Boat Life: It's Getting Complicated

Cyclone season is coming to an end soon here in Tonga and we’re trying desperately to plan our next move. But it’s getting complicated.
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We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for 10 years.
Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild #adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.
Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:
00:00 Sick &Tired
01:31 The "Our Problems Aren't That Bad" DISCLAIMER
02:04 Our Windows are Falling Out
03:28 Our Generator & Watermaker are Failing
04:39 The BIG Boat Work List
04:48 Wind Instrument Woes
05:41 Our Sailboat Insurance was Terminated
07:48 Anxious April - The Timing Calendar
08:40 Where can we Sail in the South Pacific?
13:06 Our 2021 Sailing Plans
13:59 Hot Toddy's for Sickly Sundowners
15:13 Our First Recital (I'm Sorry?!?)
16:17 Donations & The Good Uke News
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  1. Michael Conchscooter

    Michael Conchscooter7 hours ago

    Oh yes. So glad I got my sailing in during my youth. Don’t regret my van one bit.

  2. Nicklas Andersson

    Nicklas Andersson10 hours ago

    This just showes how much the insurance companies are brain washing the arerikans. thats sad!

  3. tim samoa

    tim samoa10 hours ago

    You won’t be going anywhere now with the cyclone coming through

  4. Super Duper

    Super Duper10 hours ago


  5. PinkuSugar

    PinkuSugarDay ago

    Good luck!!!! I would love to see videos of u guys sailing in the open water

  6. Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns17 hours ago

    There's plenty of those out there already! Go to either the blog or the GWTW USlikes channel & look for the "ocean passages" playlists to start.... Curious Minion

  7. Ron Parcke-Wms

    Ron Parcke-WmsDay ago

    Re 1:39, we have power again. They just need to stop allowing sale of our lands and wind power or any manufacturing to the ChiComs(CCP). We still have evry energy resource but Buyden's new green deal reversed polices and capped our ability to tap in at higher in emergency power needs.

  8. Ron Parcke-Wms

    Ron Parcke-WmsDay ago

    Whoo hoo, finally they're seeimg the light here in the States. Masks mandates lifted inba few States now, including Texas. We breathe around them anyhow.

  9. Christopher Purcell

    Christopher PurcellDay ago

    the windows just have the Flex seal guy popping in my head Screen door on the bottom of your jon boat? Well just flex seal it and done "

  10. imssu2

    imssu2Day ago

    Could you find a local spot to get on the hard and then pay to fly in a mainland surveyor for a wonderful weekend "survey-vacation"?

  11. Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns17 hours ago

    The Tongan border is still closed to everyone except its citizens and even they are struggling to get back into the country. Curious Minion

  12. Josiah Chin

    Josiah ChinDay ago

    The spiky pull ontogenetically end because hubcap classically calculate towards a lying magic. flat, general gentle eggnog

  13. Terry Hutchinson

    Terry HutchinsonDay ago

    It seems you could fly a surveyor to Fiji for a lot less than $50K.

  14. Victoria Ham

    Victoria HamDay ago

    So, silly question maybe, but what brand are your shorts that you are wearing in this video Nikki? They look PERFECT for sailing and need me some for just that!

  15. James Hibbard

    James Hibbard2 days ago

    At great question would be, Who is your insurer?

  16. JIM C

    JIM C2 days ago

    Looking at the picture of your windows, you could make panels of aluminum or wood and install conventional portlights. Yes the look would be different, but it would be more practical in the long run and you could do it yourself! JIM

  17. JIM C

    JIM C2 days ago

    Can you buy new windows from the original manufacturer and have them shipped to the boat yard of choice for install? JIM

  18. JIM C

    JIM C2 days ago

    If you are healthy when you start and it takes you 20 days to get there, there shouldn't be a problem of being healthy when you arrive, as you will be in contact with no one! Stupid political rule being forced onto you. JIM

  19. Scott Winn

    Scott Winn2 days ago

    Have you looked into American Samoa? If the shipyard there can haul you out, you'd be one flight away from Honolulu and could fly in a surveyor. That wouldn't solve all of your repair issues, but since you'd be in American territory with an airport it might be easier to ship things in and out.

  20. Eric Thibault

    Eric Thibault2 days ago

    Hey guys! So if your water maker runs off 120 volt ac, can you use your inverter with an extension cord running to it and splice into the wires or does the water maker use too much power for your solar system to keep up?

  21. Eric Thibault

    Eric Thibault2 days ago

    @Gone with the Wynns what about purchasing a small portable generator just for the water maker during your passage to AU or NZ? If not, you guys are going to need ALOT of water jugs!

  22. Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns2 days ago

    The watermaker is a huge power drain. Curious Minion

  23. Tony Halahan

    Tony Halahan3 days ago

    Nice to see you guys. So sorry about your boat windows and the generator....and concerning the insurance...thanks for reminding us, we will undoubtedly have problems ourselves...better check right away.!!

  24. Di O

    Di O3 days ago

    Wherever you go, you bring light and love! Always a positive influence 💕. I also follow S/V Sailing Nahoa, USlikesrs and cruisers whose boat was in Thailand for over a year. I told them to check out your channel about your similar situation and work to cleanup and refit Curiosity. In a recent video, they said, “If the Winns’ can do it, so can we!” I feel like such a matchmaker LOL! Going to check out the link for the Tongan Library now. Love ❤️ from Texas!

  25. Travel Trousers

    Travel Trousers3 days ago

    Fly a surveyor out to Tonga to do the survey... get insurance and head to Oz...

  26. Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns2 days ago

    Can't - the border for Tonga's still closed.

  27. Alisha Clarke Photography

    Alisha Clarke Photography3 days ago

    Your issues with the boat remind me of my days as an airplane owner. I loved it but had to give it up. Now we have an rv.

  28. Regina Cain

    Regina Cain3 days ago

    Just curious, why cant you put a monitory value on your time for the repairs you make yourself? Your time is worth money. Are they just wanting to know that you have $50,000 worth of repairs to make or want you to actually spend that money in their country? If they want you to spend the money that seems more like a bribe than proof of extenuating circumstances.

  29. pat english

    pat english4 days ago

    Was curious about the watermaker, sounds like you have 12 volt system in place but 110volt comes from generator only? would not an inverter do the trick to run your watermaker on in a pinch?

  30. Franklin Crone

    Franklin Crone4 days ago

    The 50K figure sounded like an opinion of what is not minor repair work. I would think a needed major repair would be if it puts lives at risk, which is open to a range of interpretation. Can't make water for instance is probably good. Your windows/ports being compromised is quite serious also.

  31. S. Faith Birchall

    S. Faith Birchall4 days ago

    Wondering if any of the endless boat problems are making you think about going back to life on the road. There are a lot of continents yet unexplored and in general, road life seems less complicated.

  32. DALE thebelldiver

    DALE thebelldiver4 days ago

    Sell your boat

  33. WarpFactor999

    WarpFactor9994 days ago

    Ex-Anchor clanker here. I've heard this tale of woe many times over the years. So very sorry you've had such problems, but they should not have been unexpected. Get an insurance extension. Get into a safe harbor berth - you have an offer. Get your generator overhauled or get an emergency portable generator to tide you over until you can afford to fix it properly. Jury rigging on a powered boat is dangerous. Jury rigging on a sail boat is can be life threatening. You cannot skimp by on a sail boat (big or small). You have a big expensive sail boat (even if you got a good deal for it). That means that everything on it is expensive to fix or replace and repairs are continuous. (That's why they are money pits.) And, you obviously have no critical spares with you. (Who would think...being out where the supply lines are measured in multiple weeks...) You should expect 15 - 25% of the cost of a boat per year in maintenance. More as it gets older and gets heavy use. Oh yeah, how about hull cleaning every 4-5 years (depending on water temp and local marine growth)? Shaft seals and bearings, and questionable hull fittings should be replaced at the same time in dry dock. Your plexiglass (you want Lexan) windows will cost the price of a nice car if you have them custom fabricated. Few places can do that as precise forms must be made for the curves, and forming anything to a compound curve is tricky. Check with the manufacturer first. I'm sure they will be pricey as well. Either way it has to be done right. If you lost a window during rough seas, you might lose the boat. Have you inspected your sails, lines, capstans, masts, hull fittings, plumbing, generator, still, kicker engine and shaft seal? This needs to be done monthly in port, daily at sea. Emergency spare parts for: Kicker engine, still, generator, steering gear, capstans, sail repairs, extra line, etc. These are not optional. Just because you can use wind to sail, doesn't mean you can skimp on these items. Do either of you know how to emergency patch a hull leak or have the materials to do it with? How about a blown shaft seal? (It happens.) LEARN. No, Flextape probably won't fix that.

  34. Jude G.

    Jude G.4 days ago

    I almost was going to say you need honey but...... you knew it!

  35. mike anderson

    mike anderson4 days ago

    You only got to ask yourself one question… Are you feeling lucky?… I think you two are super lucky looking outside in…I’m thinking Australia

  36. Steve Woods

    Steve Woods4 days ago

    I am not a regular watcher of your channel and I am only 5 min in to this on. What is the boat insured for? Would be shame if it sank, wouldn't it?

  37. Steve Woods

    Steve Woods4 days ago

    Wow 1 min further in and you speak to insurance.

  38. Hogvlog Films: Sailing

    Hogvlog Films: Sailing4 days ago

    Rule of 3: Every boat project takes 3 times longer, costs 3 times more than you thought, and spawns 3 more projects. Any attempt to circumvent or allow for the Rule of 3 will result in an additional tripling of everything above. The only way to avoid the trap is to never start any projects. =D ;-)

  39. Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns4 days ago


  40. R hor

    R hor5 days ago

    Looks like you guys been putting off maintenance for a long time !! Not a good idea Ignoring maintenance on a Boat Look like that's gonna bite you in the Ass🤑.. Grow up and smell the coffee kids🤑🤑🤑 Have a nice Day🙄👀

  41. R hor

    R hor4 days ago

    @Gone with the Wynns BS !!

  42. Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns4 days ago

    Nikki and Jason take extremely good care of Curiosity. But big items like the windows need to be manufactured as a specialty item and that means a large island/mainland. They've been sailing in very remote areas and there just isn't a facility to manufacture them. Curious Minion

  43. Susan Boscia

    Susan Boscia5 days ago

    We LOVE our Gibsons! Thank you Gibson Guitars!! AND The Wynns!! Great work!

  44. Organic Oceans

    Organic Oceans5 days ago

    Love you 2! Thank for sharing

  45. andrew Lopez

    andrew Lopez5 days ago

    I’m from Texas and your problems sound just as bad lol

  46. R3kluse

    R3kluse5 days ago

    Wow could just buy a new boat with 50k

  47. Gary Schoenberger

    Gary Schoenberger5 days ago


  48. Lana (@neo200120018)

    Lana (@neo200120018)5 days ago

    If you end up in nz try not stay in Auckland your chances for marina with America’s cup will be pricey, if you come down west coast stop in to Whanganui,

  49. Cuthbert Milligen

    Cuthbert Milligen5 days ago

    In the absence of a magical fairy may I suggest that you focus on keeping your spirits up. One way to do that is to give some tender loving care to something that's even worse off than you. So.. adopt a puppy - they're magic!

  50. Roy Clare

    Roy Clare5 days ago

    Sorry, guys, I've probably missed some detail here, but to me the no-brainer is the relatively short 5 day hop to Fiji. Vuda Marina has the services necessary to enable you to nail down your insurance. Aus and NZ would be risky passages in the current conditions, especially against the clock. Rule #1 of passage making, as you have acknowledged, is don't sail to a schedule! Good luck!

  51. Christian

    Christian5 days ago

    Boats.... Big suction cups you can tie line to and dow795 to caulk em in. There are a few caulks to use; 795 for my money. I would hope you can get a mold made and new windows, but you should price direct from a place that already makes your boat's windows. Starters are easily rebuilt if you ask around. Would be good to have a few solar controllers instrad of one big one right about now. Redundancy redundancy... Call for a quote to upgrade to a 95amp alternator. Should get an external regulator on that. Ask how big an alternator you can go before adding pullies. You have two motors. Fridge freezer test for charge but that can be a hastle. If you go with a new adler barber or whatever you just need to be careful of the thin copper capillary tube, which is just being careful no worries. And when you connect the tubes to the compressor just have two spanners and be swift. Not hard with some dexterity. You going to go more electric? More solar? Running high output engine or genie more? More solar and a good wind generator (you can lock these to get a break from the noise). How big is your bank again? Remember your preventor shouldn't be strong enough to not break before the boom. Order a Cutlass bearing? (949) 642-5174 Markel Insurance. If you're still looking. Spray some corrosion cleaner on the contacts of the ananometer at the top and spray the crap out of the feather while you are at it. Check for updates of course but also power into the backbone (maybe black with red stripes). Library stuff is awesome. Just awesome. Fair winds and following seas fellow boaters.

  52. Alex Gorman

    Alex Gorman5 days ago

    What happens if your insurance lapses? Does it become harder to get coverage again?

  53. Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns5 days ago

    Yes, generally it does whether it's boat insurance, car insurance.... Curious Minion

  54. slyr1

    slyr15 days ago

    Ok I want a poster of 1:01 looking fantastic love the videos.

  55. Michel Paul Cote

    Michel Paul Cote5 days ago

    Can't figure out why you don't order from the mainland 2 marine high output alternators with brackets and electrical connectors. Those are made specifically for your engines, easy install. With 2 engines , you will always have a backup. It should resolve all your electrical needs. And the cost for both is a fraction of a generator. Alternators can be repaired everywhere in the world they have cars/ trucks. And the shipping cost and delay should be reasonable. Your actual generator weights a ton, takes up valuable space, will cost a fortune to repair/ replace, and leave you with no backup...

  56. Vince Greensill

    Vince Greensill5 days ago

    Sorry to hear of your woes. The current insurer should give you an extension or your new insurer should give you a provisional cover until you can get to Australia or New Zealand.

  57. galore of books

    galore of books6 days ago

    From New Zealand, not a sailor but that time of year we did a cruise from new Zealand to Fiji , even on the cruise ship the waves were HUGE pretty sure was taking like 1minute just to get down some of those waves ... would be so awesome to see you film in nz and spend time here , just want you safe too. I think la vegabond did nz in harsh weather .

  58. ihmesekoilua

    ihmesekoilua6 days ago

    Clearly channeling Scatman John.

  59. Chris

    Chris6 days ago

    You might be able to fix that starter. Take it apart, clean and inspect it. Not much to lose, right?

  60. Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson6 days ago

    Honestly might be my fav video yet! Ive watched for years. Love that you have a lasting positive effect on tonga because you were there! Thanks for noticing your blessings and passing them forward! Awesome humans!!

  61. Honu Time

    Honu Time6 days ago

    Man we love watching you guy's! Your honesty and passion is so inspiring. Its hard to be yourself on camera but you guys do it so naturally. Thank you 🙏😊🐢

  62. Eliza Jensen

    Eliza Jensen6 days ago

    Could you go to Fiji first to at least haul out and get insurance and afterwards set sail to Australia? Not ideal but at least you'd have insurance after this and you wouldn't have to pay so much in boat repairs as you would in New Zealand! Good luck figuring all of this out!

  63. Sarah Conner

    Sarah Conner6 days ago

    Nikki and Jason, I love, and always have loved your optimism and positive outlook on life! I also know that hearing your list of boat projects is honestly daunting.... we have a 38’ monohull. Super well built, high quality - but MAN, these projects lists never end. In saying this, your list IS tough, and you have a LOT going on. I wish we could offer you more help, than just the good mojo and positive support we send to you guys regularly! After watching your video though, we thought, possibly it would cost much less and be better for your tight schedule to pay to fly out a certified surveyor? You both are smart, and I’m sure you’ve considered this and much more. We just wanted to reach out and share an idea. We love you guys and there are TENS of THOUSANDS of us out here that never want to bother you. Just want you to know, you guys are loved, and so appreciated!!! ~The Conner’s on s/v Marley

  64. Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns6 days ago

    Awe, thanks so much for the love. Tonga's borders are closed and so flying anyone in isn't an option. Even Tongan citizens are still struggling to get home on the very few and far between repatriation flights. We will get it all sorted out and for sure, we feel all that good mojo you send our way. It's what keeps us optimistic!

  65. jay super

    jay super6 days ago

    And you left relativity predictable full-time RV life? Yes, somehow it will all work out, it always does. But the stress for even us viewers will be leaving each new video episode another chapter in the book of Sailing Saga in Tonga to look forward to. .

  66. claus rupprecht

    claus rupprecht6 days ago

    That window is a major problem and not an easy fix. Imagine what would happen to your boat off shore if that window wasn't there.

  67. Troop160

    Troop1606 days ago

    Seems that rather than continue to pour effort and money into the boat, and considering your limited and poor options currently available, this would be the perfect time to return to Leopard and get that new catamaran. You know that feeling when you've kept something too long and it starts to fall apart exponentially and just become a time/money pit... you're there. Can't keep that current boat forever, know would be the time to work out that sponsorship with Leopard and get some help from viewer$ on making the transition from that Leopard, to your new one. YOLO.

  68. John Coloe

    John Coloe6 days ago

    Have you petitioned your existing insurer for an *extension?* Y'all have many extenuating circumstances to consider. Hopefully their humanity will prevail, minimizing your lesser of bad choices dilemma. The same goes for New Zealand's "major work" requirement. The work should be what counts, not the funds the work generates for the local economy. And what y'all need done most certainly qualifies for "major work." Thoughts and prayers for y'all, especially for a full and speedy recovery for Nikki.

  69. 2Pilgrims

    2Pilgrims6 days ago

    Just realized you folks left the rv lifestyle for boating. Not sure how long this has been but being a fulltime ever now for 15 yrs dealing with the constant fixing and frustrations that go along with that lifestyle and now covid, geez. Think about throwing in the towel but sure would miss the traveling. So is it mandatory to have insurance? I suppose if you carry a mortgage but what if it was paid off? How does the law of the Sea dictate that?

  70. Geezergamers

    Geezergamers6 days ago

    I just ordered the parts from Echotech to change my watermaker from 220V to 12V. I can only make water with the generator. With Solar and the motor alternators I get lots of power to my batteries, I feel better than having to rely only on the Generator. I hate having an Achilles heel on such an important item, water! Hang in there. Unfounded Rumor Alert ...I heard that Pantaneus (sp?) is no longer selling policies to US flagged vessels.

  71. Jewel Noyes

    Jewel Noyes6 days ago

    Loved the mini concert!!

  72. Jason Zwolak

    Jason Zwolak6 days ago

    Sorry about the logistical nightmare. I hope it works out! And no lightning strikes :-o

  73. Karl B

    Karl B6 days ago

    Another great video...thanks for sharing.

  74. John Andreae

    John Andreae6 days ago

    Jason seems to be channeling a bit of Tom Waites.

  75. Joni Boulware

    Joni Boulware6 days ago

    Good thing your list has gotten so long. $50000K will probably get eaten up fast. Spend more of your time enjoying the country.

  76. MarkedForTime

    MarkedForTime6 days ago

    You can commit to thr $50k, but what happens if you don't spend $50k? Just saying...

  77. Raylene Hyde

    Raylene Hyde7 days ago

    Hello from South East Qld, Aust! I'm sorry our government have such strict rules for letting you in, it's a shame they don't take into account time at sea, it's so wrong! We watch all your videos❤️ $50k AUS or US? Thats a crazy amount of repairs😞 Patreon? Extra vids? Go fund me? I'm sure with the amount of good you guys do on your lil adventures, surely your followers can help you guys in a time of need👏👏 Can't wait for the next vid & see what you guys come up with. Good luck & travel safe x

  78. Glenda Sabo

    Glenda Sabo7 days ago

    Time for a change. RV, yacht, next? BABY!

  79. Brian S.

    Brian S.7 days ago

    Have you considered SE Asian countries?

  80. Patricia Hutson

    Patricia Hutson7 days ago

    Kia Ora to the Two most delightful sailors ever. Cmon on down, park up, do ya maint, tramp, fish, refurb,and then sail around our playground

  81. Pamela Romeo

    Pamela Romeo7 days ago

    Have you tried asking your insurance company for a 30 day extension? Many companies will do this in extenuating situations. Worth an email or call.

  82. John Jamieson

    John Jamieson7 days ago

    So I'm a bit slow, I guess...What are your plans? You both seem to be competent sailors. Why not just go where you want to with or without insurance?

  83. Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns6 days ago

    Because you can't just "go where you want" without it. Many marinas require proof of insurance (POI) before they will let you dock. Need a boatyard to get work done? Need POI. Need to clear customs in some places? POI. It's not just about *your* boat. What if you drag anchor and demolish an $800,000 (or more expensive) boat? And what, heaven forbid, if someone aboard that boat is injured? Now you're on the hook for medical expenses. What if an unexpected wind gust while you're docking makes you nick the gelcoat on a superyacht? Those are the things you need insurance for. Curious Minion

  84. Wakeywhodat

    Wakeywhodat7 days ago

    Louis Armstrong, a proud product of New Orleans! I don’t know all that factors buuuuuuuttttttt.. At which point do you jump in an RV for another land based tour? Saying things are complicated in the sailing world is an understatement. Knowing Zatara and Archer are near makes it worth sticking it out.

  85. asm2436

    asm24367 days ago

    OOOOh Sell the boat!!! You know what B.O.A.T. stands for?.....Bring On Another Thousand.

  86. Perry Runions

    Perry Runions7 days ago

    Single ply toilet paper, what a bummer. 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  87. Ross

    Ross7 days ago

    Will you be able to get 3rd party at least? Marinas (NZ) won’t even look at you if you have no insurance.

  88. Moja Morales

    Moja Morales7 days ago

    Praying for you guys to overcome your obstacles!!

  89. Ed Morris

    Ed Morris7 days ago

    If this has been asked and answered, I apologize, but can someone from NZ fly in with the ‘exceptional need’ to assist foreigners in departing and will NZ consider a citizen returning a good reason to allow you to enter?

  90. Krispin scanlon-hill

    Krispin scanlon-hill7 days ago

    How about going to American Samoa, closer than NZ or OZ, no need for a visa, shipping USPS flat rate is easyy and there is a shipyard.

  91. Paynefully Abroad

    Paynefully Abroad7 days ago

    Guys, we've finally caught up to real time after watching ALL of your adventures over the past 4 years, and trust me we feel your pain. Even though we're still land lubbers (although in our little Tumbleweed 18' THOW that we live in full time in the Great White North), I'm possibly being posted to the UK, and absolutely FEEL YOUR PAIN about the current logistics and headache that is now international travel. Just getting our dog into the UK is posing to be the largest hurdle (who knew it would be so hard to get an English Bulldog into England...). But, you'll get there. It always seems so daunting with a wall of work and logistics. Just chunk it down into smaller tasks and whittle away at them like you did once you were able to get back to Curiosity. Just think you could be back home without power and freezing, or looking at the possibility of facing a serious storm at sea. Potato, poh-tot-oh. Hang in there, we're all pulling for you!

  92. Abdullah Dimion

    Abdullah Dimion7 days ago

    I wonder, if they can get a tenative insurance coverage pending a survey... (so if a pre-existing issue causes an issue.. they aren't covered.) Takes some stress off...

  93. Brad Gibson

    Brad Gibson7 days ago

    I would park it on the hard deck in some other country.

  94. Jason Jelinek

    Jason Jelinek7 days ago

    For the scatting Jason did during the ukelele song it reminded me of this Muppet Show clip, and sounded like Louie Armstrong's (Sachmo) voice.

  95. Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns7 days ago


  96. Raion Hato

    Raion Hato7 days ago

    so in addition to untying knots sun and salt water can open windows. just lovely

  97. Justin Case

    Justin Case8 days ago

    Another thought... 570 nm away is Malaloa Marina, Pago Pago, American Samoa. Problem is, I don't know if they have a surveyor, but as it's an American Territory, might that help you with insurance issues? Also, might you be able to fly a survey from the US to American Samoa? I know it's the wrong direction...

  98. Justin Case

    Justin Case8 days ago

    Tip for colds: Use a 100% cotton t-shirt. Wash, rinse, dry and repeat. Far more gentle on your nose! Windows: Ensure you buy them with UV-protectants built-in. Water-maker: You have more than enough room in your boat for a 12V watermaker for drinking water purposes. Do opt for the high-effectiveness filter, as your kidneys will thank you. I could go on, but it seems as if some of your issues can be at least temporarily solved via mail order and overseas delivery, so I'll skip to my suggestion: Have you considered partnering with a reputable yacht maintenance business? In exchange for free advertising with a quarter of a million viewers, they could help you find cheap but effective solutions to your laundry list of problems, waiving their usual fees and providing hardware at cost + shipping? No doubt you've already thought of that. In case you haven't, I thought I'd through it out there as a way to obtain at least some appropriate solutions to your long list at the lowest price possible.

  99. Danny Donnelly

    Danny Donnelly8 days ago

    The WHITE wire on the black box.

  100. Danny Donnelly

    Danny Donnelly8 days ago

    I had the exact same problem with the windows on my boat years ago. I removed my windows, fiberglassed in the holes, bought a great set of portholes salvaged from a much nicer boat, they opened and they were bronze, for a great price, after 20 years they were still in perfect condition. I think those glue on plastic windows are cheep looking, they're really not made the way a porthole for a boat should be made.

  101. Danny Donnelly

    Danny Donnelly8 days ago

    One option for the windows would be to remove the Windows and then fiberglass in the holes. then cut new holes to fit your newly purchased windows. The new windows you would get could be a better quality and you would not be having this issue with them ever again, you might be able to get a great looking set of windows thru salvage for a great price. otherwise you could still buy them new and you might still come up cheaper than having those windows fabricated for your boat. The best thing about doing this would be you could buy quality portholes that could be bronze or stainless or plastic or aluminum but at this point you could choose to put in quality Windows for a cheaper price than the fabricated ones. Also you could choose to get portholes that open and close!! I bet there's a great chance you could get some really nice windows, better than what you have out of a salvage boat.

  102. Danny Donnelly

    Danny Donnelly8 days ago

    I'm guessing that to get those windows fabricated is going to cost a pretty penny or an ugly dollar one of the other.

  103. Danny Donnelly

    Danny Donnelly8 days ago

    When I saw your thumbnail picture I got so concerned, I wish you guys the best and hope to see you out on the water one day!!

  104. Just me.

    Just me.8 days ago

    What's the usual or expected cost of insurance, realistically?

  105. Travelling K

    Travelling K8 days ago

    Sheesh - what a hard decision!

  106. Brad Carman

    Brad Carman8 days ago

    If no one ever offered to sell you insurance and if you never heard of insurance you would never conceive of the idea of insuring something in the first place and your life would be exactly as it is today except that you would have more money. The person who invented insurance was a fiend of the first order, a true villain among villains in the history of humanity. Now in many cases the thing that you do not need and which is just a financial burden is required.

  107. Daniel Fullington

    Daniel Fullington8 days ago

    Louis Armstrong

  108. LovingAtlanta

    LovingAtlanta8 days ago

    👍Bless y’all. 🙏 I hope things come together exactly in a way that you need them to come together. I loved the recital & the song choice - one of my favs. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you the absolute best. 🤗💞🤗

  109. Adam Baker

    Adam Baker8 days ago

    hello all. pardon me if the question has already been asked.. but which insurance company did you end up going with? I wanted to 'go around the world', by myself, but owing to lack of experience & crewing requirements, I kept hitting a brick wall, I couldn't find an insurance company to offer me worldwide solo sailing insurance :-(

  110. Joe Dial

    Joe Dial8 days ago

    Every time you blow your nose, your stuffing that stuff up into your sinuses, which causes eye, and ear, problems, because they are all connected by very small tubes, and then the sinus congestion you've caused yourself can cause headaches, and infections.

  111. Dan Strayer

    Dan Strayer8 days ago

    Didi you take the starter out and look at it?

  112. Roger Lehoux

    Roger Lehoux8 days ago

    “There is an old joke that say the best two days of a boat owner’s life are the day he buys his boat - and the day he sells it.”

  113. woody6t1

    woody6t18 days ago

    If you had NZ crew who wanted to enter NZ would they let you in? Any NZ citizens in Tonga willing to crew for you?