What you didn't know about Xiaomi.

You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...
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  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Mrwhosetheboss13 days ago

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  2. Set Hut

    Set Hut23 hours ago

    Please give me a phone

  3. John Chance

    John Chance2 days ago

    @Alvaro Adam cool! It took like 10 mins but it reallyworked!

  4. Alvaro Adam

    Alvaro Adam2 days ago

    i dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instaportal. Find it on google :)

  5. Transcended

    Transcended2 days ago


  6. Samir Kunwar

    Samir Kunwar5 days ago

    its been week plszz upload new videos of review

  7. Connect Sudhy

    Connect Sudhy2 hours ago

    Watching this video on a Xiaomi phone

  8. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith3 hours ago

    As most people no longer want to support the CCP is its world domination and lies ive only bought Samsung from now on, even if it costs more $$$ better all that money not get into the hands of the CCP army and virus labs.

  9. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith3 hours ago

    You do know this is CCP propaganda, Xiaomi is subsidized by the CCP and supports the evil that the Chinese government does to its citizens. Im guessing this comment will get lots of down votes by the mass of CCP paid online trolls who goto these youtube videos and push up the like votes on behalf of the CCP

  10. Josh Rapper

    Josh Rapper4 hours ago

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    Carla Houston5 hours ago

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  13. Siva Kancharla

    Siva Kancharla6 hours ago

    Its poor man's apple :p

  14. Kenan Kalamujic

    Kenan Kalamujic6 hours ago

    I won't be surprised if Xiomi one day owns the mobile market. I hope they don't follow trends always but go in their own way about it making their own trends

  15. juan aguilar

    juan aguilar6 hours ago

    does this xiaomi works in usa?

  16. Kelvin Lau

    Kelvin Lau7 hours ago

    its just a brand stealing tech from other companies such as Apple. its a bunch of pirate


    FC ULTIMATE9 hours ago

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  18. Prime Gaming

    Prime Gaming10 hours ago

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  19. Anthony Dach

    Anthony Dach11 hours ago

    They violates the GPLv2 license associated with the Linux Kernel! They are

  20. Ryan Keeling

    Ryan Keeling12 hours ago

    Xiao Mi sucks and China sucks

  21. RaagBir Singh

    RaagBir Singh12 hours ago

    You did not cover how Xiaomi bakes ads in their spyware MIUI?

  22. Akhil Babu

    Akhil Babu13 hours ago

    Did you know that Honda also means rice field.😂 I wonder why these companies are so obsessed with rice😂😂😂

  23. Wirya Sumirat

    Wirya Sumirat13 hours ago

    Other brand too please


    BRENDAN14 hours ago

    Any Chinese company that wishes to succeed must have close ties to the CCP , not foe me thanks, the social events are to cover up the company's intentions, just like Huawei. Nothing that happens in China is free of the CCP agenda

  25. John Smith

    John Smith14 hours ago

    "Shaw Mi", that's how we Latinos pronounce it, once we learn to do it...

  26. John Smith

    John Smith14 hours ago

    Planning on buying a Poco X3 or a 9S, I still haven't decided yet and also I live in a 3rd World country, we don't light cigars with Franklins or the Queen as you do. 😉🤣

  27. Castile Hatley

    Castile Hatley14 hours ago

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  28. Taivan

    Taivan14 hours ago

    Mr Arun i'm kinda curious to ask is there any problems with buying China version Xiaomi phones? At first i thought changing language then it is done but more i research more problems come so what's like to use China ver phones in non-china countries.


    JUSTIN CASE15 hours ago

    Mr whose the boss, the UK equivalent of mkbhd. And that is great news. Mkbhd is great but clearly for the USA market. Going to be watching more of MwTB vids.


    JUSTIN CASE15 hours ago

    Been a xiaomi fan for about 5 years now. Had a few of their phones and love them. Yes, alot of the products do like like other branded stuff but, xiaomi makes sure their stuff software wise is good quality. They just need to up their home automation stuff to work natively with UK. Loved the video

  31. Taboo Bunny

    Taboo Bunny15 hours ago

    Well, it’s no secret that Xiaomi’s founder is a big fan of Apple. So, obviously, a lot of their product designs and retail floor aesthetics mimic Apple’s.

  32. Rashid Shamim

    Rashid Shamim16 hours ago

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    Williamson Adah16 hours ago

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  34. Katherine Simon

    Katherine Simon17 hours ago

    I still love xiaomi because they dont hate US apps (example like huawei allmost delete all US apps

  35. 14onyx

    14onyx17 hours ago

    Miui 12 how wasn't that mentioned lol. IOS coincidentally similar? I think not

  36. Mas Nurrivai

    Mas Nurrivai18 hours ago

    3:00 Weh ada shanju😂😂😂

  37. Dastageer Masali

    Dastageer Masali18 hours ago

    Xiaomi smartphone are very good quality , my first smartphone was Xiaomi

  38. IGNT gaming MASTER

    IGNT gaming MASTER19 hours ago

    Mi power 💪

  39. Logan MacGyver

    Logan MacGyver19 hours ago

    eastern europe is really price and value based, xiaomi gives you value for a low price

  40. Rares Trufin

    Rares Trufin19 hours ago

    What is up with this man rickrolling people in every single video that he makes.

  41. Peter

    Peter20 hours ago

    Do they still run ads in their operating system? This is probably the biggest deal breaker for me, but if they don't I might be willing to consider it. Currently an Oneplus user.

  42. JoeFos

    JoeFos20 hours ago

    Who's watching this video on Xiomi Phone? Hit like💯💥

  43. Максим Геращенко

    Максим Геращенко20 hours ago

    POV: you watch this from xiaomi

  44. Sarge Scum

    Sarge Scum20 hours ago

    Been using the Xiaomi Redmi 8A for more than a year now. I still have NO issues with it. Note: They're not paying me for saying this LoL.

  45. Drick X

    Drick X22 hours ago

    Even he have M in his t-shirt 😂

  46. Nikita The Great

    Nikita The Great23 hours ago


  47. ermocrate

    ermocrate23 hours ago

    I own Xiaomi products since the Note 2 I bought from Gearbest, they’ve made big steps and turn out to be a great company, I’m glad to have the possibility to buy such great phones for so little money.

  48. nur hariyanto

    nur hariyantoDay ago

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  49. Steve Fehrmon

    Steve FehrmonDay ago

    That small thing you got under your left eye looks like a cholesterol mark. You should get that checked.

  50. Damain Ponce

    Damain PonceDay ago

    Hopefully the us unbans them

  51. satyam ستیم گپتا

    satyam ستیم گپتاDay ago

    dhe to anti china sentiments... I had moved to samsung...

  52. Alpaca Male

    Alpaca MaleDay ago

    Spain here, Xiaomi kicks ass

  53. Donald Jacobs

    Donald JacobsDay ago

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  54. Jairus Cheung

    Jairus CheungDay ago

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  55. Leon Edwards

    Leon EdwardsDay ago

    Do a Alcatel video man

  56. Leon Edwards

    Leon EdwardsDay ago

    Do a Alcatel video man

  57. Ryan C

    Ryan CDay ago

    The new Apple.

  58. Rodgers Gasper

    Rodgers GasperDay ago

    I need to buy the best performing Xiaomi Mobile, please advise.

  59. Param Shah

    Param ShahDay ago

    Mr jww was a nice touch😂👍🏻

  60. kamaljeet singh

    kamaljeet singhDay ago

    It would be nice if you can put your research links in the description. It will help corroborate what you are saying.

  61. Rey DelMundo

    Rey DelMundoDay ago

    Fun Fact: Xiaomi set a new Guinness World Record for giving away the personal Information of Hong Kong Democracy Protesters to the Chinese Government in in 24 hours.

  62. Rey DelMundo

    Rey DelMundoDay ago

    So its a Chinese rip off of Apple, Got it!

  63. Duncan Smith

    Duncan SmithDay ago

    Please list pounds sterling then dollars.

  64. Daniel Brakenhoff

    Daniel BrakenhoffDay ago

    he frikking rick rolled me

  65. Taha Tech

    Taha TechDay ago

    Bro can you please do a same type of video for Vivo as well?

  66. Sirdikus

    SirdikusDay ago

    Did I just get rickrolled again?

  67. Isaac Lim

    Isaac LimDay ago

    Omg i had no idea it was 心 inverted.. mind blown!

  68. KC

    KCDay ago

    I will tell you what I know about Xiaomi!!! I know when I added Total Internet Security to my x3 Poco NFC mobile phone, it found an adware in the 'Crazy Juicer' pre-installed game called: Adware.Adware.AgentSmith.A - Descibed as "A dangerous app that can attempt to perform a variety of functions, all with the same purpose: to be intentionally harmful for your data or your device". They probably think because it claims to have a high end security pre installed on their mobiles, people like me won't add their own security to ensure this Chinese made phone is indeed safe. When China produce a high end phone that comes at such an affordable price, you had better believe there is an agenda attached!!! 👀

  69. Aaron Huang

    Aaron HuangDay ago

    Why is the Chinese flag white??? 2:20

  70. Stefania Ogun

    Stefania OgunDay ago

    honestly i was soooooo surprised with themes.. it's soo good and works so well....my friend are soo envious that their other androids don't have that beautiful of a theme

  71. package auto

    package autoDay ago

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  72. SHAMIR

    SHAMIRDay ago

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  73. sanskar raut

    sanskar rautDay ago

    the only problem with xiaomi is their inappropriate ads they show

  74. Snehal Rao

    Snehal RaoDay ago

    Yes, you will reach 10 mil soon

  75. Fredrik Johansen

    Fredrik JohansenDay ago

    Hello?! Can we not ignore the fact that Mrwhosetheboss almost told us why his name is supposedly spelled wrong? 12:43 Give me your theories right now!

  76. Cyrus the Stickman

    Cyrus the Stickman2 hours ago

    Cuz seth is is his real name duh Also I gave this theory one day ago instead of right now

  77. Tamizh Arasan

    Tamizh ArasanDay ago


  78. AdamOnline97

    AdamOnline97Day ago

    I watch this video with my Xiaomi Mi 10T nice.

  79. Tananga Programming

    Tananga ProgrammingDay ago

    Xiomi is supported by comunism CHINA

  80. Pure Shrimp

    Pure ShrimpDay ago

    My last to phones been xiaomi. I like em. Value is insane.

  81. John Yepthomi

    John YepthomiDay ago

    I want to thank Xiaomi for creating a ultra competitive precedence in the Mobile market without compromising in quality. I still own a Redmi note 5 Pro and it’s working like a charm even now. I don’t ever want to switch as it does everything i want and more in some cases. It’s metal back and weight is perfect for me and updates keeps coming.

  82. John Yepthomi

    John YepthomiDay ago

    i want to thank Xiaomi for creating a ultra competitive precedence in the Mobile market.

  83. B Lyk u

    B Lyk uDay ago

    *They made triple folding phone, even though it never released* Because they were dummy😹

  84. Utthej J

    Utthej JDay ago

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  86. Bronny Ratanarak

    Bronny RatanarakDay ago

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  87. Sekh Azizul

    Sekh AzizulDay ago

    watching this on a Xiaomi laptop on 4k

  88. Khaled Noor

    Khaled NoorDay ago

    miraculous :D

  89. Benjamin Edme

    Benjamin EdmeDay ago

    I love XIAOMI

  90. Mystic Hr.

    Mystic Hr.Day ago

    Great video

  91. Stephen Davies

    Stephen DaviesDay ago

    Xiaomi is really good brand. Everything I have bought from them thus far, an Android TV streaming box, a stick vacuum cleaner and most recently an ultrawide 2K monitor, has been high quality, stylish, pleasing to use and great value. It would not surprise me if they eventually become a gigantic brand. Big enough to rival the likes of Apple and Samsung.

  92. Brother YT

    Brother YTDay ago

    That is fact that Xiaomi theme are very good as compared to other os theme bcz other os theme cost per theme but in Xiaomi it was totally free

  93. Shift Gaming

    Shift Gaming2 days ago

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  94. CyberSentient

    CyberSentient2 days ago

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  95. Shanaya Choudhury

    Shanaya Choudhury2 days ago

    Me who is watching this video on a Xiaomi phone: **nervously sweating in the corner**

  96. Huebman

    HuebmanDay ago

    Why doe? Lmeo

  97. Ridwan Bagawie

    Ridwan Bagawie2 days ago

    Whoa, two indonesian videos as reference,, this is a feat!!

  98. Haohmaru HL

    Haohmaru HL2 days ago

    As someone who originally comes from Eastern Europe - its not about attachment to Samsung and Apple, it's about Samsung and Apple phones costing much more than in the US, while salaries are ten times lower. Xiomi is just a cheap phone with good hardware thus it sells well in poor countries.

  99. Haohmaru HL

    Haohmaru HL2 days ago

    "Community focused" Wonder of this has something to do with the brand coming from a country with Communism, hmmm. Can't t wait for another stories of another Chinese big tech ceo guy disappear into thin air..

  100. Lyniality

    Lyniality2 days ago

    Please dont simplify me!

  101. FewEZ GT

    FewEZ GT2 days ago

    Can you please recommend me a phone under 300$ with kind of good antenna, camera, free space,.. the more good features the more appreciated


    LIL FREDO HAITI2 days ago

    Good content

  103. shoutout my mucus

    shoutout my mucus2 days ago

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    Nichoas Wilds2 days ago

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  105. Zero Walker

    Zero Walker2 days ago

    I never heard about Xiaomi until today and Im a tech nerd that likes new tech but seams that company is not good at advertainment in my country even if they have a re-seller store. Also cheaper than apple well looking at the Swedish Re-seller store called mistore. Allot of the phones are almost as expensive as apple maybe just 50-100 bucks cheaper. I would honestly say Huawei and even Sony it self is cheaper than both apple and Xiaomi at least that´s how I see it checking out the Swedish prices. But I will say that I find it interesting that both one plus and Xiaomi manage to fool so damn many consumers in to become loyal cash cows for the company just by pretending to treat them as fans hosting stupid shit having sale just to sell people more stupid shit they don´t need just to get them to buy a new phone every time they release one even if the old phone could be good for at least 3-5 years. So I find it interesting how they manage to manipulate so much people to become loyal consumers they can milk. But it´s just goes to show how easy it is to fool people. And no im not a conspiracy theorist I just now that companies are run by the type of greedy humans that see no value in other humans more than being walking cash cows. They rely don´t give a rats ass about you all they want is for you to become a stupid loyal fan that they can milk till the day you die on stupid shit you don´t rely need like a new phone every year.

  106. KingKen04

    KingKen042 days ago

    I never noticed the name Type lol mind is blown

  107. Yin Yang

    Yin Yang2 days ago

    from the last 2 years i have a feeling that xiaomi will conquer the market one day. tbh i wish xiaomi becomes a main phone leader. i am samsung user and apple hater but i hope one day samsung will also fall because its also shit. i hope only the best for Xiaomi and waiting for their shocking product. hope dies last