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Hola Amigees!
It's been one crazy year, crazy quarantine, and 6 months of non-stop van building. We always like to make a video compiling all of the labor and hard work into one video and we absolutely couldn't wait to get this video put together and out there for the world.
For everyone looking to the full tour... We're exactly 1 week away from a full tour video of the van, bookmark it on your calendars. We wanted to make sure we were able to properly video every part of the video for the tour before pushing that video out. We'll also be putting together a complete build guide for Chevere (our van) detailing the major and minor components that make this build unique, while offering some insight that can be replicated in other builds regardless of the layout. We'll be launching that next week along with the tour video.
Life is good.
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We're Mariajosé and Chase. In 2018 we sold our house, moved into our self-converted school bus and took off traveling the United States. We sold our bus, bought a new-to-us Sprinter Van and we're doing it all over again. If you're new to our channel, subscribe & stick around. We're excited to have you here. If you enjoy our videos please let us know, give us a like and drop a comment down below. If our videos just aren't for you, we understand and hope you find what you're looking for somewhere else!
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  1. sher keene

    sher keene8 hours ago

    Your design is genius!

  2. Emma Fuller

    Emma Fuller8 hours ago

    that second u thought they were painting their bathroom pinkXD but seriously this is AMAZING i really want to do this but i have no idea where to start

  3. Lori Gill

    Lori Gill11 hours ago


  4. Pablo Diaz Glantz

    Pablo Diaz Glantz11 hours ago

    Thank you. Loved the video.❤️

  5. ohionative3131

    ohionative3131Day ago

    Nice video!

  6. Brenna Waters

    Brenna WatersDay ago

    The lyrical session suggestively suit because biplane pragmatically man astride a elite underwear. blue-eyed, screeching brass

  7. Steve CJ

    Steve CJDay ago

    Superb job , you two have got some serious skills enjoy your beautiful new house with wheels .🇺🇸🇬🇧

  8. asir yildiz

    asir yildizDay ago

    Respekt 👍🏻

  9. asir yildiz

    asir yildizDay ago


  10. Paul Nezzo

    Paul NezzoDay ago

    Fantastic. Super job.

  11. Texas P Renegade

    Texas P Renegade2 days ago

    I'm guessing that was hundreds of hours of skilled labor. If I had to hire someone to do that to my van, it'd cost me $20K. uffda

  12. Maxim VDN

    Maxim VDN2 days ago

    How large is your bed? I'm thinking on how to build our van with a kid of 2 years old so we need to fit 3 people in bed

  13. smithers

    smithers2 days ago

    Watching this has as a 31 year old male has made me realize maybe it's about time I learnt how to put up a shelf or hang a picture 😂

  14. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura2 days ago

    You can do it! I’m 30 and just learning all this crap myself.


    HENRY NAM3 days ago

    진짜 제대로 만드네 .기성품 보다 더 실용적으로만드네,와우....

  16. DongJin Suh

    DongJin Suh3 days ago


  17. Trisno Joyo

    Trisno Joyo3 days ago


  18. Renee Sharp

    Renee Sharp3 days ago

    Very nice couple and great video to watch but they definitely aren’t amateurs. He is very skilled and knowledgeable........

  19. evie johnson

    evie johnson3 days ago

    best van build i’ve seen so far

  20. David Finewood

    David Finewood3 days ago

    Great video. My Daughter asked me if she could get a van and asked me to help her do this to it. I think it will be a fantastic experience and a great set of memories created with her. The bittersweet part is that means she will be leaving...and that breaks my heart.....

  21. Joey Buls

    Joey Buls4 days ago

    Please change the title of amateur builder. I considered your Van was professionally made designed plan and layout. Beautiful though..

  22. Isaias Jacob

    Isaias Jacob4 days ago

    Guys i love what u did. I have a sprinter also and looking to do something like that, but wanted to ask u where did u get those side windows because i have the solid ones but wanted the ones u got.

  23. American Mail

    American Mail4 days ago

    would you sell this van?

  24. Werton o Monte Silva Monte Silva

    Werton o Monte Silva Monte Silva4 days ago

    Muito show cara parabéns (congratulations)

  25. Shahar .k.

    Shahar .k.4 days ago

    so beautiful! How long this took you guys?

  26. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector Rodriguez6 days ago

    I need Murphy bed plans for My build. Can you guys help?

  27. Roberto Leo

    Roberto Leo6 days ago

    l am wordlessssssss ! ! !

  28. Abdul Raheem Usama

    Abdul Raheem Usama6 days ago

    Terrific,,,mind blowing,..

  29. 시선 : 드론에 반하다

    시선 : 드론에 반하다6 days ago

    이 영상을 볼수 있어 나에게 큰 행운이였다. 감동, 감격...

  30. pinoykayaker

    pinoykayaker6 days ago

    Nothing amateurish with this build. The guy is a master cabinet maker and carpenter.

  31. Divi Photos

    Divi Photos7 days ago


  32. Irish DM

    Irish DM7 days ago

    Wow, love it. Thank you for sharing guys. new follower.

  33. Mr Turbo

    Mr Turbo7 days ago

    Music sounds like his gf broke up when they were done 😄

  34. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura7 days ago

    Weird. We ended up getting married.

  35. Stephen Hill

    Stephen Hill7 days ago

    I love what you both have made with your own two hands and mind,very inspirational ❤️

  36. RAMANANTSOA Valisoa Fifaliana

    RAMANANTSOA Valisoa Fifaliana7 days ago

    What you've done is absolutely mindblowing. I wish u both lots of great adventures with your van.

  37. Ganza Gordon

    Ganza Gordon7 days ago

    I am so sad you lost your job have a good days

  38. Ganza Gordon

    Ganza Gordon7 days ago

    @Tío Aventura great thank god you guy are ok

  39. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura7 days ago

    Hi friend! That was years ago! It opened up so many doors for the both of us and we’re living our best life now

  40. Andrei Bejan

    Andrei Bejan7 days ago

    nice job but is it worth it, would say definitely not for the van but for the youtube video.

  41. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura7 days ago

    Hi Andrei. It’s worth it.

  42. Edinburgh Tumuran

    Edinburgh Tumuran8 days ago

    That build is monumental. Perfect. We have our Camper van too. 👍👍

  43. george enache

    george enache9 days ago

    Hi TioAventura I am George and I congratulate you for all your posts which for me are a source of inspiration and for that I thank you. I am delighted with the way you work and the solutions you have for various works. My request is to tell me if you want what plywood (wood essence) you used for the walls and what thickness (mm). I hope that you answer me is very important for me, I tried others (Eamon & Bec) but I don't think they look at the comments, they didn't answer. Thank you in advance and I wish you success in everything you do 👍

  44. george enache

    george enache8 days ago

    @Tío Aventura Aaaa I didn't even expect such a quick response, I really appreciate it.

  45. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura8 days ago

    Hi George! Thanks so much for the kind words. We used 1/4” (5.2mm actual) B grade (best) sande plywood. Sande ply, by what we could find, is made of sapwood and heartwood and great for marine applications.

  46. isnawan khresna Murti

    isnawan khresna Murti9 days ago


  47. Svetlana Seamone

    Svetlana Seamone9 days ago

    You guys are amazing!

  48. Jpdst29

    Jpdst299 days ago

    Why didn’t you fill the back doors with spray foam like you did the inside walls and ceiling? Wadding up fiberglass insulation reduces its R-value significantly.

  49. Mark Sinclair

    Mark Sinclair9 days ago

    Imagine getting into an accident

  50. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura9 days ago

    Absolutely! That’s always the plan.

  51. Mark Sinclair

    Mark Sinclair9 days ago

    @Tío Aventura yes ofc but hope you guys be safe

  52. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura9 days ago

    @Mark Sinclair haha we always try to. (Good thing for insurance though, right?!)

  53. Mark Sinclair

    Mark Sinclair9 days ago

    @Tío Aventura you replied 😲 😂😂 yea ik sorry just my thoughts

  54. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura9 days ago

    Terrible way to think.

  55. Angela Sisneroz

    Angela Sisneroz9 days ago

    😲 that is awesome!

  56. Catlin Appleyard

    Catlin Appleyard9 days ago

    Where are your dogs?

  57. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura9 days ago

    They’re with us. We built the van at a family member’s home so they were able to stay in the yard or the house

  58. SMOOGH

    SMOOGH10 days ago

    very talented couple

  59. Mannel Ortega

    Mannel Ortega10 days ago

    How much money have you spent in total on this conversion? Btw very nice craftmanship!!

  60. ModernAviation

    ModernAviation10 days ago

    Hey! It looks amazing, well done! Would love to have one my own. What did you use for the cupboard front? The stuff made of straw :D

  61. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura10 days ago

    Thanks friend! It’s caning from VI Reed and Cane inc.

  62. Vratko Valovic

    Vratko Valovic10 days ago



    FATİH CAN DOĞAN11 days ago

    very impressive work so cool soo good have nice holidayyy enjoy it guys from hi Turkey :)))

  64. just dreaming

    just dreaming11 days ago


  65. Norm Ouellette

    Norm Ouellette11 days ago

    Nailed it!!

  66. clymela box

    clymela box11 days ago

    I loved this! The music perfect for the images.

  67. Arafat Mohammed

    Arafat Mohammed11 days ago

    Wow, wonderful job guys! I wish I had the time and skill to do something like this, maybe one day, for now I'm enjoying it through your great videos

  68. Anthony Nandi

    Anthony Nandi11 days ago

    Most beautiful home tiny but well organized I like it so much I love it

  69. Sky Tiger

    Sky Tiger12 days ago

    The lady is extremely hot. :)

  70. MrRealpainter

    MrRealpainter12 days ago

    Only second build i ever saw with a fold away bed. Can't understand why nobody else does,because it gives so much more open space! Congrats on being smart that way.

  71. Lesshugah

    Lesshugah12 days ago

    Amateurs my ass!

  72. Isaac Dann

    Isaac Dann12 days ago

    Quick question what did you use for your roof wood?

  73. 269 9616

    269 961613 days ago

    Amazing transformation. Loved it.!!!

  74. Степан шило

    Степан шило13 days ago


  75. Shannon Elhart : counselor

    Shannon Elhart : counselor13 days ago

    You two are always fun to follow, and your van build it gorgeous. Enjoy your travels together :)

  76. Rorro Vives

    Rorro Vives13 days ago

    Soy de Chile, siempre me ha gustado el Camping y viajar, es increible lo que han hecho con esa camioneta, además de lo práctico y utilizar muy bien los espacios tienen muy buen gusto para la decoración, ahora solo queda viajar y disfrutar. FELICIDADES


    WOOLY WOOLYASHA13 days ago


  78. Izzysmom

    Izzysmom13 days ago

    Very talented couple. Great job!

  79. Victoria Kemp

    Victoria Kemp14 days ago

    You are an amazing craftsman, it seems a prerequisite to starting a van life. The solar panels and awning are pretty cool. That was a very good video, take care.

  80. Serg TV

    Serg TV14 days ago

    Класно , много интересных решений .

  81. Tried Ann True

    Tried Ann True14 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful. One of the best builds I've seen in a while.

  82. rhyannon

    rhyannon14 days ago

    Stunning job! Well done you two.

  83. Nadeem Shahid

    Nadeem Shahid14 days ago

    very nice work bro

  84. Naz

    Naz14 days ago


  85. Jean pierre

    Jean pierre15 days ago

    I wish I could build a van like that sometime. RESPECT!

  86. Paul B

    Paul B15 days ago

    Great video, you are an artist. The van looks fantastic.

  87. The Elephant

    The Elephant15 days ago

    Nice job guys.

  88. Ahmed Greynoon

    Ahmed Greynoon15 days ago

    That was so cool, I love it. but there's only one question: where's the water tank for the shower and the sink?

  89. Kim Man

    Kim Man15 days ago

    As soon as you make a youtube music 🎵🎶🎶🌈 in will post it on my Facebook,and more.🎶🎵🎵🌈🔥💯✨🙃😊

  90. Kim Man

    Kim Man15 days ago

    The spelling is of but I think you know what the message.

  91. Kim Man

    Kim Man15 days ago

    You should do a you tube only your music, I think it could be viral, also you should pursue the music party in your life that could add to your USlikes channel viral.

  92. Kim Man

    Kim Man15 days ago

    Love your music 🎶🎶🎶🎶🌈💥🌟✨🌥️🌬️⛈️💯💦🔥💫

  93. Carrie A

    Carrie A15 days ago

    Wow!! Wish you had this as a business so I could have you make me one

  94. Purple Haze

    Purple Haze15 days ago

    Amateur?...I think not...beautiful job.

  95. Rhivia Souza

    Rhivia Souza15 days ago


  96. Raquel Rocha

    Raquel Rocha15 days ago

    Que perfeição

  97. Son Nguyen

    Son Nguyen15 days ago

    Great job..but these builds are adding about 1000# of weight into the vehicle. Gas mileage must be terrible. I'd get a van and rent a hotel room for the night and eat out. JK..looks awesome !!

  98. brandy nugent

    brandy nugent16 days ago

    I love the bus better though

  99. Sam Byron

    Sam Byron16 days ago

    That guy 100% had factory previous experience at the factory 🏭

  100. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura16 days ago

    100% never worked in a factory nor had any formal or informal training. I'll take the compliment.

  101. Muhammad ShaherYar

    Muhammad ShaherYar16 days ago

    U have Master Husband Great work

  102. mariadaferera

    mariadaferera16 days ago

    I m curious about the dimentions of your bed, would you know that?

  103. Jesse Harris

    Jesse Harris16 days ago

    How much wieght did you add to the van?


    SULIS SIPIR17 days ago


  105. Carlos Angeles

    Carlos Angeles17 days ago

    0:44 flat horizon

  106. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura17 days ago


  107. Ana Peterson

    Ana Peterson17 days ago

    I plan to live tiny, but could live in a van? No, I couldn't. Yes, I could. No, I couldn't. This van? Yes, I could!

  108. I am Jordenna

    I am Jordenna17 days ago

    i would like some tips on how to make one like this..and the cost too..really love it

  109. Edwin Vanderstichele

    Edwin Vanderstichele17 days ago

    More than One artist in this video What a craftsmanship to plan and work out such a great idea, starting from so to speak scratch . great job great video. I'm jealous

  110. Mickie Dundee

    Mickie Dundee18 days ago

    Music is real cool...just love it!!

  111. Betty Teh

    Betty Teh18 days ago

    Wonderfully and nicely made. Practical and I love it that you have a shower and toilet. Beautiful color. Thumbs up.

  112. _Evaldo_

    _Evaldo_18 days ago

    The worst part in this video is that it ends!

  113. Ibnu Otarid

    Ibnu Otarid18 days ago

    what a great job! , you converted the van to a very nice , professional & comprehensive motor-home. Thank you for sharing such great project with us. And by the way , the music is great and adorable

  114. sujatha murali

    sujatha murali18 days ago

    Very useful and invaluable ideas keep it ap👌👌👍👍👍

  115. Raylan Givens

    Raylan Givens19 days ago

    Where did tv go? Whrre did mattress come from?

  116. craig Paul

    craig Paul19 days ago

    wow, truly amazing build. where are the holding tanks? Propane?

  117. Tío Aventura

    Tío Aventura19 days ago

    Thanks so much! Our fresh water is in the rear below the step up at the seating area. Our gray tanks are mounted underneath the driver side of the van. We are propane free. Everything on the van is electric.