewriter jaw

  75. Urmela Basumatary

    Urmela Basumatary2 months ago

    Don't agree with Rocco at all. He IS a great player; Pure class. May not have won, but such a sportsman and gentleman.,

  76. Russell Johns

    Russell Johns2 months ago

    ‘The other guy’. Oh brother such good commentary

  77. Steve Fowler

    Steve Fowler2 months ago

    Rocco for all his fake self deprecating humor is a real asshole..."was it really broken? We don't really know. It seemed fine on Monday"...WTF says that?

  78. TheLocalLt

    TheLocalLt2 months ago

    He’s kidding are you stupid, he’s just saying that he still had to up against Tiger Woods at full strength on Monday, Tiger had more effective painkillers on Monday than on Saturday or Sunday

  79. edward davis

    edward davis3 months ago

    What a great video

  80. Егор Наливайло

    Егор Наливайло3 months ago

    Just watching this, hearing Rocco by the end go: i’m just a normal player... hell no, no normal player goes home to tell the family i almost beat Tiger Woods in one of the greatest head 2 head battles in golf. Walking in to 90+ holes. That sir is a Amazing golfer. U.S Open champion or not. Two amazing Champions in my book. Absolutly amazing Golf.

  81. E Toney

    E Toney3 months ago

    Look at the spectator getting rousted by the 5-0 22:15

  82. mikebing1230

    mikebing12303 months ago

    This might be the greatest video I’ve ever watched!! I just got into golf last year and am 30 yrs old and I have never watched any or have any knowledge of this major. This was absolutely incredible! I loved every minute of it. How exciting and amazing of a story was this.

  83. Tim S

    Tim S3 months ago

    Wow these commentators are just absolute trash.

  84. alex hebert

    alex hebert3 months ago

    Just watching this, hearing Rocco by the end go: i’m just a normal player... hell no, no normal player goes home to tell the family i almost beat Tiger Woods in one of the greatest head 2 head battles in golf. Walking in to 90+ holes. That sir is a Amazing golfer. U.S Open champion or not. Two amazing Champions in my book. Absolutly amazing Golf.

  85. Gleeb

    Gleeb3 months ago

    I'll say it.....Rocco deserved to win

  86. Phu Tran

    Phu Tran3 months ago

    This made me a fan of Rocco

  87. Shane Skinner

    Shane Skinner3 months ago

    This is amazing. Make more of these please.

  88. Shane Skinner

    Shane Skinner3 months ago

    That 45 minutes flew by - didn’t take my eyes off the screen once even though I have watched that open a hundred times it was just so exciting

  89. Jazz 16

    Jazz 163 months ago

    I think that the crunch Stevie Heard, was Tiger's Spikes on the cement. Stevie... Tiger WINS, ok?

  90. Karl Domingues

    Karl Domingues3 months ago

    This made me a fan of Rocco

  91. PB

    PB3 months ago

    Quality Doc. 👍👍👍👍👍

  92. FezRez

    FezRez3 months ago

    That 45 minutes flew by - didn’t take my eyes off the screen once even though I have watched that open a hundred times it was just so exciting

  93. David Dolan

    David Dolan3 months ago

    If Tiger was to win in 2021 AT Torrey Pines, he'd set the record AT 45 years of age.

  94. Marty Snyder

    Marty Snyder3 months ago

    Make more of these please. This video was well done

  95. Jazz 16

    Jazz 163 months ago

    I want Bob Costas back.

  96. Kameron Whitmeyer

    Kameron Whitmeyer3 months ago

    My family and I were on vacation at the beach during this US Open in 2008. My dad and I ended up staying inside for the majority of that trip, watching the entirety of this tournament. You just knew you were watching something special that year. Tiger and Rocco went at it like two boxing greats trading blows for 12 rounds. What a fucking legendary weekend.

  97. carly gardiner

    carly gardiner3 months ago

    This made me a fan of Rocco

  98. 이일석

    이일석3 months ago

    Rocco is a class act.

  99. MurrlandMac

    MurrlandMac3 months ago

    18:57 “Guys with the name Rocco don’t get on that trophy do they” WTF?!?

  100. Karl Domingues

    Karl Domingues3 months ago

    "I've heard of this kind of uber unofficial, private, exclusive, unknown, secret, x marks the spot nine hole routing!" Erik Anders Lang takes on Malibu's Top-Secret 9 in this week's Adventures in Golf! www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKrFJ...

  101. T J

    T J3 months ago

    Watching these programmes reminds you how often Westwood was in the top few of the leaderboard with not many holes to play. Just can't quite get over the line.