here comes the sun

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  1. ThaSovietOnion

    ThaSovietOnion9 minutes ago

    "The road doesn't end". "The roads gonna end" lol

  2. utusssss

    utusssss22 minutes ago

    Yes Bill Wurtz still live on... Hello from Indonesia

  3. Richard Carrion

    Richard Carrion34 minutes ago

    And when the world needed him most, he came back...

  4. JollyMineCrafter

    JollyMineCrafter48 minutes ago

    so you're saying bill wurtz released a new video and nobody told me... i'm gonna go hire a samurai brb

  5. rat

    rat50 minutes ago

    oh my god your singing

  6. William Austin-King

    William Austin-King58 minutes ago


  7. John Coates

    John CoatesHour ago

    Is this what a fever dream looks like??

  8. Igor Kuzmanovski

    Igor KuzmanovskiHour ago

    Come back!

  9. BriAnn Dehmann

    BriAnn DehmannHour ago

    Me: *Sees "Here comes the sun" as the title* Also me: B E A T L E S

  10. Jaysen Desir

    Jaysen DesirHour ago

    "party dance" *noice*

  11. Kate Thomas

    Kate Thomas2 hours ago


  12. R - G - C

    R - G - C2 hours ago

    He hasn't been posting for a month

  13. Baguette The Bread

    Baguette The Bread2 hours ago

    His animations are way better now.

  14. Paper Cup

    Paper Cup2 hours ago

    he finally returned :)

  15. Gachainboredmode

    Gachainboredmode2 hours ago


  16. Josiah Breeden

    Josiah Breeden2 hours ago

    oh my god hes back yghkuygwdhnkwakegfuilsghfhuew

  17. Leo Davies

    Leo Davies3 hours ago

    He is here!

  18. Zunder Neo

    Zunder Neo3 hours ago


  19. Thomas Broadhurst

    Thomas Broadhurst4 hours ago

    Return of the wurtz

  20. Fabrycjusz

    Fabrycjusz5 hours ago


  21. Rose Sun Flow

    Rose Sun Flow5 hours ago

    Here comes the sun!!!

  22. Hamed Alazemi

    Hamed Alazemi5 hours ago

    He.......he's back. The king has returned!

  23. City Nerd

    City Nerd5 hours ago

    plot twist: bill secretly works for 'oh yeah' corp

  24. Peasant

    Peasant6 hours ago

    he's gone again

  25. Yoel Togar mikael

    Yoel Togar mikael6 hours ago

    welcome home your majesty

  26. ImProspect

    ImProspect6 hours ago


  27. Ro - Girl

    Ro - Girl6 hours ago

    And a legend is reborn

  28. Migor

    Migor6 hours ago

    I got lost in internet.

  29. a guy with internet

    a guy with internet2 hours ago

    you got the opposite of lost

  30. E E

    E E7 hours ago


  31. Color Me Leighzy

    Color Me Leighzy7 hours ago

    I wonder what synth is he using for that sounds. I think it's serum, no?

  32. sir nutella

    sir nutella7 hours ago

    Here comes the legend.

  33. mefistopheles

    mefistopheles7 hours ago

    render time : 1 year

  34. Your Ordinary Artist

    Your Ordinary Artist7 hours ago

    Only true blender users know that incredible feeling when you erase the default cube.

  35. Henry Stickmin

    Henry Stickmin8 hours ago

    The god of memes is back

  36. beaming gamez

    beaming gamez8 hours ago

    someone said on his "last" vid he was learning 3d animation. good job, buddy.

  37. kakastia3819

    kakastia38195 hours ago

    It wasn't really a secret though

  38. Travis Yang

    Travis Yang8 hours ago

    u know, i still think everyone thinks this is the history of the world guy, includingme

  39. Emmanuel Moreno

    Emmanuel Moreno9 hours ago

    homeboy just predicted Vovid.

  40. joepod

    joepod10 hours ago

    2:52 You know the rules. And so do I.

  41. Canada

    Canada11 hours ago

    I knew he would come back

  42. lizzie is cute mimi is cute

    lizzie is cute mimi is cute11 hours ago

    The mans back but in 3d

  43. carry

    carry11 hours ago

    So when’s the next Monday trivia

  44. glitchility

    glitchility11 hours ago


  45. IB_M V.2

    IB_M V.211 hours ago


  46. Cinder Wild

    Cinder Wild11 hours ago

    When you get a covid vaccine and also the sun is staying up longer than it did last month

  47. Sam Spencer

    Sam Spencer11 hours ago

    Don’t get me wrong. I fucking live for Bill Wurtz astetic. This is my favorite USlikes channel. However I would describe his astetic as if someone in the 1980s somehow accidentally made a PowerPoint presentation and then that PowerPoint presentation came to life and murdered my family

  48. Anthony Christian

    Anthony Christian12 hours ago

    How was I not informed.... HE'S BACK! Just like manners did to save us from these terrible times. Thank you Mr. Wurtz for sharing your incredible talents with us.

  49. King PufflePuff

    King PufflePuff12 hours ago

    I like to imagine Bill finally ran out of money and decided to remember his USlikes credentials again.

  50. FReakingCatMaster

    FReakingCatMaster12 hours ago

    Nice one

  51. HelloFriendsI'mAProperYoutber_Я

    HelloFriendsI'mAProperYoutber_Я12 hours ago

    Plot twist: he's talking about 2020

  52. HelloFriendsI'mAProperYoutber_Я

    HelloFriendsI'mAProperYoutber_Я12 hours ago

    He's back!

  53. Besteirol Nerd

    Besteirol Nerd13 hours ago

    "Return of Christ, colored, 2021"

  54. John? Maybe. [Johngivitis]

    John? Maybe. [Johngivitis]13 hours ago

    Some parts of this song are litteraly just the licc. *I love it*

  55. CMG The Person

    CMG The Person13 hours ago

    Best song about nothing interesting happening 2021

  56. zack_game dev

    zack_game dev13 hours ago

    RTX on

  57. JayBlueGuy2468

    JayBlueGuy246813 hours ago

    3:08 Damn that's deep

  58. JayBlueGuy2468

    JayBlueGuy246813 hours ago

    I don't think we understand the point of the song, BE GRATEFUL FOR THE BRIGHT STAR IN SPACE THAT LETS US LIVE

  59. Mackenzie D

    Mackenzie D13 hours ago

    I'm looking forward to a "history of the pandemic" when this bs is over.

  60. Sk8 Progression

    Sk8 Progression14 hours ago

    Well I guess we’ll see him again in 5 years

  61. sjm

    sjm14 hours ago

    Return of the king

  62. Dai Vexed

    Dai Vexed15 hours ago

    Worth the wait

  63. AUsDorian

    AUsDorian15 hours ago

    Maybe the sun isn't such a deadly laser

  64. Corey Turner Jr.

    Corey Turner Jr.15 hours ago

    This upload might be better than the history of the entire world i guess


    POTATOLIFE 115 hours ago

    He returned!!!!!!! Yayyay welcome back!!!!

  66. DamnYoutubeLetsYouHaveANameAsLongAsFiftyCharacters

    DamnYoutubeLetsYouHaveANameAsLongAsFiftyCharacters16 hours ago

    So this guy really left USlikes for nearly two years just to learn Blender 😂😂😂 absolute legend

  67. Greater Universalism

    Greater Universalism16 hours ago

    Join us

  68. Robert Cassistre

    Robert Cassistre16 hours ago

    Please don’t disappear for another year.

  69. Greater Universalism

    Greater Universalism16 hours ago

    Join us

  70. Distorted Mints

    Distorted Mints16 hours ago

    God is back

  71. Jsc1jake

    Jsc1jake13 hours ago

    And he said unto thee: "here comes the sun"

  72. Greater Universalism

    Greater Universalism16 hours ago

    Join me

  73. Keirra Austin

    Keirra Austin17 hours ago

    Return of da king

  74. Dog Wood

    Dog Wood17 hours ago


  75. Vixie08

    Vixie0817 hours ago


  76. Itz Rasa

    Itz Rasa17 hours ago

    Welcome back :”)

  77. sophie

    sophie17 hours ago


  78. healyice

    healyice18 hours ago

    Didn't ge quit

  79. GD Fritz

    GD Fritz18 hours ago

    i just saw that we got rickrolled in the most complex way Might Quit : Ill never say goodbye Here comes the sun : youre no stranger to fall in love

  80. Garry Quidsquack

    Garry Quidsquack18 hours ago

    This is a true bop

  81. Stephen Borge

    Stephen Borge18 hours ago

    long long long journey: "and the road doesn't end" here comes the sun: "but the road's gonna end" Are you okay bill? We're here for you!


    ROMELO GRIMES18 hours ago

    Good ending: bill wurtz works on this and takes a break not just that but he came at the right time when the world needed him

  83. E

    E18 hours ago



    ROMELO GRIMES18 hours ago

    Bill wurtz is big brain and best person in music, editing, and making people enjoy things you probably don’t even know

  85. SolarGaming

    SolarGaming18 hours ago

    He is back

  86. Sesame! A MuppetTuber

    Sesame! A MuppetTuber18 hours ago

    When the world needed him most, he returned.

  87. Pikachu Cute404

    Pikachu Cute40419 hours ago

    bill wurtz: returns everyone: here comes the sun


    ONDRAKES19 hours ago

    Flat earthers: exists. Bill meanwhile: whateverrandomfuckingshape sunner

  89. Xi Chile

    Xi Chile19 hours ago

    Our King is back.

  90. Portal is Epic

    Portal is Epic19 hours ago

    king is back


    CRINGE EMPIRE20 hours ago

    5 words: One Month Late HELL YEA

  92. Sir. Buttus

    Sir. Buttus20 hours ago

    As beautiful as the day I lost you

  93. LuckyLukeTT

    LuckyLukeTT20 hours ago

    Hes back

  94. Legohunter2000

    Legohunter200020 hours ago

    Petition for Bill to make another history of a country

  95. dreikh

    dreikh20 hours ago

    Wait what

  96. John Maderik

    John Maderik20 hours ago

    And he was never heard from again

  97. joann bonaldo

    joann bonaldo20 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the small guy climbing at 0:53 ?

  98. Aaron Millwood

    Aaron Millwood20 hours ago

    who remembers old version?

  99. Gaming Giant

    Gaming Giant21 hour ago

    I love your songs they're so great, so many people love them

  100. Psychie The Hedgehog

    Psychie The Hedgehog21 hour ago

    He's back! He's back!? I'll tell him right away! He's back! He's back! A glorious day!

  101. Ink

    Ink21 hour ago

    how is there a comment 1 min ago?

  102. Gachaworld3000

    Gachaworld300021 hour ago

    “If this song ain’t good enough I’ll erase it” Please no-

  103. kakastia3819

    kakastia38195 hours ago

    He said on his questions page that he won't delete it

  104. DXTRS_ Crazy

    DXTRS_ Crazy21 hour ago

    NO WAY

  105. Elle Matthew

    Elle Matthew22 hours ago

    HES BACK!!!!

  106. nitelfy

    nitelfy23 hours ago

    Wait, what's The Beatles?

  107. Fachy

    Fachy23 hours ago

    omg yes u back :D (ik im late)