Queen Naija - Butterflies (Audio)

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[Verse 1]
I don't wanna fall so fast
But I'm open
They always say that good things never last
And I know 'cause I've been broken
I'm tryin' to protect my heart
But you're making it so hard
And I guess it's safe to say
You take my pain away
And I just wanna hold you all night long
Whenever I'm around you, nothing's wrong
I'm hoping that you'll always be around
You got me on a high, I don't wanna come down
And I love it, I love it (these butterflies)
Yeah I love it, I love it (I'm on a high)
Yeah, I love it, I love it
And I just wanna love on you (ooh)
[Verse 2]
Ever since you crossed my path
Everything is different
You always know just how to make me laugh
You got me all up in my feelings
And as much as I love the feeling
I hate it, it gets me frustrated
Wanna say just how I feel
But I don't know how you would take it
Why do you do what you do to me?
Got me doing things that I don't do usually
I promised myself I wouldn't fall
But every time I see you, I just wanna risk it all
And baby, yeah, I know it ain't right
But the chemistry we have is so hard to fight
And I just wanna hold you all night long
Whenever I'm around you, nothing's wrong
I'm hoping that you'll always be around
You got me on a high, I don't wanna come down
And I love it, I love it (these butterflies)
Yeah I love it, I love it (I'm on a high)
Yeah, I love it, I love it
And I just wanna love on you (ooh)
Just wanna love, just wanna love on ya (uh, uh)
Just wanna love, just wanna love on ya (uh, uh)
Hey, uh, uh
And I just wanna know you would catch me if I fall
If you tell me yeah, boy I might just risk it all
If you tell me no, it's okay, then I will leave (ooh)
I hope you feel the same, you're the only one I see
I see, I see
Just wanna love, just wanna love on ya (uh, uh)
Just wanna love, just wanna love on ya (uh, uh)
Hey, uh, uh
Music video by Queen Naija- "Butterflies". © 2018 Queen Naija, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Your World My View

    Your World My View11 hours ago

    to make a song for someone you have to be very special ...clarence this is love as a verb

  2. Nea Powe

    Nea Powe11 hours ago

    POV: scrolls through the comments while listening to the song

  3. preethanambiar1

    preethanambiar1Day ago

    "You got me on a high...I don't wanna come down"- *hits different*

  4. Famous Edits

    Famous EditsDay ago

    Who here in 2021 💪😍

  5. char.dunkin.03 #dunkin

    char.dunkin.03 #dunkin2 days ago

    It’s hard when some one just dead and u listen to this song for a example ME

  6. makelia mccarroll

    makelia mccarroll2 days ago

    This is my song

  7. Ty Quavius Malachi

    Ty Quavius Malachi3 days ago

    im in tears

  8. Lady Empire

    Lady Empire3 days ago

    Love this song period but with how my new guy is so awesome but i try holding bk because of my past relationships but i love him and he make everything feel so right

  9. Kaila Brown

    Kaila Brown3 days ago


  10. Amanda

    Amanda3 days ago

    how ever sing this song i love it so much

  11. Chyna Gibbs

    Chyna Gibbs3 days ago

    Missin my other half she's in prison baby I love u

  12. Rockstar P

    Rockstar P3 days ago

    This song hit different when you have it dedicated to you 💯💯💯

  13. Star Lara

    Star Lara4 days ago

    i like this song

  14. Jeanette Benavidez

    Jeanette Benavidez4 days ago

    I listen to this and cry! I have been through so much pain an abuse in past relationships and the one I'm in now is so uplifting & healthy. Happiness looks on me😭😁😍😍

  15. Mia Reyes

    Mia Reyes4 days ago

    bruh istg this song hits so different when uu know how she feels😭❤️!!

  16. mooda

    mooda5 days ago

    If u didnt play part 2 after dis u just weird

  17. Jrizall Apelila

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    Fernando Hierro6 days ago

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  19. Kenya Coleman

    Kenya Coleman6 days ago

    Manifesting my Husband all 2021

  20. Shanna Dockery

    Shanna Dockery7 days ago

    I feel every word cause I'm living it I love my joe❤️

  21. damya laster

    damya laster7 days ago

    period her songs get me right i love this song the mose

  22. Cheyennepurplerobloxqueen

    Cheyennepurplerobloxqueen8 days ago

    I know this song by heart its my favorite ❤️ and i be playing my clarinet to it and i be like ok periodtt bc it sounds good 😁💜

  23. Eva Gonzalez

    Eva Gonzalez8 days ago

    2021 no cap

  24. Martha Willis

    Martha Willis8 days ago

    Songs in 2021

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    0:40 best part your welcome

  28. Tyron Anderson

    Tyron Anderson11 days ago

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  29. itzel campos

    itzel campos12 days ago

    does anyone else think ab their ex when u listen to this song ??? 😩😩bye literally crying

  30. I.b avl

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    R O C K S T A R13 days ago

    this song makes my tip sticky

  33. Antonial Poharama

    Antonial Poharama13 days ago

    Shout out to Joy cooper for sending me this song 💪😊🖤

  34. Justbre and the Gang

    Justbre and the Gang13 days ago

    who still watching this 2021 cuase i am

  35. Surraya abrar

    Surraya abrar13 days ago

    Anyone here in 2021😁

  36. LuLu Lola

    LuLu Lola13 days ago

    This song is so beautiful

  37. Shailer Mthethwa

    Shailer Mthethwa14 days ago

    From me to my soul mate Nhlanhla🥰 ♥️

  38. yrb. nunu

    yrb. nunu10 days ago

    @LVLSRZA nun 😭🤣😂😭


    LVLSRZA10 days ago

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  40. yrb. nunu

    yrb. nunu10 days ago

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    LVLSRZA14 days ago

    Ohhh Hello Soulmate 😙

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  43. Chágo Fuego

    Chágo Fuego15 days ago

    Hits diff when u thinking about him while u singing it

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    Marcos Alvarez16 days ago

    My girlfriend sent me here😢💚🤍❤️

  46. NHL neverhavelosses

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    Queen laila18 days ago

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    Veronica D21 day ago

    Ok I’m obsessed

  59. kenny ciceron

    kenny ciceron21 day ago

    pain... the song that me & shordie together 💔

  60. Aisha Campbell

    Aisha Campbell21 day ago


  61. Sheila Mendoza

    Sheila Mendoza21 day ago

    I always wanted to find the person who makes me feel like this and I found him I was on cloud nine he said he loved me then as quickly as he came he left without a warning without an explanation without a goodbye and now talking to anyone else feels so dull and pointless.

  62. Kenyetta Jefferson-Deal

    Kenyetta Jefferson-DealDay ago

    Sounds like he didn’t mean what he was saying. You deserve love. Give it another chance.

  63. Kara Ubriaco

    Kara Ubriaco21 day ago


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    Mena Renee22 days ago

    I Love This Song💃💃💃💃 CURRENTLY Feeling This Way❣️❣️❣️❣️

  65. Miss makayla

    Miss makayla22 days ago

    valentines finna hit different tommorrow with this song queen

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  68. evelyn martinez

    evelyn martinez22 days ago

    Girl if u need someone I will listen ive been through some messed up crap alsop

  69. Zion the Great

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  70. Savierre Myles

    Savierre Myles24 days ago

    i will never forgive her management/label for not releasing this as a single with a music video!! this would’ve been HUGE

  71. Popular Loner

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  72. Tianna Wilson

    Tianna Wilson24 days ago

    Hi love you

  73. Joyce Faith

    Joyce Faith25 days ago

    I love how she made this for her son and for people to still relate a loved one or ex loved one to it

  74. Joyce Faith

    Joyce Faith20 days ago

    @Jeremiah stop cursing at me i was trying to be civil but dummy butterflies been out BEFORE Clarence and i dont like her that much to be arguing with some dude off the internet so thank you for you unneeded input peace and blessings to you and your family

  75. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah20 days ago

    @Joyce Faith butterflies part 1 and 2 is for Clarence . Like wtf you not understanding. Mamas hand is for cj that’s it bra fuck

  76. Joyce Faith

    Joyce Faith20 days ago

    @Jeremiah the second one is not this one for cj

  77. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah20 days ago

    @Joyce Faith mamas hand is for her son. Butterflies is for Clarence.

  78. Joyce Faith

    Joyce Faith20 days ago

    @Jeremiah her first born she said that in one of her videos before her and chris broke up and when they were starting music together

  79. smh

    smh26 days ago

    This remind me of the era when TINK and other women used to make music like this. Love, vulnerability and just vibes. Will always be my type of music to listen to.

  80. Ky White

    Ky White26 days ago

    I love this one better than # 2 on Period

  81. Bre

    Bre26 days ago

    I just wanna know would you catch me if I fall.?

  82. kenya moore

    kenya moore26 days ago

    I love your voice and your music and I listen to your to music all the time ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  83. Lorraine Garcia

    Lorraine Garcia26 days ago

    So dope thinking of him always ... Love you Duckie ur mine .fuck what they thought bae . me and you for all the days to come .... Muah LorraineG

  84. Yazmarie Garcia

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    Females artist underrated they got hits too, some guys think its weird to listen to females artist , but from my perspective if you got good music I listen regardless of the gender or genre 💯🎵

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  91. Rudol Thomas

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  94. Tammy Meraz

    Tammy Meraz29 days ago

    Queen you are one of the best artist I have ever heard. Music and voice is so beautiful can't go a day without your songs. Thank you. Much love. My playlist is all you. 💯

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    Kenedee JordanMonth ago

    OMG i was so close to meeting queen naija. My mom was in Victoria secret and queen naija checked queen naija's insta and she was like omg thas her and she was going to call my dad so she could say happy birthday to me and my sister i was SOOO close

  103. Isiah Wasp

    Isiah WaspMonth ago

    2021 still bumping this and touches me making me remember it could happen frfr

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    Joe MommaMonth ago

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    Toni SpencerMonth ago

    He still give me butterflies even after been together 13 yrs the love still remain the same will never let him go😩🥰🤞🏾

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