Tim Dillon's AirBnB Saga

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1610 - Snowpocalypse with Tim Dillon. open.spotify.com/episode/3yLSarOBrHJbEUpoxP4s4Y?si=vWzwH0iOTGOIQOZUmptWpQ


  1. Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic5 hours ago

    I clean houses for a company that uses Airbnb for their service. Every guest is charged the same cleaning fee, whether your 1 or multiple people. Every house has a washing machine (and dryer of course) and a dishwasher. Leaving the house trashed is one story, leaving dishes in the sink isn’t a story at all. Those cleaners are pussies

  2. Joshua Whittier

    Joshua Whittier18 hours ago

    Joe is wrong. Airbandb did Tim dirty

  3. Leading North

    Leading North19 hours ago

    Luv U Tim!! You called it right, JR is a sellout an liar who will never have your back. He and his ilk will destroy Texas

  4. Gary The Snail

    Gary The SnailDay ago

    I love the way he complains. I cant stop laughing

  5. Michael McConnell

    Michael McConnellDay ago

    Tim Dillon is like if Chris Farley and Colin Quinn had a kid

  6. Michael McConnell

    Michael McConnellDay ago

    "These women don't get jokes" lol. Every straight guy ever

  7. Erik Johnson

    Erik JohnsonDay ago

    Joe “I really like this house” rogan

  8. Well That’s okay

    Well That’s okayDay ago

    I came here for the comments - NEVER DISSAPPOINTED !! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. native flower pot

    native flower potDay ago

    This is the funniest thing ever. 450$ cleaning fee?!!!

  10. Rufus Walker

    Rufus WalkerDay ago

    Joe is getting old and conservative

  11. jhonattan rojasmoncada

    jhonattan rojasmoncada2 days ago

    Joe siding with the art lesbians air bnb ladies who screwed up Tim ... I guess Dorothy isn't in Kansas anymore

  12. heather renae strigens

    heather renae strigens2 days ago

    What? Cause I'm fat!!

  13. Jessica Barnes

    Jessica Barnes2 days ago

    Why do I love this man so much?

  14. J

    J2 days ago

    He'll say the AirBNB didn't exist 😂

  15. D C

    D C2 days ago

    Joe's still not funny, isn't he a comedian?

  16. Jacob Helgeson

    Jacob Helgeson3 days ago

    I love this exchange!!!! Tim DOES speak on behalf of the folks who pay cleaning fees and are AWARE of what the fee cost. 400 dollars out of my bank account and I’m im the hole! If that don’t cover dirty dishes I’m not willing and able to do any repeat business

  17. harpella

    harpella3 days ago

    My Fing jeebus that was amazing!!!

  18. Ciro DiMarzio

    Ciro DiMarzio3 days ago

    Who else hates Joe while listening to this?

  19. Pranstein

    Pranstein3 days ago

    When is Tim gonna have Joe on his podcast?

  20. T M

    T M3 days ago

    Jesus, Joe Rogan can suck the funny out of anything. He can't riff with anyone for shit

  21. bewareofgoose

    bewareofgoose3 days ago

    He is much funnier than Joe Rogan

  22. Wilhelm Something

    Wilhelm Something3 days ago

    Joe is wrong if I'm paying $450 I'm not cleaning shit

  23. Ravenous Treasure

    Ravenous Treasure3 days ago

    When are you going to have Chris Duane on your show to discuss Silver?

  24. KDMF

    KDMF3 days ago

    A high octane war with two desert lesbians.........thats the true funny right there! LOL!!! Caution: May cause snort laughing.

  25. Tim Teller

    Tim Teller4 days ago

    For a 450$ cleaning fee I would do a lot more tgen just not clean the dishes.

  26. clinece

    clinece4 days ago

    Grow up and get a real drug problem. 😂

  27. Dillon Bilan

    Dillon Bilan4 days ago

    I agree with Tim

  28. Mike Usher

    Mike Usher4 days ago

    I literally had the same conversation with my gf this weekend. We went to Connecticut and got an Air BnB and I had to pay $80 cleaning fee and the dude asked me to do the dishes. I wouldn't do it on principle especially because there was so few. It is ridiculous to charge $80 cleaning fee for a little apartment and demand I wash dishes: I made more dishes out of principle it was still only about 7 dishes.

  29. Royce Butler

    Royce Butler5 days ago

    This is my favorite joe rogan moment😂

  30. Hashifornia

    Hashifornia5 days ago

    “You loved it so much, you moved states”💀💀💀

  31. Michael rac

    Michael rac5 days ago

    I'm an Airbnb host myself and a $450 cleaning fee is absolutely ridiculous

  32. Tyler Riles

    Tyler Riles5 days ago

    Ricky Gervais please!

  33. Richard K

    Richard K6 days ago

    "How do you break a cactus Jo?" "You fall on it when you're on ecstasy".

  34. metamorphicorder

    metamorphicorder6 days ago

    I dont remember exactly which episode it was but it was in the week this episode came out, at one point they were talking about how much a chunk of gold the size of a basket ball would weigh, and that popped into my head again just now and i remember while listening that i thought it would be well over two hundred lbs. Well i went and crunched the numbers. 455.9 cubic inches of volume. This translates to 7470.86cc. Gold masses 19.3 grams per cc. This comes out to 144187.65 grams. Comes to 144.19 kg which equals about 318 lbs. Thats a heavy ball.

  35. Mohd Hamza

    Mohd Hamza6 days ago

    Can't find this episode on Spotify ... Plz anyone send me the link

  36. Faydster YT

    Faydster YT6 days ago

    “Grow up and get a real drug problem!” LOL

  37. Dood B

    Dood B6 days ago

    Joe winding him up. It's brilliant

  38. قاصدک طلایی

    قاصدک طلایی6 days ago

    If you paid 450 dollar cleaning fees you can break the plates. you dont have to do shit. the house looks cold in the middle of desert 😏

  39. Jim Bo

    Jim Bo6 days ago

    Lesbians have no sense of humor. It is known.

  40. C to the uck Mackenzie Bros skullphuk mi

    C to the uck Mackenzie Bros skullphuk mi6 days ago

    Tim is finally getting more recognition! Rogan got him on so many times in a short time span. He's a favorite

  41. Scottd86

    Scottd866 days ago

    Joe is so desperate to segue the conversation to keep Dillon from saying anything too crazy.

  42. The Brotherhood of Freedom

    The Brotherhood of Freedom6 days ago

    this shit is hilarious.

  43. Beanerphobia

    Beanerphobia6 days ago

    Joe really doesn't wanna say anything against the lesbian chicks 😂

  44. Myke Mac

    Myke Mac7 days ago

    Everytime Dillon has been a guest on this show, I laugh my ass off. Maybe I need to start watching his podcast 🤔

  45. The Gorilla

    The Gorilla7 days ago

    I would never go to Spotify after Joe's recommendation. I'll watch what I can on USlikes thanks.

  46. 9latinum Studioz

    9latinum Studioz7 days ago

    The transdimensional lesbians sent here to depopulate The Earth 🤣🤣 A Jones

  47. DutchKing

    DutchKing7 days ago

    I’m gonna burn the house ☺️🤣🤣

  48. Big

    Big7 days ago

    Joe just can't go with the bit

  49. Matt Kelly

    Matt Kelly7 days ago

    As a man that works to build helicopters 🚁 at Bell I have never even had a hotel room for 450$ much less have a cleaning fee. Speaking for the common man?

  50. johnathan petrossian

    johnathan petrossian7 days ago

    God joe is so annoying now.

  51. harr case

    harr case7 days ago

    "i'm hot but I want to educate myself" - Joe Rogan

  52. shane lol

    shane lol7 days ago

    Holy fuck tims face at 7:00 when Joe is talking about his posture is hysterical

  53. Colin Ryan

    Colin Ryan7 days ago

    Joe “dude when Manson was runnin around killin people this was the shit” Rogan

  54. Luc Smith

    Luc Smith7 days ago

    Rich entitled people can't clean their own dish. Pathetic.

  55. Chris Saala

    Chris Saala7 days ago

    Fuck yes go timmy!!!

  56. B R

    B R7 days ago

    "Even tho I'm hot, I wanna educate myself"

  57. Craig

    Craig8 days ago

    "You're a hollywood elitist."

  58. Ken wright

    Ken wright8 days ago

    JRE needs this guy on his show more often...He's fucking hilarious!

  59. William Drake

    William Drake8 days ago

    You could see the interior and knew the cleaning fee before you rented it. That's your bad. I have not rented a unit because the fees were ridiculous or the furniture was not acceptable.

  60. habibbi alikafe

    habibbi alikafe8 days ago

    Tim’s fault for booking a place with a $450 cleaning fee. Should let the market determine that’s crazy by not paying for it

  61. Slick Rick

    Slick Rick8 days ago

    " Tony Hinchecliff is a BIRD!"

  62. leaky bean

    leaky bean8 days ago

    That was hilarious

  63. Waking up From Matrix

    Waking up From Matrix8 days ago

    what's not to understand here? you pay for a hotel- the hotel doesn't ask you to clean the hotel when you leave.. why the FUCK would you clean the air bnb after they SPECIFICALLY charged you a cleaning fee.

  64. Waking up From Matrix

    Waking up From Matrix8 days ago

    Air BNB sucks. I had something similar happen. Payed a cleaning fee and the host is trying to tell me I have to do all these chores before I leave. GTFO of here with that bullshit. I left didn't do the chores and she tried making me seem like the bad guy on the review.

  65. Jake Bermingham

    Jake Bermingham8 days ago

    Get David icke on this podcast

  66. Aycee Dhisi

    Aycee Dhisi8 days ago

    I’ve noticed how Rogan is now bringing the PC to comedy 🤔

  67. Arkadi Hughes

    Arkadi Hughes8 days ago

    Joe is straight up ignoring Tim

  68. Pale Amigo

    Pale Amigo8 days ago

    'Look at the guy with the sixpack he hasn't eaten in months..."🤣🤣🤣 "I'm in a high octane war with a few desert lesbians..."🤣🤣🤣

  69. Fireoncityy

    Fireoncityy8 days ago

    0:33 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. Sarah

    Sarah8 days ago

    This one of the funniest reasonable rant !!!! 2000 dollar for a place and then a 450 dollar cleaning fee ???? They are mad at air Airbnb.

  71. Michelle Mae Simplicio

    Michelle Mae Simplicio8 days ago

    Its funny how he calls out the host for asking him to put a good review while he rants about the cleaning which is included in the house rules. Read the house rules, check the photos and if you dont like any of it, dont book. thats it. 🤭

  72. yaletowngirl

    yaletowngirl8 days ago

    This conversation is hilarious. Tim is funny. I side with Tim too.

  73. cloud spittin

    cloud spittin8 days ago

    Had no clue Dillion was gay

  74. QuiceRR

    QuiceRR8 days ago

    for 450 I will paint the wall with my shit.

  75. Theshockmaster5eva

    Theshockmaster5eva8 days ago

    Joe looking directly into the camera is cursed as shit.

  76. Team LeBong

    Team LeBong8 days ago

    Meh I feel like I’m one of the only people that didn’t really find this hilarious or even entertaining 🤷‍♂️


    xCYSRxSUPERMAN8 days ago

    Alex Jones: The Nuclear Option Someone put that on a t-shirt...lol

  78. s trav

    s trav9 days ago

    First as he was thrown off Airbnb for not doing dishes then the truth comes out he threatened to burn down the house

  79. The Kookclub

    The Kookclub9 days ago

    Joe is a d-bag

  80. Owlex Owlex

    Owlex Owlex9 days ago

    Jamie can Joe Rogan please get Liz Miele on?? She's so good! uslikes.info/house/nXhwxtBppn6KoK4/video.html

  81. K Bighead

    K Bighead9 days ago

    Funniest thing I've seen today and I needed that laugh. Thanks guys!

  82. burnsloads

    burnsloads9 days ago

    Joshua tree is for wildflowers and hiking. Joe is such a tool.

  83. Alex Ramirez

    Alex Ramirez9 days ago

    Wait, did Joe just scoff at Tim say " my show is pretty big ".

  84. Senor Studly

    Senor Studly9 days ago

    'why didn't you clean up and then pay a 450 dollar cleaning fee for no fucking reason at all?'

  85. Alexis Almeida

    Alexis Almeida9 days ago

    Honestly i just think joe likes to bust people's balls and get them riled up then that makes them be more funny, i seen him do it to bill burr. Makes things more funny or some times it can go the other way. IMO

  86. Montie Luckett

    Montie Luckett9 days ago

    $450.00 cleaning FEE, because if they'd called it a deposit, they'd have had to return it afterward.

  87. HighLifeBeatz

    HighLifeBeatz9 days ago

    Grow up and Get a real drug problem take a Percocet at your office

  88. Counterpart2U

    Counterpart2U9 days ago

    Tim next time poop on the plate and tell them you left them some chocolate with nuts! Lol at least they can't kick you out!

  89. Joe Benson

    Joe Benson9 days ago

    "Tim Dillon is in the middle politically" = "Tim Dillon is Skinny"

  90. beasthunt

    beasthunt9 days ago

    "And even weight wise" The delivery is top notch.

  91. JumpDiffusion

    JumpDiffusion9 days ago

    This guy tries too hard to be funny..

  92. cuntpuncher

    cuntpuncher9 days ago

    7:00 a correct reaction; that comment doesn't deserve acknowledgement.

  93. Jesse Parks

    Jesse Parks9 days ago

    People saying Joe is out of touch don’t understand his personality. He’s intentionally playing devils advocate to mess with Tim. Cmon y’all

  94. Jell0zz

    Jell0zz9 days ago

    Joe not being edgy anymore has really been a bummer, I guess he really didn't wanna get cancelled over Trump/Covid :(

  95. Npc I'm knot

    Npc I'm knot10 days ago

    Didn't joe leave because of that kinda stuff lol

  96. Npc I'm knot

    Npc I'm knot10 days ago

    This guy is so funny lol. I dunno him but it's the first time I really laughed at a Rogan clip

  97. Yukon Cornelius

    Yukon Cornelius10 days ago

    I would never have guessed he's gay.

  98. Jeff Y

    Jeff Y10 days ago

    I’m cracking up. This guy is hilarious

  99. Jonathan Velder

    Jonathan Velder10 days ago

    I don't agree with Dylan very much but I am 100% on his side 450 dollar cleaning Bill and they're going to bitch about dirty dishes

  100. Devers

    Devers10 days ago

    I think Joe likes this house