Is LaMelo Ball A Top 10 Point Guard? Gilbert Arenas & Nick Young Debate Their Top 10 NBA PGs

Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young break down their top ten point guards in the league right now and let's just say they disagree on who #10 is. Watch “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas” every Monday night at 8pm ET / PT on fuboTV or stream it FREE at
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  1. fubo Sports

    fubo Sports10 days ago

    So... who would you pick: Wall or (La)Melo?

  2. nate goodwin

    nate goodwinDay ago


  3. Kenny Dozier

    Kenny DozierDay ago

    @Jonathan Emery at the time this was posted wall was gtf I have melo shoe back from HS and a bbb hoodie I fw them I just keep it real gone with the cap talk

  4. Jonathan Emery

    Jonathan EmeryDay ago

    @Kenny Dozier cap look at the stats melo better

  5. Jonathan Emery

    Jonathan EmeryDay ago

    @Belin Report hahahahahahaha clown

  6. Chassidy Banks

    Chassidy BanksDay ago

    Definitely melo. he scores 20+ pts per game and gets at least 6-9 assist. imagine him in playoffs? Wanting to win a chip .

  7. fika nuryahati

    fika nuryahati5 hours ago

    People are sleeping on Fred Vanvleet this year as well.

  8. fika nuryahati

    fika nuryahati5 hours ago

    Kemba is not better than LaMelo right now

  9. Johnathan Henson

    Johnathan Henson5 hours ago

    I appreciate Nick Young sticking with LaMelo...its a difficult argument to make, I agree with you that Wall, Westbrook (now) are not better than him, I think Shai plays SG as well as Luka traditionally, maybe right now Ja Morant is better but I would say they're pretty similar and should be the 8th and 9th PGs, DeAaron Fox is yes, better than LaMelo currently...a little bit of me argues that Dejounte Murray might have a better game right now, but its debatable...I try to be a realistic Hornets fan

  10. Melvin Macaulay

    Melvin Macaulay5 hours ago

    i loves lamelo and all and he is in my top 10 PG this season but damn they all ghosted donovan mitchell like that??!!!! he is literally the point guard for the best team this season and is working the ball crazy that just disrespect yall!!


    AFTW KING6 hours ago

    Chris paul is 1 idgaf

  12. Michael Spiros

    Michael Spiros6 hours ago

    I wish one of them asked him about D'angalo Russel

  13. Michael Spiros

    Michael Spiros6 hours ago

    Mike Conley?

  14. J D

    J D7 hours ago

    Melo got the potential to be better then all of them.

  15. Dylan Wells

    Dylan Wells8 hours ago

    1.curry 2.dame 3. Kyrie 4.Murray 5.Trae young 6.Ja 7.Collin sexton 8. Fox 9.CP3 10.Melo

  16. Akv 166

    Akv 16610 hours ago


  17. zumba

    zumba11 hours ago

    Lamelo ball hyped up

  18. Antonio Medina

    Antonio Medina12 hours ago

    Ja is not playing better then Melo

  19. William Breeze

    William Breeze12 hours ago

    Swaggy P is preaching!

  20. Akash Virk

    Akash Virk13 hours ago

    Kyle Lowry...Fred vanvleet

  21. The Moonchild

    The Moonchild13 hours ago

    sleeping on jrue holiday heavy

  22. BigfootBionic

    BigfootBionic15 hours ago

    How the heck is Ben Simmons on the list? He can't even shoot the ball!! LaMelo is already a superior PG (passing & shooting) in his rookie season.

  23. prince kelvin

    prince kelvin15 hours ago

    Yall trippin men 😂😂😂

  24. Jaime Gonzalez

    Jaime Gonzalez16 hours ago

    Gilbert you weren't even good enough to act like this period

  25. Jaime Gonzalez

    Jaime Gonzalez16 hours ago

    Top ten already period

  26. The Real Lilvonn_

    The Real Lilvonn_18 hours ago

    What about harden?

  27. Oscar Martinez

    Oscar Martinez18 hours ago

    John wall is trash washed up on the Houston beach. No way he is better than melo this season or moving forward.

  28. Jayflexnnn333 Springs

    Jayflexnnn333 Springs18 hours ago

    Westbrook is not better than melo Westbrook is garabage

  29. Y.O.N MUSIC

    Y.O.N MUSIC19 hours ago

    Melo top 10 fosho RIGHT NOW💯

  30. Noze Ringzz

    Noze Ringzz21 hour ago

    I respect swaggy he has a eye for basket ball everyone else going off personal feelings

  31. SauceRio Gotti

    SauceRio Gotti21 hour ago

    Nick slow as hell if he think John is not better than lamelo I'm picking john all-day hand's down


    ORA ORA ORA21 hour ago

    I’m a hornets fan, but melo isn’t top 10 yet. I’m glad the hornets are getting talked about lol

  33. Professor 313

    Professor 31321 hour ago

    Honestly ill take melo over ben simmons

  34. Dale Austria

    Dale Austria22 hours ago

    LBJ's playong PG

  35. hailem hailem

    hailem hailem22 hours ago


  36. hailem hailem

    hailem hailem22 hours ago

    kyle lowry

  37. Chaplain Win

    Chaplain Win23 hours ago

    Nick on some right now stuff, but Gilbert is Gilbert

  38. Chaplain Win

    Chaplain Win23 hours ago

    Luka a PG

  39. Chaplain Win

    Chaplain Win23 hours ago

    Melo is the future, and his big brother still growing

  40. Justin Wood

    Justin Wood23 hours ago

    You got John wall back 😂 lol I loved wall but I don’t think he’s up with lamelo yet

  41. j k

    j kDay ago

    i pick lamelo over simmons this year. he’s overrated.

  42. KareemOTG

    KareemOTGDay ago

    The Spidad Donovan Mitchell should be in the top 10 too yall must be trippin!

  43. Breezy102

    Breezy102Day ago

    First time I agree with Nick young lol

  44. minato808

    minato808Day ago

    Harden is leading the league in assists.

  45. elijah hutchings

    elijah hutchingsDay ago

    This really even shouldn’t be a convo melo is having great year he is gonna be good but there is way more pg then 10 pg better than him

  46. Justin Thomas

    Justin ThomasDay ago

    Donavan Mitchell

  47. Leo Deniro

    Leo DeniroDay ago

    ImAgine if melo was starting the whole year

  48. Angel Valentin

    Angel ValentinDay ago

    Okc pg is nice

  49. d.Balbas

    d.BalbasDay ago

    Just go +/- on the court PG

  50. IntentionsIV

    IntentionsIVDay ago

    Westbrook disrespect smh

  51. Nory Nor

    Nory NorDay ago

    Melo.... you see what he doing as a starter ? Boy averaging 21. All of Charlotte knows what’s up now they look to give him the ball on a lot of opportunities

  52. Coldwintersss

    ColdwintersssDay ago

    Ja morant is better than melo

  53. Riaz Inaganti

    Riaz InagantiDay ago

    Everyone sleep on Rose......

  54. bikerboy72

    bikerboy72Day ago

    LaMelo is cold man this guy is hating😂😂

  55. nate goodwin

    nate goodwinDay ago


  56. Connor Saxton

    Connor SaxtonDay ago

    Kyle lowry averages more points, assists and shoots a better percentage

  57. Raquel Wright

    Raquel WrightDay ago

    Nah I'd rather have Lamelo than Kemba on my Celtics.

  58. Raquel Wright

    Raquel WrightDay ago

    This year Lamelo is better than John Wall and Westbrook. (This Year).

  59. Justin Harrison

    Justin HarrisonDay ago

    D Mitchell. D Rose.

  60. weslyn matos

    weslyn matosDay ago

    Not trae young

  61. Jemal Brown

    Jemal BrownDay ago

    Lamelo ova CP3 gtfoh crazy nick young trippin

  62. Rush

    RushDay ago

    LaMelo is probably top 13 honestly

  63. derrick black

    derrick blackDay ago

    What about terry rozier ?!

  64. Steven A

    Steven ADay ago

    Nick Young trippin

  65. Jay Williamson

    Jay WilliamsonDay ago

    They talking like melo ain’t averaging 20 plus as a starter at 19 😂😂😂

  66. lebrun Jaym

    lebrun Jaym18 hours ago


  67. Lucky Barnes

    Lucky BarnesDay ago

    Forgot Holiday

  68. Vincent Salamatino

    Vincent SalamatinoDay ago

    Dam Nick Young got far he look like he's wearing a fat suit on his thighs

  69. Treshawn Carter

    Treshawn CarterDay ago

    Lamelo Ball Top 10

  70. ARM Hoops

    ARM HoopsDay ago

    Top 10 no...

  71. Cal Evans

    Cal EvansDay ago

    Mike Conley

  72. alex m

    alex mDay ago

    This aged well for nick

  73. Count Stacks

    Count StacksDay ago

    Swaggy P is bugging! Melo is nice as hell, but the PG position in the NBA is amongst the most competitive in the whole league. Melo is a top 20 NBA PG. He’s the rookie of the year hands down with Allstar games in his future.

  74. don ham

    don hamDay ago

    They aren’t even paying attention to the white guy lol

  75. carmelo anthony

    carmelo anthony2 days ago

    1) Steph 2)Luka 3)dame 4)kyrie 5)jamal Murray 6)ben Simmons 7)cp3 8)LAMELO BALL someone debate this**

  76. Jc Ramirez

    Jc Ramirez2 days ago

    Melo been putting up about 28pts and 8rbs for the last 14 games .

  77. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez2 days ago

    Ben Simmons shouldn’t even be considered man can’t score for shit

  78. Payper Chase_23

    Payper Chase_232 days ago

    James Hardin play point now

  79. Can’t we all just get along?

    Can’t we all just get along?2 days ago

    Can’t believe nobody even uttered Donavan Mitchell name!!! TF ?? Derrick Rose is STILL nice Devin Booker (move off the PG wen Chris Paul arrived)

  80. Blueband Peso

    Blueband Peso2 days ago

    Chris Paul literally has turned non playoff teams into competitive teams

  81. Taimir K

    Taimir K2 days ago

    Not too 10 but he over John and I fuck wit John heavy

  82. DrippyG _

    DrippyG _2 days ago

    Jamal Murray is over Melo rn fa sho but that boy Melo gon be the best prob when lebron & KD retire

  83. Kensanity RN

    Kensanity RN2 days ago

    Swaggy high as f. Luka and Lamelo are both 6’7’

  84. BBBT

    BBBT2 days ago

    Melo makes top 10 as of right now yes. He shoots, passes and plays D with flash like JA. Ben isnt top 10 lol

  85. Sylvester Winter

    Sylvester Winter2 days ago

    Kemba a joke One good game all season 🤦🏽

  86. jose boyer

    jose boyer2 days ago

    Donovan Mitchell

  87. Us We

    Us We2 days ago

    Melo hooping but CP3 has to be up there.. melo would not have the suns where CP3 has them PERIOD

  88. Marquis Felder

    Marquis Felder2 days ago

    those shorts are disturbing me lol


    PROVISION2 days ago

    It’s crazy how the PG role has become identified with whoever has the ball the most on the floor. The best player on the floor is now the PG in today’s NBA excluding maybe 5 NBA teams(bucks, clippers, etc). They didn’t even mention James Harden who is truly a PG on the nets over Kyrie. This discussion is aimless.

  90. King Sagio13

    King Sagio132 days ago


  91. jarvis martin

    jarvis martin2 days ago

    They threw luka in the I’m surprised they didn’t throw harden in there. He lead the league in assist.

  92. DarthLaker

    DarthLaker2 days ago

    damn yall sleeping on mitchell

  93. MXP

    MXP2 days ago

    Realistically Lamelo Ball around the Top 15 point guards in the NBA but he’s moving up quickly. I mean once it’s his team fully I think we can expect him to average at least 23pts, 7asts, and 7rebs

  94. Abdul Majid

    Abdul Majid2 days ago


  95. Lincoln

    Lincoln2 days ago

    Chubby in the middle doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  96. Taurus King

    Taurus King2 days ago

    Nick drunk! This year he not better than Wall or CP3. He coming but has not arrived yet.

  97. I'm here to set you straight

    I'm here to set you straight2 days ago

    Ball has a slight edge in terms of per-game averages, but many analysts note Haliburton has been far more efficient. In addition to superior shooting percentages, Haliburton has tallied 161 assists with only 46 turnovers while Ball has 196 assists with 89 turnovers.1 day ago

  98. Legend 24

    Legend 242 days ago

    Luka & Ben Simmons are not point guards.. stop with the nonsense 🙄

  99. James Lonut

    James Lonut2 days ago

    I like mello but P trippin

  100. Harry Richard

    Harry Richard3 days ago

    Melo is top 10 already

  101. Isaac Ali Ali

    Isaac Ali Ali3 days ago

    Zachary Lavinia is moving dirty maynnn

  102. karl mergille

    karl mergille3 days ago

    Ben Simmons ass put him 30

  103. Damn Jay

    Damn Jay3 days ago

    Melo top ten I agree

  104. Damn Jay

    Damn Jay3 days ago

    Better than Russ definitely

  105. Matt Coffee

    Matt Coffee3 days ago

    the beard not a pg anymore?

  106. Damarious Brewster

    Damarious Brewster3 days ago

    Colin sexton???????????????????????

  107. Lowkey

    Lowkey3 days ago