Among Us Zombie Season 1 - Ep1 ~ 6 - Animation

Among us Zombie Season 1 Animation
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    W T F

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    This is a real game are no ?

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    Esto me encanta 😍❣️😍❣️😍❣️ es lo mejor

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    3:03 me playing among us first time and doing card first time in nutshell :D

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    Хули я тут забыл

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    I know that he betrayed purple but I still feel bad for lime

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    Scary so scary let me run away

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    Don't wow!!!!!!

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    Klasssssssssssssssssss 😈😈😈😈😈

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    Wow 🤩

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    Aink teu ngarti

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    Has FDNY bunch crush

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    it is so boring dont waste your time watching this video. watch other among us animation videos they are much better. dont watch videos of swit dom

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    😂 haha amazing so funny 😂

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    Part 2

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    Nice game

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    Holi mándame un saludo en tu próximo video

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    I can't believe that lime just let purple die from the zombies like that

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    Marcos 😠😠😠😠😠😠👮👮👮👮👮💪💪💪💪💪💪💀💀💀👅👅👅👅💜👄💚💜👃👄👄👃👄☝👊

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    Que que é isso

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    Lime got what he deserved lol

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  37. Mäkkylä Productions

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    When you get murdered by the impostor, you turn to a zombie and get you revenge.

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    Lol 😇😇

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    Not hablar inglés

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    What happened to purple

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    Can we say when they kill the zombies they lost that swords and wpeons

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    Red Is all ways sleepy

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    Porque todos si englis

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    Вы крутые Амогазы вы спавирись с зомби

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    How zombies get visa to go to space imagination :/

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    Right n

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    That was amazing story ever I watched

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    So coool

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    Wanna play Among Us with me

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    İngilizce bilmiyorum

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    This game was very very nice for iPad and phone !

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    That was amazing🥰😍💝

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    Can you make under water🙏plz🙏

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    I like this

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    oh no

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    please make other episodes pease

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    This is so good! I'm sharing it to everyone I know

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    Poor purple

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    Can yo make underwater among us please ❤️

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    저미따 ㅎㅎ

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    이거 진짜 너무하네 어몽어스 하는거를 보여줘야지 안보여 주면 이상하고 사람들이랑 저랑 싫어하고 행동 그리고 이런 어몽어스 세상에 없어요 그래서 앞으로는 이런식으로 하면 안돼요 !!!!

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    You got y’all

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    Хотелбы такой мод

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    lime could've sacarficed himself

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    No, he should not have they should have run because there was an open space where they easily could have escaped from but lime was a jerk and abandoned purple, I'm happy brown was there

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    Comments. 13k

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    Before 2021 ends this video will hit 100 million views

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    Maybe you should do a mode where there are killer dolls

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    You and creative

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    What happend to purple??? Bc after he was shut in elec after a while the others found dead bodies and when purple was in there the zombies were coming after him so

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    This is not that cool

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