HUGE Gobbler Right off the ROOST! - Maryland Public Land Turkey Hunt

Zach and Keith shoot a HUGE tom on Maryland public land!
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  1. Sharrion Rogers

    Sharrion Rogers3 days ago

    Is that the first turkey hunt you ever been on you probably shit your britches if you would get on a good hunt

  2. Sharrion Rogers

    Sharrion Rogers3 days ago

    This is not our first rodeo public land bullshit

  3. Jetta PA

    Jetta PA5 days ago

    Lol Zach looking like the dude from Workaholics

  4. Kgebicke

    Kgebicke5 days ago

    What part of Maryland were you guys in?

  5. Garrett Straffon

    Garrett Straffon6 days ago

    Can’t wash the coffee cup. My dad always said The residue adds flavor. 😂

  6. Patrick Hollister

    Patrick Hollister10 days ago

    someone shoot that dove!!!!!!!

  7. JT3 Productions

    JT3 Productions11 days ago

    Them Maryland public turkeys ain’t so easy are they? Lol high pressure

  8. Big Jim Slade

    Big Jim Slade11 days ago

    Nice Gobbler and 70's Porn Star stash!

  9. Xai Yang

    Xai Yang11 days ago

    Enjoyed the hunt and explanation at the end but the camera work...

  10. Transcend the Trail

    Transcend the Trail11 days ago

    Did anyone else think Zach was about to go Tarzan mode and lick that shotgun shell?!

  11. XtremeBUZZ

    XtremeBUZZ12 days ago

    When the mugs haven’t been washed in a while, it’s just a well seasoned mug at that point, if you wash it, it might wash away the luck you been having. Just have to look at it from a positive stand point? Lol

  12. Korey Williams

    Korey Williams12 days ago

    Dude looks like Blake from workaholics

  13. James Holley

    James Holley12 days ago

    Congratulations boys! Turkey’s with packages like that don’t happen often. Sweet hunt!

  14. Ken Mummert

    Ken Mummert12 days ago

    Congrats on another great hunt! You've probably been asked this a hundred times... Why do you not show the spurs and the beard length after you kill the birds? I know you like to measure beak to tail, but maybe I'm in the minority here, but I love to see spurs and beards (no matter the length). Thanks

  15. Daniel Mastin

    Daniel Mastin13 days ago

    That was intense! Sweet Hunt

  16. Doug Wituik

    Doug Wituik13 days ago


  17. Dustin Cathcart

    Dustin Cathcart13 days ago

    Your clucks sound like putts.

  18. Yeet potato

    Yeet potato11 days ago

    Any cluck sounds like a putt and a putt can sound like a cluck. The key is to put a few helps afterwards so they know you're not putting.

  19. JonesHuntingAdventures

    JonesHuntingAdventures13 days ago

    When you start seeing sh**, it's time to wash the coffee mug!

  20. Erin Wisler

    Erin Wisler13 days ago

    Creek bottoms and east facing slopes.

  21. Troy Batterton

    Troy Batterton13 days ago

    Hey guys, dumb question ,,I hear you say in videos once or twice finding sign you say buck turds as opposed to deer turds? Can you tell the difference between buck/doe droppings? If so, how?

  22. Steven Huettner

    Steven Huettner13 days ago

    Maryland birds not giving it up easy. Hard hunt and it paid off.

  23. TheBowhuntinskier

    TheBowhuntinskier13 days ago

    Awesome hunt! Crawling into 50 yds. of his roost tree no less! Crazy! The scratching and purring got the best of him. Great job guys!

  24. Frank Van Horn

    Frank Van Horn14 days ago

    That's a hell of a shot. Get it! In my home state got that shakey leg haha. Glad to see you made it this far east.

  25. Colby7829

    Colby782914 days ago

    The best hunters on youtube. Not only do you kill nice studs of deer and turkey, but you also hunt my favorite things which nobody really cares to hunt for anymore: rabbits

  26. Matthew Sims

    Matthew Sims14 days ago

    The thumbnail really shows the colors on that bird. Beautiful. Congrats

  27. Sky High

    Sky High14 days ago

    You guys have inspired my life. Thank you for the memories you share with us! Without them, I wouldn’t be the hunter I am today. Your mistakes and successes have helped filled some of my tags. And make awesome memories of my own. You guys are hardcore.

  28. enola wolf

    enola wolf14 days ago

    The glow in the woods....= (Blair Witch)

  29. tommy meadows

    tommy meadows14 days ago

    Yall havnt posted sturgeon spearing videos and already posting turkey hunting..... I get it yall arent just fishermen who deer hunt but you got me excited for spear fishing and i hate turkeys. Lol

  30. Conservative Corner Entertainment

    Conservative Corner Entertainment14 days ago

    How did you shoot this bird just 1 day ago? Turkey season isnt until April.

  31. E Faciler

    E Faciler14 days ago

    Filmed last season numb nuts

  32. Conrad Yoder

    Conrad Yoder14 days ago

    Those are some HOOKS! No better feeling than carrying one like that out of public. 👊🏼

  33. Luke Canan

    Luke Canan14 days ago

    What part of Maryland was this

  34. Noah Schoenike

    Noah Schoenike14 days ago

    There's a mourning dove cooing in the background. Yall should take on bird hunting more.

  35. Chase Wilson

    Chase Wilson14 days ago

    Have u guys ever hunted North Carolina any

  36. jbtsi

    jbtsi15 days ago

    This is the best, most informative and innovative hunting show ever made. I take away a new tip or strategy from every episode. Thank you guys.

  37. MattJones 1829

    MattJones 182915 days ago

    I see how it what's essentially my back yard last Spring and ya never hit me up!!! Hahaha...great job men! The birds in our area can be some kinda tough to kill!

  38. Pa Longhunter

    Pa Longhunter15 days ago

    Love those hunts when your packing out before the sun totally rises

  39. TJ Murray

    TJ Murray15 days ago

    Beaver pelt slate covers. Trap before turkeys. Keeps the mind sainty in levels of turkeyitits at a normal rate. God bless the naions longbeards. And the spurs that folly

  40. Kile Gray

    Kile Gray15 days ago

    Loving the consistent uploads! Thanks for all the useful information and making me laugh and learn daily

  41. jzbosley

    jzbosley15 days ago

    “..Longest Spurs and Biggest bird all year..” (-Zach) and then NO long bird measurement with tape measure scene??!!! Killin’ me son, We Really wanted to know on this bird!!! Such Great guys! Thanks for all the videos I’ve spent this winter watching since discovering y’all 2 months ago.

  42. mikeyd

    mikeyd15 days ago

    Y’all need us to donate some gloves? 😂

  43. Matt Meadows

    Matt Meadows15 days ago

    Love seeing you guys in my home state! Makes me want to get my a$$ up to western Maryland like I used too. Did you see a ton of other hunters?

  44. Richard Tremblay

    Richard Tremblay15 days ago

    Ok your content. Please tell me about crawling around in the dark?

  45. Chuck Smith

    Chuck Smith15 days ago

    Thar was a super nice Tom

  46. Indiana Public Land

    Indiana Public Land15 days ago

    Got to zoom that camera rook!

  47. Rob Greer

    Rob Greer15 days ago

    I love bowhunting deer but turkeys gobbling in the low light are the most exciting thing I've heard in the bush (probably because I've never heard an elk bugle in person) and I live for it. First bird shotgun then compound for the rest of the season is my jam.

  48. Neil Rodgerson

    Neil Rodgerson15 days ago

    Dude! That mustache is freaking me out 🥸🦃👊

  49. Charles Henshaw

    Charles Henshaw15 days ago

    Congratulations on super nice bird. Like others have said, you need to give it a try on the Eastern Shore. I'd bet its unlike other places that you have hunted. Cheers ✌

  50. Allan Stroud

    Allan Stroud15 days ago

    You guys always welcome to stay at my camp here in Maryland backs up 4500acres of public

  51. Allan Stroud

    Allan Stroud15 days ago

    Awesome hunt. Congratulations!!! If you guys can ever make the trip back we have plenty of birds here on Maryland EasternShore. Huge whitetails and the Exclusive Marsh ghost Sika deer.

  52. Del Culbertson

    Del Culbertson15 days ago

    You made me nervous as hell Zach! When you were crawling in on that bird, I was sweating and waiting for him to blowout of the tree! Lol Great job closing the deal! Stay safe, Cubby

  53. Connor Eberly

    Connor Eberly15 days ago

    What county in MD was this filmed?

  54. Carter Rayko

    Carter Rayko15 days ago


  55. chestoa buckslayer

    chestoa buckslayer15 days ago

    Zack, I thought you were just an average lucky hunter who was successful because you hunted in Iowa. After several years of watching you, I can honestly say you are legit! Thank you for sharing your hard earned exsperetital learned strategies!

  56. denmarcbros

    denmarcbros15 days ago

    Must have been a weather balloon you seen in the woods.

  57. ghosttrain456

    ghosttrain45615 days ago

    What an absolute hammer gobbler, that bird has probably fooled many hunters in those very woods. Something to be really proud of getting in there and taking out the king of the hill. Love some dagger hooks like that, getting right on top of him was the move, congrats.


    BUCKSLAYER15 days ago

    Doves cooing and turkeys gobbling. What a gorgeous spring morning. Thanks for sharing.

  59. Joshua Unser

    Joshua Unser15 days ago

    love how they are posting these now to get us something to look foward to

  60. rick forshee

    rick forshee15 days ago

    I don't know why but I always feel like I am along on the hunt with these guys. And maybe one day we will cross paths and I will go along on a turkey hunt with them. Once again, very well done!!

  61. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith15 days ago

    Ghosts? You are in MD and that is where the Blair Witch was, just saying!

  62. Joel White

    Joel White15 days ago

    Another great one, our last Maryland season was a tough one in the mountains. Way to get it done!!!!!

  63. Bo Metcalfe

    Bo Metcalfe15 days ago

    Textbook roost hunt. Way to put the sneak on him!

  64. Trevor Knode

    Trevor Knode15 days ago

    Bottom road?

  65. rico midence

    rico midence15 days ago

    So this year you should do the turkey tour with bows only!! I challenge you lol

  66. Steve Spoon

    Steve Spoon15 days ago

    “To find the he, which is actually just our gun barrel!”More proof men will try to stick it in anything! 😂

  67. Brian Hardee

    Brian Hardee15 days ago

    You kill that bird the first day and you never appreciate him completely. It’s the frustration of realizing how perfect everything has to work that makes it so full of joy when it happens.

  68. danny dennison

    danny dennison15 days ago

    where are you all starting the turkey tour? and what day?

  69. Bryan Mitchell

    Bryan Mitchell15 days ago

    You guys should do a whitetail or Sitka hunt on the eastern shore next time you’re over this way!

  70. huntermark1160

    huntermark116015 days ago

    Great hunt. Gets me fired up for this years season! I’m in Maryland and I have trail cam pictures of three long beards, right behind my house!!

  71. Garrett W

    Garrett W15 days ago

    I’m in maryland!

  72. Eric Wiitala

    Eric Wiitala15 days ago

    That's a clinic in calling. This is what separates you from just an average hunter. You're able to correctly diagnose what's going wrong, adjust and get it done. Great video! 👍🦃

  73. Nicholas Northrup

    Nicholas Northrup15 days ago

    These two are the worst nightmare if your a turkey.

  74. Stephen Palmateer

    Stephen Palmateer15 days ago

    I think he was gobbling at the noise you two were making in the leaf litter as you crawled slowly into position. In the blue dawn light that could very well be a hen coming to his gobbles as far as he's concerned.

  75. Sniper do cedro

    Sniper do cedro15 days ago

    Mostra fazendo um assado do peru blza💯✌✌

  76. Christopher Bovat

    Christopher Bovat15 days ago

    Watching these videos this time of year gets me so amped up, turkey season here in Vermont doesn’t start until may 1 and I’m counting down the days. I love hunting them right out of the roost if I can. One hunt, there was a big bird that would not gobble in the evenings, I tried everything to get him to gobble but nothing. The night before opening morning I had watched him for about 3 hours until he moved off far enough I couldn’t see him anymore but I heard him fly into the roost. Come opening morning I hike in the dark to where I think I might be close. Sun comes up just enough to see and he hammers 10 yards away from me up in the tree. That was the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced. He then flew out of the roost completely wrong direction, I moved 3 times along the top of the ridge scratching every couple of minutes, one of the hens he was with was mad that I was trying to take her Tom and she came right at me running but she couldn’t find me so she was walking just below me to my right. As I turned my head to look back towards the gobbler I catch what I think is the hen on my right but I looked and it was a fanned out partridge. Coolest thing I’ve seen turkey hunting. The Tom came in a few minutes later about 30 yards away and I dumped him. 20lbs 10in beard. It was truly an amazing hunt and experience.

  77. Jesse Register

    Jesse Register15 days ago

    I wish I could have seen videos like yours in my earlier years. Being in my 50's that crawling around stuff is a lot harder to do. I still try it but just not near as nimble and flexible as I used to be. Thanks for the great hunts and explanations of what y'all are doing.

  78. Chet Hall

    Chet Hall15 days ago

    life of luxury... you guys get to hunt turkeys for 3 months straight. lets just say id rather be huntin

  79. Jason Barnett

    Jason Barnett15 days ago

    Anybody else hear the turkey gobbling in the background? Around 4:00-4:11

  80. Michael Morales

    Michael Morales15 days ago

    I haven’t washed my stainless coffee cup in a couple years. It adds something to the flavor! Kinda like a oak whiskey barrel! 😂

  81. Dusty975

    Dusty97515 days ago

    How far was the shot? Zach, your 20gauge simple amazes me. If I remember correctly you use the Federal 3rd degree or is something else? Thanks

  82. tylerg

    tylerg15 days ago

    14:23 he says 30

  83. Clint Catchot

    Clint Catchot15 days ago

    Zack knows how the mornings go lol I drink my coffee for the first hour I dont really talk to anyone gota wake up lol

  84. Craig Littler

    Craig Littler16 days ago

    Great hunt-when you kill a bird like that try to hang em by his spurs- if he hangs he,s atleast 5 years old

  85. Zach Gorsuch

    Zach Gorsuch16 days ago

    what part of maryland are you guys in? always cool to have big creators from your home state😅

  86. Brian C

    Brian C16 days ago

    Great hunt fellas!

  87. TechnoAgape

    TechnoAgape16 days ago

    Turkey Twerkin aka Twerkey Dance... Nice!

  88. Todd R

    Todd R16 days ago

    Zach congrats on an awesome Maryland bird! Great job of getting it on video Keith. You guys stuck with it like always and it paid off. If we had a nickel for every time I have seen persistence pay off for you and the THP crew we would be rich! It is a great lesson for all of us to live by that when things get tough you don't give up, but instead you keep going and good things will happen. Great information about the why afterwards one of the things you do so well! Keep it up guys and Thanks!

  89. sherry burgess

    sherry burgess16 days ago

    Why can’t he get a hair cut, and look like a man ??????

  90. Art Trumbo

    Art Trumbo16 days ago

    Great breakdown at the end. I definitely learned a couple things.

  91. Vincent Flauto

    Vincent Flauto16 days ago

    I don’t know if I can watch this video, because the image of Zach picking his feet in the last video, is now burned in my mind forever and haunts my dreams.

  92. Eric laird

    Eric laird16 days ago

    Awesome video as always nice to see MD getting some love. Next time come to the eastern shore, it’s like a completely different state. Thanks for the great videos.

  93. Blake Godwin

    Blake Godwin16 days ago

    Maryland baby!!!!!!

  94. swift220

    swift22016 days ago

    What ever happened to knockin the birds outa the tree with a .243 and then heading straight to the titty bar?

  95. MC Williams

    MC Williams16 days ago

    After a couple days of making the wrong moves on one, get in his pocket on the roost. Nice work gents!

  96. Mary Ellen Berg

    Mary Ellen Berg16 days ago

    what part of maryland

  97. Richard Falcone

    Richard Falcone16 days ago

    Awesome hunt! I don't know what part of Maryland that is, put I live and hunt in southern Maryland, sometimes on public land. This hunt looks like it was in western Maryland. I love those hunts when they come in right off the roost.

  98. 39jimmyjam

    39jimmyjam16 days ago

    Zach was up and on that turkey before the bb's got there! Lol

  99. Chris Keefe

    Chris Keefe16 days ago

    Great explanations of what you’re looking for and why. Love the passing of knowledge and hunting tips. Great hunt!

  100. Corey Arnold

    Corey Arnold16 days ago

    Awesome hunt guys it don’t get no better than that straight off the roost. Great setup and very proud for ya Zach 👊🏻👊🏻

  101. Jim Ryser

    Jim Ryser16 days ago

    Fab hunt fellas!!!

  102. Keith Glover

    Keith Glover16 days ago

    Awesome! Congratulations on another great hunt!

  103. John Sholock

    John Sholock16 days ago

    If you know where he is roosting, go in mid day and scout a way to get under him in the dark quietly. Be there an hr earlier and you would’ve shot him as his feet hit the ground. Done it so many times I can’t remember. You are definitely a turkey slayer tho, way ahead of you’re age!